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I Stay Greasy

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Cats From Hell

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Anime Obsession

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Decade Review

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Weird Hobbies

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  1. author

    PandaBoyPlays10 시간 전

    I can see this in some hentai stuff, as the fleshlight is like an extended arm from the hilt as a hidden jutsu "virginity apocalypse".

  2. author

    Anonymous TV10 시간 전

    Could u just imagine the neighbor just seeing someone swinging a vibrator and a flesh light?

  3. author

    goshgolllygee10 시간 전

    why does he look like morgz and tom holland had a tan baby?

  4. author

    The Comi Chin10 시간 전

    Sometimes I wonder if critical buys this shit for the video or himself

  5. author

    Eclipsa10 시간 전

    This is the most creative adam and eve ad i’ve ever watched i love it

  6. author

    Albin Benny10 시간 전

    I didn't think this video would be sponsored

  7. author

    John Chunga10 시간 전

    We should report his channel to hell

  8. author

    Marshmallow Pie10 시간 전

    Eh I think you should have had someone break it open that didn't know what was in it. Seems like the kind of thing that should be a surprise, you know?

  9. author

    Molasses10 시간 전


  10. author

    Johnny on the spot10 시간 전

    was this the cleanest advertisement ever

  11. author

    The Whisper10 시간 전

    please tell more pee stories

  12. author

    RareHalfling10 시간 전

    Total piece of shit

  13. author

    Cardinal Sausage10 시간 전

    Im gonna be lonely this year so i got to follow his instructions carfully

  14. author

    A D10 시간 전

    Official Podcast #164 The Jackson Soundboard

  15. author

    D3rpy Jogos10 시간 전

    How can by Reading the bible you can say that the World is flat How can you be a cientific flat earther If you dont agree with science Almost the same as being A vegan that eats chiken Just becouse they say its a bird not an animal

  16. author

    1HorIIzon10 시간 전

    I laughed so hard, joker was scared of me

  17. author

    Jack Of Spades10 시간 전

    Waiting for phil swift to come out and say thats alot of damage

  18. author

    Northern Kai10 시간 전

    4:50 All that truck driver saw was the tip of a weiner swinging at a piñata

  19. author

    Toyota AE8610 시간 전

    I love how I’m not even surprised by this.

  20. author

    BJGvideos10 시간 전

    He can't even bother to roast the kid on the thing that's relevant, which is that you can't fucking hear a word she says? But then his own volume is abysmal as well.

  21. author

    Undistinguished Lyricist10 시간 전

    I’m not gonna add to the views of that video, so I many did that piece of shit get?

  22. author

    Will G10 시간 전

    Looks like a punch

  23. author

    Garen Olivari10 시간 전

    You know what it’s better than raid shadow legends

  24. author

    RoundestRowlet10 시간 전

    social repose is an absolute burden. if you're in the emo community, you know what he did.

  25. author

    Cannon Fighter10 시간 전

    I still cant believe Adam and Eve sponser you, and you wear that sponser like a gold medal.

  26. author

    John Chunga10 시간 전

    His subscribers are all little kids

  27. author

    the lilSoviet-10 시간 전

    Charlie is the type of guy that considers salt spicy

  28. author

    TheDiabeticGameMaster10 시간 전


  29. author

    Istnet10 시간 전

    I'm just imagining a kid getting off the school bus and a giant purple dildo comes flying over their neighbors fence and smacking him right in the face

  30. author

    pittkendoka10 시간 전

    FAKE! Those sheep are paid actress.

  31. author

    bobafruti10 시간 전

    Raw water will help you lose weight! You too can get cholera, shit your guts out, and look like a holocaust survivor in no time!

  32. author

    Anime Addictt10 시간 전

    The channel literally became a pocket pussy smashing channel

  33. author

    Jadon Gjj10 시간 전

    Mom: hey son what are you watching Me: ...

