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my battle..

my battle..

6 일 전

i saved SEASON 10i saved SEASON 10

i saved SEASON 10

2 개월 전



2 개월 전

this gun is cursedthis gun is cursed

this gun is cursed

2 개월 전

sorry ninjasorry ninja

sorry ninja

3 개월 전

  1. author

    samuel desordi40 초 전

    Fortnite Season 11: This is What Happens on Sign-In

  2. author

    samuel desordi52 초 전

    i need you to watch this

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    R4DzK3분 전

    Please Subscribe my channel guys 😇😇 I need your help all 😞 God Blessed You All 😇😇 Thank You All 😇😇 New KOreporterr!😀

  4. author

    skull games분 전

    First one looks like a shrimp

  5. author

    666killerofgods 666분 전

    god dammed wtf

  6. author

    Kyler Born분 전

    I like how @kaidoz was in the video

  7. author

    Sky’s And blue’s2 분 전

    4:54 77 clan?

  8. author

    Adrian Nohl2 분 전

    Like if lazarbeam should play with bobtim again

  9. author

    Justin von zur Muehlen3 분 전

    He's such a bit he missed the smg ammo

  10. author

    MG YT3 분 전

    Lannan you need to actually sing the congratulations twitch streamers song and post it or I'll unsubscribe from you

  11. author

    cute bunny3 분 전

    oof! y u allways talk'in shit about NZ bro... STOP... i come from nz and love your vids, PLZ STOP TALK'IN SHIT ABOUT NZ!!!

  12. author

    Enzo's channel4 분 전

    Smosh has any other people seen 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  13. author

    Emma Tandingan5 분 전

    am crying the end of fortnite :(

  14. author

    I do builds5 분 전

    Wait why does lazar have a knife

  15. author

    lil fled5 분 전

    I have some news future lazar played minecraft

  16. author

    Chky155 분 전

    Hey that July don’t disrespect the best month

  17. author

    Bumble prime15 분 전

    Lazarbeam: how does one become a butterfly Me: (thinking of Kevin the cube )

  18. author

    Sidsid 856 분 전

    Why is it in my recommendations 2019

  19. author

    Emma Tandingan6 분 전

    i suport creator lazarbeam i like your vidios

  20. author

    Enzo's channel6 분 전

    I do hip hop like if you do to

  21. author

    TheRealTurtleBoy7 분 전


  22. author

    The Adams Family7 분 전

    1:08 when lazarbeam finds out that a Berry (thing) is getting cut by a knife even though lalaallaallalalazar has too many knifes so now I'm just talking nonsense . _ .

  23. author

    SteveyTV Family7 분 전

    You were wrong

  24. author

    Nellie Sanchez8 분 전


  25. author

    Action- Jackson8 분 전

    Like if lazarbeam is #1 and #1 yeeter. Yeet

  26. author

    Thehendawg259 분 전

    I think lazarbeam had a better fire

  27. author

    Etheoco9 분 전

    7:35 she could lift me!

  28. author

    NOAH PATZER11 분 전

    Red fox should get demonitized LOLS

  29. author

    Baggy Boi11 분 전

    his tatoo is not good anymore fortnite is done

  30. author

    Kaden Bourquin11 분 전

    3:19 when you beat the Ender Dragon but you don't know what a lead is

  31. author

    Yolanda Botello13 분 전


  32. author

    youneedtogo 113 분 전

    1like=200 nukes

  33. author

    Gozy 66613 분 전

    👌 ok

  34. author

    Midnightwillow 152813 분 전

    Im offended as a teenage girl no im jk just let me go grab my hydroflask

  35. author

    AT HEART13 분 전

    Breh you got me rollin’ hilarious video subbed 💪🏼

  36. author

    666killerofgods 66614 분 전

    I'm not I'm not scared this is not even making me have a shredding sweaty Palms she didn't work at all I'm usually a chicken at everything

  37. author

    White Bread15 분 전

    Anyone after fortnite's death?

  38. author

    Tyger _15 분 전

    Lazarbeam: sorry for sweating Fresh in 2019_________

  39. author

    mercury YT15 분 전

    3:01 little does he know

  40. author

    5ProductionGamingReview15 분 전

    the chest was from alex u dumbo

  41. author

    Super lemmy Luca16 분 전

    Who’s here when the map is gone

  42. author

    youneedtogo 117 분 전

    1 like=1boris 👇

  43. author

    ShickleDicks17 분 전

    Goat seal Can someone tell me

  44. author

    Ethan Whitehurst18 분 전

    He's beating his child←_←

  45. author

    James Chaloner19 분 전

    2017 Lazarbeam: I will get a drawing of me tattooed on my arm 2019 Lazarbeam: has YEET and code lazar tatooed on same arm

