10 Things Not To Do In The Movies Theater Part 2 (Spider-Man)


  1. Chewi Cheri

    Chewi Cheri5 시간 전

    And i don’t know what he is doing

  2. Chewi Cheri

    Chewi Cheri5 시간 전

    I love the movies and it’s funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Javo Perez

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  4. Max Nguyen

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  6. Nasreen Rahman

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  7. shelia wood

    shelia wood18 시간 전

    I can take my shoes off at a movie theater so I guess you're just making jokes

  8. nory87

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  9. Mel Boycott

    Mel Boycott23 시간 전

    Goin to see Spider-Man Far From Home w/ my bestie tmrw

  10. Leo Martin

    Leo Martin일 전

    he scream loud, me ears blow up

  11. Maristella Nandan

    Maristella Nandan일 전

    He said don’t chair surf two times




  13. MrCervantesent

    MrCervantesent일 전

    This is what PC comedy looks like...

  14. Ellie Wingrave

    Ellie Wingrave일 전

    I love you

  15. Eli Fern

    Eli Fern일 전

    Do more Funny videos

  16. Ingrid armas

    Ingrid armas일 전

    You are soo funny

  17. 11orange233 mushroom

    11orange233 mushroom일 전

    It's funny when he said HELP GHOST!!!

  18. GamingwithKaiden

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  19. Steve Plays

    Steve Plays일 전

    It's just your opinion if you find something funny and others don't, it's called an opinion, people find this funny, some don't, it's their opinion

  20. G-Man Network

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  21. BillGaming101

    BillGaming101일 전

    So many comments about how non funny it was am I the Only one who thought this was hella funny comment if u did to

  22. Samantha Woods

    Samantha Woods2 일 전

    How do get a movetheder

  23. Crystal Ketter

    Crystal Ketter2 일 전

    Did the police let you do this 4 A video

  24. Ethan Fernandez

    Ethan Fernandez2 일 전

    Now that was way more than 10 clips

  25. Sarah Chieffe

    Sarah Chieffe2 일 전

    Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron 👨

  26. Sarah Chieffe

    Sarah Chieffe2 일 전

    Did you just blew my eardrums

  27. ize pinocchiomaster

    ize pinocchiomaster2 일 전

    This Isn't Pizza It's Popcorn!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  28. Sylvia Taylor

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  29. Find your power

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  30. PineappleMan UwU

    PineappleMan UwU3 일 전

    I you don’t like the movie why did you come then -_-

  31. Luisa Senyk

    Luisa Senyk3 일 전

    Guava juice keep making some videos

  32. Luisa Senyk

    Luisa Senyk3 일 전

    Guava juice keep making some

  33. Barry Crene

    Barry Crene3 일 전

    I like guavas

  34. DavidArcherArts

    DavidArcherArts4 일 전

    When he was ironing cloths he was wistling the family guy toon

  35. levi grandma love Royer

    levi grandma love Royer4 일 전

    The tv was already broken

  36. Brandon Davis

    Brandon Davis4 일 전

    Part 3 please

  37. Doodle Bop Drone Adventures

    Doodle Bop Drone Adventures4 일 전

    Who’s the target audience here??? 6-9 year-olds?

  38. Adrian Perez

    Adrian Perez4 일 전

    Actually who would do all of this

  39. Lizbeth Mendoza

    Lizbeth Mendoza4 일 전

    I take of my shoes in movies

  40. Dalton Watson

    Dalton Watson4 일 전

    Here Guava, you forgot this: . . . . . . *HUMOR

  41. Teddy Bear Awesome

    Teddy Bear Awesome4 일 전

    Disturbance so fakes

  42. Darwin Pratama

    Darwin Pratama5 일 전

    Guava juice do you remember you are at escape the night

  43. Jasonethangamertv for ROBLOX guzman

    Jasonethangamertv for ROBLOX guzman5 일 전

    I took off my shoes in the movie theater

  44. PGR 3

    PGR 35 일 전

    I can’t laugh anymore I think this video gave me negative laughter

  45. San1C Blu

    San1C Blu5 일 전

    10/10 Quality Content

  46. RoReview

    RoReview5 일 전

    When you want nobody to be in the movie theater. 2:34

  47. Sanjeeta Kadar

    Sanjeeta Kadar5 일 전

    You don't eat habba bubba like that!!

  48. Scott Trijo

    Scott Trijo5 일 전

    What is he trying to accomplish

  49. Justin Adams

    Justin Adams5 일 전

    The TV was already broken before

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