  34. author

    John Smiths10 시간 전

    @critical Your chin hair looks like my exhausted excuse for my everlasting ball hair Ps. Luv ya

  35. author

    CASE - NES On the Internet10 시간 전

    Y u c k y

  36. author

    Dmac10 시간 전

    someone call up the weed mason, that shit is not a "brick"

  37. author

    The Whisper10 시간 전

    just pee on the road

  38. author

    NPC #30310 시간 전

    Too bad it wasn't CNN reporting on it....

  39. author

    Alex Kruz10 시간 전

    Bro this is genius, imagine how much money you can make out of snobs who are too entitled to pour their own juice.

  40. author

    Autumn Sine10 시간 전

    It makes it ten times better that she started recording, like she was 100% sure she was in the right

  41. author

    christian velasco10 시간 전

    Valentine's Day is gonna be just me and my hand watching the Sonic Movie.

  42. author

    Kirk Findlay10 시간 전

    Imagine wanting someone dead so much and getting away with it you crowdfund a sub then kill her then sink the sub just to try and hide it all.truly horrible person

  43. author

    oof oof10 시간 전

    She made the garlic barbeque sauce as if it was curry

  44. author

    Unsung Guardian10 시간 전

    Funny how “manspreading” just recently became annoying and unacceptable, when men have sat like this forever.

  45. author

    The No.1 Guy10 시간 전

    I'm glad I found this guy, he fell into my feed, but I forgot that Craig Ferguson actually mentioned this guy. He was interviewing Alice Eve.

  46. author

    Zeno Zipperoni10 시간 전

    "Yeah, we're having a boy, AND we set a field on fire. Take that, G I R L H A V E R S" -Someone who, at the time, most likely, did not know the cost of their hubris.

  47. author

    Mayor of the Galaxy10 시간 전

    Self-help motivational lifestyle gurus or as I like to call them, *Cult Leaders.*

  48. author

    Oh yeah chungus10 시간 전

    PewDiePie: says damn KOreporter: *insert squidward eyes opened* Charlie: plays with several sex toys Also KOreporter: *insert sleep squidward*

  49. author

    Judi Smith10 시간 전

    Legend says short men have the biggest dick. You validate that point.

  50. author

    Lemar Sullivan10 시간 전

    it's not Beautiful if you're ugly and single, sadly, i'm both those

  51. author

    Loki10 시간 전

    You're like a hot Jesus

  52. author

    Anglepsycho10 시간 전

    Is it bad I want to pop his muscles like I want to pop plastic titties?

  53. author

    Wolfdreamer10 시간 전


  54. author

    massMortar10 시간 전

    Adam & Eve sex toys and a Demolition Ranch reference? My favorites

  55. author

    DOOM GROOM10 시간 전

    Now his dumbas has a cut and burn wounds to deal with.

  56. author

    Einherjar21810 시간 전

    I really wish they would show this to the actual people who performed in LOTR

  57. author

    Hamurlik10 시간 전

    watching this video on litelarry any chair besides *The Go-Go Gadget Extendo Asscheek Chair* is a pleasure

  58. author

    fuck you10 시간 전

    the fact that you didnt go with "i was finally able to penetrate the armor" makes me sad.

  59. author

    BRO10 시간 전

    She’s the type to make a charity stream and keep the money for herself so she can get Starbucks

  60. author

    Edward Snowden10 시간 전

    Florida man meets training day.

  61. author

    Jian Martirez10 시간 전

    Jesus this guy is worse than eric cartman at least he had a reason to do something evil and horrifiying smh 😝😧

  62. author

    FIFA PLAYS-86110 시간 전


  63. author

    SoDownItsUp10 시간 전


  64. author

    νιитαgє loser10 시간 전

    *m u t h u r r f u c c r*

  65. author

    Nicoteen33310 시간 전

    Wtf does Charlie have so much sex toys Does he have a fetish or something 😂😂

  66. author

    Hey Karen10 시간 전

    Someday I hope to give zero fucks the way Charlie gives zero fucks about filming this during the day where all his neighbors can see

  67. author

    DONKAGE!10 시간 전

    Hold on - did Charlie ACTUALLY get sponsored?

