1999 THROWBACK: Dame Dash SCREAMS On Kevin Liles For Giving HIS Artist "DEF JAM" Jackets!!


  1. icecreambeats101

    icecreambeats10117 시간 전

    2:24 Gangsta Carl Winslow with cornrows

  2. Derek Olson

    Derek Olson5 일 전

    I feel ya Dame.. You rite man they trying to play you to left and you called them out on there shit..

  3. D. Solemon

    D. Solemon9 일 전

    Why the barber combing a bald head? 😂

  4. Chino Black

    Chino Black11 일 전

    Memphis bleek was always garbage dame is a boss



    Dash blood sacrificed Aaliyah, J got biggie, blood in blood out to join the million dollar club, but you'll not ready for this.

  6. Porsha Edmun

    Porsha Edmun24 일 전

    Def Jam Tour bus lmao 😂

  7. John J

    John J28 일 전

    If I ever had the money to start a big company. I’d bring D.D on board.



    The lesson here: all that thug yelling and cursing gets you no where at the end of the day. Professionalism is always the best way. Knowing when to choose your battles to win the wars

  9. Ramy Tube

    Ramy Tube개월 전


  10. Gomar Oz DUBAR

    Gomar Oz DUBAR개월 전

    Came back to hear quarter water😂😂

  11. al mil

    al mil개월 전

    So get everybody a ROC jacket.

  12. Zahiar Gang

    Zahiar Gang개월 전


  13. Olamipo Adebowale

    Olamipo Adebowale개월 전

    Quarter water 25%

  14. Charles Langley

    Charles Langley개월 전


  15. Wayne Green

    Wayne Green개월 전

    Dame be on point he just forget everybody isnt smart as him so he looses it while explaining tbe right way to run a business and everybody else was to sensitive and scared to loose they position to speak on it like dame did....

  16. monblanc noland

    monblanc noland개월 전

    Lmaoo that barber using a come for no reason




  18. Mike Baker

    Mike Baker개월 전

    Barber: yo dame stay still or imma put a def jam logo on ya dome B! Talk thru ya nostrils nigga.

  19. 941FLA Lowe

    941FLA Lowe개월 전

    Care wat nobody say Dame was a good ceo puff wouldn't say bac and said ok

  20. cwm662

    cwm662개월 전

    Kevin Liles know he wrong...



    Bleek was wrong fa that lol

  22. guest

    guest2 개월 전

    Official def jam bus Me: laughing my ass off.

  23. Sara Boxer

    Sara Boxer2 개월 전

    It’s not what you say it’s how you say it .. he’s always gonna be the bad guy cuz he can’t remain classy ..gotta keep all that anger checked and stop taking everything personal I would never want to be around such toxic energy

  24. Kyle Reese

    Kyle Reese2 개월 전

    Dame ain't wrong, but somebody pass this man a cup of testosterone. His voice is too high 🤣😂

  25. 220love07

    220love072 개월 전

    Watching this backwards it is funny as hell knowing his arrogant ass was in the process of losing it ALL.... He didn't know how to talk to and respect people

  26. 220love07

    220love072 개월 전

    What grown man will stay in a relationship where a another man constantly yells curses and belittles his equals!!!????

  27. Power

    Power2 개월 전

    Funny thing tho. If Tommy Motolla or a non black dude handled his folks like that it would be expected and respected. If u being great u not getting chewed out. #excellence

  28. Puppet Master

    Puppet Master2 개월 전

    Dame got too cocky, that was his downfall. He tried to confront everybody head on, and if he would’ve just chilled out a little he’d still be with them today. He’s extremely intelligent and a great businessman, but it goes to show being and staying humble is always the best way to go. Respect others and they’ll respect you back, regardless of who’s right.

  29. drizzy doret

    drizzy doret2 개월 전

    Why in God's name was that man in the barber seat?

  30. Mr GraveyMixer

    Mr GraveyMixer2 개월 전

    This is funny

  31. Krishaun Green

    Krishaun Green2 개월 전

    Not a partner you are a quarter order

  32. Krishaun Green

    Krishaun Green2 개월 전

    Dame was the greatest boss ever. he's like the best character you would find in a movie or something but that was real life!

  33. Krishaun Green

    Krishaun Green2 개월 전

    I will say this I definitely need this guy representing me in any venture I get involved with!

