$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad


  1. Vinh Tran

    Vinh Tran일 전


  2. Last Breath

    Last Breath4 일 전

    Ffffffffffffuuuuuudge I love Thai food. 😤

  3. Dolly milk

    Dolly milk4 일 전

    Adam is feeling wild this episode 😂

  4. kevan putra

    kevan putra5 일 전

    Andrew:"this might be the best steak we've had at this show". 300$ Steak:"Am i a joke to you?"

  5. Sumaya Isaacs

    Sumaya Isaacs6 일 전

    Steven is adorable 😂

  6. Zhiyue YANG

    Zhiyue YANG6 일 전

    For once i knew the food fact. Percy Jackson fan here.

  7. Keigerthetiger

    Keigerthetiger8 일 전

    This is kinda like worth it meals not salads

  8. Amanda Huginkiss

    Amanda Huginkiss10 일 전

    I'm shocked that you can't find Ambrosia on any menu in L.A.!

  9. Nysha Reddy

    Nysha Reddy12 일 전

    Instead of that $95 fancy steak and grass, they should have done FREE Olive Garden salad!!!

  10. B MO

    B MO14 일 전

    12:11 his hair is anime af

  11. Gary Nintendo Switch Lite

    Gary Nintendo Switch Lite14 일 전

    Ranch on pizza is underrated

  12. twoac

    twoac16 일 전

    You shouldn't eat ambrosia salad the same day you make it. The taste improves by letting it refrigerate overnight.

  13. Jeremy Chen

    Jeremy Chen21 일 전

    When Steven is dancing, I cannot tell whether Annie is surprised or just horrified

  14. moonapplesauce

    moonapplesauce22 일 전

    Just do fruit.

  15. Teddy Mike

    Teddy Mike25 일 전

    Wow i come from France 🇫🇷 and i find the price really expensive for what your paying for !! Again that is my opinion !

  16. Marianna K

    Marianna K25 일 전

    The awkward moment when the salads have 500 and up calories each 😂

  17. EdwardNoodles 1

    EdwardNoodles 126 일 전

    do a pretzel episode

  18. Nie Niski

    Nie Niski28 일 전

    -Wedgetable -Vegetable? -Yeah, wedgetable

  19. shadowx

    shadowx28 일 전

    I’ve seen no one mention Adam’s adorable giggle when he tried the wine, it made my heart happy

  20. Jonathan Chan

    Jonathan Chan개월 전


  21. Matthew Gabayan

    Matthew Gabayan개월 전

    I don't know, I feel a little disappointed with this episode. Surely they could have found something better than just a steak with a side salad as the most expensive salad to feature.

  22. Qrive

    Qrive개월 전

    MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!

  23. knee grow

    knee grow개월 전

    owner of place 3 looked high

  24. GamingTutorial

    GamingTutorial개월 전

    This is the reason meat is getting cheaper

  25. harti shere

    harti shere개월 전


  26. dev 33

    dev 33개월 전

    How's absolutely no one commented on my mans hairline that goes further back than Neo

  27. Eli Priestley

    Eli Priestley개월 전

    lol they have to try so hard to mention the salad

  28. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony개월 전

    Oh how not to have one of Chris Bianco's pizzas!!!! A culinary legend. So happy to be in Phoenix with Pizzeria Bianco!

  29. Sarah K Cooper

    Sarah K Cooper개월 전

    At first I thought Adam meant that they ordered the wrong salad :D

  30. Abby M.

    Abby M.개월 전

    Ambrosia salad pisses me off when I was little I AVOIDED it like the plague. One day I assumed it was a chicken salad (an innocent mistake I tell you) and was SO SO SO very disappointed.

  31. Bridgestone

    Bridgestone개월 전

    Aight imma watch this while eating cheap packed noodles to trick my body into thinking I’m eating healthy

  32. Bint Musa

    Bint Musa개월 전

    Wow thai salads are the best . They have so much in one bowl

  33. The Realm Traveller

    The Realm Traveller개월 전

    That last one is not worth $95

  34. Cancer Police

    Cancer Police개월 전

    "How can you have pizza without salad?" Nobody says that Nancy. That's not a thing

  35. Joyful Yan

    Joyful Yan개월 전

    0:55 LOOL ! That face like what the feuck are you doing man ?!!

