$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad


  1. mouid babikir

    mouid babikir11 시간 전

    stop making me hungry

  2. TheUltimateJimbob

    TheUltimateJimbob3 일 전


  3. Benno

    Benno3 일 전

    Tackliadah with Ruuugollah ^^

  4. Benno

    Benno3 일 전

    Ruuugollaaah ^^

  5. Hello Pewson

    Hello Pewson3 일 전

    "I am becoming concerned with the theme of lubrication with these comments" -Andrew 2019

  6. FiReAn

    FiReAn3 일 전

    Andrew and Steven tasting REAL bread for the first time. Amazing...

  7. Raditya

    Raditya4 일 전

    What is scott's ig?

  8. Jean-Luc Crowley Debarbouille

    Jean-Luc Crowley Debarbouille4 일 전

    Steven should take his hat off inside, super rude

  9. Saugot Chowdhury সৌগত চৌধুৰী

    Saugot Chowdhury সৌগত চৌধুৰী6 일 전

    6$ bread! 😥 US is very expensive

  10. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson7 일 전

    Thumbs up for bat nipples.

  11. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson7 일 전

    7:20 this lady is a salad librarian, i sometimes just cut up lettuce and call it salad.

  12. Ildemar Urrieta

    Ildemar Urrieta7 일 전

    13:47 what music is that???

  13. Rae Peronneau

    Rae Peronneau8 일 전

    Ambrosia salad is the absolute bomb!

  14. Tim Zhao

    Tim Zhao9 일 전

    BEST salad I ever had, Janes Herb Salad, miami beach

  15. XCCC Unknown

    XCCC Unknown9 일 전

    I came expecting to see pure salad dishes, not a mix of MEAT, pasta and salad. wtf.

  16. Clara Pereña

    Clara Pereña9 일 전

    Andrew looks so much like Sebastian Stan I can't concentrate

  17. Lemon Love

    Lemon Love10 일 전

    I'm scrolling through the comments and I realized that no one is talking about Steven's Salad Dance😂😂

  18. appIees

    appIees11 일 전

    i always eat papaya, but homemade since im half thai

  19. ecchi japan

    ecchi japan11 일 전

    I swear to god Annie was skinny once upon a time

  20. Boter Yaj V

    Boter Yaj V12 일 전

    Annie is queen!!! l love her so much💕💕💕

  21. Samantha Jones

    Samantha Jones12 일 전

    this would be a fun date idea

  22. crepoy Fulgencio

    crepoy Fulgencio12 일 전

    best episode for me!!

  23. Tzaddik418

    Tzaddik41813 일 전

    You guys are brilliant!!! love this show. BTW...Annie is fine AF

  24. Chaos Formula

    Chaos Formula14 일 전

    That ambrosia salad is a normal food within our family especially during cookouts 😍

  25. Nina Sowah

    Nina Sowah14 일 전

    I love ambrosia salad ❤️

  26. Moises Meza

    Moises Meza14 일 전

    Why this is not indexed as season 6 episode?

  27. Jon Jackson

    Jon Jackson14 일 전

    ruined that pizza with Hidden Valley Ranch. Its not "runny ranch"

  28. Tenjrou

    Tenjrou15 일 전

    . Annie is so cute 😄

  29. Nive Yoga

    Nive Yoga15 일 전

    Andrew made the best anime character development ever: from grumpy with his lige to genuine happiness! 😂👌🏿

  30. Kathi

    Kathi16 일 전

    I was so angry when they poured ranch on that great pizza😂

  31. Sarah Alyammahi

    Sarah Alyammahi16 일 전

    Fun fact, if you eat ambrosia you become immortal

  32. parzival

    parzival16 일 전

    this guy out here giving live advice while talking about salad.

  33. Polylicious

    Polylicious16 일 전

    This is not an actual salad episode, there are just side salads! Upset!


    the BLUMENFLOWER16 일 전

    Do Açai bowls

  35. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa Mandes16 일 전

    What were those drinks they had at the first restaurant?! They looked good

  36. Gamer PRO

    Gamer PRO17 일 전

    Coba kalau Karedok atau Gado-gado, bakal jadi $189 Salad harga nya di sana..

  37. Dirt Girl

    Dirt Girl17 일 전

    chef fern hot

  38. plext alter

    plext alter17 일 전

    come to Bangkokkkkkkk

  39. alli mikapie

    alli mikapie17 일 전

    So funny the way Andrew pronounced tagliata❤️❤️

  40. Vivian Wong

    Vivian Wong18 일 전

    NANCY!!!! Chef's table got me all kinds of ready for this

  41. PCMasterRaceTechGod

    PCMasterRaceTechGod18 일 전

    Ambrosia Salad? Must be the fancy name, because that stuff looks exactly like the fruit salad I see at all of my families holiday dinners. Not much of a recipe is needed, just assorted fruit and some whipped and sour cream...

  42. Polin Hem

    Polin Hem18 일 전

    annie kinda cute

  43. Colin Thompson

    Colin Thompson19 일 전

    Chris Bianco looks like space dad from megamind

  44. Susanne Nielsen

    Susanne Nielsen20 일 전


  45. karcelona

    karcelona20 일 전

    Nobody talkin about how thats not tagliata... its only a sliced steak

  46. Betty Jughead

    Betty Jughead20 일 전

    You can have a good food, but you can't have great food without Adam 🤣🤣🤣 Seriously, Steven started Worth It. He's the genious and pioneer of this food program. Andrew added spectacular color in it. Adam made this show has so much details to it. Can this show continue without one or another? I guess NO. So, Worth it totally win my heart because we got the whole package and now we got a bonus with Anie. So happy she joined the golden trio!

  47. reaperruup

    reaperruup21 일 전

    first salad and dishes are waaaaay to expencive to be on 1/3 spot jesus

  48. Divine

    Divine21 일 전

    Salad is like Rice it’s always good if you eat it with something else, However both could be eaten by it self but won’t be as delicious as if you would eat it with something else. I’m Chinese and I eat rice with literally everything even Ice Cream and trust me it’s good.

  49. Nathan Gregorius

    Nathan Gregorius21 일 전


  50. Jenna Luke

    Jenna Luke22 일 전

    Andrew: Normal hot ass 😂

  51. da vid

    da vid22 일 전

    AMBROSIA IS SICKENING ;@)$&+#:2-$($

  52. shendy hendrawan

    shendy hendrawan22 일 전

    Chris Bianco: " the Italian slide the G " so how Italian pronounce Kenny G

  53. Razi Siregar

    Razi Siregar21 일 전

    Kenny Yee

  54. Veronika

    Veronika22 일 전

    Normal hot ass.

  55. Alissa

    Alissa22 일 전

    Totino's pizza rolls with ranch is good. real pizza tho? absolutely not

  56. Ashray Shankar

    Ashray Shankar22 일 전

    I want to know this Madden reference now.

  57. DougieG

    DougieG22 일 전

    "I'm concerned about the lubrication theme of these comments"

  58. lanadelreybaby

    lanadelreybaby23 일 전


  59. Winda Psari

    Winda Psari23 일 전

    Indonesian food please

  60. Shinra Tensei

    Shinra Tensei23 일 전

    Steven throwing shade at lebron hahahaha

  61. Jex Li

    Jex Li23 일 전

    i hate the intro, it's disturbing and uncomforting