I WON!!! + PUBG #1


  1. Sohaib Rehman

    Sohaib Rehman2 시간 전

    Noob sala😂

  2. RDT Tech

    RDT Tech3 시간 전

    Don’t hurt me , I am Swedish

  3. Zheng Yuan Chen

    Zheng Yuan Chen10 시간 전

    u suck at this

  4. Arterria

    Arterria14 시간 전

    I was triggered when he didn’t pick up the scar-l :(

  5. Miilz

    Miilz16 시간 전

    takes a L2 vest for a L 3

  6. Xxleox YT

    Xxleox YT17 시간 전

    Ciao mamma mia marcello

  7. 葉品寬Kasper Yeh

    葉品寬Kasper Yeh21 시간 전

    should play with shroud and he will carry you

  8. Davido

    Davido일 전

    This guy married 😂

  9. Davido

    Davido일 전

    Fortnite has ended this beautifull era

  10. Gelo Gamer

    Gelo Gamer일 전

    Btw he was a cool shotgun player 👌🤔

  11. 74contra

    74contra일 전

    PewDiePie please turn on your anti aliasing, it hurts my eyes

  12. If The Potato Plays

    If The Potato Plays일 전

    Fortnite gay

  13. skupna

    skupna일 전


  14. シャイローJasxntixn

    シャイローJasxntixn2 일 전

    Unsatisfying moment when pewds didn't pick Kar98k from that buggy guy.

  15. The Executor

    The Executor2 일 전

    Pewdiepie in pubg: iloveass2

  16. C1defx.

    C1defx.2 일 전

    It was all fun and games until He tries to cross that bridge.

  17. Hunsah Qaiser

    Hunsah Qaiser2 일 전

    Is that a fucking frying pan? Don’t underestimate the pan!!!!

  18. Ab Simple

    Ab Simple2 일 전

    This is long time ago but many time i watched this video ❤️❤️ sorry my english

  19. skupna

    skupna2 일 전

    your english gooder than mine 😂😂👌😒

  20. Kuya JM MotoVlogs

    Kuya JM MotoVlogs2 일 전

    You swore!

  21. Debabrata Sarkar

    Debabrata Sarkar3 일 전

    One of the greatest killstreaks without a helmet...

  22. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep3 일 전

    Felix:"puts swear counter" Swear counter: *im done*

  23. Britishaamerican Boy

    Britishaamerican Boy3 일 전

    2019 anyone?

  24. Venkatesh Naik

    Venkatesh Naik3 일 전

    Im getting annoyed that u using that shot gun

  25. soap

    soap3 일 전

    16:01 he say the n word again

  26. Killer Viod

    Killer Viod4 일 전

    It's my birthday can I get 1 sub pewds fam?

  27. S1L3NT R34P

    S1L3NT R34P4 일 전

    is this xQc???

  28. Коробка Шон

    Коробка Шон4 일 전

    Ахахахааа, Раша бич.

  29. VxS Gaming

    VxS Gaming4 일 전

    Play cod m

  30. Julius Navarro

    Julius Navarro5 일 전


  31. Lara Lara

    Lara Lara5 일 전

    The guy who was reaching for his cornflakes though ajsjaksj

  32. GIbson Chhantyal

    GIbson Chhantyal5 일 전

    Where is he where the fuck is he

  33. GoPro478/Howling Dawn

    GoPro478/Howling Dawn5 일 전

    I just love how he won with shotgun and burst fire assault rigle

  34. GoPro478/Howling Dawn

    GoPro478/Howling Dawn5 일 전

    The rise of the PUBG and the era of the pubg

  35. Sam W

    Sam W6 일 전

    4:38 Why didnt you take the pan 😭

  36. ahura rahim surxi

    ahura rahim surxi6 일 전

    He said I’m never playing this game again. A 100 episodes later

  37. مودي مودي

    مودي مودي6 일 전

    كفو بيودي باي 😂🔥

  38. Deranged Monkeys

    Deranged Monkeys6 일 전

    poor guy, he just wanted some cornflakes...

  39. janschutz174

    janschutz1746 일 전

    How can we get out of paying people - KOreporter

  40. The Tommy

    The Tommy6 일 전

    Shotgun noob camper and what? you run the whole fakin time with gun in your hand SMH

  41. Chris Rogers

    Chris Rogers7 일 전

    quiz of the day How many times pewdipie said "fuck "

  42. ZOBBIORED gaming

    ZOBBIORED gaming7 일 전

    Pewds play dota2

  43. Mohammed Abdullah

    Mohammed Abdullah7 일 전

    The mobile version is a way better in gameplay

  44. GIbson Chhantyal

    GIbson Chhantyal8 일 전

    He is carrying shotgun to the end haha

  45. Huzaifa Amin

    Huzaifa Amin8 일 전

    17:05 This is what we are here for!!!

  46. Huzaifa Amin

    Huzaifa Amin8 일 전

    The old days when PUBG used to be the king of all games before fortnite and Minecraft😭😭😭

  47. Z0SIX !!!

    Z0SIX !!!8 일 전

    Polska z polski sestes

  48. Ryuk

    Ryuk8 일 전

    Lmfaoooo im dead, nibba decided to uninstall the game after winning the match

  49. AH GAMER

    AH GAMER9 일 전

    Felix you just edited the title bro wtf?

  50. KillDeeKiller

    KillDeeKiller9 일 전

    the game look so bad in this era

  51. RUSH

    RUSH10 일 전

    he tried to put the smg flash hider on the shot gun im weak😂

  52. Synfax

    Synfax10 일 전

    Wow I bet this guy would love bridges

  53. Locke Warrick

    Locke Warrick10 일 전

    U swear so much

  54. i don't like raisins

    i don't like raisins11 일 전





  56. Nestor Robles

    Nestor Robles12 일 전

    Those are definitely American homes, Swedish homes don't have that many guns in them....

  57. Manny Moto

    Manny Moto12 일 전

    I love pewds no matter how many dope games he plays

  58. Dr Cheese

    Dr Cheese12 일 전

    Imagine how different the world would be if he had uninstalled PUBG 😂

  59. Apex Legend

    Apex Legend12 일 전

    You like swedish right.

  60. لوتش ٩٩٨

    لوتش ٩٩٨12 일 전

    And Knigge did you do the bat♥️👏🏻🙄🌝

  61. لوتش ٩٩٨

    لوتش ٩٩٨12 일 전

    اما طلع يعرف عربي اهنيك