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    Mariam Okirim2 시간 전

    Sehun though👌👌👌👌👌💘💘😂

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    Eduardo Maldonado2 시간 전


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    TheCynosure2 시간 전

    I just want to say that I love this fandom, I love EXO, I see toxic fandoms everywhere and then I come here and I see so much love for the boys and all is right in the world again!

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    Kim Jongin is art3 시간 전

    Kim Jongin ❤ #zkdlin #KAI #카이 #カイ #KimJongin #김종인 #金钟仁 #Jongin #종인 #钟仁

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    Nana Aguirre3 시간 전

    The privilege of those who are gonna see Been Through performance

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    한글행복해요3 시간 전

    Why is Lay not here

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    kyungsoo _012933 시간 전

    Exo is really that group who are gifted with vocal prowess. And seriously I especially love Kyungsoo's, Junmyeon's and Jong In's voices a lot.

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    kyungsoo _012933 시간 전

    I miss our military men a lot!

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    Silete Padilha3 시간 전

    I love exo ♥♡

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    김페니3 시간 전

    Okay but imagine watching him live🤕

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    Noel Dejesus3 시간 전

    I'm no fan of Stranger Things but it's nice to see Gaten & Caleb meeting Suho & Kai in person & they learn how to dance the Love Shot. @4:50 hey these kids are doing great! nice dance!

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    Swetha Sudarsan3 시간 전

    this is a dope concept wtf

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    T Pink3 시간 전

    Ok but Baekhyun looking ethereal AF! And Kai's abs. And Chanyeol's double eye color. Oufff.

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    Yuyun Aprilia4 시간 전

    Anakk gantengkuuu❤

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    ardy redfield4 시간 전

    King 👑💙

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    Afaf Alshmmry4 시간 전

    احلى تيزر شفته بحياتي

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    Kim Monster Drog4 시간 전

    Blink here ✨ support exo. Exopink kings 👑🤘

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    • H O P E •5 시간 전

    So there the zombies in Like Ooh-Ahh🤣

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    weareoneEXO Team Marketing5 시간 전

    Not reach 3m yet

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    وقعت في متاهة العشق اكسو5 시간 전

    اكسو ستبقون دائما وأبدا الجزء اللأجمل في قلبيᏬ

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    وقعت في متاهة العشق اكسو5 시간 전

    اكسو ملووك ♚

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    wιnterbιrd5 시간 전

    it's been five years already and yet baekhyun doesn't get tired of destroying me in every comeback?????

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ5 시간 전

    تشانيولي اعشقك ♡

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ5 시간 전

    ملووكي احبكممم

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    დزوجة بارك تشانيولდ5 시간 전

    اكسو تاج رأس الكارهين

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    Alondra Rodriguez Diaz5 시간 전


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    max bakugo6 시간 전


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    XD XD6 시간 전


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    غادة Aa6 시간 전

    ♥️We love you ،my happiness ♥️ ♥️We Support forever exo ♥️

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    Mahyun 마현6 시간 전

    please have mercy on me

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    maria aparecida madureira6 시간 전


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    Gabriel Jordan6 시간 전

    10 days left .

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    Милана Кумыкова7 시간 전


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    G Wl7 시간 전


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    Hajzhi Chien7 시간 전

    You guys should make a movie instead of music vidoe lol

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    Kali Y8 시간 전

    After watching this for 54224678 times.... I am still gonna say this... X-EXO-Ls, we are all gonna die...

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    Dev/íl8 시간 전

    stomp on me

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    Sharifo Axmad8 시간 전

    Oh my god I can't waite

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    نونه نونه8 시간 전

    OMG is so beautiful 😍 I’m miss d.o and lay and xiumin😢 ARAB EXO-l طالعين دمار ما اكدر اوصفهم بس ليش لاي ما موجود شنو السالفة ميصير هيج

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    ‘army with luv9 시간 전


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    MsLuca9 시간 전

    why does sehun have a bloody upside down cross on his eye? creepy

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    SuperM 々 Amin9 시간 전

    *Anyone here after Jopping ?* *Like* = *Yes* *Comment* = *We are here after Love shot* !! *xd..*

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    BTS Forever9 시간 전

    WHAT THE F**K?! 😱

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    Reno Exxooo9 시간 전

    My god

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    no EXO no LIFE9 시간 전

    The best group in the world <3

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    Audrey Chen9 시간 전

    i w a n t t o h o l d h i s h a n d

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    Icci Mindiastuti9 시간 전

    Wow.. just wow... suho with xiumin eyebrow .... give me that eyebrow store please !!immediately!!! Urgent !!!!

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    Lourdes Valencia9 시간 전

    This is gonna be AMAZING!

