‘Joker’ Fans Flock to Stairs From Dancing Scene



    SABER FAILS44 분 전

    1:03 Is no one going to talk about this stairs could be from Shazam!

  2. Christopher Nguyen

    Christopher Nguyen시간 전

    This has became the biggest brawl stars meme

  3. Roy Saucedo

    Roy Saucedo5 시간 전

    Who new stairs could become famous 😂🤣👌

  4. Mascud Muse

    Mascud Muse11 시간 전

    Stupid people lol

  5. # anonymous

    # anonymous14 시간 전

    Look at that boy with white shirt showing the middle finger at 0:15 So amateur😒😒

  6. Polski '

    Polski '18 시간 전

    This is exactly why Arthur became the joker...

  7. Spencer Yerema

    Spencer Yerema22 시간 전

    Am i the only one who saw a guy in the back round give the finger

  8. Fernando Silva

    Fernando Silva일 전


  9. Chicken Guru

    Chicken Guru일 전


  10. Spartan Fruze

    Spartan Fruze일 전

    It is very interesting how stairs can become as popular as Epstein didn't kill himself.

  11. ChiTownBeaner

    ChiTownBeaner일 전

    Pinches losers.

  12. Lavon Tom

    Lavon Tom일 전

    I’m from another solar system that is not in the Milky Way galaxy

  13. TexasGTO

    TexasGTO일 전

    0:15 always gotta be that one kid that flips off the camera...

  14. Jada cr7 walker

    Jada cr7 walker2 일 전

    0:15 that men pointed thé middle finger lolll

  15. csyd22

    csyd222 일 전

    0:38 cringe

  16. maira irshad

    maira irshad2 일 전

    i wish i can also visit ..

  17. Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog2 일 전

    I never saw the movie

  18. HeadshotCraft

    HeadshotCraft3 일 전

    Nope. The left railing is a paid actor.

  19. Burnt Waffles

    Burnt Waffles3 일 전

    Ok Boomer

  20. Guigley

    Guigley3 일 전

    Nothing will ever top Heath Ledger's Joker for me, but my defining image of the Joker will forever be this scene.

  21. Grey Kurenai

    Grey Kurenai3 일 전

    Vocal percussion from a whole ‘nother level coming from my mind

  22. Eric Alvaro

    Eric Alvaro3 일 전

    Incrivel como sempre tem um brasileiro rsrsrs

  23. Lol

    Lol3 일 전

    I hated the movie

  24. ghosttimer

    ghosttimer3 일 전

    Who's here from it's a gundam video?

  25. welcome

    welcome4 일 전

    Arthur Flock

  26. FledXMatthew X

    FledXMatthew X4 일 전

    Don't tell me I'm the only one that saw a guy behind the news reporter was flipping off the camera

  27. Walzo Kort

    Walzo Kort4 일 전


  28. Lil Illuminati

    Lil Illuminati5 일 전

    I hate how old people look too deep in to memes

  29. Júlia Papp

    Júlia Papp5 일 전

    I don't need New York. I'll go to Eger, I'll find stairs and then I will dance. 😏😁🤩🃏🃏 But maybe, if I will be an adult I'll go there. 😁

  30. D P

    D P5 일 전

    New Yoker: So why did you came here? To see the Empire State Building? To visit Time Square? Or you came to see the Statue of Liberty? Tourist: Where the stairs?

  31. HaackSpeed

    HaackSpeed5 일 전

    what about the Your Name stairs :O

  32. Lilissa Bz

    Lilissa Bz6 일 전

    A Brazilian!!

  33. 2016BMWi8

    2016BMWi86 일 전

    We used to sled down them on snowy days back in the late 70's...GOOD TIMES!!!

  34. Fidel Farías

    Fidel Farías6 일 전

    The stupidity nowadays is huge

  35. Brendon Lopez

    Brendon Lopez7 일 전

    Do u guys see the guy in the back shows the middle finger

  36. tkn

    tkn8 일 전

    Damn imagine traveling the world to see stairs.

  37. camden sparks

    camden sparks5 일 전

    I mean they were probably doing other things to

  38. Javier Ramirez

    Javier Ramirez7 일 전

    Filthy stairs there LOL

  39. Kill Ss

    Kill Ss8 일 전

    *them “Joker too violent for kids” *dances on stairs

  40. Miss Priss

    Miss Priss8 일 전


  41. eye we todd did

    eye we todd did8 일 전

    The best part of filming in ny is the scenes come already littered in trash no need to add your own

  42. robert_325i

    robert_325i8 일 전

    I love this scene but must say that the most famous movie stairs in the history of movies is the potemkin stairs in Odesa Ukraine from " battleship potemkin". Period

  43. Marcel la Rastaban

    Marcel la Rastaban8 일 전

    Now we have a tourist attraction where movie fans can take selfies, dancers can show off their moves, and cringy white dudes can pretend to be homicidal clowns.

  44. Michelle Light

    Michelle Light5 일 전

    at least maybe the stairs will be safer now

  45. Wuzi

    Wuzi8 일 전

    Rocky : we have the most famous steps of all time Joker : hol up

  46. Ben Kawie

    Ben Kawie8 일 전

    0:15 a guy with white shirt point middle finger

  47. Kevin

    Kevin9 일 전


  48. toby Mccarthy

    toby Mccarthy9 일 전

    Who saw that kid at 0:10 😂

  49. Larissa Gomes

    Larissa Gomes9 일 전

    Aeeeee um brasileiro caralho

  50. R_ Mari

    R_ Mari9 일 전


  51. Francis Condon

    Francis Condon9 일 전

    The Rocky steps must feel so lonely.

  52. El LordLax69

    El LordLax699 일 전

    I remember falling down those steps and trying to ride my bike down and almost breaking my neck

  53. ii_AuereXx

    ii_AuereXx9 일 전

    0:11 look at those kids behind

  54. Aidan Parker

    Aidan Parker9 일 전

    0:16 the bastard flipped the camera off

  55. Vcorr

    Vcorr10 일 전

    I hate white people

  56. DragonslayerMC12 Aj

    DragonslayerMC12 Aj10 일 전

    lets run out of ideas first

  57. newOwen

    newOwen10 일 전

    the only person who’s gonna become violent cus of this movie is jared leto

  58. Caden Morris

    Caden Morris10 일 전

    Aren’t those the same steps from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights???

  59. xSharkyGamer

    xSharkyGamer10 일 전

    Bella pe l’italiani

  60. Michiko Sugiyama

    Michiko Sugiyama10 일 전

    There’s also the steps in Japan that got famous because of “Kimi no Na Wa” (your name) 🤣

  61. Alex Malbry

    Alex Malbry11 일 전


  62. R g

    R g11 일 전

    These steps were in the movie maid in manhattan too. Such a forgotten movie but i knew it was in the bronx because of that movie.

  63. Junior Wizkid

    Junior Wizkid10 일 전

    Nah those were different stairs.

  64. Hariko

    Hariko11 일 전

    Bruh I am a New Yorker and I thought those stairs were nothing but stairs smh 🤦‍♂️