  36. Marshmallow Sweets

    Marshmallow Sweets개월 전

    I think they should get the food free since they are advertising their restaurants 🤷🏿‍♂️

  37. Tyler

    Tyler개월 전

    Well this is the only one that pops up in my recommended, I get it I'm fat and I need to eat better.

  38. Bad Badtz-Maru

    Bad Badtz-Maru개월 전

    Crispy anko

  39. Billy

    Billy개월 전

    I once touched my tongue on a jalapeno seed. I died from the spicyness. I'm white btw.

  40. Ilham Haque

    Ilham Haque개월 전

    Where's the lamb sauce!!!!!!!

  41. Alex Wang

    Alex Wang개월 전


  42. misspada

    misspada개월 전

    MmMMmM papaya salad ☺️

  43. FILM EAT

    FILM EAT개월 전

    That woman nancy silverton sounds like reuben from ocean's

  44. Manem Jhefe

    Manem Jhefe개월 전

    Worth it hotpot episode with mike chen please

  45. hlp215

    hlp215개월 전

    I having been missing Steven’s dance moves

  46. Naomi Gabriella

    Naomi Gabriella2 개월 전

    Love your content but I'm really disappointed that you're normalising dangerous driving especially considering I'm sure a large demographic of your viewers would be young. Please don't be a distracted driver, you never know whose life is at risk including your own 😥

  47. GamingTutorial

    GamingTutorial2 개월 전

    1 dolla strippa vs 1000 dolla strippa

  48. ラヴァンガウツシR a v a n

    ラヴァンガウツシR a v a n2 개월 전

    ehm ehm eeeeeehm emh waet i was thinking from the whole worth it episode "did you finished the food" like u knowe, no left overs? i feel sad about it a big and delicious portion of expensive food and leave some leftovers?

  49. Henry Chou

    Henry Chou2 개월 전

    Tartine is gone, and I haven't get the chance to try it! :(

  50. Farajaraf

    Farajaraf2 개월 전

    They are acting like that hot sauce was radioactive. Posies

  51. Lily Steph

    Lily Steph2 개월 전

    I love all of your videos...all three of you are fantastic and you have the best chemistry.. Thanks for all the food advice :-)

  52. Fluffy_Jacket

    Fluffy_Jacket2 개월 전

    New York Times right.... Im sorry to bring this up but..... Can you ask him about BTS?

  53. butterfly rw

    butterfly rw2 개월 전

    I feel like I'm watching a friendship blossom.

  54. twhiting16

    twhiting162 개월 전

    you guys need to be a little less gay

  55. Logan Arellano

    Logan Arellano2 개월 전

    In not bouta pay 95 dollars for some leaves tho

  56. Hope Keaveny

    Hope Keaveny2 개월 전

    “A bat is a mammal, it has nipples”

  57. iamjimin'sgirr

    iamjimin'sgirr2 개월 전

    In the philippines they call the papaya salad as ATCHARA. Damn

  58. Ok Ko

    Ok Ko2 개월 전

    Andrew: -eats food- this might be the best thing we've had yet

  59. Edwar Araujo

    Edwar Araujo2 개월 전

    First time ever i heard that a tiger cries like this "Shhhhh" haha.

  60. ณัฐณิชา จันทร์แจ่ม

    ณัฐณิชา จันทร์แจ่ม2 개월 전

    me: eat thai foods everyday also me : "i miss thai food already😢" -_-

  61. อะกิโอะซัง กับแรงค์ที่หายไป

    อะกิโอะซัง กับแรงค์ที่หายไป개월 전

    และในที่สุดก็มีคอมเม้นต์ที่มาจากคนไทย อยู่ใต้คอมเม้นต์์ในรายการ Worth it ที่มีร้านอาหารไทยอยู่ในคลิป xDDD