Imfamus - Talking To The High Priest (Official Audio)


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  2. Mako Moss

    Mako Moss개월 전

    Underground Music Ent this is shit and stop spamming

  3. The return of Spider-Fan

    The return of Spider-Fan개월 전

    No you lying link baiter trash

  4. Ham

    Ham3 개월 전

    I got link-baited. How TF you make music that sounds better when you speed it up. Shit sucks at normal speed

  5. Ólker La Torre

    Ólker La Torre4 개월 전

    No :)

  6. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un개월 전

    Lmao who else got that copy and pasted link?

  7. Brian Avichouser

    Brian Avichouser개월 전

    the lyrics seem to be written by somebody very uneducated

  8. sahara is a loser

    sahara is a loser개월 전

    i got linked into this while watching James Gordon

  9. Queen Essence

    Queen Essence개월 전

    This beat goes hard on 2x 🔥

  10. Retarded Rat

    Retarded Rat개월 전

    Hey, to make this sound better I recommend you either mute it, dislike, put it on 2x speed, or do all three

  11. Queen Essence

    Queen Essence개월 전

    Ritardando Ratusi lmao it actually sounds good on 2x

  12. Lone Demon

    Lone Demon개월 전

    you fucking troll, you ..will..never make it!

  13. PointLisPanda

    PointLisPanda개월 전

    I got sent here by a link on

  14. Justin XXX

    Justin XXX2 개월 전

    I got link baited from Sosa

  15. Kroxi - Reviews and More

    Kroxi - Reviews and More2 개월 전

    Put it on 2x speed and he’s the rap god.

  16. Cool Guy Ant

    Cool Guy Ant3 개월 전

    Who got link baited

  17. Xx VisualStats xX

    Xx VisualStats xX3 개월 전

    just sing a lil faster and it's 🔥 but still bopping at 1.25x

  18. Dedrick Rivers

    Dedrick Rivers3 개월 전

    Who else got linked clicked baited ro this song and disliked? 👎😝📱

  19. Andres E. Gomez M.

    Andres E. Gomez M.3 개월 전

    Uh, okay???

  20. Éxæ Køømãm

    Éxæ Køømãm3 개월 전

    i got link baited

  21. Marlisson silva

    Marlisson silva3 개월 전

    Anitta veneno

  22. Engineer

    Engineer3 개월 전


  23. Weeb Jones

    Weeb Jones3 개월 전

    Lol mass shootings am I right?

  24. Chelluri Chandu

    Chelluri Chandu4 개월 전

    Who are interested in watching this video in 0.25X speed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Klipxgate

    Klipxgate4 개월 전

    Why is this disliked so much I don’t understand

  26. Spanking Fantasies

    Spanking Fantasies4 개월 전

    Fuck you and fuck the Link-baiters

  27. Youngguy

    Youngguy4 개월 전

    My favorite part at 4:12

  28. 1000 subs with lots of videos

    1000 subs with lots of videos4 개월 전

    I got a link for this on a cute hedgehog video

  29. apex

    apex4 개월 전

    Rick rolled damn it

  30. Jhin

    Jhin5 개월 전

    This sucks. Im not trying to be mean but this is just bad.

  31. Duck

    Duck5 개월 전

    fuck is Trevor Manning

  32. I'm dead

    I'm dead5 개월 전

    Shits ass

  33. cameron badgwell

    cameron badgwell5 개월 전

    The bars are week. And your having trouble with your flow and keeping your bars with in the beats

  34. Savage bunny risa

    Savage bunny risa5 개월 전

    I feel like I hate this song more since trevor mannings is spamming this on videos. Usually these types of videos.

  35. RøBy Xoxo

    RøBy Xoxo5 개월 전

    1.6k dislikes

  36. RJ 956

    RJ 9565 개월 전

    Damn this shit ass

  37. Lonnyy

    Lonnyy5 개월 전


  38. steven GV

    steven GV5 개월 전

    are all the disliked cuz of the link-bait (like i got) or is there something else goin on aswell?

