Buzzfeed Steven Shows us $346 Korean BBQ in LA $$$


  1. \\/\//

    \\/\//6 일 전

    umm... you have to preface it as "high end for LA". and that's because bbq in Korea blows kbbq in LA away... It's just not comparable and I'm sure Josh and Ollie were being polite.

  2. Ahmad

    Ahmad7 일 전

    Marvel: "Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history" Korean Englishman: Hold my soju

  3. jf76

    jf768 일 전

    Josh is pretty mean to Ollie. I mean, he is trying! Give him a break!!!!

  4. 123haninhk

    123haninhk9 일 전

    I still can't get over the fact this fancy restaurant is using cheap wooden chopsticks instead of metal chopsticks, Korean style.

  5. Lana Lundie

    Lana Lundie15 일 전

    바자 벗어 for life

  6. planetwasabi

    planetwasabi15 일 전

    now THIS is a GREAT collab

  7. planetwasabi

    planetwasabi15 일 전

    OMG i think i need to quote ollie's "soju is an extrovert" from now on! it's so true ahhahah

  8. I am A Kpoper

    I am A Kpoper16 일 전

    steven remembered what amber taught him

  9. XxCatsAndDogsxX

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  10. Hồng Anh Trần

    Hồng Anh Trần18 일 전

    I want more of this please!!!!!!!!

  11. Stephanie Lim

    Stephanie Lim19 일 전

    Lol I remember my first time eating at Chosun.. we spent more than $450 😅😂🤣 it hurt so much but it was so good

  12. Laura Yang

    Laura Yang19 일 전

    you guys are such a joy every time

  13. Jiyu Sohn

    Jiyu Sohn22 일 전

    this makes me so happy because i eat here all the time when i miss home when my parents visit me in college sometimes this is amazing

  14. Chen Yijie

    Chen Yijie27 일 전

    As a Chinese b0i lim is actually not Korean its normally a sur name used in Malaysia Singapore and China also I think

  15. Dilara A

    Dilara A29 일 전

    Love this 😍 Yes ,Worth it guys eat for living and food is always interesting to watch but If you look the comments on their videos People come for food but always stay for their chemistry, friendship we love that trio and also they give chance the local restaurants to show their amazing meals ♥️😎

  16. Sweta Magar

    Sweta Magar개월 전

    I love this channel..and being an army..I was so happy when he mentioned PSY AND BTS!

  17. hungryhungryrhino1

    hungryhungryrhino1개월 전

    As a Korean American who lived in LA his whole life. I would not say Chosen is even one of the best especially when you compare its price points. If you want bomb kkb go to a place to Soot Bull Jeep. Chosen just presents their meal beautifully but not the best tasting

  18. Chris Park

    Chris Park개월 전

    설렁탕. Go to 선릉 station. Forgot the name of the place but it only opens during the lunch time. Its that legit

  19. Luke Evans

    Luke Evans개월 전

    Baji beoseo!

  20. tv Talmo

    tv Talmo개월 전

    4:08초에 ?? 뭐라고요?

  21. Vcj Pacada

    Vcj Pacada개월 전

    3:08 Reminded me of Amber Liu hahahaha

  22. Mae Wobniar

    Mae Wobniar개월 전

    WHAAAATTT i didn't know this happend tf

  23. 이수영

    이수영개월 전

    맨날 먹고 노는것만 하지말고, 이왕이면 애국도 좀하세요 독도를 배경으로 영상을 찍는다거나 뭐.. 그런거 있자나요~~~~

  24. Soul Eom

    Soul Eom개월 전

    There is also Chosun Galbi here in the Philipines. It’s also really good here.

  25. A Jarjis

    A Jarjis개월 전

    9:43 "I learned my Korean on the streets" Josh's reaction 😂

  26. Monkey Bender

    Monkey Bender개월 전

    Are you sovietwomble?