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    Mariam Alrasheedi9 시간 전

    Who is missing LAY ? Cry with me 💔👇🏻

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    123bunnydance9 시간 전

    Chen following Taemin’s lead with the chain.. (Danger MV) heart exploding. So excited!!! 🥰😍

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    Kiana Strobridge9 시간 전

    They really be killin us out here🥵😩

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    Dian9 시간 전

    So this is what they found in Area 51, beautiful looking humans

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    Милица Вахранева9 시간 전


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    Misha Drozdov9 시간 전

    Can I just say this is one of the coolest MV trailers I've ever seen

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    peachyjikook10 시간 전

    Random person: what’s you favorite anime? Me: Exo concept trailer

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    eleventeen10 시간 전

    let the WHAT begin

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    Alice Fregoni10 시간 전

    i just realized that this is connected with MAMA MVs first part. OMG.

  58. author

    Leydy Peralta10 시간 전

    Epico. Los reyes

  59. author

    MAHA Majed10 시간 전

    I am afraid I am happy I am excited I am ready حب حب اكسو

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    Kawal Sandhu10 시간 전


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    MissGiyongchy 111 시간 전

    This is showing endtime signs right in front of your eyes.

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    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전

    Major missing lay,DO,xiumin oppa

  63. author

    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전

    Can't tell how much we are excited

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    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전

    Legend's are back

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    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전


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    Trish Gdl11 시간 전

    dont make us wait too long, sm. we have to watch this olredy !!!!!! 😭😭😭❤

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    Orjwan 4411 시간 전

    انا مقدر اخرج من ذا الفيد 😭😭😭💔

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    маена 9253011111 시간 전

    Where is DO?😳

  69. author

    Alviani SayyudatulM11 시간 전


  70. author

    Legendary EXO11 시간 전

    EXO vs X-EXO Who will win?

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    เจ้า ปุกปุย11 시간 전


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    Rania Rania11 시간 전

    YAAAAAS 😍😍😍❤

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    Cherry Blossom12 시간 전

    WARNING! "THE KING IS BACK TO BEAT THE REST!", said Suho's eyebrows😏😍

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    Harshini Harshu12 시간 전

    i think there will be 9 in this comeback bcoz what i observe there is 9 different types of identities in middle of trailer i hope they will release more 3 again DO,XUIMIN and LAY

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    Annisanggra12 시간 전


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    Aulia Hanung Hanifah12 시간 전

    Berasa ngeliat bts dna anjir tpi persi serem:(

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    kim jongin12 시간 전

    Really love you EXO 💙 and miss you all ㅠㅠ 💙

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    EXOxBTS_Kings12 시간 전

    Kai looking like the joker

  79. author

    EXOxBTS_Kings12 시간 전

    Where is everybody?! Xiumin? Lay? Kyungsoo?

  80. author

    Ducky Sicko Quack12 시간 전

    Yall better prepare for this

  81. author

    Ka Ka12 시간 전


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    قائدة الاكسوالز #EXO_L قائدة الاكسوالز# EXO_L12 시간 전

    يلااا اكسوالللززز معاااي)))): كيم جونميون كيم مينسوك كيم جونغداي بيون بيكيهيون بارك تشانيول دو كيونغسو كيم جونغ ان اووه سيهون EXO))) Fighting.......

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    kORE kızı12 시간 전


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    jean• Amper•12 시간 전


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    rose are rosie13 시간 전

    Đẹp traiii

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    rose are rosie13 시간 전

    I Love you 🙈

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    rose are rosie13 시간 전

    Baekhyunee ahhh

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    rose are rosie13 시간 전


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    ROMAÏSSAA army blink13 시간 전

    I hate exo

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    Eslem Göker13 시간 전

    Omg suho

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    Lover Kim Kai13 시간 전

    كاااااي مين قالك كون بذا الجمال وسيهون بلنهاية من يرمي السهم حسيته يرمي على قلبي -تبكي بلزاوي-

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    Nimah 488813 시간 전


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    Filha de TaeKook13 시간 전

    Caramba... Esse teaser tá melhor que filme da Marvel 😍 Tô ansiosa demais ! Alguém me ajuda por favor, quais são os poderes dos membros ???

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    Book pan13 시간 전

    im fans arapic ...ilove exo

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    I Z13 시간 전

    OMG Love ❤ from Vietnam 🇻🇳 🥰

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    I'm a TROLL13 시간 전

    *I never trusted sm teasers since the love me right era*

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    Kingsarecoming13 시간 전

    Omg 0o0

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    my nguyen13 시간 전

    EXO in my heart😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕😍💕

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    Alya Batrisyia13 시간 전

    this deserves more view tbh.. i like this ver. better than the studio ver.

  100. author

    NINA Ahmed13 시간 전

    لو كان مينسوك موجود جانت العودة احلا 😖😢