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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

  1. author

    Cording karma일 전

    No other trailer will live up to the hype this one did

  2. author

    John Velazquez일 전

    Black Widow can't be dead. I doubt that she would have this great film between the finale of the infinity war films

  3. author

    Pravin Thakre일 전

    What needs to get opportunity in mcu to work

  4. author

    ɈØŜɆⱣĦ일 전

    that's a nice looking drum kit at 0:51

  5. author

    A Person일 전

    How do you have a Marvel Knights show and not include - or even reference - Daredevil?!

  6. author

    Al3xDeVazlui일 전

    As the song is called ?

  7. author

    A Person일 전

    The voice acting is horrible tbh

  8. author

    Beat it일 전

    Where even the movie trailers are iconic

  9. author

    Beat it일 전

    Where even the movie trailers are iconic

  10. author

    Sandeep Gangyan일 전

    Fadu Thor and helk

  11. author

    Der Erste Unbox일 전

    Nintendo switch???!!!

  12. author

    Dimitar Yankov일 전

    Here in 2020 check✅

  13. author

    Isaias Sosa일 전

    You should do you infinity warps comics

  14. author

    Gerry Shom일 전

    The anticipation for this trailer on social media right before it went live is something Marvel fans.... to experience again for Endgame. 😋 ...but never again... ...never again 😔

  15. author

    cary bary일 전

    What you going to do next disney? Turn Hercules into woman and make it into a movie?

  16. author

    Gerry Shom일 전

    The anticipation for this trailer on social media right before it went live is something Marvel fans will never be able to experience ever again.

  17. author

    Leih Tory일 전

    Justice Crash!

  18. author

    Felipe G.I Silva일 전

    Apoiam o crime e a violência e ainda acham de fato natural universo ? Injustiça aí ! Marvel uma fraudee ! Isso sim !

  19. author

    Soni Mishra일 전

    Vote for cap

  20. author

    Soni Mishra일 전

    We want cap back

  21. author

    TheMultiChannel일 전

    Anyone 2020 ??

  22. author

    Aditya Arafian Permana일 전

    0:03 - 0:08 this part remind me wuhan nowadays..

  23. author

    Timotheus Elvin일 전


  24. author

    Timotheus Elvin일 전


  25. author

    Aryan Gupta일 전

    All this was literally the first half an hour of the movie

  26. author

    Abhi shek일 전

    Any one still watching this In 2020 Like

  27. author

    hot sauce4일 전


  28. author

    Skillet일 전

    R.I.P Tony.. you've proved you have a heart 🥺😭

  29. author

    Skillet일 전

    Who's back in 2020... Like 👇🏻if u want marvel to bring avengers back 😍😍

  30. author

    Cheuk Lam Cheng일 전

    i miss the Marvel bunch so much 😭 cant wait for the movie

  31. author

    Christopher Tucker일 전

    Looking forward to the movies of course, but really looking forward to Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  32. author

    Asydix일 전

    Yes I’m still watching this

  33. author

    Whiz_kid일 전

    I will miss black widow and scarlet Johansson bcz its the last black widow movie 😞 but also im so excited for eternals i eead their comics online and its so cool btw im a 11 year old boy nerd kid that loves marvel and gaming

  34. author


    very nice

  35. author

    DaRulez Lulez일 전

    Nat: "You could not live with my own sacrifice. Where did that bring you? Back to me."

  36. author

    Gregorio San Juan2 일 전

    marvel got fooled. they don't know mumen rider.

  37. author

    Tolga Aktaş2 일 전

    2 0 2 0 ?

  38. author

    Vinnie2 일 전

    *Natasha fights Taskmaster* *Natasha sees Taskmaster's shield* Natasha: Steve? Taskmaster: who the hell's Steve

  39. author

    Alexis Stark2 일 전

    He's only Avenging Loki 😂

  40. author

    Alexis Stark2 일 전

    Too early to judge, but she seems much like Marvel IRL. 😂

  41. author

    Alexis Stark2 일 전

    Natasha dies. Steve drops tears. In Steve's mind : Finally gonna get Bucky back. 😜

  42. author

    Alexis Stark2 일 전

    The Ironman killing weapon 😂!!

  43. author

    Logan gurt2 일 전

    Does Hickman know about this? Lol I'm sure he does.

  44. author

    Patrick St.Hilaire2 일 전

    I hope taskmaster cheats like he does in marvel vs capcom 3

  45. author

    DrollerPlague 052 일 전

    Pff 2 years later and i’m still enjoying this trailer as the first day

  46. author

    Logan Hammond2 일 전

    Add a kid super hero like in the comics but like 13 to 17

  47. author

    Aitarak 19812 일 전

    nice. that's is old game. it's like on game resident evil to.

  48. author

    fathomflaw2 일 전

    Matt/Daredevil really likes women.

  49. author

    karuan max2 일 전

    You can not control the damage without Iron man loll

  50. author

    karuan max2 일 전

    a massage to Marvel , I want Tony back please please, I miss him alot.

  51. author

    Anthony Furtney2 일 전

    Marvel watch’s my hero academia Hey that guys on a bike and he’s a hero!! WE CAN DO THAT!

