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    alonna boss11 시간 전

    🖤❤️ This my song yesss great ft❤️🖤🙌🏾🤞🏾

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    Adriana nicole11 시간 전


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    Adriana nicole11 시간 전

    Myy shitttttt

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    Bel Charles12 시간 전

    Migos yeah yeah

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    Crystal Blue12 시간 전

    You reach, i blank, you stank. I'm gone to the can. 🙀 Fucc protecting the brand. 😝

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    Nexx Prime12 시간 전

    Do 123 next

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    Xuan Di12 시간 전


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    Xuan Di12 시간 전


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    colton cox12 시간 전

    Im Young and reckless Waiting on any nigga that wanna come and test me 18 and a felon These niggas actin like bitches they be afraid of me I be crazy of me ride with the niggas that bust your at melon 762s take off your top you better watch how you be steppin all of my niggas got fully autoGlocks and AK’s 47’s finna slide through on a block start spraying it ain’t shit too take a life all my niggas be down too ride mask up he it a green light catch that nigga lackin then I aimed at his top hollow fucked his brain up in a casket where that nigga be layin when you in these streets you either die or you survive I never gave up only the strongest gonna make it but I still got scars and pain that reside inside of my mind sometimes i Just rather go die every time I get asked if I’m okay I say that I’m fine but deep down inside i know That I be lyin but I just cover my pain with drugs inside my body gotta face a blunt before I lose my mind pour a four up keep me from crying them percs got me sick keep on throwing up double up a cup fuck sippin imma drink till It’s empty I’m so high that dirty sprite got me floating up cloud nine Driving in my city looking at street lights Getting flash backs so much shit that happened stuck inside my head if im not Lying when I say it really fucked me up mentally

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    froze13 시간 전


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    hundun13 시간 전

    I told her get right....start acting yo age.....#powerfulline...BITCH U PLAYED

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    Mooda Mitchell13 시간 전

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    prince mooba14 시간 전

    Baby 🌀❤️❤️❤️

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    Boy -Doe14 시간 전

    😂😂😂" don't come to me with no broder broder shit".

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    Tiana Tashay14 시간 전

    Shawty went crazy 100 🤔

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    Camren Sims14 시간 전

    When lil baby grabbed her ass it was stiff as a brick.... I know he felt that

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    Sicjshotit 36514 시간 전

    This track bangggss!! 🔥

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    James Jenkins14 시간 전

    All of their songs together are lit. We need a collab album

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    Darrion H14 시간 전

    ayye. i almost missed this one.. and this one

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    ChrissNonstop15 시간 전

    YESSIR!!! DOPE!!! Moneybagg Yo never dissapoints!!! Hey everyone else viewing this comment who enjoyed this song and the vibe check this song out Let me know what you think. Subscriptions, comments, and likes are really appreciated

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    Michael Carroll15 시간 전

    HiTtAs...Presendtial..This 1 Elo best friend ..

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    Drizz Gualla15 시간 전

    Click here

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    Tootsie Pop15 시간 전

    1:29 , I know the camera man saying "back ya'll ugly ass up" 🤣🤣

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    Drifts Channel15 시간 전

    My sister went to his house party

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    Monique Austin15 시간 전


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    Leonard Johnson15 시간 전

    I need some orange juice to moneybagg 😂💯👌🚲

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    Jordan Maverick LAL16 시간 전

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    Terrell Hebron16 시간 전

    He said 123 let's go

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    Jordan Maverick LAL16 시간 전

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    Chaotic Mess16 시간 전

    All I can hear is "you better count your fucking days mom." 🤣🤣 This shit flames tho

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    Jordan Maverick LAL16 시간 전

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    Lil xan Lil toenail16 시간 전

    I think I'm the shit big as it gets💯🛴

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    Jaleel Holbrook16 시간 전

    Best song

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    Money Mitch16 시간 전

    “Heard he in a wheel chair. You know you supposed to kill his ass”🤷🏾‍♂️🔥💯💪🏾

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    Dejonae Perez16 시간 전

    Whole album LITTT 🔥🔥🔥

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    Toxic CitiZAK16 시간 전

    This song is a major slap yo

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    Craig Moore17 시간 전

    Future sound good on everything he's on

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    Feddie Want Millions17 시간 전

    Song missing stunna for Vegas

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    The Life of Melanie Banks17 시간 전

    Tryna hit Kylie & Kendall I don’t care if they’re related 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Chocolate Katie17 시간 전

    He cant rap

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    romon pressley17 시간 전

    2:40 when u wake up from a wet dream😂😂

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    Danny Rosadio17 시간 전

    Hey I got a new video check it out the name of the video is my better half is u

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    Ddh Chris17 시간 전

    I ain't feeling none of you niggas I'm on morphine 🔥🔥🔥

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    ????? 1:28 ?❤? ? ??

