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  1. author

    doge29 분 전

    UNO DOS TRES : 😮No me lo esperaba Like si hablas español!😄

  2. author

    The Chenie chen show30 분 전

    Omg I'm so ready

  3. author

    Mônica Jenifer30 분 전

    Que voz maravilhosa.🖤

  4. author

    Alex YAD30 분 전

    De todos sus MVs, este es mi favorito 💜

  5. author

    Mônica Jenifer31 분 전

    Que voz maravilhosa.🖤

  6. author

    hizkia dita31 분 전


  7. author

    Starfire Moodley31 분 전


  8. author

    Alex YAD32 분 전

    Veo todos sus MVs diariamente, son muy adictivos 💜

  9. author

    lala epribadi32 분 전


  10. author

    AnJoy32 분 전


  11. author

    하이눈32 분 전

    이거 팬들 암살 영상 아님...???...

  12. author

    Lawrence Michaud32 분 전

    I love the song

  13. author

    pororo pls hold my hand33 분 전


  14. author

    Saku Rata34 분 전

    HEO CHAN 😍

  15. author

    Vuong Hung34 분 전


  16. author

    Oliver Hughes34 분 전

    So BM produced this himself. I hope he won't dominate the song in the same way he did with Bomb Bomb.

  17. author

    Roger Khan35 분 전

    This song just lifted me 10 feet in the air.

  18. author

    Youa Lewis35 분 전

    The beginning kills me😭 it is so beautifully sad.. "It's alright It's alright Even if I lose everything It's alright It's alright ..... You were by my side." Unfortunately for me the song sounds as if two different songs were combined.

  19. author

    김정은35 분 전

    젓딧 : 실력자 키드밀리 : 박자 영비 : 가해자 노엘 : 운전자

  20. author

    bro sorry35 분 전

    he is bast driver

  21. author

    ᄋᄋ ᄋᄋ36 분 전

    이노래 분명히 1위한다

  22. author

    lenon150136 분 전


  23. author

    Felispe38 분 전

    Trivago: Já procurou alguma vez hotel na internet ? CLC: NO

  24. author

    D S38 분 전

    I love how s.coups treats the other members. He’s sooo lovely 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  25. author

    hjk Kpop38 분 전

    'Fever' by GFRIEND has surpassed 8,000,000 plays on Spotify and it's now GFriend's (여자친구) 8th song to do so

  26. author

    sofia alonso38 분 전

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo después de los tres primeros segundos del teaser: *UN TEMAZO*

  27. author

    hyejoo’s maid38 분 전

    I love Vivi sm our gorgeous and talented deer 🥰💞

  28. author

    Itzz anoka39 분 전

    4:01 shoes??!!! 😂

  29. author

    niño rata39 분 전

    El mejor solo hasta el nombre me hace estremecerme la amooooooooooooooooo

  30. author

    Saku Rata39 분 전

    HEO CHAN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. author

    Emma Awene39 분 전

    33:48 I want to hug him 😭😭💔

  32. author

    정재선42 분 전

    깍~~노래 넘 조아

  33. author

    rebecca Vilcahuaman43 분 전

    Ahora a por los 700 M!!! Vamossss

  34. author

    averaxl44 분 전

    this is so pretty omg

  35. author

    bᅮᅵ44 분 전

    오래된 피아노....... 울컥 눈물...ㅇ ㅏ........

  36. author

    Pamela V44 분 전

    Me when I saw amber coming with a new song, but then I listen the song and I was like 😭😭😭

  37. author

    Alwhena bleezy Dano44 분 전

    Lets wear blackpants and not tell jimin😅

  38. author

    Min yongui BTS44 분 전

    I ove you

  39. author

    Que dian ?!45 분 전

    BTS mvs made this channel grow a lot!💥✨ I can only be more proud of them😻💕💖

  40. author

    Mocheu bts45 분 전

    What song is on 49:45

  41. author

    Sha Al45 분 전

    Free Amber is my favorite Amber

  42. author

    feña jimin45 분 전

    No man. Es perfectaaaaa

  43. author

    심예준45 분 전

    킫밀이랑 저스티스가 다 찢음

  44. author

    Tori A46 분 전

    "will it become the time before I met you" :'(

  45. author

    UDiEX46 분 전

    What The Hell

  46. author

    Mocheu bts46 분 전

    49:45 im crying dont fight me

  47. author

    Marya Ahmed46 분 전


  48. author

    Susmita Tumbahamfe47 분 전

    Amber fighting love you a lot

  49. author

    정윤47 분 전

    깅링봉이 이때 겁나 말랐네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 턱선이랑 눈 어디갔어 ? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  50. author

    꾹꾹47 분 전

    와 엠버 음색 이리 좋은지 이제알았네요

  51. author

    Sala Poyo47 분 전

    The Name of the fandom? I want to join! This songgggg is Lit!!!

  52. author

    z z48 분 전

    Mingyu is my boyfriend But he doesnt know ☠

  53. author

    Bee Azombrado48 분 전

    their swag reminds me of 2NE1 natural and not forced which i Truly love ♥

  54. author

    Ilenia Park48 분 전

    i can’t believe they disbanded. bap deserved better. just saying. i miss them every day.

