$1 Street Food Around The World


  1. Shakira Ramyr

    Shakira Ramyr3 분 전

    In the Philippines. For 1 dollar you get burger steak with rice and drinks in Jollibee! Linamnam ulam! Linamnam ulam! 😂

  2. Maddnex

    Maddnex5 분 전

    You can get a candy for 5 cents in brazil.. i mean 1$


    KIM JONG UN21 분 전

    When he eats it next thing u know he throws up.

  4. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya30 분 전

    When your country is not in the video. Triggered.

  5. Sista Aurelia

    Sista Aurelia53 분 전


  6. Javier Pena

    Javier Pena시간 전

    Stop saying YUMMY

  7. Erdenebileg Jeux

    Erdenebileg Jeux시간 전

    Too much dirty hands there

  8. jaderson tenorio

    jaderson tenorio시간 전

    No Brasil com 1$ vc não compra nada !

  9. Mithril

    Mithril시간 전

    2:34 when the street food is THAT good

  10. Carlos Izaguirre

    Carlos Izaguirre시간 전

    baleadas from Honduras,so yummy

  11. noel bear

    noel bear시간 전


  12. Aryan Mishra

    Aryan Mishra2 시간 전

    In India 1dollar=70candies or chewing gums

  13. leandro perez

    leandro perez2 시간 전

    Hi , I’m from Spain, and the food that bought is a PorrA , no PorrO , hahaha . PorrO is a cannabis 🚬

  14. Dan Marrino

    Dan Marrino2 시간 전

    The porro is very expensive, i am from spain and the porro in my neightboorhood in 0.5€

  15. James Kalman

    James Kalman2 시간 전

    Beaver tails in Canada

  16. Dung Nguyen

    Dung Nguyen3 시간 전

    Maybe vietnam street food? We sell 1 bowl or pho for 1 dollar

  17. Monkey Marc

    Monkey Marc3 시간 전

    Can you do Scotland? If you haven't done it it's just because I'm half Scottish

  18. Football 04

    Football 044 시간 전


  19. Jennifer Escamilla

    Jennifer Escamilla4 시간 전

    Y’all should do el salvador

  20. Tonancio Miranda

    Tonancio Miranda4 시간 전

    Tamalito wins, Fatality

  21. Tonancio Miranda

    Tonancio Miranda4 시간 전

    Taquito de pastor wins

  22. Kevin Serrato

    Kevin Serrato4 시간 전

    1:17, no sé ustedes pero yo vi 15 pesos

  23. Silly - Stuff

    Silly - Stuff5 시간 전

    U forgot Ireland

  24. Keylor Navas

    Keylor Navas6 시간 전

    Wtf was the mexican one

  25. Laura Schofield

    Laura Schofield6 시간 전

    Maltese street food!!

  26. Tikli Kirpi

    Tikli Kirpi6 시간 전

    Do u wanna buy some food poisoning?

  27. Doble T Matutino.

    Doble T Matutino.6 시간 전

    La Guajolota a 16 pesos? Me estarán a diario con 7 pesos de más >:v

  28. Sofía Celorio

    Sofía Celorio7 시간 전

    in Spain u put porro (it's porra) Porro means a cigarette with marijuana or another drug 😂

  29. missmiddle27

    missmiddle277 시간 전

    Very nice video, but once again Buzzfeed completely ignores the entire continent of Africa...

  30. 1000 subs no videos??

    1000 subs no videos??7 시간 전

    What is it with indians and car horns

  31. Bilge Hatun Türk

    Bilge Hatun Türk7 시간 전


  32. シャドーブレード死の男

    シャドーブレード死の男8 시간 전


  33. Jungkook Oppa

    Jungkook Oppa8 시간 전

    Who is south korea?? ❤❤❤😊😊

  34. Timotej Leginus

    Timotej Leginus8 시간 전

    For $1 you can buy food? Rich people

  35. Marcelo Leyva

    Marcelo Leyva8 시간 전

    El porro en mexico se llama churro

  36. All For You

    All For You8 시간 전

    2:8 this is and Indian Bengali food its call is India 'Momo' really search on KOreporter and its like 1 more India food that's called 'Rasgulla' but in rasgulla there is not soup its a sweet desert

