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  1. author

    last chance5 시간 전

    I am having pregnancy scare watching this is not a good idea

  2. author

    Khalid Auzam5 시간 전

    Canadians have Big Macs too😂

  3. author

    Colin Java5 시간 전

    He'll never even see it again unless he takes his shirt off and looks in the mirror. What's the point.

  4. author

    Shawn Ouimet5 시간 전

    This video is inaccurate black people don’t have dads

  5. author

    Live It5 시간 전

    I really wanna try this, anyone got the link to it? 🙂

  6. author

    Dutch Bitch5 시간 전

    Omg them braids Joyce 😩. She shouldn’t trust those la stylist.

  7. author

    Lavache Beadsman5 시간 전

    Took me a full minute of thinking "why does Ned look so weird?" before realizing it was because he doesn't have the beard.

  8. author

    Dutch Bitch5 시간 전

    LMFAOOOO “ did I surprise you?” 2:25

  9. author

    Danielle Slaughter5 시간 전

    I see that Jeffree track suit 👌🏽 you better work

  10. author

    Lampost Cheeseburger5 시간 전

    1:15 to 1:26 lol 😂

  11. author

    Глеб Болотный5 시간 전

    We have Oreo in Russia. We also have Cheetos, but it’s completely different. Funny thing: they tried dried fish without a beer and were surprised that it’s disgusting. Lmao

  12. author

    Priska Rathu5 시간 전

    This is so off topic, but this video made me believe that Kevin likes Jackie 😆 He looks so much gentler towards Jackie and care alot about her (in draw-off series) Or I might be wrong.. I dunno 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  13. author

    Naz Erdogan5 시간 전

    *tries green bean* Guy: “On a scale of one to ten, does-“ Ryan: “nO”

  14. author

    Gracelyn Arvin5 시간 전

    Who elso scrolled through the comments hoping for at least one fight about it?

  15. author

    Ciper5 시간 전

    Don't get surgery, your eyes look great just the way they are.

  16. author

    vhs luv5 시간 전


  17. author

    jc rs5 시간 전

    Darla's dad:"I'm hot" Me: yes daddy, yes you are!!❤

  18. author

    rosti channel5 시간 전

    when they say that Eastern European countries are new. Me dies in laugher.😂

  19. author

    money race5 시간 전


  20. author

    Brandee5 시간 전

    I related to the being 5 minutes late and getting grounded for 2 weeks. My high school life 😭

  21. author

    Peace Houssou5 시간 전

    donna was relly nice tho

  22. author

    Agnes Lindberg5 시간 전

    me: *knows all the states* americans: *points to sweden* this is norway

  23. author

    BigBoy_Tyrone5/PS4\5 시간 전

    How do u have this up for 5 hours only have 38 k view lol

  24. author

    Sophie perry5 시간 전


  25. author

    Areni Arjus5 시간 전

    White colour pleaseeeeeee

  26. author

    Christine Hannum5 시간 전

    I love your videos :)

  27. author

    Kazi Yusha5 시간 전

    For 1 dollar in Bangladesh, you can get a full day's meal.

  28. author

    Jolly Nintendo top tens5 시간 전

    I have been to Greece twice

  29. author

    Eline S. Sægrov5 시간 전

    Can u visit norway?

  30. author

    R5 시간 전

    When u nly discover Quinta post "A Black Lady Sketch Show' great sketches

  31. author

    TheCookingNerd5 시간 전

    0:02 hate those people

  32. author

    Impossible Girl5 시간 전

    I never get noticed as the middle child lol

  33. author

    Kingtan Zaza5 시간 전


  34. author

    Bruno Raspa5 시간 전

    5:15 Keith accidentally harmonizing

  35. author

    Danielle Brecohn5 시간 전

    I feel like every European 10 year old would get a 100% on this test, and grown ass Americans can't even identify Sweden, The Netherlands, Greece and other well known countries

  36. author

    Turkey Sandwich5 시간 전

    I'd be the one having the baby

  37. author

    yasmeen nicole5 시간 전

    Can i have Eugene’s dad

  38. author

    Slac Kabuki5 시간 전

    So much hate for righting wrongs

  39. author

    John Johnson5 시간 전

    I ain’t no rat 😂😂.he a real one tho

  40. author

    Llyssa Love5 시간 전

    When he said I miss you and looked so emotional I almost cried .

