10 Things The Vlog Squad Can't Live Without | GQ Parody (w/ Jeff, Joe, Carly, Erin and Jonah)


  1. Jason Nash

    Jason Nash9 개월 전

    Yo Guys thanks for watching. We will have a part 2 with Heath, Mariah, Corrina, Todd and Brandon coming up later in the week. Thanks!

  2. Rita Sylliboy

    Rita Sylliboy개월 전

    Omg pls Jason tell jeff to trim nerfs nails they r long.

  3. John Lawrence

    John Lawrence6 개월 전

    You guys forgot To bring David

  4. DirrtyMike &thefunkies

    DirrtyMike &thefunkies8 개월 전

    Part 3 please

  5. saoirse Fitzgerald

    saoirse Fitzgerald9 개월 전

    I like it when people's laughs sound like a kettle

  6. Rodk Vic

    Rodk Vic9 개월 전

    Natalie too!

  7. Yash

    Yash일 전

    Where are the handcuffs jeff?

  8. minecraft gamerz

    minecraft gamerz9 일 전

    *jeff cant live without anger*

  9. Clumsy Gungan

    Clumsy Gungan14 일 전

    Anyone know what jeffs hat is from?

  10. Rayven Rengulbai

    Rayven Rengulbai14 일 전

    That piggy bank actually makes me wanna put coins inside just to hear the farts...😂

  11. Grace Nelson

    Grace Nelson14 일 전

    "jeff can't live without anger" next frame jeff is gone

  12. Carson Jelinek

    Carson Jelinek16 일 전

    my dad wears hokas😭😂

  13. Nicole Prop

    Nicole Prop17 일 전

    Jeff- water! Carly- water! Erin- Starbucks!

  14. Joostan

    Joostan18 일 전

    Jason’s laugh sounds like a bottle of water pouring

  15. Mette Naessens

    Mette Naessens22 일 전

    josan is the funniest dude on yt in my opinion bcz I am from belgium it is really hard to find 'people with my humor' and I think jason suits that

  16. Fat James Corden

    Fat James Corden23 일 전

    3 mins in and i just realised this is a parody of GQ lmaoo

  17. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez23 일 전

    Carleigh is the prettiest out of all the girls in the vlog squad

  18. Mark Parker

    Mark Parker26 일 전

    We all know they can’t live without david

  19. Justin The Great Ponte

    Justin The Great Ponte26 일 전

    “ What do you like best about nerf.... that’s a good answer” hahaha smoke much!?

  20. Alyssa Birkett

    Alyssa Birkett27 일 전

    who else just found out jonahs name is nick not johan

  21. savvy sav

    savvy sav개월 전

    Jasons laugh sounds like the grudge on x0.25 speed lol

  22. buttfacej1

    buttfacej1개월 전

    First thought David

  23. Imtrash bmx

    Imtrash bmx개월 전

    Jason is such a dad lmao

  24. srid _0

    srid _0개월 전

    i like jeff .. he brought a bottle of water nerf and phn charger

  25. Ransored

    Ransored개월 전

    Just got a brendon urie and reeces ad hell yea

  26. rut roe raggy

    rut roe raggy개월 전

    My mom were hoka

  27. Gerrup

    Gerrup개월 전

    4:51 divorce

  28. Gerrup

    Gerrup개월 전

    Who’s David

  29. Keeyan T

    Keeyan T개월 전

    Jason’s laugh makes me comfortable

  30. Juliana Rizo

    Juliana Rizo개월 전

    Is nurf still goin

  31. Adrian

    Adrian개월 전

    I love how Jeff says water,food and electricity

  32. K P

    K P개월 전

    Erin and Carly have the most annoying voices and personalities

  33. vampire-disco

    vampire-disco개월 전

    joe looks like robbie williams

  34. Maeko Tiroes

    Maeko Tiroes개월 전

    Jason I freaking love the game

  35. Rachel Feuer

    Rachel Feuer개월 전


  36. Macha Libert

    Macha Libert개월 전

    « Jeff can’t live without anger » has to be the best line

  37. Zack Haynie

    Zack Haynie개월 전

    Garmin also makes ice fishing gear

  38. Hannah Thomas

    Hannah Thomas개월 전

    my dad wears hoka's no worries

  39. hiba javed-akhtar

    hiba javed-akhtar개월 전

    Has nerf recently gone blind?? Coz nowadays his eyes are all grey but in this video they look fine

  40. Giselle Giraco

    Giselle Giraco개월 전

    Did she just say crave water? You mean when you’re thirsty...

