Imfamus - Talking To The High Priest (Official Audio)


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  2. Ham

    Ham개월 전

    I got link-baited. How TF you make music that sounds better when you speed it up. Shit sucks at normal speed

  3. Ólker La Torre

    Ólker La Torre2 개월 전

    No :)

  4. Justin XXX

    Justin XXX7 일 전

    I got link baited from Sosa

  5. nightshade

    nightshade13 일 전

    Put it on 2x speed and he’s the rap god.

  6. Scary Ghoul Ant

    Scary Ghoul Ant22 일 전

    Who got link baited

  7. Xx VisualStats xX

    Xx VisualStats xX22 일 전

    just sing a lil faster and it's 🔥 but still bopping at 1.25x

  8. random guy on youtube

    random guy on youtube24 일 전

    Who else got linked clicked baited ro this song and disliked? 👎😝📱

  9. OG Davis Families Member 367

    OG Davis Families Member 36724 일 전

    you fucking ugly ass busta bitch

  10. Andres E. Gomez M.

    Andres E. Gomez M.25 일 전

    Uh, okay???

  11. Exa Koomam

    Exa Koomam25 일 전

    i got link baited

  12. Marlisson silva

    Marlisson silva개월 전

    Anitta veneno

  13. E X

    E X개월 전


  14. Weeb Jones

    Weeb Jones개월 전

    Lol mass shootings am I right?

  15. Chelluri Chandu

    Chelluri Chandu2 개월 전

    Who are interested in watching this video in 0.25X speed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Klipxgate

    Klipxgate2 개월 전

    Why is this disliked so much I don’t understand

  17. Spanking Fantasies

    Spanking Fantasies2 개월 전

    Fuck you and fuck the Link-baiters

  18. Youngguy

    Youngguy2 개월 전

    My favorite part at 4:12

  19. 1000 subs with lots of videos

    1000 subs with lots of videos2 개월 전

    I got a link for this on a cute hedgehog video

  20. Deku .m

    Deku .m2 개월 전

    Rick rolled damn it

  21. Jhin

    Jhin2 개월 전

    This sucks. Im not trying to be mean but this is just bad.

  22. Duck

    Duck3 개월 전

    fuck is Trevor Manning

  23. I'm dead

    I'm dead3 개월 전

    Shits ass

  24. cameron badgwell

    cameron badgwell3 개월 전

    The bars are week. And your having trouble with your flow and keeping your bars with in the beats

  25. Savage bunny risa

    Savage bunny risa3 개월 전

    I feel like I hate this song more since trevor mannings is spamming this on videos. Usually these types of videos.

  26. RøBy Xoxo

    RøBy Xoxo3 개월 전

    1.6k dislikes

  27. RJ 956

    RJ 9563 개월 전

    Damn this shit ass

  28. Lonnyy

    Lonnyy3 개월 전


  29. steven GV

    steven GV3 개월 전

    are all the disliked cuz of the link-bait (like i got) or is there something else goin on aswell?

  30. I'm a x fan For life

    I'm a x fan For life3 개월 전

    I keep seeing this dudeTrevor manning linking these songs

  31. LiquidZ _

    LiquidZ _3 개월 전


  32. Ironcles Ka_nds

    Ironcles Ka_nds3 개월 전

    I came from a random link on a zillakami vid. I don't see the dislikes. I actually love this shit. It's good.

  33. Ep1cGamer 123

    Ep1cGamer 1233 개월 전

    This song actually pretty good

  34. Blue Knight

    Blue Knight3 개월 전

    Who else got link-baited here ?




  36. yourfavgirl 1

    yourfavgirl 112 일 전

    +Roy Rentschler yes same

  37. Roy Rentschler

    Roy Rentschler12 일 전

    Off chief keefs love sosa

  38. Silent Ninja

    Silent Ninja14 일 전


  39. yourfavgirl 1

    yourfavgirl 115 일 전

    Lol me

  40. Nice Dogo

    Nice Dogo3 개월 전


  41. Matt William

    Matt William3 개월 전


  42. Quintillion

    Quintillion3 개월 전

    this actually goes hard at 1.5x speed

  43. C.T. Productions

    C.T. Productions3 개월 전

    Why does this have so many dislikes... I mean I don't like the song but still...

  44. Rito

    Rito3 개월 전

    C.T. Productions Spamming links to his shit song

  45. ツZitrax

    ツZitrax4 개월 전

    1.25x is way better

  46. ItsMysticVision

    ItsMysticVision4 개월 전

    I came here From a Fortnite video who did I get here from that

  47. Wuking

    Wuking4 개월 전

    Fucking terrible

  48. Ichika Suki

    Ichika Suki4 개월 전

    doodoo boi

  49. blickyvibes

    blickyvibes4 개월 전

    Nigga hold this L

  50. Ay

    Ay4 개월 전


  51. KittyIsHere

    KittyIsHere4 개월 전

    Stop advertising in other channels. It only gives you dislikes

  52. KittyIsHere

    KittyIsHere3 개월 전

    I reported the video for mass advertising please spread the word

  53. LiterGamesTV

    LiterGamesTV3 개월 전

    KittyIsHere yea i keep seeing links everywhere

  54. ChaoticToast 420

    ChaoticToast 4204 개월 전

    Stop posting this stupid shit in comment section

  55. Andy

    Andy4 개월 전

    There’s some potential but man this is far from good. work on ur flow man some phrases just don’t sound right. the beat is also just really bland.