  41. author

    Lex B5 시간 전

    I don’t like breakfast either I’ve never seen anyone else not like breakfast

  42. author

    Coleen De San Jose5 시간 전

    Who's watching this, but not is korean. ........ mee

  43. author

    Min Yoonkook5 시간 전

    I'm greek myself and I'm so whipped for the Mr. Greece guy

  44. author

    Twitch StringBtw5 시간 전

    He picks the least three iconic dodgers players

  45. author

    Damianfifanl •5 시간 전

    Points at Finland “I think this is the netherlands” Me: cries in frikandellenbroodjes

  46. author

    Anna Banana5 시간 전

    I didn’t know that my Mac and cheese tastes like bananas mixed up in sauce 😶😐

  47. author

    Lukas Bar5 시간 전


  48. author

    Dave Smave5 시간 전

    As someone who works overnights at a dog

  49. author

    Elsa Barnes5 시간 전

    I’m so sorry for those animals it’s just at first so sad

  50. author

    Siddhu Gamming1015 시간 전

    nepal 1 dollar food

  51. author

    Kja Otayy5 시간 전

    The dad with the black tie fine for a dad😭💕

  52. author

    Cheyenna Boxall5 시간 전

    Omg did anyone see the cheer cd's??? Hannah must have been a cheerleader wow that's so cool 💕

  53. author

    Gentri Covington5 시간 전

    aweee i’m so happy for you guys 💕

  54. author

    Eeja Nizam5 시간 전

    Malaysia best

  55. author

    glenn simes5 시간 전

    so marques will try the red rib but not the good looking barbecue one

  56. author

    a i d e n5 시간 전

    Rest In Peace Eva 🌹 😔 You can rest with your family now 🌺

  57. author

    Yuna Oppa5 시간 전

    *Shoulders are SooOooooO INnOpRoPrIaTe* *cough cough not really cough cough*

  58. author

    Google Account5 시간 전

    Me: listens to russian Me two seconds later: *gets russian bf* Im a guy

  59. author

    I'm Iron Man5 시간 전

    2:01 of course you're hungry. You're always are ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhohohohohlg.

  60. author

    Mr. Noob5 시간 전

    Out of 24k comments you found mine Have a Cookie🍪

  61. author

    lissaaa5 시간 전

    The heart to heart at the end 😩❤️

  62. author

    Google Account5 시간 전

    I prefer russian german or italian the most 0.0

  63. author

    KoreanBBQ5 시간 전

    8:33 the funniest try guys moment

  64. author

    Barry Allen5 시간 전

    I faked being in love for a year, jokes on me I'm married now. 🤭

  65. author

    Anamaria Ivic5 시간 전

    Cries in eastern europian

  66. author

    Megan Moriarty5 시간 전


  67. author

    evidence smith5 시간 전

    I like this video. Like the choose your future stuff

  68. author

    Daniela5 시간 전

    My favourite guy name's are miikka, nico, leo, vili, lassi, lasse

  69. author

    I have no Name5 시간 전

    Our detention is out little lunch time not the whole frickin day

  70. author

    Low Chern Lin5 시간 전

    4:23 boob licky?

  71. author

    Chills5 시간 전

    kkkk na espanha a menina pediu uma porra KKKKKKKKKKKK

  72. author

    Daniel Crowe5 시간 전

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ So happy for you~ Congrats!!!!!! (sorry for a ton of hearts and stuff, I'm excited to see you thriving and happy)

  73. author

    Daniela5 시간 전

    Danielle is close enough😂😂

  74. author

    Samantha Traub5 시간 전


  75. author

    General Luke Productions5 시간 전

    I'm 14 and can hit 80

  76. author

    Sarah Gracey5 시간 전

    Gina has such a beautiful soul

  77. author

    Haihai Whutwhut5 시간 전

    man tear :,<

  78. author

    Lemuel Padilla5 시간 전

    Who's joe?