  55. author

    꾱이49 분 전

    이거 왜 저는 에어팟 양쪽다 그냥 반주랑 목소리 같이 들리나요...? 나눠서 어떻게 듣죠??ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  56. author

    유소정49 분 전

    제발 브아걸 컴백해줘요

  57. author

    Sammy B49 분 전

    Ok I'm a new kpop fan and let me tell yall something Rain is my everything and these other disrespectful newbies need to learn how to respect the legends not just the new idols.

  58. author

    Sra .JM_Hoseok51 분 전

    Jhope sabe como acabar com o meu coração, como eu amo esse Homem

  59. author

    valen bisogni52 분 전

    I bet her back hurts due to carring the weight of the whole k-pop industry

  60. author

    BTS_lover1 Jeon52 분 전


  61. author

    색깔52 분 전

    이때가 그립다

  62. author

    tashi53 분 전


  63. author

    Andrea Reyes54 분 전


  64. author

    Alejandro Aguilar54 분 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-OKOMGqokm18.html LIVE

  65. author

    Indira Farhana54 분 전

    Remember that one time we got all excited about jinsoul? XD

  66. author

    Lucky HaRu55 분 전

    2019 love song ^^

  67. author

    Larez _VP55 분 전


  68. author

    안녕Kpoptrashxd55 분 전

    Came here after mamamoo’s cover❤️

  69. author

    Quỳnh Anh55 분 전

    Quay lại tuổi thơ tháng 9- 2019 có ai còn ghe không

  70. author

    freds011055 분 전

    still my favorite Loona song <3

  71. author

    Indira Farhana55 분 전

    Mulgae ya~~

  72. author

    Arianni Ramirez56 분 전


  73. author

    Ff w56 분 전

    *Tftmn 2018 achievement:* 1. 1st gfriend album to reached 80k album sales. 2. Got 10 trophy in music shows. 3. Almost got PAK 4. Best mv of the year(Melon Music Awards(MMA) ) 5. Best dance performance(Seoul Music awards(SMA). Unfortunately gfriend bonsang got robbed by SMA(╥_╥)(╥_╥)(╥_╥) 6. Artist of the Years(The Facts Music Awards(TMA) ) 7. Best Instrumental Awards( Gaon Music Awards) ↖(^▽^)↗↖(^▽^)↗↖(^▽^)↗

  74. author

    Jovina Jeneble57 분 전

    아니 아니

  75. author

    BTS7WondersOfTheWorld57 분 전

    73,218,405 (0920) Fetus bangtans yet lots of wisdom!

  76. author

    주하곰58 분 전

    워 워커 워커홀 워커홀릭 워커홀릭뮤 워커홀릭뮤직 워커홀릭뮤직비 워커홀릭뮤직비디 워커홀릭뮤직비디오 워커홀릭뮤직비디오넘 워커홀릭뮤직비디오넘재 워커홀릭뮤직비디오넘재미 워커홀릭뮤직비디오넘재미있 워커홀릭뮤직비디오넘재미있엉 워커홀릭뮤직비디오넘재미있엉♡

  77. author

    Pilar Freitas58 분 전


  78. author

    Sharon Gao58 분 전

    Is it just me or does it sound like CIX's movie star at 0:55, 1:11, 1:44, 2:00, 2:08, 2:15, 2:24, etc...(sound effects)?

  79. author

    Cassiopeia Prince YunJaeMinYooSu58 분 전

    *Its Raining*

  80. author

    multifandom Weirdo59 분 전

    So I just recently (like legit last night at 3am) started to stan Dreamcatcher. But I am horrible with pronouncing the girls names. Can someone please break their names down so I don't slaughter their names when I say them?

  81. author

    tresno sliramu59 분 전

    BEG : POPPPP!!! LOVELYZ : Pop ~ ♡! Lol

  82. author

    돼지[예비오너]59 분 전

    화사님 너무 이쁘신듯.. ㅜ

  83. author

    bunny the kookie59 분 전

    Vamooooo cambadaaa

  84. author

    Desti Yanti59 분 전

    Bts itu kpop paporit saya

  85. author

    nana ana시간 전

    60M and 300k likes lets go!!

  86. author

    Lily Tuan시간 전


  87. author

    Ella시간 전

    *that's why Amber is my top 1 girls idol* ❤️

  88. author

    Sakura Gacha시간 전

    You love bts? Yes:Like no:like UwU

  89. author

    Marco Basss시간 전

    Lol, s its different omgg

  90. author

    Armykaori Garcia rios시간 전

    🍌🍌🍌💛💛💛Banana chacha!!!!

  91. author

    Kuru fine시간 전

    22일이면 내일인데 ㅇ인기가요에서 컴백하는것인가??

  92. author

    慎太朗林시간 전


  93. author

    lol h시간 전

    Keeep streaming buddiess

  94. author

    Ff w시간 전

    563K Likes✔ 94K Comments✔ 0^◇^0)/0^◇^0)/0^◇^0)/

  95. author

    조준희시간 전

    대박이다 진짜

  96. author

    닥터 구구 Dr gugu시간 전

    영상에 나오는 비둘기입니다. 이영상이 불편하네요 내려주세요

  97. author

    Karen Gacha [ Lily ]시간 전

    Yay! KARD is back! I am excited! Who is excited like me?

  98. author

    nana ana시간 전

    30.4M pleasee!!

  99. author

    kpop trash시간 전


  100. author

    Alya Ama시간 전

    this is masterpiece. it's a really beautiful song