  52. author

    Jonathanawge2 일 전

    they did falcon so dirty lmfao

  53. author

    John Porteous2 일 전

    When you realize that because Endgame is in 2023 they could set a movie in the present day with Black Widow

  54. author

    Yobdee Official2 일 전


  55. author

    Darkside Gaming2 일 전

    After 2 year complete this trailer aginst watch

  56. author

    Wild Bill2 일 전

    To me Black Widow is going to be better than the Eternals

  57. author

    Ira Ford2 일 전


  58. author

    Maxessy182 일 전

    0:51 guitar hero drum kit in the background

  59. author

    RIAN chrono br games2 일 전

    demon who the eyes grenn??????

  60. author

    Ariz leo2 일 전

    I can't play dis game anymore

  61. author

    bruh2 일 전

    Spoiler alert: Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and cracks, leading to his death

  62. author

    J RMusic2 일 전

    Who is the woman, the myth, the legend behind Gwenpool's voice!?!?!?!?

  63. author

    Байрам Мухуров2 일 전

    Spider man is cool

  64. author

    Asim Mir2 일 전

    Black Widow: Nothing lasts forever. Hawkeye: HELL YEAH

  65. author

    LOWKEY2 일 전

    Мстители , Общий сбор!

  66. author

    ProwTheGamer2 일 전

    Spider-Man’s first Reveal is still epic to this day. (1/26/20)

  67. author

    Wyatt The Nerd2 일 전

    Bike Man is Best Man

  68. author

    Stanley S.2 일 전

    Casual fan here, and bruh.... Just how deep does this Failed Super-Soldier Serum rabbit hole go?!

  69. author

    Underdog03082 일 전

    Can we get another TL;DR? I have binged them all and I really enjoy them

  70. author

    Underdog03082 일 전

    Can we get another TL;DR? I have binged them all and I really enjoy them

  71. author

    Spent Lizard2 일 전

    The LSD National Anthem

  72. author

    BaconSauce2 일 전


  73. author

    Travis MacPherson2 일 전

    You could not live with the Infinity Saga ending. Where did that lead you? Back to the trailers.

  74. author

    Jotaro Kujo2 일 전

    imagine how overpowered characters would be in cyberpunk 2077 if they had vibranium instead

  75. author

    Abhishek Prasad2 일 전

    Till now one of the best trailers ❤❤

  76. author

    Mohd Azary Ibrahim2 일 전

    Wolverine the next AVENGERS! Ohhhh...... very nice!

  77. author

    the commenter2 일 전

    Therapist: The 80's are gone, they can't hurt you anymore!! The 80's:

  78. author

    Timothy Murphy2 일 전

    Why is every mutant movie is about wolverine?? Like why why not a movie about nightcrawler or show the students as teens actually interacting with each other.

  79. author

    Darkside Gaming2 일 전

    27 January 2k20

  80. author

    Majo Guzman2 일 전

    Me encanta el trailer pero deberían haberse basado en su pasado como se creo viuda negra😍Aún así me encanta

  81. author

    Jackson Williams2 일 전

    2020 anyone?

  82. author

    The JOE-KING2 일 전

    I want a Ares movie :)

  83. author

    roll4ever1002 일 전

    MORE OMEGA RED!!!! Hell yeah!

  84. author

    Xstremz2 일 전

    I keep telling everybody they should move on. Some do, but not us. BUT NOT US. R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

  85. author

    Greo's Journey2 일 전

    Seems like a thousand years ago I turned on the TV and witness Kobe Bryant accomplish massive achievements I never knew but he would go out so tragically it makes me realize that life is short appreciate everyone you care about I hope they remember you Kobe

  86. author

    Greo's Journey2 일 전

    I came back to this soundtrack to process Kobe Bryant's random tragic death today

  87. author

    Joe D.2 일 전

    With Eternals I could see Hercules getting his own MCU film. I could see Thor showing up in that movie and being the connecting character in the next saga of MCU like Iron Man was in Infinity Saga. He could show up in Thor 4, Guardians 3, Hercules, and future Avengers films.

  88. author

    Miles Trombley2 일 전

    So many gods and they let the Avengers do all the work.

  89. author

    Nemesis Dylan2 일 전


  90. author

    MOFELINEXT 22 일 전

    I can see many mcu BANDWAGON fanboys in Justice League trailer, but not here. Such a biassed

  91. author

    RocketBound2 일 전

    Trailers like this confuse the heck out of non-comic book readers who love the MCU. You know who you are! 😊

  92. author

    Richi Grasoso2 일 전

    Infinity War was Better than Endgame!

  93. author

    Toxcine YT2 일 전

    1:54 *that bass drop I had chilllllls*

  94. author

    the stranger a2 일 전

    I don't now why i hate this caricature

  95. author

    Sean O'Connor2 일 전

    Still Hyped!great trailer intro music too.

  96. author

    Grayson Phillips2 일 전

    Bike Man Sounds like marvels answer to Kite Man

  97. author

    Agnal Francis2 일 전

    Blck widow

  98. author

    Mike Lewis2 일 전

    So Hopper IS in Russia!

  99. author


    The idea is cool " Bike Man " sounds cool, go for it.. Marvel

  100. author

    BY DEFAULT2 일 전