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  1. author

    Elimar Gomes14 시간 전

    México is in North America

  2. author

    Myah Wilkins14 시간 전

    Me waits for my country Iceland Video end well Iceland doesn’t excised

  3. author

    - -14 시간 전

    bozo lookin like a inmate right off the bat brainwashing the naive 🤪duh for views 🙄👎🏼

  4. author

    Arkin Rain14 시간 전

    Wait so 50,000 words is a novel?

  5. author

    Alec Goldman14 시간 전

    That bud light ad is amazing

  6. author

    That Me Me ME!14 시간 전

    Trudności w wymowie polskich znaków??? >>xD

  7. author

    King Jones14 시간 전


  8. author

    Kate Rider14 시간 전

    I took ASL for 4 years, and now I work at Starbucks. Not much feels better than seeing the deaf persons reaction when they write their order on paper and you sign asking how their day is going.

  9. author

    Jono Holmes14 시간 전

    Why do they scream so much? It's so annoying, they just can't behave for some reason.

  10. author

    Nietzsche Business14 시간 전

    Part of the disgust of this meal is the fact that they were served in bowls. Americans don’t find this particularly weird, but in other countries people respect the functions of different types of plates and cutlery. Bowls are meant for soup or other liquid based foods. When a solid food is served in a bowl its disrespectful; its akin to how animals are served solid foods in bowls. That’s why the lady commented that she wasn’t a dog.

  11. author

    Mera The14 시간 전

    I used to Juul like hell and go through a pod or two per day... been clean from juul for a year, definitely wasn’t easy

  12. author

    Mansi Veer14 시간 전


  13. author

    Aniyah Wofford14 시간 전

    Y’all always forgetting the best school Lunch the smile fries that went😃

  14. author

    Remus Osias14 시간 전

    This was surprisingly boring. 85% of the video is just navigating through the ingredients.

  15. author

    Lance Furseth14 시간 전

    Mario seems like that cool uncle who’s fun to be around that shows up to all the family events but nobody knows how he’s related to anybody but no one cares

  16. author

    Malcolm Paull14 시간 전

    45 is sub sonic

  17. author

    jaystacular14 시간 전

    Bruh all I ever got was still frozen rectangular pizzas with mine pepperoni cubes

  18. author

    Avery Schecter14 시간 전

    If u want this to be asmr don’t speed it up, who cares how long the video ends up being.

  19. author

    Uno Cards14 시간 전

    I thought the 16 year old was on her period

  20. author

    son goku14 시간 전

    I use my right hand when my hands are busy

  21. author

    Prachi Kumari15 시간 전

    Come to India to do a worth it series! We love this worth it series and you will get a lot of food to taste, Worth it in India!

  22. author

    Elijah Null15 시간 전

    Americans, Move to Korea Or Bring a Lunch

  23. author

    yogafireyogaflame2315 시간 전

    Eugene mentions the Luby's cafeteria shooting but neglects to mention that concealed carry was illegal in Texas at the time. Suzanna Hupp, a gun owner, was there. But she didn't have her gun with her because she was abiding by the law. Both of her parents were killed in the shooting. She lobbied the state legislature to change the law and make it legal to carry in Texas, and later she herself served in the state legislature. Because of her efforts and others like her, the White Settlement church shooting was stopped before it could have gotten worse.

  24. author

    AugustaLovely15 시간 전

    "there was a fight in the parking lot that day but I don't know if it was them" okay, that might be my favorite part 😆

  25. author

    Taylors Life15 시간 전

    I want the big brekkie burger and the teriyaki burger

  26. author

    Crispy Potato15 시간 전

    When I went camping to virgina since a lot of my family is from there and my great grandma promised we would go back but we never did before she passes :(

  27. author

    itzboba15 시간 전

    Bruh if I owned a farm, and they interviewed me bc I have "The best beef in the world" I'd be like "I just feed them, then play games back inside, and that's all, maybe I'll play dress up with them too but we won't talk about that"

  28. author

    Cratives Den15 시간 전

    Alpha yes

  29. author

    Kaitlyn Soto15 시간 전

    I hated cats at one point because my father had 3 of them that were not lovable or affectionate whatsoever. I was always scratched at or ignored and I never thought I would be a cat person. I am now an owner of two cats, Simba and Nala and they are my world. They are super affectionate and it was like they chose my husband and I as their rightful owner.

