$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger


  1. ItsBlueCloud

    ItsBlueCloud5 시간 전

    they said ototo wrong u know that if u watch anime

  2. Dan Illahi

    Dan Illahi9 시간 전


  3. Simone Williams

    Simone Williams일 전

    Thank you for finally acknowledging keith

  4. Blank

    Blank2 일 전

    Lmao everyone who moved to NY or LA from some random place are always like

  5. Yiu Tun

    Yiu Tun2 일 전

    Where jis this shop😇

  6. maithew x2

    maithew x23 일 전

    chef masa reminds me of an older version of zero from john wick 2

  7. kashaf iqbal

    kashaf iqbal3 일 전

    I wish Gordon Ramsay was on one of their episodes 😭

  8. MineWit

    MineWit3 일 전

    "Lets bump buns" that sounded so gay yet innocent

  9. GOD Aim

    GOD Aim4 일 전

    3:17 " Let's bump buns!" Me: Scrolls down to the comments

  10. LutschErm

    LutschErm5 일 전

    The first place looks insane

  11. Jason Sun

    Jason Sun5 일 전

    2.75 for 1 piece of sushi at the first place???

  12. Đức Anh Nguyễn

    Đức Anh Nguyễn6 일 전

    Hmmmm i wonder where is keith

  13. VxNoVaa kun

    VxNoVaa kun7 일 전

    This series is like the dust of gold inside of the turd that is buzzfeed

  14. Amoy Momoy

    Amoy Momoy7 일 전

    Finally, a burger without any veges which i always preferred, I choose Tetsu 😋

  15. ActuallyRandomPerson

    ActuallyRandomPerson9 일 전

    tbh i kinda forgot this series started off with keith? just because he's so intrinsically tied to the try guys in my mind now that i Forget he did other stuff at buzzfeed

  16. ABT

    ABT9 일 전

    his life speciality is sushi from the far east and he could make a far west burger better than almost all other chefs. japanese peoples minds and creativity continue to amaze me in all aspects of life, they havent left a stone unturned but have improved it.

  17. Josie K

    Josie K10 일 전

    At the first restaurant the guy looked like Eugene from Try Guy’s

  18. Lucas Amadeus Sebastian Incataurean

    Lucas Amadeus Sebastian Incataurean10 일 전

    If you want the food that combines burger and shushi into one food go to the place called burgushi ( if there is isn’t a restaurant called burgushi there go to Indonesia)

  19. Natalie Leger

    Natalie Leger10 일 전

    He's a cat dad!!! Omg congrats Andrew!

  20. Vihaan kanvinde

    Vihaan kanvinde12 일 전

    At 15:48 Steven said smoke not steam🤦‍♂️

  21. Blackened

    Blackened12 일 전

    i guess this was opposite day...

  22. youtube commenter

    youtube commenter12 일 전

    Do marijuana next!!!!!!

  23. GamingWithTDH

    GamingWithTDH13 일 전

    am i late? XD

  24. Renato Valderama

    Renato Valderama16 일 전

    I have a massive crush on Annie...

  25. Ike F

    Ike F18 일 전

    Buzzfeed’s backbone.

  26. Ashley Buckingham

    Ashley Buckingham18 일 전

    Adam looks gooooodd in this episode

  27. danielkirby dellossanotos

    danielkirby dellossanotos20 일 전

    Wuts up with andrews shirts HAHAHAHA

  28. thry

    thry20 일 전

    they should both leave buzzfeed then make a super successful youtube channel

  29. Sakatsuki

    Sakatsuki21 일 전

    andrew asking about ototo cats is mood

  30. Gary Nintendo Switch Lite

    Gary Nintendo Switch Lite21 일 전

    Masa is like the picasso of sushi

  31. skratta du förlorar du

    skratta du förlorar du23 일 전

    that girl beside adam looks like rosa diaz from brooklyn nine-nine

  32. Omar Soubra

    Omar Soubra23 일 전

    why do u always show that adam is lonely

  33. tony hack

    tony hack23 일 전

    Background musik at 6:30 ?

  34. fritzmartin01

    fritzmartin0124 일 전

    9:43 surprised pikachu face! 😂😂😂

  35. LtSoulRipper

    LtSoulRipper24 일 전

    $23 for that small plate of Crudo tho.. >.>

  36. Evan Luu

    Evan Luu27 일 전

    Bushi serger?

  37. Jayli Vivas

    Jayli Vivas27 일 전


  38. tazzywazzygaming

    tazzywazzygaming개월 전

    Felt bad for Adam eating by his self at the end

  39. Toni Blair

    Toni Blair개월 전

    They need to do a chilli burger worth it now

  40. john beltran

    john beltran개월 전

    That last chef look so badass that i thought he will always ask if you are "dragging" or "rushing" during cooking. Hmmmm.

  41. Mackenzie Colvin

    Mackenzie Colvin개월 전

    do a worth it episode for pickles.

  42. David Holmes

    David Holmes개월 전

    I just fell Out when Steven dropped the Sushi! I had to watch it 5 times!! It was because he yelled OhNo

  43. Marcos Dominguez

    Marcos Dominguez개월 전

    Let’s bump buns

  44. maravue _

    maravue _개월 전

    9:43 i honestly love Adam

  45. Alstare Matutino

    Alstare Matutino개월 전

    Goshdarn, thought it was Sushi Burger, was gonna complain because I haven't seen any but Nevermind!

  46. Albert Kalayil

    Albert Kalayil개월 전

    The last chef looks like saitama from OPM.

  47. JanainaPerez10

    JanainaPerez10개월 전

    I want your job!!

  48. Jacob Hogan

    Jacob Hogan개월 전

    Tbh Annie is really cute

  49. alex cena

    alex cena개월 전

    0:40 anyone know the name of the song??

  50. Velociraptor Rex

    Velociraptor Rex개월 전

    What's the name of the song they played for Keith????

  51. Shachin Chaya

    Shachin Chaya개월 전

    Their videos are getting cheaper and cheaper

  52. sarah

    sarah개월 전

    big apple steve!

  53. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the boss개월 전

    8:20 Pickled Andrew😂

  54. Puprle Pin

    Puprle Pin개월 전

    Ok this is the only redeeming quality of buzzfeed

  55. Chrystal

    Chrystal개월 전


  56. Rosepink22

    Rosepink22개월 전

    Try Spanish food, Korean food, go to Korea or South America try ceviche travel lol

  57. Brian Lin

    Brian Lin개월 전

    I read the title as Sushi Burger lol. Wouldn't that be something to try

  58. FANDI DK

    FANDI DK개월 전

    Andrew is much much much better than keith

  59. Xiao Ming

    Xiao Ming개월 전

    was eating Nutella while watching this

  60. Hunter Schrink

    Hunter Schrink개월 전

    “Pickles are the best”

  61. Ciaran Conley

    Ciaran Conley개월 전

    Hunter Schrink I like pickled cucumbers more tho