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Welcome to B is for Build. A place where Chris and his friends document their life with cars. We fix cars, we break cars, we buy, sell, and trade cars all with the ultimate goal of having fun. Check it out!

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    Tim Brown2 시간 전

    Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future

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    Anastasios Pezos2 시간 전

    That’s not how you take a door skin off

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    TJ's Practical DIY3 시간 전

    Like I said, new channel name: O is for Oscar.

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    TJ's Practical DIY3 시간 전

    New channel name: O is for Oscar.

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    Jerry Lifsey3 시간 전

    17:31 koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-YFrEiKcYrFQ.html

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    DJ SINRG3 시간 전


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    Jerry Lifsey3 시간 전

    dain bramage... no bueno

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    Maurice Warfield4 시간 전

    Congrats guys!!

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    joshua hurran4 시간 전


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    LEIF HOFFMAN4 시간 전

    Chelsea and Chris, Congratulations!!!!!!! Here's wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness. C is for Chelsea and Chris Forever!!!!! Chris, way to pull the whole thing off you sneaky devil! She loved it!!!!!!!! Proud of you man.

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    Luke Reuter4 시간 전

    Can we have an update?

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    Jon Con4 시간 전

    Does vents on the front fenders I would personally take them off

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    Phill Mulvana4 시간 전

    "right guys, Oscars gonna go ahead and propose to Chelsea while I look at a mounting bracket"

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    Ryan Brockmiller5 시간 전

    nice work man, I too proposed to my lady at Disneyland, although my lady has severe social anxiety so I had to do it somewhere a little more secluded. so I did it on one of the docks on pirate island that we eat lunch on every time we go. it was so worth it.

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    Jason Parkinson5 시간 전

    Congratulations guys xx

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    Top Gamer5 시간 전

    I cringed after seeing the white with black paint or wrap or what ever the hell it is

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    snare495 ricketyYT5 시간 전

    Congrats bro you deserve it

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    Prignon Yves5 시간 전


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    MrNurdiboy5 시간 전

    Awesome stuff guys and congrats👏🕺👍🍺

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    caleb skog6 시간 전

    That's awesome congratulations you guys

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    Jeroen van Leeuwen6 시간 전


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    Mike Anderson6 시간 전

    Congratulations to you both. Good job on the surprise.

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    Jerry Lifsey6 시간 전

    12:55 Hoovie has a Raptor...you have a Raptor....take it down to TX to race in The Texas Raptor Run with Matt with OffTheRanch

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    Senarathna Gamage6 시간 전

    I sware to god I will like this comment

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    Jerry Lifsey7 시간 전

    25:55 "Because Chelsea told me to"... wise man.

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    Jerry Lifsey7 시간 전

    Being frugal gets you stuff....just spend the money where it counts most (i.e. repairs, maintenance, safety, appreciation, etc)

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    yung 6017 시간 전


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    cory ogle7 시간 전

    Congratulations Chris and Chelsea!

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    Nesta M7 시간 전

    A fucking 40k ring jezus.

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    Claus Madsen7 시간 전

    Congrats Chris. Been following you for a long time, and great that you wanted to share the moment with us all. Happily ever after ftw!!

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    Rodrick Lodowica7 시간 전

    congrats broooo

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    André F Billette7 시간 전

    Just great

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    Blinka Bot7 시간 전

    Great News. Congratulations Chris & Chelsea Love toy guys

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    Brannon Truax7 시간 전

    Congrats guys!!

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    Kastyan Ivanov8 시간 전

    тень, от кустов на обочине, падает в другом направлении ;)

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    R A8 시간 전

    Oscar done a great job on the ring ......