  46. author

    Fortnight gamer J19 분 전

    Rip lettuce

  47. author

    Fortnight gamer J19 분 전

    Rip lettuce

  48. author

    Natalie Cutajar19 분 전

    I have made a emerald beacon

  49. author

    Karen Bray20 분 전


  50. author

    Liam Crino20 분 전

    a better way to do the hoe achievement would be to put a dirt block on a sticky piston then make it go up and down rly fast

  51. author

    Jack Casarez21 분 전


  52. author

    Jayden Wedra21 분 전


  53. author

    Lettuceman22 분 전

    When the gast said EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I felt that

  54. author

    vVv_CLAPPED 3824 분 전

    I love how he said velociraptor bug thing didn’t he mean pterodactyl lol 😂

  55. author

    aurel pacurar25 분 전

    She hates fornite because she was playing and she got killed by laser and she say bad words or proabbly she never found youtubers

  56. author

    Brian Stroud25 분 전

    Miss this LazarBeam

  57. author

    Ryan Hortman25 분 전

    Psst bro u could of just made a diamond hoe and used that to get the goal. Rip that dream of yours yeet By 9 year-old

  58. author

    HyphyBros25 분 전

    nice things :)

  59. author

    richard A25 분 전


  60. author

    hailey lyttle26 분 전

    Say hi to Frank everyone

  61. author

    Tyler Silv26 분 전

    I saw end game

  62. author

    Dark Shadow ツ26 분 전

    If your watching this in 2020 your a bloody legend

  63. author

    Tyler Silv26 분 전


  64. author

    aurel pacurar26 분 전

    I hate epic games he banned me from fornite my friends got ban to

  65. author

    Colin Kurtz27 분 전

    *walks into an arcade* According to my nips Pac-Man May be near

  66. author

    AnalinJoy 11327 분 전

    5:23 show me whatcha AIII AIII

  67. author

    aurel pacurar27 분 전


  68. author

    Cbbeans Baca27 분 전

    Be a bloody legend

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    XxKyler2K07xX27 분 전

    Plz shoutout my channel

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    Darkghost609928 분 전

    October anyone

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    XxKyler2K07xX28 분 전

    Plz subscribe to my channel trying to get to 100 subscribers love u lazerbeam no homo

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    shadows secrets28 분 전

    R.I.P Lettuce

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    Mack Dog29 분 전

    Anybody else here black hole 'event'

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    XxKyler2K07xX29 분 전

    Plz shoutout my channel

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    Michael Yakobovich29 분 전

    da best KOreporterr ever

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    Yo plz subscribe to my channel trying to get 100 subscribers love u lazerbeam no homo

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    Perl 6039639629604124472827429 분 전

    Did you notice that the car guy referred to his car as “he”

  78. author

    Gabriel Gloria De Almeida29 분 전

    Ele foi jogar em servidor brasileiro e roubaram a bola

  79. author

    Horem Barrientos31 분 전


  80. author

    Brandie Siedlik31 분 전

    Tell me if you are ready four season 11 like it four it to be a blody legend

  81. author

    Cole Robinson31 분 전

    i wont you too wwe the qeen

  82. author

    infinite voices31 분 전

    3:55 no i am ten and my freinds have sword fights with sticks and punch and kick each other

  83. author

    Easton Lair31 분 전

    it seems like lazarbeam got the suppressed scar more times then he did in the video where he tried to get it

  84. author

    SHARKATTCK 201832 분 전

    I xall koalas drop bears and the eat eat arm of the victom

  85. author

    Super Pakey32 분 전

    His 1st video dang

  86. author

    Apex Boi32 분 전

    I don’t get anxiety not

  87. author

    It’s Rewind Time32 분 전

    ... Me-2019

  88. author

    Carlirae Granados33 분 전

    play fortnite

  89. author

    Tyler Silv33 분 전

    Lazerbeams the best

  90. author

    KetchupSlurper4833 분 전

    Play roblox again

  91. author

    Tyler wyzard34 분 전

    2:21 poor dude died😂

  92. author

    Weismommy36 분 전


  93. author

    bubba137937 분 전

    Who's here after the season 10 event has happened

  94. author

    rylan bingham37 분 전

    who watching close to spooktober

  95. author

    rylan bingham38 분 전

    well guess all defaults are going to hell

  96. author

    GiantsFan38 분 전

    Day 4 of asking Lazarbeam to bring Roblox back

  97. author

    Exotic Galexy40 분 전

    This video got 10million views not one

  98. author

    Aidan VanBuskirk40 분 전

    You better post a video 😄

  99. author

    Palz Playz Z41 분 전

    A BEE!!!

  100. author

    Giorno Giovanna41 분 전

    Wait dating your close friends sister is kinda weird