  37. Travis Raw

    Travis Raw9 시간 전

    Hey le diste 15 varos a la doñita !!! Te sobran 3

  38. PakiBoi Gaming

    PakiBoi Gaming9 시간 전

    Pakistan, you can buy a building with one dollar And I'm not exaggerating

  39. Jaime Dammert

    Jaime Dammert9 시간 전

    go to Peru! to Lima and other peruvian cities and towns! taste our differnts kind of potatoes!!

  40. Parth Bhammar

    Parth Bhammar9 시간 전

    Pav Bhaji!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm drooling so much

  41. Hasan Yiğit

    Hasan Yiğit9 시간 전

    In turkey you will get kebap for 1 dolar🤣

  42. Evelin Sziráki

    Evelin Sziráki10 시간 전

    In Hungary you get a hotdog for around 2.10 dollars

  43. JorgeHP

    JorgeHP10 시간 전

    Porro xd

  44. Lui-G Bambinoli

    Lui-G Bambinoli10 시간 전


  45. Ramil Babayev

    Ramil Babayev10 시간 전

    Where is ‘Shavuxa’ ( russian food ) and Doner

  46. GFL Football

    GFL Football10 시간 전


  47. Dottor Porcus

    Dottor Porcus10 시간 전

    Bread with mortadella italy

  48. Ang-e

    Ang-e11 시간 전

    In Greece 1$ street food is pitogiro(souvlaki) it costs 2,5€

  49. Solar Tech

    Solar Tech11 시간 전

    In Thailand if you ask for any food for $1 you will get 1 kick.

  50. _Anonymous

    _Anonymous12 시간 전

    *In Greece we have 2 euros souvlaki/gyros* 👌

  51. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez12 시간 전

    South Korea

  52. SugarPloom

    SugarPloom12 시간 전

    1€ churros in spain? Ha

  53. Shakil Rahman

    Shakil Rahman12 시간 전


  54. fasiha waheed

    fasiha waheed12 시간 전


  55. ikigai x

    ikigai x12 시간 전

    I want tge fish one in tokyo

  56. Try To Play

    Try To Play13 시간 전

    serbia pljeskavica on 1 euro ;D its so good novi sad

  57. Lili Bell

    Lili Bell13 시간 전

    Hot dog sin mayonesa!!! Creo que desfallecì

  58. Wolf Gaming

    Wolf Gaming13 시간 전

    In Germany you can buy a beer or Brezel for 1 Euro

  59. AlexisRC

    AlexisRC13 시간 전

    LOL hahahahahah in spain "porro" is joint, instead of porro" is "porra" xd

  60. KrispyNoKen

    KrispyNoKen13 시간 전

    *sees NYC hot dogs* Wait? a $1? Why everywhere else selling it for $1.50 or $2?

  61. talia kanza

    talia kanza14 시간 전

    Omg India food Waaw 5:05

  62. Bhagyashree Anand

    Bhagyashree Anand14 시간 전


  63. Sñøødlë Dræ

    Sñøødlë Dræ14 시간 전


  64. zan auersperger

    zan auersperger15 시간 전

    3:41 gay look

  65. Maxwell Rosenberg

    Maxwell Rosenberg15 시간 전

    In India the process of making it looked better than the food itself

  66. Arax

    Arax15 시간 전

    Streetfood in Germany/Austria

  67. BKGamez23 Games

    BKGamez23 Games15 시간 전

    On Phillipines where i live you will probably get burger steak or spaghetti or fried chicken or 22-25 oz chocolate milkshake for 1 dollars worth P69

  68. Kian Bob

    Kian Bob16 시간 전

    We’re we’re were the pounds£££

  69. craftygurl_154 Milicevic

    craftygurl_154 Milicevic16 시간 전

    Please taste Serbian food

  70. craftygurl_154 Milicevic

    craftygurl_154 Milicevic16 시간 전

    In Serbia, you can find baked corn and pancakes.