  30. author

    fastandfilthy15 시간 전

    This sounds like a reddit post.

  31. author

    Thereal Brogers15 시간 전

    Sounds silly but I would 100% fail those three tests, worst coordination, worst balance, I probably look pissed 24-7 to him haha!

  32. author

    Liane Cornils15 시간 전

    My deepest sympathy

  33. author

    Lucas Amadeus Sebastian Incataurean15 시간 전

    If you want the food that combines burger and shushi into one food go to the place called burgushi ( if there is isn’t a restaurant called burgushi there go to Indonesia)

  34. author

    xAtomix Styx15 시간 전

    nobody is talking about how she just bite the ice cream

  35. author

    Sam Rodas15 시간 전

    tinder lady - rachel berry season 1 tell me i’m wrong

  36. author

    Nancy Ruzicka15 시간 전

    jonni you know there is 6 fingers on one hand lol

  37. author

    Apara15 시간 전

    Livingbobby made this challenge seems so easy...guess not 🤣

  38. author

    Sketch_voltage15 시간 전

    4:18 anyone else here that

  39. author

    CHIQUES 80515 시간 전

    Mike 2020

  40. author

    UCCJGUY15 시간 전

    Classic example of when you get tired, you start taking jumpshots.

  41. author

    Semaj Cooper15 시간 전

    Wow that's so accurate because I'm left handed

  42. author

    ahmad syadiq zulkifeli15 시간 전

    Next! Psychopath react to "Silent Of The Lamp"

  43. author

    its dayana15 시간 전

    The girl:”I have a Banana milk”. Jungkook:”BANANA MILK WHERE”

  44. author

    Aparaajita Pandey15 시간 전

    What is the R word

  45. author

    Rusty LeAnn15 시간 전

    My epidural didn’t work either babe! So proud of you! Let me tell any person who wanted that-pain to go away and is waiting......and it doesn’t happen... it’s the worst thing in the world!

  46. author

    standardbathtub15 시간 전

    Good job Jason!!

  47. author

    Jan Střelský15 시간 전

    The quietest video I have ever seen.

  48. author

    Bevan Purvis15 시간 전

    that girls 🐫 🦶 was no joke😂

  49. author

    sislau15 시간 전

    Nice poetry, Keith! :)

  50. author

    Felix Platt15 시간 전

    I'm a 15 and I could label this map in under 3 minutes

  51. author

    ィRejection15 시간 전

    Olives 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  52. author

    PNWmushrooms15 시간 전

    Chick had some gnarly cameltoe lmao

  53. author

    Ashley Dixon15 시간 전

    I’m a Christian

  54. author

    Nobody Parker15 시간 전

    Ned said most of his memories of his dad are playing My most common memory Is doing gold mining with him before he died

  55. author

    pualruiz15 시간 전

    I live in queens I rent a house for 1400 a month ha!

  56. author

    Grace Car15 시간 전

    Pfft. Uptodate. Yeah and I bet they just have Harrison’s as a coffee table read.

  57. author

    Muriel Davis15 시간 전

    Gorilla snot is the only thing that’ll hold my edges down.

  58. author

    Yas ‘15 시간 전

    How is it possible to not spell « Rachel » right ???

  59. author

    BTS Jimin15 시간 전


  60. author

    Shannon15 시간 전

    He said "sirp"

  61. author

    Jassiepoohbear15 시간 전

    My black card is getting took😂😂😂 DAYUM!

  62. author

    Jake Delaney15 시간 전

    california rolls have raw krab

  63. author

    AliSalami15 시간 전

    sandwich:misses a single atom of flavor wendy girl:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  64. author

    Adnan A15 시간 전

    I would’ve been screwed with my iPhone 7 and plain cheap black case 😂

  65. author

    King15 시간 전


  66. author

    Swig smoove15 시간 전

    Wow this flopped

  67. author

    mz20445515 시간 전

    I wanna know what’s underneath that bandage.

