$1 Street Food Around The World


  1. Qwedras Ubk

    Qwedras Ubk시간 전

    I love Mexico food

  2. Zorin Traumích

    Zorin Traumích시간 전


  3. Zorin Traumích

    Zorin Traumích시간 전

    Paw baji

  4. Agus Teggar Wahyudi

    Agus Teggar Wahyudi시간 전

    1$ in Indonesia you will got a meal, not a street food

  5. Elmo VlĐm

    Elmo VlĐm2 시간 전

    Where is Vietnam-_-!

  6. Yeti Manetti

    Yeti Manetti2 시간 전

    when they touch the money then touch your food... NO THANKS !!!!

  7. Akash Singh

    Akash Singh2 시간 전

    Always Japan

  8. agentnevermore

    agentnevermore2 시간 전

    In Singapore, for US$1 dollar, you get nothing

  9. Tiktok Netidol

    Tiktok Netidol2 시간 전

    If in Cambodia 1$ u can buy a lot if in countryside but if in city I’m not sure

  10. m1a1 aa7

    m1a1 aa72 시간 전

    in the philippines you can buy PAGPAG for $.50 its very delicious!!!!!

  11. monica Davila

    monica Davila3 시간 전

    is it safe to eat it... next food in Panama :D

  12. Bidya Khadgi

    Bidya Khadgi3 시간 전

    Nepal food plz

  13. Zaid Elkhateeb

    Zaid Elkhateeb3 시간 전

    Nah India that ain't it


    NH ZHENZX3 시간 전

    In Indonesian 1$ Can Buy Some "GORENGAN" Thats Taste its too good

  15. kayland

    kayland3 시간 전

    i know its probably a culture difference thing but i would not eat something a random man put his bare hands all over like the guy in the last one did

  16. john clarke

    john clarke3 시간 전

    Meat pies in Melbourne

  17. prk syng

    prk syng3 시간 전


  18. shpoogy noogy

    shpoogy noogy3 시간 전

    you didn't go to africa or south america you done fucked up :[

  19. Gigi Rosenfeld

    Gigi Rosenfeld3 시간 전

    Can u do street food in Uruguay

  20. Lia Murphy

    Lia Murphy3 시간 전

    Omg how are those dumplings from China so cheap! In nyc it would cost like 7 dollars.

  21. J Kritter

    J Kritter4 시간 전

    Has anyone thought about this being a great thing for homeless people, there should be more places like this

  22. Chingis Mongolov

    Chingis Mongolov4 시간 전

    Try Russia

  23. Tien Tran

    Tien Tran4 시간 전

    You can get Banh Mi in Vietnam

  24. Monica Sar

    Monica Sar4 시간 전


  25. Sling Shot

    Sling Shot5 시간 전

    Come to Canada ! We have ... NOTHING for $1 !!!

  26. Annaliese Dasari

    Annaliese Dasari5 시간 전

    Wow India they put a lot of effort into it it took a long time today :)

  27. mr_dauz 96

    mr_dauz 965 시간 전

    and you can get a plate of chicken rice for only 1.21 us dollar in my country

  28. Lexi Kent

    Lexi Kent5 시간 전

    the pork bun roll things looked soo GOOD! i get tired of the food here.. it gets boring

  29. Anthony Barraza

    Anthony Barraza6 시간 전

    In Colombia in you can get three empanadas for a dollar

  30. David Thomas

    David Thomas6 시간 전

    india food looked nasty and unsanitary

  31. Tenzin Dhendup

    Tenzin Dhendup6 시간 전

    Go to Bhutan

  32. NTP KING

    NTP KING6 시간 전

    You forgot VIET NAM

  33. Breese is Queen Piggy

    Breese is Queen Piggy6 시간 전

    Where I live with one dollar you can probably get one single fry 😂😂😂

  34. Kimochi san

    Kimochi san6 시간 전

    in thailand you can get 6 skewer of sweet-salty grilled pork (moo ping) with sticky rice. those are the bomb

