For 16 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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Copy Cat Kids

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  1. author

    Maya Carter32 분 전

    Yes laugh for being despicable, and someone calling you out for it. Ellen you allow her to cuss on tv, sensoring does nothing. Your an influencer of half truths. Chrissy your nothing but offensive. What a joke. Laugh. Your famous for nothing. Be proud of being deplorable. Every female is a woman, but not every woman is a lady.

  2. author

    Johanna Dietrich32 분 전

    Everyone in September 2017?

  3. author

    Elisha Armani32 분 전

    Ok, Ellen does not look 61

  4. author

    Rocio Gutiérrez34 분 전

    I love Simon ! He looks great looks great ! Happy Bday Simon 🎉🎉

  5. author

    J7934 분 전

    Like this thing wasn't staged and rehearsed a billion times...

  6. author

    Nur Syafika34 분 전

    aku pulak yang nak nangis tengok ni hahhahaha

  7. author

    Hea Le34 분 전

    Good Job Andy Z!

  8. author

    jv davila34 분 전

    mega ,juro br

  9. author

    brenda velasquez35 분 전

    So happy for her❤️

  10. author

    Life peaceful35 분 전

    My favorite hot actor too yaaaay love you BRADPITT

  11. author

    Tosha Wilson35 분 전

    I love the way standard poodles gallop! Eventually watch her she will cross her front legs is adorable!

  12. author

    Joëlla N.35 분 전

    I had to put my dog down yesterday, so this makes me simultaneously happy and sad. She's adorable though!

  13. author

    cat cakes35 분 전

    Is it just me or are there tons of women in that audience

  14. author

    Bianca Vlogs35 분 전

    he definitely got surgery

  15. author

    Bushwood35 분 전

    Can’t eat cake and cutting his own hair, what’s the point of getting rich

  16. author

    B Size Indian36 분 전

    Loving this show

  17. author

    XūEūNūTūOūX36 분 전

    He looks 55 if I'm being totally honest

  18. author

    jacqueline kinyua36 분 전

    hi ellen watching from kenya

  19. author

    Alisha kot36 분 전

    His voice is so nostalgic 😭🥺

  20. author

    CustomBuses27736 분 전

    Drew deserved it because he is my favourite foreigner ninja since last year who I had wished, he would reach the Final Stage and it came true!

  21. author

    Star Gazer36 분 전

    Lots of people love smoking....Until throat cancer takes their larynx, such as my sister, no eating, speaking or normal life. Now that he has changed his diet, I hope he stops smoking, especially because he has a young child. Love to Simon.

  22. author

    F. Giobbe36 분 전

    What a great alternate finale!!! WOW man, this band is great <3

  23. author

    Doll Face Killa37 분 전

    “She never lived next door to Oprah” 😂😂 Shoot you know “next door” is like down the street, take a left, right, and you there. 😂😂

  24. author

    Golden Chi1d37 분 전

    Chance rapping about his wife got the whole soccer wives bumping.

  25. author

    Éll Gould37 분 전

    A reminder that Ellen is OLDER than Simon. They both have some amazing genes... *WoW*

  26. author

    Divanshu Soni38 분 전

    Bill Gates standing in a queue in front of a shop... Me: How simple he is! After 2 mins Bill Gates: How much for the shop Me:😶😶

  27. author

    MegaUtube9938 분 전

    Simon’s a washed up, who doesn’t have an eye for talent. His eye for talent is still stuck in the 90s

  28. author

    Angie Guzman38 분 전


  29. author

    Cheyenergy38 분 전

    He looks GREAT!!

  30. author

    Rupal L38 분 전

    I Love You ELLEN!❤❤❤❤👍👍👍

  31. author

    Denise 2138 분 전

    She talks too much

  32. author

    ASMR MOUSE39 분 전

    very cute and cute name

  33. author

    Yummy & healthy39 분 전

    He looks young👍and they both have great chemistry 👏🏻

  34. author

    Rohanie Sahadeo39 분 전

    I see Ace Family and I clicked

  35. author

    Nehco Oahnait39 분 전

    Billie eilish is great 🤪

  36. author

    C lav39 분 전

    Put your arm down Simon 😜 60 ? I wish that IF I make 60 I look that good 🕶

  37. author

    amanda z39 분 전

    Please do bring your pets yes petS to work day

  38. author

    Zsófia Nagy40 분 전

    I am going to be honest, the Average Andy series is my absolute favourite on this show ❤️

  39. author

    afrosoko40 분 전

    I love this couple. They are just perfect. Uptight Cowell and hilarious Ellen. Perfect combination. All love

  40. author

    Seauowl TV40 분 전

    It doesn't mean every time that you're celebrating your birthday, you need to have a cake😄😉

  41. author

    Jiraiya Sama40 분 전

    And she is a giant compared to Ellen.

  42. author

    Villads Ellgaard41 분 전

    i luv see ellen expose almost nude men :)

  43. author

    EricReacts1341 분 전

    Came for Ari. Stayed for Kelly.

  44. author

    Monika Tobola41 분 전

    aw aw aw aw omg awww i’m so happy

  45. author

    Sergiobewii41 분 전

    Femenist screamming.