  41. vittya Nurmimäki

    vittya Nurmimäki개월 전

    You can be thirsty and crave something else than water

  42. Bleemaster Brad Lee

    Bleemaster Brad Lee개월 전

    Is that bald guy in the black shirt gay??

  43. Isabella Medrano

    Isabella Medrano개월 전

    When nick put Jason’s hat on it looked like he is taking his kids to the park

  44. Hector Zamora

    Hector Zamora개월 전

    Why arrowhead Jeff

  45. qura the monkey

    qura the monkey개월 전

    I literally saw the thumbnail and said Carly and Erin will say Starbucks! Lol

  46. Jiala A

    Jiala A개월 전

    Don't Get Me Wrong Jeff Is Obviously Smoking Hot But Who Knew Joe Was Hidding His Sex Appeal.... Holy Balls Joe Is Hot Especially With Those Glasses. Mmmeeeooowe 😽 😍🤤

  47. Xrn Dag

    Xrn Dag개월 전

    Id like to see jeff wear those shoes for 1 whole day and do chores outside.

  48. DaddytechEnt

    DaddytechEnt개월 전

    *too bad you couldn't have shot this straight up and serious, NO ONE would have expected it and it might have gotten way more views that way because no one expects it when they come here. kinda mix it up a little to throw people off. Admittedly i expected just any minute the camera to fall or someone you didn't intend to be on it to just walk through the frame or something crazy of that sort mostly because of the company you **keep.So** the fact that it was as together as it was ended up being a little something different*

  49. Bella Jean

    Bella Jean개월 전

    Jason tell your fucking friend I’m tryna be nerfs bm like damn I want the dog and jeff😭

  50. Maxx Wiersum

    Maxx Wiersum개월 전

    Watched this video so u can get money to feed ur family

  51. angelaciams

    angelaciams2 개월 전

    I love Jeff

  52. Dawn Briefman

    Dawn Briefman2 개월 전

    Hokka’s are the # 1 Nurse shoes and are super comfortable.

  53. tlolovestats

    tlolovestats2 개월 전

    There is only one thing they cannot do without and his name is David

  54. Qixqa Winthorpe

    Qixqa Winthorpe2 개월 전

    is Jonah's name actually nick?

  55. Dan Ked

    Dan Ked2 개월 전

    Joe's awkwardness and Jeff's dry sense of humor is just the best.

  56. CBAZXY

    CBAZXY19 시간 전

    Was joe awkward

  57. abishay forys

    abishay forys18 일 전

    Dan Ked jeffs humors not dry, its just natural

  58. Dustin Kline

    Dustin Kline2 개월 전

    Wait carlys older then erin

  59. Ashley Laine

    Ashley Laine2 개월 전

    are those like MBT shoes? the ones that throw off your balance? cause man they work your glutes like nothing else! Mine were about $200

  60. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman2 개월 전

    19:52 No it's not.

  61. Skelig Gaming

    Skelig Gaming2 개월 전

    Everyone’s answer should be David

  62. K

    K2 개월 전

    "Jeff can't live without anger " lmao

  63. Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva2 개월 전

    When I was walking home from school a swarm of honey bees attacked my head because of that axe gel

  64. erick campos

    erick campos2 개월 전

    Yo I was smoking and when joe pulled out the siracha bottle I was so fucked by the blue cap... it took me the entire video to remember the cap is green and it blended with the green screen

  65. HolyNecro

    HolyNecro2 개월 전

    Jason's so nice actually ☺️

  66. niklas johansson

    niklas johansson2 개월 전

    You should replace buzzfeed this is what its supposed to be

  67. Nora Kelley

    Nora Kelley2 개월 전

    Jason, I'm 20 and I wear Hoka shoes too. Don't worry, you're not alone.

  68. Ann Marie

    Ann Marie2 개월 전

    no one: jeff: you maniac