  27. Monkey Bender

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  28. Monkey Bender

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  29. Seokjin Banana Skin

    Seokjin Banana Skin개월 전


  30. Just A Noodle

    Just A Noodle개월 전

    at first glance i thought this was a worth it video

  31. Ely Meg

    Ely Meg개월 전

    Even though they’re speaking English, I catch myself reading the subtitles 😂 anyone else!? Just me ok lol

  32. Potato Trooper

    Potato Trooper19 일 전

    I speak both English and Korean yet I read the subtitles

  33. Mao

    Mao20 일 전

    I use subtitles a lot when i watch tv so I do this frequently

  34. Syrxinge

    Syrxinge개월 전

    I do that all the time, I just love reading lol.

  35. Karen Grace

    Karen Grace개월 전

    I love how un use josh and Ollie are from American culture but so use to Korean and English culture like how Steven keeps both elbows off the table but they don’t and how Steven didn’t turn away when drinking soju it’s so cute to see culture collide in one video but maybe that’s just me



    Steven seems really tired

  37. 개frantic gae

    개frantic gae개월 전

    아니 이게 무슨 혼돈의 카오스얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  38. 쭈니맘 리

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  39. Haru春狐

    Haru春狐개월 전

    Omg I live live love this collaboration

  40. Juhee Hur

    Juhee Hur개월 전

    나 호주에서 잭팟 맞고 차이나 타운에서 300불짜리 랍스터 먹고 귀가함...

  41. Aria Miyamoto

    Aria Miyamoto개월 전

    I'm still waiting for the steven in korea series make it happen

  42. Ha Ryn Kim

    Ha Ryn Kim2 개월 전

    It's so funny how Josh asks the waiter in Korean and the waiter answers him in English 😂😂

  43. PT111111

    PT1111113 일 전

    As kids, some couldn't be bothered thinking English is enough, and some are scared of being teased for speaking their own language by their white/black friends. Unfortunately, a lot of the immigrant parents don't push their kids to learn their native language because they're so proud of their kids speaking fluent English.

  44. Mao

    Mao20 일 전

    I do that with Spanish frequently, I think it's definately is a big thing also for people born in the states with parents who were not born there as Akie says not just any nationality exclusive. For the most part I don't think we notice were doing such a thing, I respond to everything in english and don't even realize I'm doing it or being spoken to in Spanish unless someonepoints it out and is like wow you respond in english when your mom is talking to you in spanish.

  45. Akie Narumi

    Akie Narumi21 일 전

    Dave Park as to any Asian American with parents not born in America, I can also attest to this.

  46. twotonkatrucks

    twotonkatrucks개월 전

    +Dave Park as a korena-american, i can attest to that.

  47. Dave Park

    Dave Park개월 전

    I think it's the problem that Korean-Americans have. We understand Korean more than we can speak it.

  48. N Texzero

    N Texzero2 개월 전

    and here I am eating Egg

  49. S R

    S R2 개월 전

    I am catching you guys up late, but you did a real nice job with Korean BBQ in LA, Josh! Hope to stop by myself someday.

  50. Florina Nguyen

    Florina Nguyen2 개월 전

    You and me both

  51. 최영재

    최영재2 개월 전

    근데 고기굽는 실력이 좀 그렇네

  52. Ken Aquino

    Ken Aquino2 개월 전

    An Englishman speaking in hanggul and a Korean man speaking in english

  53. Em

    Em2 개월 전

    this is so funny cause these two channels are all i've been binging as of late

  54. blackhawk2429

    blackhawk24292 개월 전

    광양갈비도 맛있던데.

  55. julie 21

    julie 212 개월 전

    스티븐 림 진짜 한국 사람처럼 생겻당..