  34. Yung J.O.

    Yung J.O.3 개월 전


  35. 2 times

    2 times3 개월 전

    dame bald head ass is getting a haircut.. how.. he’s already bald.

  36. 25thst

    25thst3 개월 전

    Making you barber stop cutting hair so you can scream on a nigga 😂😂

  37. Tauri Star

    Tauri Star3 개월 전

    That Barber Ear Hustlin , he been done with that Cut

  38. Sam707BFBC

    Sam707BFBC3 개월 전

    Bus driver sound likw Bill clinton

  39. Victor Garza

    Victor Garza3 개월 전

    Damn you can't help but respect Dame, he wasn't having it. He saw what it was a mile away and called it out...every time

  40. Westbound Promo

    Westbound Promo3 개월 전

    Branding , perception, marketing, little details like that are costly especially when you’re up like dat

  41. Josepha C

    Josepha C3 개월 전

    Dame is right def jam is taking advantage of the tour and rockafella is being treated like artist . The funny irony was that Dame did that same shit ODB when they were promoting their rock wear. I agree the bus driver was way too happy and Dame needs to be careful before he gets razor bumps on the back of the neck 😋

  42. Damo Trent

    Damo Trent3 개월 전

    Poor Damon, so brilliant, like the 'smartest man in the room' smart, but he alienates people... That street shit that worked in his past life did not transfer well to the boardroom. Even Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and the Mafia know how to be charismatic when needed.... Damon destroyed his relationships... He can't control his weakness....which is also his apparent survival/coping mechanism. Really a smart dude though.

  43. diane russell

    diane russell3 개월 전

    Real cut throat "shit" they did dame too dirty!!!

  44. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee3 개월 전

    You used to be the man homie

  45. A. H.

    A. H.3 개월 전

    dame right BUT, that being said get yall team some uniforms !!! you dont go out and see police waiting for they uniform they are provided, its called marketing don't get mad cuz they spent 29.99 and stole you're whole theme of who run the show,

  46. The Faith

    The Faith4 개월 전

    Shout out his barber

  47. mr matic

    mr matic4 개월 전

    And this is why I love Dame. Principles. He stands for principles. "Then I gotta be the asshole and yell" yep but he's yelling for the right reasons. He only yells when he's calling out bullsh*t.

  48. Malcolm Campbell

    Malcolm Campbell5 개월 전

    Look at jay z plotting

  49. William Thompson

    William Thompson5 개월 전

    Can you imagine how miserable it would be to do nothing but focus on money everyday, all day??

  50. Sheree Hayes

    Sheree Hayes5 개월 전

    Props to the barber tho lol

  51. Natasha H

    Natasha H5 개월 전


  52. Miguel_Rivera

    Miguel_Rivera5 개월 전

    Dame is right

  53. Shirt Pants

    Shirt Pants5 개월 전

    I'M happy def jam took this guys artist's his company his future .. somebody needed to bust this clowns bubble. Talk about a false sense of reality. He could have just been thankful and humble that hanging out with Jay Z made him millions . But he had to act like a big deal like he had as much talent as Jay Z. I bet he regrets being such an arrogant fool all those years because no one with half a brain or a shread of professionalism would work with this bum

  54. Rocco DeFinis

    Rocco DeFinis5 개월 전

    Dame you are a little brat bitch, you didn't have the money ho. So you got to wear the logo. Broke ass bitch.

  55. Adolf Fuhrer 6

    Adolf Fuhrer 65 개월 전

    Potato head

  56. Joseph Carmine

    Joseph Carmine6 개월 전

    That shit was a big deal def Jam did that to all their early co op shit, and they eventually did get Jay so Dame was right all the way.

  57. Country Jimbo

    Country Jimbo7 개월 전

    What an animal!

  58. Elliot Ness

    Elliot Ness7 개월 전

    Def Jam tried to be slick AF, Dame was a smart man and called out their fuckery.

  59. Rico Baca

    Rico Baca7 개월 전

    Why's he getting a haircut?

  60. og smackz2

    og smackz27 개월 전

    EITHER YOU'RE REAL SMART OR REAL STUPID? That ain't love, It's promotion.

  61. Your favorite neighborhood drug dealer

    Your favorite neighborhood drug dealer8 개월 전

    Even the bus driver was screaming Def Jam 🤣🤣 & they wonder why Dame was mad? 😩😩🤣🤣🤣