  39. I'm a x fan For life

    I'm a x fan For life5 개월 전

    I keep seeing this dudeTrevor manning linking these songs

  40. Snowzy

    Snowzy5 개월 전


  41. Ironcles Ka_nds

    Ironcles Ka_nds6 개월 전

    I came from a random link on a zillakami vid. I don't see the dislikes. I actually love this shit. It's good.

  42. Ep1cGamer 123

    Ep1cGamer 1236 개월 전

    This song actually pretty good

  43. Blue Knight

    Blue Knight6 개월 전

    Who else got link-baited here ?




  45. Ethan Gray

    Ethan Gray개월 전

    I did. Jasiel Rosas Almeida brought me here.

  46. The return of Spider-Fan

    The return of Spider-Fan개월 전

    I just did oof

  47. Micheal myers AYYY

    Micheal myers AYYY2 개월 전


  48. yourfavgirl 1

    yourfavgirl 12 개월 전

    +Roy Rentschler yes same

  49. Nice Dogo

    Nice Dogo6 개월 전


  50. Matt

    Matt6 개월 전


  51. Quintillion

    Quintillion6 개월 전

    this actually goes hard at 1.5x speed

  52. C.T. Productions

    C.T. Productions6 개월 전

    Why does this have so many dislikes... I mean I don't like the song but still...

  53. Rito

    Rito6 개월 전

    C.T. Productions Spamming links to his shit song

  54. ツZitrax

    ツZitrax6 개월 전

    1.25x is way better

  55. ItsMysticVision

    ItsMysticVision6 개월 전

    I came here From a Fortnite video who did I get here from that

  56. Wuking

    Wuking6 개월 전

    Fucking terrible

  57. Awful Racc

    Awful Racc6 개월 전

    doodoo boi

  58. blickyvibes

    blickyvibes6 개월 전

    Nigga hold this L

  59. yes

    yes6 개월 전


  60. KittyIsHere

    KittyIsHere6 개월 전

    Stop advertising in other channels. It only gives you dislikes

  61. KittyIsHere

    KittyIsHere6 개월 전

    I reported the video for mass advertising please spread the word

  62. LiterGamesTV

    LiterGamesTV6 개월 전

    KittyIsHere yea i keep seeing links everywhere

  63. ChaoticToast 420

    ChaoticToast 4206 개월 전

    Stop posting this stupid shit in comment section

  64. Andy

    Andy6 개월 전

    There’s some potential but man this is far from good. work on ur flow man some phrases just don’t sound right. the beat is also just really bland.

  65. yung B

    yung B6 개월 전


  66. Oliver Epstein

    Oliver Epstein6 개월 전


  67. aarionna Reed

    aarionna Reed6 개월 전


  68. Fire Night

    Fire Night6 개월 전


  69. Hana c

    Hana c6 개월 전


  70. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent6 개월 전

    Hana c, nice pic.

  71. WOAHCelebs

    WOAHCelebs6 개월 전

    I actually really like this song speeded up at 1.25 delete the orignial and speed it up

  72. Ryan

    Ryan6 개월 전

    maybe speed up the song a little bit and add some hooks

  73. Ryan

    Ryan6 개월 전

    this shit hella trash lmao

  74. Mike Killagreen

    Mike Killagreen6 개월 전


  75. Belinda Quintanilla

    Belinda Quintanilla6 개월 전

    Imfamus is improving, keep him on stuff like this

  76. Darron Clemons

    Darron Clemons5 개월 전

    Belinda Quintanilla wats up

  77. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent6 개월 전

    Thank you for staying loyal to the channel. 💙♎.

  78. Aleksander Klunderud

    Aleksander Klunderud6 개월 전

    Trash af😂

  79. ‍OhhZaki ‍

    ‍OhhZaki ‍6 개월 전

    Omg no one cant doubt having 1.5x Is Littty! 😂❤️

  80. DJ KZU

    DJ KZU6 개월 전

    why yall hatin? fuc em niccas keep goin.