  35. Who Cares

    Who Cares6 시간 전

    Putting in that work 🇮🇳😍 and I can’t forget my own 🇲🇽🙌🏽

  36. Luz Dianel

    Luz Dianel6 시간 전

    It will be awesome if you can get the street food in Korea

  37. Anonymous *

    Anonymous *6 시간 전

    You can go to the dollar store here. And then get taxed. So it’s not a dollar anymore

  38. Anciya Antony

    Anciya Antony7 시간 전

    All were neat n clean except India... 😢😢😢😢

  39. Maya

    Maya7 시간 전

    started tearing up @ the pan fried pork buns i,m

  40. 2pac Shakur

    2pac Shakur7 시간 전

    Mo:Mo Nepalese street food $1

  41. fiona rafael

    fiona rafael7 시간 전

    philippines please!!

  42. Galaxy God

    Galaxy God7 시간 전


  43. P J

    P J7 시간 전

    So buttery cause he put half a stick of butter in it lmao

  44. Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    Kalinna Vyacheslavovna7 시간 전

    isn't 180 yen 1.80?

  45. Kelly P

    Kelly P7 시간 전

    you can buy a 1/6th cup of coffee in Australia!

  46. Some Cactus

    Some Cactus8 시간 전

    Inga’s loveable voice is always Recognizable

  47. Dante Galvan

    Dante Galvan8 시간 전

    Churros are good mexican snacks

  48. Julianne sai Rafallo

    Julianne sai Rafallo8 시간 전

    Any philippine street foods XD

  49. Thoại Nguyễn

    Thoại Nguyễn8 시간 전

    Vietnamese Street Food c:

  50. Ori

    Ori9 시간 전

    Brazil - Acarajé

  51. SuzyTBlue1

    SuzyTBlue19 시간 전

    What will a dollar purchase when it is no longer supported by Arabian oil?

  52. hussah mohammed

    hussah mohammed9 시간 전

    in saudi arabia we don't have real street food but we have steamed tea and corn in cup , and pallila

  53. Mike C.

    Mike C.9 시간 전

    The way he cooked pav bhaji in India was so bizarre!! I've never seen anything cooked that way

  54. taylor swift NZ

    taylor swift NZ9 시간 전

    new zealand food next

  55. Adi Mohammed

    Adi Mohammed9 시간 전

    1 usd =1 Trinidadian doubles 5 ttd =1 Trinidadian doubles

  56. cloromancaballa

    cloromancaballa9 시간 전

    in spain is PORRA , porro its drug cigarrette , joint

  57. Irene fernández

    Irene fernández9 시간 전


  58. Leimundo

    Leimundo9 시간 전

    Man, I thought they were selling cookies in the thumbnail!

  59. Maura_The_Mango

    Maura_The_Mango9 시간 전

    Ah yes, my favorite part about different cultures all around the world-- food. I would travel the whole world just to try all of these. 😂

  60. Laura

    Laura9 시간 전

    It is porra, with A, not porro (porro in spain is weed) (porra is this sweet)

  61. World Central

    World Central10 시간 전

    I'm Indian

  62. 하하하Ssquishu

    하하하Ssquishu10 시간 전

    In Korea we have these really yummy fish cakes :p

  63. World Central

    World Central10 시간 전

    The Indian food in Mumbai was called pow baji

  64. moneycash23 g

    moneycash23 g10 시간 전

    Bruh I feel like the guajolota is way to much flour with the bread and tamal.

  65. Beáta Koreny

    Beáta Koreny10 시간 전

    Guys that was one of the coolest video you had. Can we do a few more of these? Maybe even a few countries people have less knowledge about? (not the whole video but you know for example there's more to Europe than you see between Portugal and Germany but same goes to Africa, Asia, South America there's so many amazing food out there) sorry got off topic. Video is great :)

  66. Manuel Franco

    Manuel Franco10 시간 전


  67. Gaming Witch Tarot

    Gaming Witch Tarot10 시간 전

    😍 Everything looks really good but I'm also hungry lol

  68. Psyco Angel

    Psyco Angel10 시간 전

    In brazil you can buy a coxinha, in some time you will be able to buy a coke too if the dollar keep rising