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    Tranga Clips17 시간 전 thank me later

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    pvp darker18 시간 전

    Lil baby vibe gose hard🔥🖤

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    Josiah Withers18 시간 전

    lol eat this puss* its spinich

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    All Madden18 시간 전

    I rock with this song #200 #2020 #letgetit

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    Jonathan Bush18 시간 전


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    big_kj_ k918 시간 전

    Cant tell witch one of them rapping they sound the same🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    Donovan Robinson18 시간 전

    Best song on the album. Hands down

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    Joshua Mulrain19 시간 전

    Eat the dicc with two hands she twisted

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    Lil zay 719 시간 전

    If you brush your teeth make this blue 👇 Also support me❤

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    Patty Pat19 시간 전

    That why I told it let's go fruit cup bitch I care about a fruit cup bust in they ass bitch FBI investor stay on the orange juice let's go money bag I want c u with it never retire 💯😂😂😂😂😂😂💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯

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    Big Homie Loco slime gang19 시간 전

    I'm better this my shit tho

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    Keon Cuyler19 시간 전

    I hate the way this was shot man smh annoying af

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    MackSipTV19 시간 전

    Stupid duke replied back already with a diss to this song

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    Adrianna Taylor19 시간 전


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    Outlaw Tv19 시간 전

    “Heard he in a wheelchair you know you should’ve killed his ass “ damn #nbakd

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    Silly 6920 시간 전

    This mf on 🔁

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    Meami StankFace20 시간 전

    This song makes me wanna yell “fuck the cops” at Sunday service

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    addya20 시간 전

    throwing ass incorrectly to this song >>>> 🤤

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    Emma Love20 시간 전

    Let me guess this about Megan?

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    #YCN ZMo90320 시간 전

    Make video now !!!!!

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    Soulcrifice20 시간 전

    Dumbest fucking song ever.

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    2cold Bgm20 시간 전

    Y would I switch out a dime for a penny 🔥

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    NE_HIRAGA20 시간 전

    everybody drip turn the hood to a island last name rich, first name not roddy

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    David Luis Garcia21 시간 전

    Yea I don’t like a bunch of the new rap but this shit right here is dope af

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    Neshion Cook21 시간 전

    so we gon act like he aint say he flipped young dolph whip

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    Kold Slick21 시간 전

    Aye real talk like don't even try to come around me and shit like you fuck with me. That shit really fake love you know what I'm saying. Im not fucking with it. Shake my hand lookin off and shit nigga look me in my eyes. You know what I'm talking bout The gangsta way nigga only Im from the streets so I'm cautious (cautious) Some of my old niggas crossed me (wooh) Im like damn you done lost me (damn hol up) 30 round make em back up off me Shit they say love ain't love shit (nah) Really starting to hate love (hate it) Fuck with me for beneficial reasons (whats that?) That's that shit you call fake love Lil bitch lucky (bitch) Now my ex bitch wanna fuck me (bitch) Now my side bitch trynna buck me (hol up) Hoe tried to bash me like I'm nothing (damn) I got rappers trynna diss me Family members in hey feelings (damn) I might come through like Im Weezy (what? skr skr skr skr) In a drop no ceilings Yea don't what you heard Im straight in appearance So quit all that joking lil nigga (stop all that shit lil nigga) This ain't no Friday come in like Worm Pull up and smoke me a nigga (pull up and smoke me a nigga) I went and got me some money that's mandatory (mandatory) I grabbed the 40 it wasn't handed to me (nah) Just counted 200 I feel important (wooh) I don't start shit I finish stories (I do that) I got all these niggas hatin (all of em) Bitches that dissed me trynna date me (wooh) I heard my nigga wanna ace me (why?) Just cause his bitch trynna face me (uh uh uh) Damn, feds trynna case me Tied me to murders trynna lace me Purge got me paranoid, pacin (welcome back [??]) I hit the cup just to chase it I got em feeling some type of way (why?) They get on Twitter and type away They just get bodied on getaway 41 I got the bigger face (the bigger roley) Already knew they was finna hate But guess how much money Im bouta make (how much?) Guess how much money I just spent (how much nigga?) Add it up grab a pen (ok lets get it) See my charm like 40 (wooh) Then my wrist like 50 (big money) Double rings got me nifty (nice) In the middle of Memphis at the Hilton (right now) Same bitch said im ugly (what?) Now she MCM crushin (man crush Monday) I just broke a head I was rushin (that don't matter there) Crushin bars in the slushy You just a nigga I used to fuck with Ion fuck with you nomore These niggas thought I was gone until I hopped out the Mazi like Im Bobo Ill never tell the popo. Pull up on em solo yelling out yolo Austin P I got the mojo Ice Tea swag bitch look like CoCoa Hundred thousand in cash on me Im in the Yo with the bag on me Im in the Yo with the mag on me You niggas done turned into fags on me I feel its necessary that I kill em Im rockin zippers like I played in Thriller Plus I got codeine on my liver Plus I got OG in my system I got red bottoms I got real Gucci rockin Faragamo in December Pull up in crack his head down the middle My downfall what they wishin I know they don't like a nigga So when I make it to the red carpet ima be on that bitch with my hittas She say she love me cause im genuine Well where were you when I was feeling it Well where were you when I was dealing it Didn't have a ride I was stealing it These niggas easy like Sunday morning I get my dick sucked before performances I got the hickups that's why im jumpin I see the future im just being honest Had money before CMG (ask Randolph ask em) Im cold enough cut the fan off You got yo niggas and I got my niggas. Lets meet up and have a standoff Fuck all that love. It ain't nomo love Ran off on the plug. Now I got the jug So many blue hundreds they think that im Cuz Im countin that shit up You better not budge