  46. author

    Rafin Sajjad41 분 전

    Adopt me!

  47. author

    Junior Mattos41 분 전


  48. author

    Hassan Kh41 분 전

    They shouldve made a red buzzer cake

  49. author

    Domnul Flamingo42 분 전

    Rip glasses girl

  50. author

    Cristian Leos42 분 전

    Omg I heard this thanks to a playlist on Apple Music last month and after skipping through the playlist I heard this song and I liked it 🥰

  51. author

    M Aggarwal42 분 전

    who didn’t know he smoked?

  52. author

    M S42 분 전

    I'm your fan.. from India.. Love all of your shows..

  53. author

    Matt Miller42 분 전

    aww pure joy at that helmet- nice to see. that's the good stuff. i really need to curb my internet addiction and start producing seretonin of my own soon... ..... ill do it tomorrow

  54. author

    serendipity42 분 전

    paying $400k in tax got to sting buddy

  55. author

    Jason Yu43 분 전

    Wow reaching 60 already?! 😱❤❤

  56. author

    mj 1443 분 전

    wish she’d adopt me

  57. author

    next up43 분 전


  58. author

    ASMR MOUSE43 분 전

    good video- nice performance

  59. author

    Séverin Official43 분 전

    I’m defo Noah when it comes to being in a group lol

  60. author

    dani williams43 분 전

    i was love dogs :-) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  61. author

    Chris IsBetterThanYou43 분 전

    The power of plastic surgery 😂

  62. author

    Dina SourisFraise43 분 전

    My Name is Ritter aswell xD

  63. author

    tara _g979l43 분 전

    I Hope she Meredith dies so she can be with Derek and all the other people she lost

  64. author

    Oniket44 분 전

    Deepika need her own superhero movie ♡

  65. author

    Chaudhari Mahanshu44 분 전

    5:01 that girl is trying to look at😂

  66. author

    Jodebska Valencia44 분 전

    simon cowell looks........ kinda hot..

  67. author

    Jajsjwbdjfbfj45 분 전

    Wait so he’s going to be 60 and his son is 4 ?! Tf

  68. author

    The Marley Family45 분 전

    I'm up for adoption Ellen !

  69. author



  70. author

    Hizro45 분 전

    Omg it’s Brie, Captain Marvel

  71. author

    mj 1445 분 전

    ellen reminds us how rich she is every 12 seconds but it’s okay because we love her

  72. author

    Fabio Tieri45 분 전

    Is there even a brand new Brad in the youngest generation of actors? Could there ever be one?

  73. author

    Delaney Spire45 분 전

    he rly is such a good guy

  74. author

    Michelle Salas46 분 전

    60 and fine.

  75. author

    Chloe Louise46 분 전

    I actually love Simon, he’s actually so sweet

  76. author

    sam sam46 분 전

    Was that Christopher nolan..😁

  77. author

    115Stardust46 분 전

    "She never lived next door to Oprah" 😂

  78. author

    Jaycie Leigh46 분 전

    That’s my birthday!! And my mommas!!! Happy birthday Simon!!! 🎉🎉

  79. author

    maria Z S46 분 전

    I wish i could go to burning man. Like at least once.

  80. author

    Khada 146 분 전

    Eric is not scared of clowns but he is indeed scared of michael myers lol

  81. author

    Aylla47 분 전

    This is heartwarming, god bless your kind heart Ellen!!

  82. author

    Dana Rubin47 분 전

    Ellen made a very good point. People do tend to forget that breed-specific rescues are out there. Purebred puppies/dogs can also be found at local/county shelters and rescues everywhere!

  83. author

    Kayn Rhaast47 분 전

    Camila cabello 3:15

  84. author

    ASMR MOUSE47 분 전

    I like to watch American Ninja Warrior and TheEllenShow!

  85. author

    Callum Drage48 분 전

    Ellen is amazing and doesn't look a day older 40! Same with Simon!

  86. author

    Farhia Mo48 분 전

    Someone please give her a tissue 🤧🙄

  87. author

    slim shady48 분 전


  88. author

    Mami Ramlianmawii48 분 전


  89. author

    Diego Grinberg48 분 전

    He is looking good for freaking 60

  90. author

    YONCE 870148 분 전


  91. author

    Rick Overwijk48 분 전

    Two of my most beloved celebretys in one room😍

  92. author

    Lightning48 분 전

    i was born this way

  93. author

    hary' s48 분 전


  94. author

    Who Dis48 분 전

    The fish motorcycle doesn’t look like a fish

  95. author

    Fortnite DefaultSkin48 분 전

    I love SIMON and Gordon Ramsey

  96. author

    vinod punwani49 분 전

    coke answer to all lifes troubles

  97. author

    Teeonce Beauty49 분 전

    Adopt me kris

  98. author

    Starry Night50 분 전

    Ellen should invite Roger Federer too lol.

  99. author

    Lowkey Mood50 분 전

    Chance performs better than alot of artist I believe his live performances will push his album to higher heights

  100. author

    emma hildred50 분 전

    I thought she was going to be an un noticed singer