  68. author

    Twelvecarpileup15 시간 전

    My working at Ikea Horror stories: 1 - We had a major issue at our particular location with people having sex in the beds. It turns out there was a few local couples that were suuuuper into exhibitionism and would come to this location to have sex. 2 - Boxing day (I'm Canadian) is a big sale day in Canada. Think black friday. So there's normally a couple door crashers. The door crasher this year was some computer desk for $50... regularly $125 (mainly because it was a weird colour that didn't sell) I drove a forklift at ikea, and spent the morning unloading a full truck of these. Couldn't even fit them on the floor. Which is the case with most of the door crashers. A couple of guys got into a fist fight over their place in line, with the police coming and arresting them. The worst part: We had most of the door crashers for like over a week after. So they went to jail for something that they could have came in a week later and still gotten. 3 - My first day there, the staff was getting chewed out, because the day before someone wheeled about 8 carts worth of stuff (Including mattresses, a couch crap like that) just out the front door past all the cashiers. Nobody said anything...

  69. author

    Glamorous Taee15 시간 전

    The black girls are sooOooo BIG😱

  70. author

    kyootchef brian15 시간 전

    He's staring at her chest all morning and he was a monk before. Cool cool cool

  71. author

    pine apple15 시간 전

    Guys should pay

  72. author

    Devenka15 시간 전

    The American girl is super annoying

  73. author

    Blood Haven Studios15 시간 전

    I don’t want to be rude but the amount of sticks they wasted for the Grilled Squid is very wasteful.

  74. author

    skald9815 시간 전

    "The hamburger's deadbeat cousin!" lol

  75. author

    Sensored15 시간 전

    I'm literally a combination of both

  76. author

    kalea jakic15 시간 전

    not when ur parents don't let you have electronics in ur room 😘

  77. author

    Zachary Kroll15 시간 전

    I didn’t know that’s the standard of food Heheheheheh yeah Lol

  78. author

    Pee pee Gang15 시간 전

    Even their cheap double cheeseburger is expensive to me. I do to McDonalds for $1 double cheeseburger

  79. author

    Axner15 시간 전

    "Pineapple" Me: BANANA

  80. author

    Lauren Clark15 시간 전

    Cardi b gonna catch mommom hands if she dont speak at the cook out

  81. author

    Andrew Lee15 시간 전

    They need to ask that drunk guy Ty from munchies because he knows where all the goods are at

  82. author

    Ryan V15 시간 전

    She traveled every time

  83. author

    Tristan Gordon15 시간 전

    Jesus black people cannot draw

  84. author

    Green Cactus15 시간 전


  85. author

    Robert Schwartz15 시간 전

    These stories are not particular to IKEA. It's just dealing with the public.

  86. author

    Screeching Noise15 시간 전

    but she did naruto really well 10/10

  87. author

    k e n n e d y m a r i e15 시간 전

    Why does the only gay one have to be the “hottest” one

  88. author

    IAmAMemer15 시간 전

    This guy's mustache be looking like the one the guy has in the Sonic movie

  89. author

    Screeching Noise15 시간 전

    YoU RuiNeD SailOr MoOn >:(

  90. author

    Aliel Bunny15 시간 전

    I watched this video after I ate food and I almost threw up

  91. author

    eenayde15 시간 전

    Do a video on Alexander the Great yeee

  92. author

    Yessika Andrade15 시간 전

    This pup is so adorable! Can anyone name what breed is it?

  93. author

    Samantha15 시간 전

    I would love to be present with Ned while he's drunk. He's so energetic

  94. author

    Didexa15 시간 전

    u guys should have showed him the departed

  95. author

    Candy Cane15 시간 전

    This is freaking gay

  96. author

    steve harvey15 시간 전


  97. author

    Introverted Musician15 시간 전

    Fig Newtons! I haven't had those in years! They're so nostalgia filled!

  98. author

    MidnightVibes_ Oof15 시간 전

    I subscribed before you hit 20 million .🌝

  99. author

    Seret Dhanoa15 시간 전

    TEACHERS kids getting bullied-eh Kids getting abused-whatever Kids chewing gum/with hats on-AAAAAHHHHHHH OMG

  100. author

    Jayleen Nunez15 시간 전

    I clicked on this video because I saw a Regina from CWC. I was like omg is that her