  81. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent6 개월 전

    Got you. Share for more vids bro. ♎

  82. Dávìôñ

    Dávìôñ6 개월 전



    PACO THE TACO6 개월 전

    1.25x sounds better

  84. Quintillion

    Quintillion6 개월 전

    try 1.5x speed, it's even better

  85. Cheese Boi

    Cheese Boi6 개월 전

    Omg it’s so slow lmao

  86. Walid's Towel

    Walid's Towel6 개월 전

    Speed ya beat up by 2 knots and

  87. 𝕁𝕖𝕖𝕫𝕪

    𝕁𝕖𝕖𝕫𝕪6 개월 전


  88. Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad6 개월 전

    This sounds so much better at 1.25x

  89. Ham

    Ham3 개월 전

    It do

  90. Kage Jayden

    Kage Jayden5 개월 전

    Lol i agree

  91. faysal kadir

    faysal kadir6 개월 전

    +Quintillion 2x is soooo much better mate.

  92. Quintillion

    Quintillion6 개월 전

    1.5x speed is even better

  93. Saggitarian Star

    Saggitarian Star6 개월 전

    Fruit Salad agree

  94. old man

    old man6 개월 전


  95. C Notes

    C Notes6 개월 전


  96. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent6 개월 전


  97. NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ6 개월 전

    you need to add you're timezone in your channel description NOT 8/10 PM it needs to be like 8/10 PM EST

  98. NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ6 개월 전

    Underground Music Ent ok.

  99. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent6 개월 전

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ it's all good bro I respect it. 💙♎

  100. NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ

    NBD- ɛʍɛʄɨƈ6 개월 전

    Underground Music Ent you're welcome. Sorry if I sounded rude.

  101. Underground Music Ent

    Underground Music Ent6 개월 전

    Thanks g I got you.

  102. ǝƃɹoǝפ

    ǝƃɹoǝפ6 개월 전


  103. Pkmn Trainer Ani 1234

    Pkmn Trainer Ani 12346 개월 전

    You will never amount to anything

  104. Iriamu

    Iriamu6 개월 전

    Gideon That’s not what he was saying. He was trying to call me a child for having an anime pfp and asking “who watches anime anymore?” Would’ve been better if he was actually joking lol

  105. GidVid

    GidVid6 개월 전

    Iriamu have you heard the meme? If you have an anime profile picture your opinion doesn’t count

  106. TheFlumped

    TheFlumped6 개월 전

    Autismic side of the internet. Sad.

  107. Cruzredeye

    Cruzredeye6 개월 전

    TheFlumped hahaha

  108. MrKilios01

    MrKilios016 개월 전

    nigger shit how did I get here

  109. Zeta

    Zeta6 개월 전

    Tbh it's not that bad it's actually pretty good

  110. dj

    dj6 개월 전

    Keep going

  111. Manwell Kurbash

    Manwell Kurbash6 개월 전

    Where Lil baby

  112. Jack Monro

    Jack Monro6 개월 전

    Actually glad I clicked on your link, this goes hard

  113. GTA Music

    GTA Music4 개월 전

    Dope 🔥🔥

  114. Laparis Harris

    Laparis Harris6 개월 전

    psychoboitrip thanksss sounds even better

  115. psychoboitrip

    psychoboitrip6 개월 전

    Jack Monro 1.25x speed

  116. Sub2 PEWDIPIE

    Sub2 PEWDIPIE6 개월 전

    Wow so many dislikes still 🔥

  117. Will Lees

    Will Lees5 개월 전

    rafael hes not better than either of them, and theyre both trashy, this is just so bad, no flow, rhymes are corny

