$1 Street Food Around The World


  1. ivy mercado

    ivy mercado9 분 전

    Were phillipenes

  2. Monto Das

    Monto Das32 분 전

    Pav bhaji

  3. Madman

    Madman3 시간 전

    This video is so good.

  4. christianraven Linan

    christianraven Linan3 시간 전


  5. jonna novela

    jonna novela3 시간 전

    i want you to try philippines

  6. Ayanna Abera

    Ayanna Abera4 시간 전

    Pesos is also money for the Philippines 🇵🇭 Also how do speak so many languages!?

  7. zelilah xo

    zelilah xo4 시간 전

    is no one gonna comment on how the indian man had no gloves on

  8. BlueRoze

    BlueRoze6 시간 전

    3:28 jajajajajajaja porro. (that's a "porra" a "porro" is a blunt xddddd)

  9. Lydia Gaming And Fun Channel

    Lydia Gaming And Fun Channel7 시간 전

    ketchup please! -he adds ketchup and I- nope -adds mustard even tho she didn’t ask for it-

  10. Anusha Anees

    Anusha Anees7 시간 전

    I love having 100 rupee shawarma 🇵🇰

  11. Notalejandra Yay

    Notalejandra Yay8 시간 전


  12. Yasuko Yokurazi 横倉康子

    Yasuko Yokurazi 横倉康子8 시간 전

    Dude selling the hotdogs wasn't wearing gloves🤔

  13. Nicolas Ruiz

    Nicolas Ruiz8 시간 전

    Wtf with India?

  14. Silas Leander Jensen 6B Ebeltoft Skole

    Silas Leander Jensen 6B Ebeltoft Skole8 시간 전

    The india guy like drys the whole pan off with the Bread...

  15. Giovanni Fortuna

    Giovanni Fortuna8 시간 전


  16. I_am_a_furry, OwO_with_me!! kill me

    I_am_a_furry, OwO_with_me!! kill me9 시간 전

    -Can I buy a hotdog? -Yæay

  17. Boshmachok TV

    Boshmachok TV9 시간 전

    А пицца в Итальяно?

  18. Boshmachok TV

    Boshmachok TV9 시간 전

    А шавуха в России?

  19. XxAngie TexasxX

    XxAngie TexasxX9 시간 전

    Seriously America is soo pricey, some countries are so cheap.

  20. Pegisu Games

    Pegisu Games9 시간 전

    Why does the Indian human clean the cooking thing With the FOOD?

  21. xXAnime_ LoverXx

    xXAnime_ LoverXx9 시간 전

    1:07 Did she just ate Midoriya '-'

  22. Pau Craft

    Pau Craft10 시간 전

    In the mexican one it was 15 pesos, not 12 pesos 😂

  23. Erion CHE Guevara

    Erion CHE Guevara10 시간 전

    In Albania Burrito and Taco are 80 cent

  24. Z3v_

    Z3v_10 시간 전

    Shangai china

  25. dream player

    dream player11 시간 전

    In Pakistan you can fill your belly in 100 rs

  26. dream player

    dream player11 시간 전

    Thing of shanghai china

  27. Danush Kumar

    Danush Kumar12 시간 전

    pav bhaii they fooled you will get it in just 15 to 35 rs 😂😂😂😂

  28. skinsfreak

    skinsfreak12 시간 전

    Nobody: India: So BuTTerY

  29. skinsfreak

    skinsfreak13 시간 전

    That guy in the beginning made my day. He was smiling and restored my faith in humanity 🤗


    FIRE BIRD13 시간 전

    At 5:09 it is " PAV " not buns. Pav are different from buns


    FIRE BIRD13 시간 전

    Indian was best

  32. Ананд YT

    Ананд YT13 시간 전

    Mongolian food is so good

  33. Ivan Maulana

    Ivan Maulana14 시간 전


  34. DjBray wargo

    DjBray wargo14 시간 전

    Spain and mexico is. Poor

  35. [NRSS] Gi4nLuCa M3GlIo

    [NRSS] Gi4nLuCa M3GlIo15 시간 전


  36. Nitesh Khadka

    Nitesh Khadka17 시간 전

    Nepal pls

  37. ana lone_wolf

    ana lone_wolf17 시간 전

    Porro es otra cosas xD eso es una porra

  38. Xin Chào Mình Bít Bạn Đó

    Xin Chào Mình Bít Bạn Đó18 시간 전

    Vietnam 🇻🇳 pls to much food 1$

  39. Adelmund Oppo

    Adelmund Oppo18 시간 전


  40. Don Giammolo da Asti

    Don Giammolo da Asti18 시간 전

    In Italy: What can I buy with 1 euro? Restaurant: a bottle of water

  41. Brendo4Life

    Brendo4Life19 시간 전

    What about Australia?

  42. Sıtkı Berat Tercanlı

    Sıtkı Berat Tercanlı20 시간 전

    noone: indian guy:sO bUtTeRrY

  43. caterina cilluffo

    caterina cilluffo20 시간 전


  44. wa la

    wa la21 시간 전


  45. Lazy Roll

    Lazy Roll23 시간 전

    since 1 dollar became 7 Turkish lira, now you can have a dinner with 1 dollar, döner + ayran

  46. whiderboss

    whiderboss23 시간 전

    In sweden, no, there aint no street food here

  47. The Mewtwober

    The Mewtwober일 전

    phillipines qwek qwek

  48. Oscar Cruz

    Oscar Cruz일 전

    In africa you can get ebola for free

  49. Moli 0824

    Moli 0824일 전

    u forget the soviet

  50. هيا محسن

    هيا محسن일 전

    Should’ve done Egypt and Iraq. Egypt: koshari, a mix of white rice, chickpeas, fried onion, macaroni, koshari beans and a type of spicy sauce. Iraq: dalma, a type of sweet. My parents call it “the donuts of Iraq” they are fried doughs that have a type of sweet sugar sauce on it; same one they use on kunafah. Search them up, they are soooo good :3