10 More WORST Plagues in Video Game History


  1. gameranx

    gameranx3 개월 전

    This is Part II to one of our older videos - koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-2k_XVyzS4h0.html

  2. AkaiYoru

    AkaiYoru19 일 전

    Not Amica...Amicia

  3. 0-5 Eclipse

    0-5 Eclipse22 일 전

    good vid my dude but the flood had no cure other than universal reset, still keep the vids goin they great 10/10

  4. Eva Keller

    Eva Keller25 일 전

    I was literally waiting for the last of us to come up and I did not expect it to be number one.

  5. Reigne Stephen Regalado

    Reigne Stephen Regalado27 일 전

    Green Flu?

  6. Never Winter

    Never Winter개월 전

    Erik Hansen what are you on about

  7. Jesus Torres

    Jesus Torres21 시간 전

    #1 and #2 are literally the worst in all of history wtf is this list

  8. R33D PLAYS

    R33D PLAYS일 전

    Nice video, you should really make a sequal, you have a few more to explain, for example, half life mutations, the thing, cuthulu followers, subnautica, and don't get me started on resident evil, there's so many viruses it's hard to keep track of them

  9. iago souzadacosta

    iago souzadacosta일 전

    The Division have one of the most well made vírus on a vídeo game

  10. Bmunks

    Bmunks일 전

    I would add one more thing to this list. The G-virus from resident evil.

  11. Kermitism

    Kermitism2 일 전

    I just finished “ The Last of Us: Remastered “ Good Game.

  12. Shark Head

    Shark Head14 시간 전

    Kermitism the reason why I clicked this video

  13. Hendrik Maartens

    Hendrik Maartens2 일 전

    Ceremorphosis, the possess in witch humans turn into Mind flayer's, the upcoming plot for the new baldurs gate 3 games

  14. ChatterBlocks

    ChatterBlocks5 일 전

    Mofuker said anteezen

  15. crayons

    crayons6 일 전

    Not sure if it's considered a plague but the monster that effected the family in Resident Evil 2 was a pretty nasty and sad virus

  16. QuarterTrout

    QuarterTrout6 일 전

    your pronunciation of amicia from plague tale makes me feel like you've never played it before

  17. 28 stab wounds

    28 stab wounds7 일 전

    tlou is the best game ever

  18. matthew neeley

    matthew neeley7 일 전

    the halo thing was actually the halo rings

  19. upsët.angël •

    upsët.angël •7 일 전

    Literally The Last of Us is the best game I’ve ever played omg

  20. Miridebaas NL

    Miridebaas NL7 일 전

    Where the hell is plants vs zombies?

  21. Gor-Rok The Great White Lizard

    Gor-Rok The Great White Lizard8 일 전

    Lets be real...we know that the worst plague in video game history is actvision

  22. MeiMei Barr

    MeiMei Barr8 일 전

    oh man the description of the taint made me wanna die the taint itself isn't really a plague that spreads like wildfire its more of a disease that can only be contracted through having inner contact with their blood like ingesting it/getting it into open wounds etc. The taint also makes people lose their minds and eventually die, and the taint does not CREATE darkspawn, and instead the darkspawn carry the taint within them. Also the taint is part of the entire dragon age series in fact its pretty much the main focus in dragon age:origins. the only way you can get the taint without dying in a few hours is by doing the grey warden joining ritual which is done by drinking darkspawn blood with a drop of arch demon blood. theres a lot more to be discussed about the taint but that description was pretty inaccurate

  23. FaTzY ZeR0

    FaTzY ZeR08 일 전

    For me the best plague in a video game was the corrupted blood in world of Warcraft but it's a glitch...

  24. Alex CountrEmo

    Alex CountrEmo9 일 전

    The alien virus outbreak from Crysis is definitely an honorable mention!

  25. Forrest sos

    Forrest sos10 일 전

    Could've added the robot structure gel from Soma to this.

  26. I'm. not. Famous.

    I'm. not. Famous.10 일 전




    #1 shoulda been element 115 from cod zombies

  28. Bugumble Fumps Bugumble Fumps

    Bugumble Fumps Bugumble Fumps10 일 전

    The fallen of Destiny

  29. Zachary Kyrennon

    Zachary Kyrennon10 일 전

    Sadly, you cant buy Dying Light in Germany legally. I'm sad.