  56. yung B

    yung B4 개월 전


  57. Oliver Epstein

    Oliver Epstein4 개월 전


  58. aarionna Reed

    aarionna Reed4 개월 전


  59. Fire Night

    Fire Night4 개월 전


  60. Hana c

    Hana c4 개월 전


  61. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전

    Hana c, nice pic.

  62. WOAHCelebs

    WOAHCelebs4 개월 전

    I actually really like this song speeded up at 1.25 delete the orignial and speed it up

  63. Ryan

    Ryan4 개월 전

    maybe speed up the song a little bit and add some hooks

  64. Ryan

    Ryan4 개월 전

    this shit hella trash lmao

  65. Mike Killagreen

    Mike Killagreen4 개월 전


  66. Belinda Quintanilla

    Belinda Quintanilla4 개월 전

    Imfamus is improving, keep him on stuff like this

  67. Darron Clemons

    Darron Clemons2 개월 전

    Belinda Quintanilla wats up

  68. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전

    Thank you for staying loyal to the channel. 💙♎.

  69. Aleksander Klunderud

    Aleksander Klunderud4 개월 전

    Trash af😂

  70. Sentialz

    Sentialz4 개월 전

    Omg no one cant doubt having 1.5x Is Littty! 😂❤️

  71. DJ KZU

    DJ KZU4 개월 전

    why yall hatin? fuc em niccas keep goin.

  72. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전

    Got you. Share for more vids bro. ♎

  73. Dávìôñ

    Dávìôñ4 개월 전



    PACO THE TACO4 개월 전

    1.25x sounds better

  75. Quintillion

    Quintillion3 개월 전

    try 1.5x speed, it's even better

  76. Sea doggo

    Sea doggo4 개월 전

    Omg it’s so slow lmao

  77. Walid's Towel

    Walid's Towel4 개월 전

    Speed ya beat up by 2 knots and

  78. Lil Tee

    Lil Tee4 개월 전


  79. I got the juice

    I got the juice4 개월 전

    keep up the grind 💯real shit

  80. Fire Night

    Fire Night4 개월 전

    lul uzi hurt true bruh

  81. Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad4 개월 전

    This sounds so much better at 1.25x

  82. Ham

    Ham개월 전

    It do

  83. Kage Jayden

    Kage Jayden3 개월 전

    Lol i agree

  84. faysal kadir

    faysal kadir3 개월 전

    +Quintillion 2x is soooo much better mate.

  85. Quintillion

    Quintillion3 개월 전

    1.5x speed is even better

  86. Saggitarian Star

    Saggitarian Star3 개월 전

    Fruit Salad agree

  87. old man

    old man4 개월 전


  88. C Notes

    C Notes4 개월 전


  89. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전


  90. NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ4 개월 전

    you need to add you're timezone in your channel description NOT 8/10 PM it needs to be like 8/10 PM EST

  91. NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ4 개월 전

    Underground Music Ent ok.

  92. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ it's all good bro I respect it. 💙♎

  93. NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ4 개월 전

    Underground Music Ent you're welcome. Sorry if I sounded rude.

  94. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전

    Thanks g I got you.

  95. G̷e̷o̷r̷g̷e̷ ̷ ̷K̷o̷

    G̷e̷o̷r̷g̷e̷ ̷ ̷K̷o̷4 개월 전


  96. Pkmn Trainer Ani 1234

    Pkmn Trainer Ani 12344 개월 전

    You will never amount to anything

  97. Iriamu

    Iriamu3 개월 전

    Gideon That’s not what he was saying. He was trying to call me a child for having an anime pfp and asking “who watches anime anymore?” Would’ve been better if he was actually joking lol

  98. GidVid

    GidVid3 개월 전

    Iriamu have you heard the meme? If you have an anime profile picture your opinion doesn’t count

  99. TheFlumped

    TheFlumped4 개월 전

    Autismic side of the internet. Sad.