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    Bobby Lynn21 시간 전

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    EscapePlan Skateboarding21 시간 전

    Bruh, I couldn't even tell when Futures verse started.. 😆

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    Bobby Lynn21 시간 전

    Memphis running the rap game no cap 🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥 if you see this comment can you hit this link for me it dont cost to show love i just wanna be heard aint got the support i need.💯💯

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    Temple Gowan21 시간 전

    i hate black people

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    Bobby Lynn21 시간 전

    Shout out bagg and lil baby 🔥🔥🔥🔥 if you see this comment can you hit this link for me it dont cost to show love i just wanna be heard aint got the support i need.💯💯 They junt called played my called supposed to stayed 🔥🔥🔥

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    LAM 8421 시간 전

    You already know what 2 do Tay Keith🔥

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    Carmen Santiago21 시간 전


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    Milton Trezevant22 시간 전

    Yo gotti sample🔥

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    ROSE Silliona22 시간 전

    sooooo after Ari started moving her ass to this song I do it everywhere

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    WHOKEL22 시간 전

    Waited On This To Drop Every Since He Posted A Snippet On His IG In 2019 😍 SN: This Is A Hood Affair, Summer Ate This Up !

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    Elias Rubio22 시간 전

    I believe this should’ve came now this year 2020 😂💀💯

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    Xawn Music22 시간 전

    Partynextdoor should’ve got on this

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    CL TORVIC23 시간 전

    Alguém do Brazil???

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    Sauceman Keys23 시간 전


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    B Lou23 시간 전

    They back at it again M town

  87. author

    K Money23 시간 전

    “told a couple ppl ion need you” 💯

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    Robert Brown23 시간 전


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    Troderick Kimble23 시간 전

    ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 2k20 MOOD

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    Shanna Shelton23 시간 전

    This mane so fucking bumpin. Can't listen to this at work, it'll make you smack your manager 😂

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    JAMIE MILLER23 시간 전

    I look like a lick

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    La' Rio일 전

    Why! Would I Switch out A Dime For A Penny!💨💨🤔💯🔥🔥#blac youngsta Chorus went Hard Af.Factz

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    Runitup Dabagway일 전

    Got em where i want to i hear that a lot🔥🔥

  94. author

    1mic일 전

    Damn video made me dizzy!

  95. author

    joseph woycke일 전

    I bang the 5 that's the finball 🌟

  96. author

    Runitup Dabagway일 전

    Bruh bag blanked u know nba kd in a wheel chair 😂😂😭aww man

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    Mister King일 전

    Cover art 🖼 says enough it’s definitely about that time 💪🏾

  98. author

    Mister King일 전

    Cover art 🖼 says enough it’s definitely about that time 💪🏾

  99. author

    The Ghostly일 전

    Tee grizzley type beat 🔥 🔥 🔥

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    A A일 전

    holy duck