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We are Jo & Deya. Just two friends making videos for fun. Here you'll find videos about a bit of everything including Kpop
Currently working on our personal channels! Please support!
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Thank you beautiful people for the love!

  1. author

    yenisakharu5 개월 전

    could you please react to the behind-the-scenes camera of the BTS serendipity MV비디오-VJl0NBiWVq4.html

  2. author

    Zen Zheng6 개월 전

    OMG where have you been these days!?

  3. author

    BoutJoDey6 개월 전

    DJs!!!!!! First we just wanted to say that we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you and we are so blessed to have the love and support that you guys give our channel every day. Today we made 10k subscribers and though some might not think thats a big number it is a HUGE number for us. DJs who have been following us from the very beginning knew how much this channel meant to us and knew how much love we put into it. Having that channel taken down was probably the hardest thing to have happened to us especially when it was at the beginning of this year and we had so much hopes for that channel. Starting over wasn't in our plan but we're so glad that we were able to keep our heads up and keep moving forward. When we created this 2nd channel we didn't know what to expect considering we couldn't even warn our subscribers from the last one about what was happening. We lost every single sub and till this day some of you are just finding us again. To those who spread the word, who helped share our videos, to those who comment and message us on our social media accounts, we are extremely blessed and want you to know how much we truly care and appreciate how much you've helped us. It's hard sometimes posting content for you every day because we do work a lot, and even Jo goes to school [which mama day is proud because she's starting her masters program soon and at such a young age she has her future figured out already its amazing...] and we live a good distance away from each other so setting up a day to film and then edit gets challenging at times. But we thank you guys so much for your patience. A lot of our new subscribers aren't aware that we don't live with each other and have separate lives but to those who kindly remind them THANK YOU. And to those who are constantly checking up on us and our health, thank you as well. We get tons of comments every day and we hope you know that we read every single one and do our best to reply. This year has brought a lot of exciting things when it comes to our channel. We managed to do some traveling and went to South Korea and explored a culture we had only dreamed of experiencing. Our next adventure will lead us to Monsta X's world tour. We have met tons of amazing people, have tons of exciting news coming your way, and I have the greatest feeling that something bigger will be coming our way. Only the universe and time will tell. In the months to come we will be creating separate channels which will feature more personal content and may be more of vlog style videos which we are excited for. I have created mine and I'm excited for Jo's and I hope you guys will be able to give tons of love and support those channels as well. We promise to do our best to continue posting often and to give 110% on our channel. Thank you guys for allowing us to be ourselves and to post the shenanigans that we do. Thank You so much guys, we love you! 고마워, 너를 사랑해. Gracias a todos, los queremos muchísimo! Dankeschön, wir lieben dich! Love, Deya & Jo