10 Things Murda Beatz Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. Kulbir Singh

    Kulbir Singh6 시간 전

    First time I heard Murda speak more than a few sentences.. seems like a cool dude.

  2. MJ G4M35

    MJ G4M3510 시간 전

    Dude gq is promoting apple

  3. Izzy !

    Izzy !17 시간 전

    you know what im saying

  4. AngryTranny

    AngryTranny일 전

    carmex what a champion

  5. Daniel Sulit

    Daniel Sulit일 전

    That wallet looks like the wallet that obj showed in his top 10 but color blue

  6. Ianish

    Ianish일 전

    Why does it feel like he’s not wearing pants

  7. Qasper Kopolo

    Qasper Kopolo일 전

    Murda on da beat so its not nice!!!!!!

  8. Tomiwa Folorunso

    Tomiwa Folorunso일 전

    Most of this stuff legit feels like his top 10 essentials, like they just bumped into him outside and asked him if he could come on air right now.

  9. Sandor Kenez

    Sandor Kenez일 전

    He just looks like a normal man *strange*

  10. Feeling

    Feeling2 일 전

    I want the beat that he made

  11. Narin

    Narin2 일 전


  12. Aidan E

    Aidan E3 일 전

    Someone please tell me where to get that exact mouse pad

  13. mustafa saleh

    mustafa saleh5 일 전

    You didnt make a beat this is your wake up call!

  14. THE ARAV26

    THE ARAV265 일 전

    finally a producer who uses a windows laptop instead of a mac.

  15. bruno gomes

    bruno gomes5 일 전

    god bless you

  16. Roshaan Khan

    Roshaan Khan6 일 전

    I thought that he was quadeca

  17. Luka Savic

    Luka Savic6 일 전

    Murda kinda looks like quadeca xd

  18. Diarmid Thomson

    Diarmid Thomson6 일 전

    Take a shot every time he says "stuff"

  19. Lachan Harris-May

    Lachan Harris-May6 일 전

    “You kno what I’m saying”

  20. nxside

    nxside6 일 전

    *Nobody:* *Absolutely nobody:* *Murda Beatz : You know Im saying?*

  21. Chaoryhuut156 Chaoryhuutchao

    Chaoryhuut156 Chaoryhuutchao6 일 전

    The necklace doesn't match you

  22. Abir Akbar

    Abir Akbar7 일 전

    You know what i’m saying

  23. The Simple Fix Channel

    The Simple Fix Channel7 일 전

    Why does he need an interface to make beats? Product placement?

  24. Wulfenacht Wulfenacht

    Wulfenacht Wulfenacht8 일 전

    Catch him slipping with them slides on

  25. yea ok

    yea ok8 일 전

    this is murda beats?

  26. josh wagstaff

    josh wagstaff8 일 전

    You know the hobbit, this is him now

  27. Charlotte Sigel

    Charlotte Sigel8 일 전

    you kepe saing you know wat i am saing

  28. Banana 367

    Banana 3678 일 전

    Wow he doesnt need water and food to stay alive?

  29. SosaNoTrail

    SosaNoTrail8 일 전

    Go check it out 🔝🔝🔝 @t

  30. Joe Morgan

    Joe Morgan9 일 전

    10 things murda beats can't live without Yea.. imma pass dude idgaf

  31. Kiwi

    Kiwi9 일 전

    "what type of laptop is that?" "a Razer" nice

  32. Giovanni Rivarola

    Giovanni Rivarola10 일 전

    unno wa amsayin

  33. Isaac

    Isaac10 일 전

    Number 1: A razer sponsorship

  34. Tanya Jones

    Tanya Jones10 일 전

    bruh i thought he was black.

  35. Damian Gonzalez

    Damian Gonzalez10 일 전

    I though it was quadeca in the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Thomas Sao

    Thomas Sao10 일 전

    i swear he just picked random stuff to put on the top 10 out of his house rushing to the studio


    MR. OBJECTS11 일 전

    naw. macbook pro retina all the way. pc is weak sauce

  38. Killian Connolly

    Killian Connolly11 일 전

    hes the type of guy to wear black airforces

  39. Generality

    Generality11 일 전

    beats x are great

  40. Amaana Sheif

    Amaana Sheif11 일 전

    okay!! love the last one!