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    38 분 전

    My love My life Suho🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Dee Torrento시간 전

    Everyone who witnessed them perform live are beyond blessed. I will be waiting patiently until I will be able to watch you all together in one stage again.

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    Rose Bernadette Murillo시간 전

    dang Sehun, u got me good

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    Sebastian Miller시간 전

    I want you. I want you. I want u

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    Sebastian Miller시간 전

    6 356 495

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    Sebastian Miller시간 전

    I dont think so!

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    Sebastian Miller시간 전

    3 681 736

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    Sebastian Miller시간 전

    4 499 145

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    Hhcjh Hfhfhf2 시간 전


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    Lauren-Leigh2 시간 전

    Baekhyun is an amazing singer and he's handsome and sexy and sweet and funny and OMG I WANT TO MARRY HIM

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    Ni Ha3 시간 전

    Uwwwwuuuu gans beutt

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ3 시간 전

    ملوووك ♡

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ3 시간 전

    خوب العرب مختفين اهنا أكثر شي اني استرم وأكتب تعليقات من حساباتي

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ3 시간 전


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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ3 시간 전

    اكسو ال وينكم ليش متحخلون لايك للفيديو خلوو لايك يا عالم

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ3 시간 전


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    윤오4 시간 전


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    윤오4 시간 전

    يمه فديتكم♡

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    Byun Granny - Anna4 시간 전

    Anyone havent str3amed yet? Here's my list : Obsession dance practice - obsession mv - love shot - tempo - monster - call me baby - kokobop - growl and go back to the start ^^

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    원지윤5 시간 전

    멋있누 칼쿤무

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    Munawwir Syafa'at5 시간 전

    Keran pokok nya

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    eidem8 시간 전

    The whole video I was scared Chanyeol was going to trip over his untied shoelaces

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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전


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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전

    لوف يوو

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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전


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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전


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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전


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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전


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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전


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    ᒪᗩᗰEEᔕ8 시간 전

    اكسو ال سترموا فيديو الدانس لاا تتكاسلون أقل شي انوصل المشاهدات 10 مليون والايكات 1 مليون

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    Junjun Kim9 시간 전

    Obsessed with EXO

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    devithea9 시간 전

    kai lemah saya dibuatnya

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    Carmen Condori Mendoza10 시간 전


  34. author

    Carmen Condori Mendoza10 시간 전

    Que geniales

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    Minmin Kim10 시간 전

    Please, Get away from me ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

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    Minmin Kim10 시간 전

    Only EXO •w•

  37. author

    Minmin Kim10 시간 전

    Forever with EXO

  38. author

    Minmin Kim10 시간 전

    I listen other artists but Only EXO deserves my money and time ... ~ \*0*/

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    Love Park Yeol11 시간 전


  40. author

    DALIA12 시간 전

    My mannnnn

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    DALIA12 시간 전


  42. author

    DALIA12 시간 전


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    Lupis Osorio12 시간 전

    Perfección ♥

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    Wera Drak15 시간 전

    I like exo but i love exo 12 member this is so sad without the ohters sry for bad englisch 😓❤

  45. author

    honny bunny15 시간 전

    baeky's vocal is not a joke

  46. author

    Taghreed Mohamed15 시간 전

    Please come to Egypt exo we love you so much

  47. author

    Lenka Geczová15 시간 전

    Am I the only or Kai is here like: 80% legs and 20% upper body? 😂🥺

  48. author

    Jimin you got no jams15 시간 전

    Anyone else here from Workman, to look for the thumb of Jang Sung Kyu? 😅😂

  49. author

    Lilian Diaz16 시간 전

    That 🤘🏻 tho.

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    MookInDOChen EXO-L17 시간 전


  51. author

    SKZ148519 시간 전

    6:17 when you have studied a lot of maths and can only think of trignometric ratios

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    Nurul Hidayah20 시간 전


  53. author

    Maru Kangaroo21 시간 전


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    Parekh Nandeeni22 시간 전

    Kai is sooooo perfect he is looking sooooooo handsome 💙💙💙💙💙😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤🙈🙈🙈

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    fatemeh mt22 시간 전

    Shot up and go away haters'^'

  56. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


  57. author

    Isho Riya22 시간 전

    Chanyeol shoe lace came off when his rap part came but he didn't bother about it till the end

  58. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


  59. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전

    اکسو سارانهاجا:(❤

  60. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


  61. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전

    Wow chanyeolll

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    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


  63. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


  64. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


  65. author

    fatemeh mt22 시간 전


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    lolly pops23 시간 전

    We reached 1M comments 4 the 1st time on the official mv ♡ well done every one ♡♡♡

  67. author

    JJ KO23 시간 전


  68. author

    marlina lina23 시간 전

    OHSEHUN 💗💗💗

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    exol forever일 전

    بكبك حياتو

  70. author

    Beautiful goodbye일 전


  71. author

    꼬순이일 전

    역시 안무영상은 삑소리가 나야지

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    Jazz Melliza일 전

    wait where's the BITING ASS SESSION? did they just delete it?!?!

  73. author

    piama ritter일 전

    proud is the exact word.

  74. author

    미모로우주뿌시자준면아일 전

    주기적으로 봐줘야하는 영상 울 줌면이 사랑해

  75. author

    oxə TIC일 전

    In addition to them being K-pop’s best vocalists, they also are the best dancers in K-pop. Their choreographies are insane!

  76. author


    6.58 Like the sound of Haechan(?) (I'm a new exo-L TT)...

  77. author

    Ani Ilmiatus sholehah일 전

    OMG!!!!!! 😥😥😥😥😍😍😍

  78. author

    Monicha Lestari일 전

    Oi rinduuu kalan rinduu exoo rindu liat kumpul bareng 😭😭😭😭😭 i Miss exo

  79. author

    V and Baekhyun for life I일 전

    I want to see X- Xiumin X- D.O

  80. author

    اكسو أنتو سماء واني بلآ جناج일 전

    لوف يوو اكسو

  81. author

    행복하고시퐁일 전

    여기서 오세훈 옷...미쳤다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    I Love you exo

  83. author

    Mitch Daexo-L일 전

    Hello. I am happy it is so Daeractic :c♡

  84. author

    mingloveta일 전

    This may be the funniest EXO comeback video. Love it and gon rewatch it throughout my life LOL.

  85. author

    I can’t think Of a username일 전

    We need more men in crop tops damn

  86. author

    vante뷔일 전


  87. author

    Zulfa Zulfa일 전


  88. author

    fan Moonbyul일 전

    Chanyeol has a nice voice and smiles,can let you feel happy?

  89. author

    Jak Only일 전


  90. author

    samane hosseini일 전


  91. author

    Sehunun Herşeyi일 전

    Chanbaek ❤️ Kaisoo❤️

  92. author

    army with luv카밀일 전

    Eles são talentosos

  93. author

    resego d.b. Mosweu일 전

    So when is the movie coming out

  94. author

    Ana Pizarro일 전

    I want you, i want you

  95. author

    B 1256일 전

    Anjir gue balik lagi ke sini gegara bingung mau nonton apaan lagi wkekfmjrkfjfnd

  96. author

    Ava Lee일 전

    Ok is it just me or did you see him hit the woah too-

  97. author

    Jessica Chung일 전


  98. author

    Love k pop Exo일 전


  99. author

    Love k pop Exo일 전


  100. author

    yahan shi일 전