  71. WeirdGlow

    WeirdGlow17 시간 전

    india and china wins this one

  72. WeirdGlow

    WeirdGlow12 시간 전

    +rihardo123 on what basis?

  73. rihardo123

    rihardo12313 시간 전

    in those countries comes with all goodies and bacteria.

  74. Alejandro Ruiz Picazo

    Alejandro Ruiz Picazo17 시간 전

    Em españa se llama porra no porro el porro es otra cosa 😂

  75. Ayan Khan

    Ayan Khan17 시간 전

    Pav bhaggi no 1

  76. مطفش ابليس

    مطفش ابليس18 시간 전


  77. N P

    N P18 시간 전

    1$ pav bhaji featured in the India clip is extremely expensive. For 1$ people can afford a wholesome meal here. At some places, even 3 meals.Pav bhaji is more or leas a snack.

  78. Umg Void

    Umg Void19 시간 전

    2:36 ew that noise he makes 💀

  79. Rifki Drsmn

    Rifki Drsmn19 시간 전

    pempek, kue cubit, gorengan

  80. Eyah Paguio TV

    Eyah Paguio TV19 시간 전

    In the philippines = lomi =50 pesos=1 dollar

  81. Daily Islamic Video

    Daily Islamic Video20 시간 전

    In pakistan you can get meal for 4 persons in $1. West is expensive

  82. Nhu Hoang

    Nhu Hoang20 시간 전

    1 dollar can buy phở in VIETNAM

  83. Zgen T.

    Zgen T.20 시간 전

    En México 1:17 pagaste 15 pesos por la Guajolota no 12 pesos 🤔

  84. Troll Cancer

    Troll Cancer20 시간 전

    Tangena sa pinas busog ka sa $1 sa street foods

  85. Val 1701

    Val 170121 시간 전


  86. Duc Anh

    Duc Anh22 시간 전


  87. Game And Watch main

    Game And Watch main22 시간 전

    Boi I can get a gumball for 25 cents at a candy store

  88. symptomsken30 cool

    symptomsken30 cool22 시간 전

    You said around tge world wheres the philipines????

  89. CharlesAndrew Evangelio

    CharlesAndrew Evangelio23 시간 전

    Mexico , Mexico City Is So Much Similar To Philippines My First Look Was Like, Oh Philippines LoL

  90. Nitu Kumar

    Nitu Kumar일 전

    Pani puri from India

  91. Dj Morsa

    Dj Morsa일 전

    -En Argentina con un dolar te ajustas una nariz. -En Perú una paloma. -En Bolivia el mar. - En México un muro. -En Chile un temblor. -En Uruguay unos dientes puntiagudos. -En España el fornay :v Like si llegaste hasta aquí... Si amas a tu mamá...

  92. Mr Samkhan

    Mr Samkhan일 전

    In Cambodia you can buy chicken for 1Dollar in Phnom Penh

  93. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange일 전

    In the Philippines you can get buko juice(coconut)fishball icecream and chips for $1=51 pesos

  94. Mr Samkhan

    Mr Samkhan일 전

    In Cambodia

  95. rodolfo jr Flores

    rodolfo jr Flores일 전

    Bolivia please

  96. 운이 좋은

    운이 좋은일 전

    a dollar in india u get very complicated bread lol..

  97. eliza martinez

    eliza martinez일 전

    Definitely the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

  98. My only one

    My only one일 전

    PHILIPPINES. you can buy delicious street foods in only $1

  99. Marigona _

    Marigona _일 전


  100. Vampette♥️

    Vampette♥️일 전

    I’ll stick to fish and chips. And nandos

  101. ღMitchyx Toastღ

    ღMitchyx Toastღ일 전

    In Indonesia you can buy a avocado milkshake with a dollar :Via

  102. Giuliana Brink

    Giuliana Brink일 전

    I love porros ahre qué I know vieja I'm re crazy, Macri Cat