  68. author

    Squidward Tentacles10 시간 전

    7:49 Ben's Face

  69. author

    Chilly10 시간 전

    was this a genuine fuсking sponsorship ??

  70. author

    Tuskeyemer10 시간 전

    Florida man gets arrested for accidentally assaulting his neighbors with sexual paraphernalia

  71. author

    MTG Mitch10 시간 전

    IDK if you were aware, but 1 tub coolwhip + 1 brick cream cheese = 1 jar of mayo. That was episode 1 of cooking with jack

  72. author

    Oh yeah it’s Big brain time10 시간 전

    The guy face palming in the back

  73. author

    JBurgs0310 시간 전

    I was the only person laughing out loud in a completely silent theater when he dropped his gun at the children’s hospital....

  74. author

    Lior Miron10 시간 전

    If this guy films a video calling Kobe at 3 AM he should burn in hell

  75. author

    Ty Shred10 시간 전

    Why the fuck is KOreporter unsubing me from you... it's happened 3 times.

  76. author

    Vertykal10 시간 전

    My mans critikal telling us subtly to go fuck ourselves

  77. author

    Rex Boyce10 시간 전

    Still not getting notifications. Missed my boy p2p’s retirement stream today ! Made damn sure to set that notification for when he was going live. Smh youtube

  78. author

    JonathanWillis10 시간 전

    JayStation needs to LEAVE KOBE THE FUCK ALONE

  79. author

    Unsung Guardian10 시간 전

    That first chick has yellow eyes

  80. author

    Squidward Tentacles10 시간 전

    5:44 made it tough enough to chop through vietnam

  81. author

    Aderexx10 시간 전

    She makes the video gets the money and goes to McDonalds

  82. author

    Irvingthrecker10 시간 전

    Put down Sarah and play with the legos!

  83. author

    Dylan Messenheimer10 시간 전

    Surprised the coupon code isn't "MOIST"

  84. author

    Vandyno10 시간 전

    Charlie owns an absurd amount of sex toys... I know it's a sponsorship but... Bruh

  85. author

    DirtFaceSFM10 시간 전

    Why must you waste your money to satisfy our hunger for content?

  86. author

    Spray Tranquility10 시간 전

    if you cut out the keanu reaves cutout clips then this would just be the ramblings of a lunatic

  87. author

    wolf schwartzmeyer10 시간 전

    My girlfriend was watching this over my shoulder and all she had to say was " you're making her fat"

  88. author

    Unsung Guardian10 시간 전

    Maybe all this bull crap of people doing anything for views is just a phase..A long phase, but maybe one day it will all be over..

  89. author

    PS4Fan10 시간 전

    I need more music from the gentle men

  90. author

    The Dragon Slayer424210 시간 전

    Come on the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  91. author

    robertreal rosso10 시간 전

    Brooooo my old high school self feels so attacked 😂😂😂😂

  92. author

    Rustic Fairybuttz10 시간 전

    I have dreams that one day I too will make money by swinging dildos and shoving chocolate down a sex toys throat

  93. author

    Dwayne Greene10 시간 전

    Thats not even the real Mr. Wacky! Hes a guy in a costume hes not even inflated.

  94. author

    Aidn Separd10 시간 전

    “Because that’s a tough one to explain”

  95. author

    Golden Spork10 시간 전

    What’s jaystation got up his sleeve next “I bought a revive potion and used it on my girlfriends dead body” Piss off

  96. author

    Theazy Hunnit10 시간 전

    Little man

  97. author

    GOGETA BLUE10 시간 전

    It all started when he was in the supermarket with his mum walking past the rice...

  98. author

    Go It Doesn't Matter10 시간 전

    I swear this guy doesn't use anything else for a weapon besides fleshlights😂

  99. author

    Grizzy10 시간 전

    Thought this was a joke. Then I realized she's just big stupid and rude.

  100. author

    Camera10 시간 전

    That scene from Endgame, but instead of everyone coming through the portals they're all fursonas.