The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant


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    Agan un juego basado en esta animasion bista desde arriba se puede elejin un tipo de ormiga un mapa jenial una colonia mejorable seria increible

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    6 tı satılık

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    Please indonesian subtitle

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    i got so invested in this

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    World warllll

  8. The Phantom King

    The Phantom King일 전

    Me and A group of classmates - walks on sidewalk.. Ants - It Was An Bad Idea Walking To The Sidewalk..EVERYBODY RUN FOR YA'LL LIVES!!!

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    R.I.P Ants

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    Nice Vids!

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    Nanobots will win without any damage -.-

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    I wish it real not cartoon Well it still gud

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    Good Good the ants are fighting each other than coming together and attacking us wait what who's scratching my door oh it's my dog wait what's crawling up my leg OH GUYS UHHHHH I THINK THEY FIGURED IT OUT

  14. Yeah Yee

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    oh I hear my draft coming for the ant war :O

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    i bet they are now engaging in world war 5023- oh now they are in 5024th world war

  16. A P

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    6:58 - Humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore. USA: Hold my beer!

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    But however a magnifying glass kills them all

  18. A person watching youtube

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    can an army ant match my slipper?

  19. A person watching youtube

    A person watching youtube4 일 전

    can an army ant match my slipper?

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    We need ant eater pls

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    0:28 thx there’s me :D

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    they all wont even bother to raid the army ants but the army ants raid them

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    List of world wars: WW1 WW2 WWAnt

  25. 2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3

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    "Some groups just don't get along." Like the terrorists and their leader, Soleimani. They don't get along with anyone. Good thing Soleimani is dead.

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    I'm scared

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    I would be super scary if they can make nukes

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    Is this... Kahoot music??

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    I love this

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    Error 4:04 HE HAPP!

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  32. TM CPG

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    1980: "I bet we will have flying cars in the future!" 2020: *JIMMY THE ARMY ANTS ARE BACK GET YOUR F@CKING HEAD AT THE ENTRANCE*

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    Civil war

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    Total War: Ants

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    AntCanada would love to watch this

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    but what about WWIII

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    "humans have disided war isn't something they want anymore" Every one in 2020: hold my beer

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    What is ant the answer is war

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    Ant: fight in my house My Mom: *Its all because of that damn phone!*

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    I want more video of antibiotics war

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    “Humans decided not to fight anymore” Me: *Staring at the millions of refugees that fled from their country due to war*

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    So war ants are mongols in ant world

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    Great video making! a work of art! Love the educational videos about nature.

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    My only wish they don't end up with nuclear warfare

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    AntsCanada approves

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    6:58 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    this video made me itchy

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    *ww3 begins* Ants:Ameteurs

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    *_T H E Y G O I N T O C R I S I S M O D E_*

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    warum sinddie titel und beschreibung in deutsch, aber video in english?!

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    what if humans are small we can help ants but they are neutral to us

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    honestly kinda pumped for world war ant

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    Не пойму, почему описание и название видео - на русском, а само видео на английском.

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    Army ants are small, but their majors and super majors are not.

  60. UltimateSaft

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    I always thought that humans were the only species dumb enough to kill each other because they arent the same. Guess ants are even worse

  61. Стефан Лазаревић

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    Nobody: Ants: Hey, let's just kill each other forever without any reason

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    Стефан Лазаревић cool

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    @Studio Original ok

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    Стефан Лазаревић No other ant colony larva

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    @Studio Original their kids?!

  66. Studio Original

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    Стефан Лазаревић Ant larva is what part of there diet

  67. ZikiWiki

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    This video is almost perfect. I would really like if this videos had the real pic of the ant also. Other wise this is my favorite video & l have seen all your videos. Thank you for your great work ❗️❤️

  68. Master Chafa

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    Ants: we are in a constant state of war. And from time to time, a giant damages our hive with a stick. Life is weird you know

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    Will you make an ant game with these graphics? Ants are my favourite animals😍😍