  30. PrestoNinja 534

    PrestoNinja 53411 일 전

    Lol I was waiting for last of us to show up

  31. Solaris -

    Solaris -11 일 전

    What about the sigma virus? That thing can make normal robots into villains and also corrupt and control any technology

  32. soulja_scoob

    soulja_scoob11 일 전

    I think if they made a second days gone they should make the perspective on a zombie

  33. Christopher Argueta

    Christopher Argueta11 일 전

    What about the falmer from skyrim

  34. Space Alien

    Space Alien11 일 전

    The taint is a corruption

  35. RachetHoe3000 the 2nd

    RachetHoe3000 the 2nd11 일 전

    Does becoming a wendigo from until dawn count? Idk i loved until dawn and its concept

  36. Duck Muffin

    Duck Muffin11 일 전


  37. JH H

    JH H11 일 전

    Plague inc has the worst plagues

  38. Zulidan

    Zulidan11 일 전

    the flood should be nr one plague in the video game world,1 single flood spore can take out an entire planet....

  39. Jarod Hunt

    Jarod Hunt11 일 전

    Galaxy, not planet, galaxy

  40. Aibreann Cantley

    Aibreann Cantley12 일 전

    You forgot the t , g and c viruses from resident evil

  41. Erik Bumhole

    Erik Bumhole12 일 전

    I really expected sunset overdrive on this list but I guess not

  42. 50% Real

    50% Real12 일 전

    Why does blood borne looked a tad bit like Diablo

  43. JiggyJustin

    JiggyJustin12 일 전

    Joe mama

  44. Michal Sniadala

    Michal Sniadala12 일 전

    evalin resident evil 7?

  45. Udo Nieuwmeijer

    Udo Nieuwmeijer12 일 전

    If magic counts. It would be the Taken from Destiny

  46. Seth Ebeling

    Seth Ebeling12 일 전

    call Dudy 10 zome mod

  47. Oliver van Raemdonck

    Oliver van Raemdonck12 일 전

    The disease from State of Decay 2 literally turns you inside out, can make you produce an airborne poison, can make you into a wild animal as fast as a car and can make you resistant to the largest calibre of rounds commonly found by making you into an 9 foot tall giant which can destroy a van in two hits.

  48. The Fandom person

    The Fandom person12 일 전


  49. AlphaZero434

    AlphaZero43412 일 전

    Flood should be no. 1

  50. Harrison Ciano

    Harrison Ciano13 일 전

    You forgot gears of war

  51. Krizeditz

    Krizeditz13 일 전

    Who was waiting for the virus from metal gear solid 5

  52. Albino alligator

    Albino alligator13 일 전

    *Were is fortnite? That's a plague it affects 7 year olds.*

  53. buber buber

    buber buber13 일 전

    Why did I click on this

  54. Kiernan Livesay

    Kiernan Livesay13 일 전

    I just saw this and felt the need to correct them when they said the flood was the first parasite that was the “villain” in video games halo combat evolved was released in 2001 however the Zerg from the Starcraft series also have a parasite that wipes out whole populations and the first Starcraft game was released in 1998.

  55. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee12 시간 전

    And the zerg were just based on tyranids from the Warhammer universe lol.. most stuff in the game is based on Warhammer

  56. Nikola Dimitrov

    Nikola Dimitrov14 일 전

    When the last one camo I just fckin knew it would be The Last Of Us

  57. CorvusCorone68

    CorvusCorone6814 일 전

    for me it was the Flood, the first i encountered them i really had a hard time fighting them, which made me give up on the whole Halo franchise; compared to them the Covenant were like mob enemies, as in easily dealt with

  58. AvalonDog

    AvalonDog14 일 전

    Tbh I was hoping to hear about the Infection from Hollow Knight considering to truly cure it you have to fight a moth god

  59. Office of Naval Intelligence

    Office of Naval Intelligence14 일 전

    Ya'll at Gameranx be sleeping on how horrific the Flood is.

  60. TooLateToTheParty

    TooLateToTheParty14 일 전

    I miss Parasite Eve.

  61. Oblivion 902

    Oblivion 90214 일 전

    What about the T virus from resident evil

  62. Sloth Simon

    Sloth Simon14 일 전

    you forgot warframe

  63. Jacob Wieczorek

    Jacob Wieczorek14 일 전

    Plague inc

  64. Luxy Duxy

    Luxy Duxy15 일 전

    guys if a zombie were to ejaculate would it make babies?-

  65. Evan Thompson

    Evan Thompson15 일 전

    The taint lol.

  66. LO17

    LO1715 일 전

    When the first Halo came out I was about 7 and I was terrified of the flood. Not any other enemies just the flood

  67. Hitman47Sniper

    Hitman47Sniper15 일 전

    I think Floods and Rakghoul plagues body count earns them top 5 position hands down.

  68. Mehlrend Du Plessis

    Mehlrend Du Plessis16 일 전

    Me patiently waiting for The last of us.