  100. Cruzredeye

    Cruzredeye4 개월 전

    TheFlumped hahaha

  101. MrKilios01

    MrKilios014 개월 전

    nigger shit how did I get here

  102. Zeta

    Zeta4 개월 전

    Tbh it's not that bad it's actually pretty good

  103. dj

    dj4 개월 전

    Keep going

  104. Manwell Kurbash

    Manwell Kurbash4 개월 전

    Where Lil baby

  105. Jack Monro

    Jack Monro4 개월 전

    Actually glad I clicked on your link, this goes hard

  106. GTA Music

    GTA Music2 개월 전

    Dope 🔥🔥

  107. Laparis Harris

    Laparis Harris4 개월 전

    psychoboitrip thanksss sounds even better

  108. psychoboitrip

    psychoboitrip4 개월 전

    Jack Monro 1.25x speed

  109. Sub2 PEWDIPIE

    Sub2 PEWDIPIE4 개월 전

    Wow so many dislikes still 🔥

  110. Will Lees

    Will Lees3 개월 전

    rafael hes not better than either of them, and theyre both trashy, this is just so bad, no flow, rhymes are corny

  111. exquere

    exquere3 개월 전

    bether than migos or lil pump

  112. Niggato is the king

    Niggato is the king4 개월 전

    UnknownTemptation1 thats your opinion

  113. UnknownSpeeds

    UnknownSpeeds4 개월 전


  114. ao el

    ao el4 개월 전

    Sounds dope af

  115. [dusK]-BaD _DeMoN-

    [dusK]-BaD _DeMoN-4 개월 전


  116. THUG LIFE

    THUG LIFE4 개월 전

    i like this

  117. fag

    fag4 개월 전

    Fucking loser. This is trash

  118. Bastion Unit B73

    Bastion Unit B734 개월 전

    My friend sent me this video She's dead to me now

  119. GOD OF ART

    GOD OF ART2 개월 전

    Ashley Marcontell I’m gonna beat yo ass bitch

  120. Cloro

    Cloro4 개월 전

    bob pa its Becky *L E M M E S M A S H*

  121. cynister

    cynister4 개월 전


  122. Ashley Marcontell

    Ashley Marcontell4 개월 전


  123. cynister

    cynister4 개월 전

    Ashley, lemme smash.

  124. deermeat 07

    deermeat 074 개월 전

    Hell ya bro 🔥 fire

  125. deermeat 07

    deermeat 074 개월 전

    King Positives I think its a pretty good song bro nice beat & u can understand the words

  126. Made You Flinch

    Made You Flinch4 개월 전

    blackpearl 077 Stop lying to this dude like that lmao

  127. deermeat 07

    deermeat 074 개월 전

    Ghostoast 9 hahaha

  128. Louis Black

    Louis Black4 개월 전

    This is fucking st00pid! GO KILL YOURSELF!!!

  129. Supremesoul

    Supremesoul4 개월 전

    The fuck is this



    Aye that my song bro keep believing in yourself

  131. Niggato is the king

    Niggato is the king4 개월 전

    Kiara Stahl thats your opinion



    King Positives I was playing

  133. Made You Flinch

    Made You Flinch4 개월 전

    THUG LIFE THIEF This song doodoo lmao



    King Positives how I'm lying

  135. Made You Flinch

    Made You Flinch4 개월 전

    THUG LIFE THIEF Bruh why you lying like that 💀

  136. KaiTheGuy

    KaiTheGuy4 개월 전

    oh yeah yeah

  137. AmberCoast 256

    AmberCoast 2564 개월 전


  138. i am the True Highlander

    i am the True Highlander4 개월 전

    Chillin cooline con fly!!!!!!!!!

  139. Skate Kid

    Skate Kid4 개월 전

    Rite there apply stand my guy keep a piece act like a geek gone over nite check yo wife she close dime piece lookn up by stars stay in bars find it wen u shark press it act clutch pussy where u start out yo chart damn put a bell where da well dnt stay out at nite catch me cheefn rite fuck my dawg groove in da desert must get it wen we ride

  140. Skate Kid

    Skate Kid4 개월 전

    Underground Music Ent it go hard

  141. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent4 개월 전

    You loyal to this channel fr bro. Thank you 💙

  142. Jey Roachie

    Jey Roachie4 개월 전

    I swear people dislike the vid just cuz its this guy I bet that if someone like Trippie Redd released the same song people would say it fire

  143. Niggato is the king

    Niggato is the king4 개월 전

    Bob Fizcling ikr every vid i go to i see him but this song is good

  144. Xo Breezo

    Xo Breezo4 개월 전

    Jey Roachie trippie red sucks I’ll rather listen to this but this is kinda bad too

  145. mean meme

    mean meme4 개월 전

    Jey Roachie cause trevor mannings is a bitch ass spammer

  146. Humboldt_Kush

    Humboldt_Kush4 개월 전

    Only reason it's getting dislikes because these guys are spamming the video link on youtube comments on videos unrelated to music.. Lol

  147. Nigeriandon

    Nigeriandon4 개월 전

    Imfamus u tha greatest !!!!!!!

  148. RaleighSoldier

    RaleighSoldier4 개월 전

    Lol hell sno.

  149. Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg

    Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg4 개월 전

    RaleighSoldier nigga you forreal

  150. RaleighSoldier

    RaleighSoldier4 개월 전

    Nigeriandon whats ur ig hon?

  151. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa4 개월 전

    Notification squad lmao

  152. Aaron Filibeck

    Aaron Filibeck4 개월 전

    Thats gay lol

  153. Alpha scorpio

    Alpha scorpio4 개월 전

    Big Poppa I've been born notified to this guy