  79. author

    Kaja Kulawik5 시간 전

    Mantis vibes

  80. author

    Jacktown Dee5 시간 전

    Atlanta better

  81. author

    the Balkan baguette5 시간 전

    whats the name of the song at the end

  82. author

    AntonySharks5 시간 전

    Ironbru is sooooooooooo tasty

  83. author

    Lunatic Nyx5 시간 전

    you really need to eat german homemade potato salad...

  84. author

    ItsRochelle5 시간 전

    These people CLOSE close w their parents 😆😩 I would not be able to play this

  85. author

    Dan Boi5 시간 전

    Im pretty sure all mits are left handed :/

  86. author

    Punkin Juice5 시간 전

    I mean, cmon man. I moved out from the Philippines when I was 3 years old and I mostly eat European food but even I can tell that those dishes were not properly cooked! It's the same when buzzfeed tried surströmming from Sweden! They didn't properly prepare the fish and it was old too! Such bad cooks.

  87. author

    Miss Lady5 시간 전

    I need the whole program I’m getting closer to God and it’s about time to stop now I want my entire life to be healthy not just spiritually and emotionally.

  88. author

    Foshi5 시간 전

    This is why I take my boyfriend everywhere with me

  89. author

    Amber Flair5 시간 전

    You got so drunk.....don't do that

  90. author

    Жерде кыргыз тили болуп саналат?5 시간 전

    Jacqueline was SO DAMN ADORABLE Was so happy she won

  91. author

    •Murray• •HeleneJ•5 시간 전

    *Shes just saying how it would help encourage people who are ethnic to be environmentalists if they see people who look more like them so they can identify with them on a cultural level someone who will understand their backstory that is what she is trying to get across but everyone wants to be so offended in these comments that is what she means if you actually follow her you will see that she goes to a lot of events and also designers have her talk like Mara Hoffman is very good friends with her she’s not anti-white she just wants to expand the movement As well as honestly she is not alone with the way she feels or thinks as an ethnic person in the movement because there are Spanish as well as Asian and Indigenous environmentalists who have said similar things how things tend to be very white focused so they try to be someone that people who look like them can attract themselves to in order to realize it can be done and it’s not just white washed and obviously environmentalism is everyone’s responsibility but still if you’re ethnic it does matter to a certain extent*

  92. author

    Naasir Shivers5 시간 전

    4:12 😂 wtf “you like it “

  93. author

    gacsimask5 시간 전

    It's so racist. There is a poor study of Asian culture have no respect for Asian culture What a profit from these treaties. Sell Asian Culture!!! It's a terrible video.

  94. author

    john levier5 시간 전

    Jajjaja satanist my ass

  95. author

    Punkin Juice5 시간 전

    Why is the girl so disgusted peeling a prawn?

  96. author

    Aang Yang5 시간 전

    Asia has more culture than any other continent on earth! Fashion and style, flavor and texture!

  97. author

    Nikkil Sailor5 시간 전

    Τα ευκόλως εννοούμενα παραλείπονται 🇬🇷🇬🇷💪💪

  98. author

    Jay Keizer5 시간 전

    In Geneva you can't even buy dog food for that price

  99. author

    Delza katemin5 시간 전

    God with ₹100 you got pav bhaji😂😂😂you can have a vadapav for ₹12 😂😂😂which is 0.17 cents😂😂 Wtff (btw I think he paid her way too much cuz they know she's a foreigner & doesn't know the prices around India for food it's usually ₹50-₹60 for pav bhaji which is 84 cents)

  100. author

    Nawal Jama5 시간 전

    I wonde If it’s white people playing this game What they would call this video.