  69. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump10 시간 전

    In Ethiopia you can buy a baby for one Euro

  70. Nicoletta :D

    Nicoletta :D10 시간 전


  71. nin met

    nin met10 시간 전

    Here in England you can get basically nothing for a pound

  72. Ryan-Alyssa Productions Inc.

    Ryan-Alyssa Productions Inc.10 시간 전

    Here in Toronto, you can’t get sh*t for a dollar 😂

  73. NanoTechTips

    NanoTechTips10 시간 전

    $1 or £0.60 won't get you anything here in the UK

  74. Deep Hours

    Deep Hours10 시간 전

    London: 3 hot wings and fries for 1$

  75. JuaumExtreme Yt

    JuaumExtreme Yt10 시간 전

    Brazil Nothing

  76. Vea Pfirter

    Vea Pfirter10 시간 전

    SWITZERLAND: Forget it, everything is expensive

  77. Muzic Lyrics

    Muzic Lyrics11 시간 전

    Romanian pls 1 lei chalange Ps the 1 lei thing you can find is covrig 🤪 so delicious

  78. xulia

    xulia11 시간 전


  79. Vulcan Helios

    Vulcan Helios11 시간 전

    India seemed so angry.

  80. André Costa

    André Costa11 시간 전

    Coxinha from Brazil please

  81. David Cho

    David Cho11 시간 전

    South Korea?

  82. Mutotoru Colfer

    Mutotoru Colfer11 시간 전

    In Italy you can buy almost everything displayed inside a BAR showcase. From croissants and small sweet pastries, to focaccia.

  83. Demokrat Bal Arısı

    Demokrat Bal Arısı11 시간 전

    Türkiye'de 1 dolarla sokak yemeğini bırak karnın doyar amk

  84. Deadpan

    Deadpan11 시간 전

    I live in Mexico and I never heard of guajolota

  85. ToXicJONAS

    ToXicJONAS11 시간 전

    Germany Brezel 🥨 😊

  86. Devin Choi

    Devin Choi11 시간 전

    when I see people making the food without gloves I could vomit

  87. Mahmudul Hasan Navil

    Mahmudul Hasan Navil11 시간 전

    Welcome to Bangladesh. In my country, Alhamdulillah,here Food is enough cheaper than other countries around the world and price worthy too. With 1Doller = around 84taka, you will able to eat lunch,i mean whole meal. Maybe it won't be top notch quality, but you won't be hungry for 5-6hours. And snacks, ahhh, welcome to our country again. ♥

  88. Razan Ahmed

    Razan Ahmed11 시간 전

    Lahore pakistan please

  89. laura may

    laura may11 시간 전

    jesus christ it is ungodly how hungry i am rn

  90. Phoejin

    Phoejin11 시간 전

    In France with 1€ toi can buy one baguette 😂

  91. Rawane Chaibane

    Rawane Chaibane11 시간 전


  92. hu du

    hu du11 시간 전

    In Switzerland you would get a chewing gum

  93. Trym Hognestad

    Trym Hognestad12 시간 전


  94. jontemyran 03

    jontemyran 0312 시간 전

    Street food in sweden

  95. Niels van Hoef

    Niels van Hoef12 시간 전

    Herring in Amsterdam

  96. Marcus Huusko

    Marcus Huusko12 시간 전

    Cheap food = best food

  97. Otto mottomo

    Otto mottomo12 시간 전

    I'm wanna see SHAURMA in this video.

  98. Hikari Lyra

    Hikari Lyra12 시간 전

    In Indonesia for 1 dollar you can eat a meal... Rice and vegetables in "warteg" or satay or porridge or nasi goreng


    YANA DERKACH12 시간 전


  100. Jules Woodbury

    Jules Woodbury12 시간 전

    Switzerland: One spit in the face please! - 200 Schweizer Franken(2000 Dollars) -Here you go *Spit* _contains saliva and bile_

  101. Jules Woodbury

    Jules Woodbury11 시간 전

    Liberia: One prostitute please! -200 Liberian Dollars (80 cents) *Prostitute* _contains AIDS and syphilis_