  56. julie 21

    julie 212 개월 전

    한국에 대해 내가 평소에 생각하던 걸 올리가 말해서 깜놀햇당 한국은 정말 장점이 많은 나라이다. 과학기술이 발전햇고 사람들이 정이 많고 똑똑하고 근면할 뿐더러 (국민평균 아이큐가 세계 2위) 음식에 관해서는 물론이고 전통문화도 너무 아름답지 현대 문화 콘텐츠도 여러방면으로 정말 발전시키고 있지.. 다만 땅이 좁고 자원이 풍부하지 않아서 이 안에서 아등바등 살아갈뿐 잠재력이 엄청난 나라이다. 전력발전소같다는 말이 딱 맞다. 이제 모아둔 전기를 방출할 일만 남앗징. 세계로 잘 뻗어나가 꽃피울 일만 남았다

  57. Gatcha Army

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  58. 내이름안알껴줌

    내이름안알껴줌3 개월 전

    먹방 발상지가 한국인가요?

  59. S K

    S K3 개월 전

    Adam and Ollie cant show together because they’re the same person 😂

  60. 담배가게 아저씨미국

    담배가게 아저씨미국3 개월 전

    여기 비싼 값에 비해서 서비스는 별로... 두번 가 봤는데 고기 안 구워 주던데.... 카메라 있으니까 구워 주네...

  61. 이영민

    이영민3 개월 전

    숯불이 아니란게 놀랍네요 당연히 숯불이라 생각했는데~

  62. Kang강kyle카일

    Kang강kyle카일3 개월 전

    1 2 3 4 5 6 버섯 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이리유행하다니 ㅎ

  63. 복숭아

    복숭아3 개월 전


  64. Tri Minh Nguyen

    Tri Minh Nguyen3 개월 전

    Marvel: Infinity war is the best crossever ever These guys: hold our beer...

  65. C B

    C B개월 전


  66. Frida Martha

    Frida Martha3 개월 전

    I swear i came to this channel just want to see Ollie 😂

  67. I_ Vox999

    I_ Vox9993 개월 전

    Soju is an extrovert. Oh my God, Ollie 😂

  68. I_ Vox999

    I_ Vox9993 개월 전

    Ollie's face on the thumbnail is soooo on point! THE BEST!!! 😂😂😂👍

  69. Suk Jin Cho

    Suk Jin Cho4 개월 전

    LOL 바지벗고 소리질러

  70. Jasmine Khairani

    Jasmine Khairani4 개월 전

    wait this is torture

  71. Few of my favorite things

    Few of my favorite things4 개월 전

    Lmao at josh trying to be korean for 14 minutes straight.

  72. 박해민

    박해민4 개월 전

    바지 벗어? ㅋㅋㅋ 루리웹 북유게이신가?

  73. 안해안한다구

    안해안한다구4 개월 전

    영어로 말하다가 앙념갈비 해버리니까 너무 친숙하고

  74. Taco Loco

    Taco Loco4 개월 전

    “If you have not yet seen Steven on worth it..” Oh I’ve seen him alright. Mwahhahahahaa!!

  75. Mark Clough Half Korean USA

    Mark Clough Half Korean USA4 개월 전

    Love this food (424)269-8492

  76. Beanie Clue

    Beanie Clue4 개월 전

    Ollie is so funny how he says he learns his Korean from the streets. Lol 😂

  77. Pat Ray Dagapioso

    Pat Ray Dagapioso4 개월 전

    They’re so cute!

  78. Regis Lee

    Regis Lee4 개월 전

    13:41 설렁탕 is the best

  79. 신승주

    신승주4 개월 전

    앙 젖꼭띠♡_♡

  80. Daniel Luu

    Daniel Luu4 개월 전

    Advanced Korea trip with Steven MUST happen! Baji Beoseo for LYFE!

  81. sarabal_iu

    sarabal_iu4 개월 전

    every malaysian has same tastebuds as stevens. we eat variety of food whether it's malay, chinese or indian food XD

  82. sarabal_iu

    sarabal_iu4 개월 전

    amber must've been teaching weird stuff again XD

  83. Irene Destiny

    Irene Destiny4 개월 전

    Imagine if the Ghoul Boys saw this 😂😂😂😂😂

  84. - Rook

    - Rook4 개월 전


  85. Nona fierce

    Nona fierce4 개월 전

    "Soju is an extrovert. It doesn't goes well itself" 😂😂😂. So, Ollie is some kind of genius or what? Everything he said is blow my mind 😂

  86. Lauren Ashley

    Lauren Ashley2 개월 전

    Ollie is a national treasure

  87. I_ Vox999

    I_ Vox9993 개월 전

    He is genius!! Fantastic 🍍 !!!


