$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos


  1. Dan_E

    Dan_E22 시간 전

    They did fish they did taco they did fish taco. They did sushi they did burger they did sushi and burger. Now the next thing we see is sushi burger fish taco.

  2. Pinky654

    Pinky65423 시간 전

    Went back to this episode to see the part where Andrew broke the clapperboard. (8:27)

  3. Maggie Mae Burrage

    Maggie Mae Burrage3 일 전

    Am i crazy or do buzfeed videos have so many ads???? I had 4 before the video started!!!!

  4. Royston Goh

    Royston Goh4 일 전

    Love how they just switched roles. Andrew is now the “ steven “ Steven is now the “ andrew “ And adam is still.....well adam

  5. Mr Lim

    Mr Lim6 일 전

    wow...they are still doing this?

  6. Nimesis L

    Nimesis L6 일 전

    they use what? margarine ?

  7. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe7 일 전

    😂😂😂 *whispers* whats happening

  8. Yeetininthe 90’s

    Yeetininthe 90’s11 일 전

    6:47 when u see you're crush

  9. Romeo Jackson

    Romeo Jackson12 일 전


  10. Mario Richi

    Mario Richi13 일 전

    In Indonesia, you can get that whole fish with only 1-2 USD lolol

  11. Top Senior Gusion

    Top Senior Gusion13 일 전

    i agrreeeeee to fish fried is better than chicken

  12. The Rocker

    The Rocker13 일 전

    KFC disliked the video

  13. Amanda Le

    Amanda Le15 일 전

    Andrew is a non-cheers guy but Steven is a cheers guy so Andrew eats the food as fast as possible.

  14. dLimboStick

    dLimboStick15 일 전

    Fish tacos should cost no more than $3. I get the best fish tacos on the planet for $2. Also, Grilled > Fried.

  15. TheBestBanan

    TheBestBanan16 일 전

    8:00 thats kida funny too me cuz in french stuff from the sea is litterally called fruits de mer, which means ocean fruit

  16. Dominic Reyes

    Dominic Reyes16 일 전

    did adam just speak a whole fish taco fact

  17. Dominic Reyes

    Dominic Reyes16 일 전

    do quesadillas

  18. nonik zeta

    nonik zeta17 일 전

    in indonesia you can get a whole fish around 3$ to 5$

  19. moe mountain

    moe mountain18 일 전

    Our taco sauce is in honor of a old Mexican recipe my aunt Connie Cruz showed me 20 years ago.

  20. Ameer Bux

    Ameer Bux18 일 전

    i noticed that the last stops theyve been going to is expensive because of the amount of food and not expensive because of the boujeeness. i think that defeats the purpose of the price escalation, might as well buy alot of the tacos from the first place.

  21. Dubby Gaming

    Dubby Gaming19 일 전

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  22. Aly

    Aly19 일 전

    6:24 When your teacher tells a joke and you need a high grade.

  23. Idc

    Idc20 일 전

    Hey 3:00 he’s right!

  24. CurdleRanger

    CurdleRanger22 일 전

    that octopus one looks hella good

  25. Audrey Wang

    Audrey Wang22 일 전

    This episode is so underated

  26. Dominic Blair

    Dominic Blair22 일 전

    When Andrew said “it’s like ocean fruit”, I laughed because in French, seafood is “fruits de mer” which literally means ocean fruit (I’m from French Canada btw)



    margarine? ewww why not butter or olive oil or anything but margarine? Margarine is disgusting! Connie's Fish is covered with margarine.

  28. Eric Gregson

    Eric Gregson25 일 전

    Best intro yet

  29. Chloe Byte

    Chloe Byte26 일 전

    12:26 andrew: 😗

  30. Turd Tiny

    Turd Tiny26 일 전

    Try gumbo

  31. Xavier Gould

    Xavier Gould28 일 전

    In AUS, we eat 55 pounds of fish each year.

  32. RushFrame

    RushFrame28 일 전

    Nice to see a yucatecan managing a sustainable restaurant.

  33. Frances Fernandez

    Frances Fernandez29 일 전

    Why not try NOT WORTH IT FOOD? viewer here from Ph.

  34. Cyborg1337

    Cyborg133729 일 전

    30 bucks for a whole fish & all the other stuff is more than fair. Not really a expensive fish but just a very large potion.

  35. purplz moon

    purplz moon29 일 전

    Sea fruit is actually literal translation of the French word 'fruit de mers' for sea food 😂

  36. dge

    dge개월 전

    Everyone seemed so happy in this episode ja feel me

  37. Chief Stryder45

    Chief Stryder45개월 전

    First time viewing and guys I must say what a cute gay couple. And bravo on the KOreporter success

  38. rachey003

    rachey003개월 전

    4:53 who is the other guy in the back of the car? Another camera guy?

  39. V 33

    V 33개월 전

    $30.00 for a fish and spread like that???!😳 Wow

  40. raul rios

    raul rios개월 전

    all the places you guys went too look amazing but...ur not mexican i know how to cook all this so i would be a hard critic LOL