  118. Televisão

    Televisão6 개월 전

    bether than migos or lil pump

  119. Niggato is the king

    Niggato is the king6 개월 전

    UnknownTemptation1 thats your opinion

  120. UnknownSpeeds

    UnknownSpeeds6 개월 전


  121. ao el

    ao el6 개월 전

    Sounds dope af

  122. [dusK]-BaD _DeMoN-

    [dusK]-BaD _DeMoN-6 개월 전


  123. Doug Gunner

    Doug Gunner6 개월 전

    i like this

  124. fag

    fag6 개월 전

    Fucking loser. This is trash

  125. Bastion Unit B73

    Bastion Unit B736 개월 전

    My friend sent me this video She's dead to me now

  126. GOD OF ART

    GOD OF ART4 개월 전

    Ashley Marcontell I’m gonna beat yo ass bitch

  127. Cloro

    Cloro6 개월 전

    bob pa its Becky *L E M M E S M A S H*

  128. cynister

    cynister6 개월 전


  129. Ashley Marcontell

    Ashley Marcontell6 개월 전


  130. cynister

    cynister6 개월 전

    Ashley, lemme smash.

  131. blackpearl 07

    blackpearl 076 개월 전

    Hell ya bro 🔥 fire

  132. blackpearl 07

    blackpearl 076 개월 전

    King Positives I think its a pretty good song bro nice beat & u can understand the words

  133. Made You Flinch

    Made You Flinch6 개월 전

    blackpearl 077 Stop lying to this dude like that lmao

  134. blackpearl 07

    blackpearl 076 개월 전

    Ghostoast 9 hahaha

  135. Louis Black

    Louis Black6 개월 전

    This is fucking st00pid! GO KILL YOURSELF!!!

  136. Supremesoul

    Supremesoul6 개월 전

    The fuck is this



    Aye that my song bro keep believing in yourself

  138. Niggato is the king

    Niggato is the king6 개월 전

    Kiara Stahl thats your opinion



    King Positives I was playing

  140. Made You Flinch

    Made You Flinch6 개월 전

    THUG LIFE THIEF This song doodoo lmao



    King Positives how I'm lying

  142. Made You Flinch

    Made You Flinch6 개월 전

    THUG LIFE THIEF Bruh why you lying like that 💀

  143. KaiTheGuy

    KaiTheGuy6 개월 전

    oh yeah yeah

  144. AmberCoast 256

    AmberCoast 2566 개월 전


  145. i am the True Highlander

    i am the True Highlander6 개월 전

    Chillin cooline con fly!!!!!!!!!

  146. Jey Roachie

    Jey Roachie6 개월 전

    I swear people dislike the vid just cuz its this guy I bet that if someone like Trippie Redd released the same song people would say it fire

  147. Ethan Gray

    Ethan Gray개월 전

    I disliked it because some asshole link baited me to this song... It's actually not that bad tho.

  148. Niggato is the king

    Niggato is the king6 개월 전

    Bob Fizcling ikr every vid i go to i see him but this song is good

  149. Xo Breezo

    Xo Breezo6 개월 전

    Jey Roachie trippie red sucks I’ll rather listen to this but this is kinda bad too

  150. Humboldt_Kush

    Humboldt_Kush6 개월 전

    Only reason it's getting dislikes because these guys are spamming the video link on youtube comments on videos unrelated to music.. Lol

  151. Nigeriandon

    Nigeriandon6 개월 전

    Imfamus u tha greatest !!!!!!!

  152. RaleighSoldier

    RaleighSoldier6 개월 전

    Lol hell sno.

  153. Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg

    Ousarlxs Fjsbvbg6 개월 전

    RaleighSoldier nigga you forreal

  154. RaleighSoldier

    RaleighSoldier6 개월 전

    Nigeriandon whats ur ig hon?

  155. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa6 개월 전

    Notification squad lmao

  156. Aaron Filibeck

    Aaron Filibeck6 개월 전

    Thats gay lol

  157. Alpha scorpio

    Alpha scorpio6 개월 전

    Big Poppa I've been born notified to this guy