    SPENCER PARK4 개월 전

    why does Steven look depressed while in this video? XD

  89. dvdgalutube

    dvdgalutube4 개월 전

    This video is so distracting because (Im sorry to say this but) your guest does not know how to use chopsticks properly! This is an important part of the culture from his heritage... moreover he is a KOreporterr who specializes in introducing Asian cuisine? How is this ok? Where is the respect?

  90. 개토 개토

    개토 개토4 개월 전

    그나저나 나무젓가락 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  91. yah jumma

    yah jumma4 개월 전

    Then there goes Ollie saying Soju is an extrovert. LMAO


    PANERAI4 개월 전

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 바지벗어 찌찌만지지마 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  93. tomuchcamoflauge

    tomuchcamoflauge4 개월 전

    i will point out that since i have always been fat because of my hormones eating is a fucking chore and i hate it to the point that everything just tastes like salt bitter or sweet not actual flavor

  94. Jason

    Jason4 개월 전

    Take Steven around korea like you did with Andy and Sho! That would be another amazing series!!!!

  95. Marvin Dela Merced

    Marvin Dela Merced4 개월 전


  96. Suzee Phillips

    Suzee Phillips4 개월 전

    I spend so much time watching Americans on TV etc that I forget how different our accents are until I hear them right next to Brits

  97. 1683xxx

    1683xxx5 개월 전

    술을 마시고, 안주를 먹는겁니다

  98. 들꽃

    들꽃5 개월 전

    한국이 먹방의 원조인지 몰랐어요 ㅎ

  99. KPop Rocks !

    KPop Rocks !5 개월 전


  100. 블랙캣

    블랙캣5 개월 전

    바지 그만 벗어? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  101. Windel Arellano

    Windel Arellano5 개월 전

    @StevenLim you should do a Worth it episode with this guys! i think its going to be hilarious :D

  102. Ivo Valdenibro

    Ivo Valdenibro5 개월 전

    Steven Lim almost looks like Jimmy Wong but he sounds like Sohinki lol

  103. Cryo

    Cryo5 개월 전

    I've always been confused, is it $350 per person? Or 350 for the whole experience, aka 350 / 3 people?

  104. Ethan Quirk

    Ethan Quirk4 개월 전

    Cryo its kind of like a buffet so I’d guess its either 350 for a set or a minimum of say 150 for the basic set plus extra for additional cuts or dishes like the hot pot or marinated rib

  105. Belly Yi

    Belly Yi5 개월 전

    가끔...가위 대신 도마 위에서 칼로 썰어 주면 어떨까...생각해봄

  106. ㅅㅈㅇ

    ㅅㅈㅇ5 개월 전

    1분20초에 버섯에 파리앉는거 나만 불편해?ㅋㅋ

  107. SH J

    SH J5 개월 전

    바지 찌찌는 진짜 저질이다. 어디서 이상한거로 배웠네. 좋지 않아요.

  108. 허물개

    허물개5 개월 전

    버섯을 왜... 저렇게 굽지

  109. 김꽁구

    김꽁구5 개월 전


  110. sleepy fluff

    sleepy fluff5 개월 전

    I believe the success of Korean entertainment led to the popularity of Korean food. Fans of Kpop and Kdramas would be introduced to Korean food by the drama, movie, variety shows. So yeah, answering Steven’s question, I say it has been Kpop that made a huge impact.

  111. Calida

    Calida5 개월 전

    I've been putting off watching this for a long while now... and now I remember why 😭 soooo hungry now. I could literally smell the memories of kbbq in Korea & LA as I was watching this and listening to the searing of the meats cooking 💕💕💕

  112. Markkiee97

    Markkiee975 개월 전

    OUR SAUCE!?? . . . . . . *cues soviet national anthem*

  113. wowersdh1

    wowersdh15 개월 전