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    Winton Bain8 시간 전

    Awesome guys congratulations

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    Charitha Lakruwan Vlogs8 시간 전

    honestly i was hoping a bit more :(, either way congratz guys <3

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    lilrashad0078 시간 전

    congrats man glad it finally happened i kept telling my wife yall need to get married yall perfect together and she messes with cars you got a rare one

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    QEMU Android_8.19 시간 전


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    Peter van Diggelen9 시간 전

    Congrats...wish you guys all the luck in the world

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    Chris White9 시간 전

    B is for Bride

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    Alvaro Gutierrez10 시간 전

    Congrats to you and your chick bro! Nicely done! 👍👍👍

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    coosh1110 시간 전

    So your phone does not work as a radar, but you do not really need a radar if your just on the lake during nice days and paying attention when your out and about.

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    Anders Christian Jensen10 시간 전

    Congratlations. You derserve it.

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    Durst Hayden10 시간 전

    Congrats bro!! So happy for you!! You 2 make an amazing couple!!!

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    Joshua Suhy10 시간 전

    Got that washer fluid coming out my eyes

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    FLeX11 시간 전

    I’m sorry of what happened to u guys in your flight

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    Abhijeet Singh11 시간 전

    Congratulations guys!!

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    Grandma's Shitty Basement HD11 시간 전

    Why does everyone propose at Disneyland?

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    Angelo Lynch11 시간 전


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    Max_x211 시간 전

    Congrats mate!

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    John Clayton11 시간 전

    So happy for you guys.

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    Mortgage & Mitre12 시간 전

    I’m not crying. You’re crying.

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    Kim W12 시간 전

    Congratulations!!! Btw: just for a second i thought Chris was jogging.....

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    Eric Haskins12 시간 전

    Congrats Chris & Chelsea!!!!!!

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    Garageaholic12 시간 전

    Chris, you are so thoughtful. It reminds me of the thought I put into asking my wife to marry me. And she is just as supportive as your fiance is to me with my car channel. Your channel has always been inspiring, this video is no exception. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiring person to watch. You always motivate me. You're a lucky man! - Frank

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    Daniel Sands12 시간 전

    And i thought the SEMA was your best ever vid WOW, congratulations and all the best for the future xxxxx

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    Bass fm13 시간 전

    Congrats to you both ❤️ beautiful ring and proposal, many happy returns

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    Daisckey A13 시간 전

    Congratulations man, take care of her she is a good people.

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    Romain anglin13 시간 전

    Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈

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    James Moede13 시간 전

    Congratulations brother Been watching for a few years and always wondered when

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    Jimmy13 시간 전

    Congratulations guys, next build better be a wedding car!

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    Matthias Koller13 시간 전

    Amazing Job

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    MrMaxeemum14 시간 전

    I'm not a rich guy, pulls out a diamond big enough to sink the boat. Congratulations.

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    Lachlan L14 시간 전

    the advice! love you man, congratulations!!!

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    James Hopkins14 시간 전

    B is for Bride!!! Congratulations!!!

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    waps777714 시간 전

    Congrats Guys!

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    Jay Kay14 시간 전

    Happy for you both

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    leeklytuning14 시간 전

    Congrats!!!!! I ' m not crying my eyes are just sweating!!!

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    leeklytuning15 시간 전

    "You Did It. The Crazy Son of a Bitch, You Did It"

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    Jacob Durand15 시간 전

    Congrats to you 2

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    Nanda Wena15 시간 전

    The best, in indonesia

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    Chris Beard16 시간 전

    Congratulations guys ❤️

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    Congratulations Guys :-)

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    Congrats my man! Wish you both the best.

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    Walid werfelli16 시간 전

    congrats from the bottum of my heart 😍

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    Wilfredo Roman16 시간 전

    Why does this video have dumps down ?? Jesus why the hate guys !!! Be happy for them not a lot women will ride through this journey and on top nobody is doing it like B is for build on this platform amazing content and now soon to be wife who is been very supportive!!! Show your appreciation omg what is this world coming to 🥺

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    DFDUB 6416 시간 전

    That was awesome!!! Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈 And that ring, 😲 DAMN!!!!! You busted it out on that one....

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    goodluckwithallthat17 시간 전

    Congrats you two!

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    Lovell Augustin17 시간 전

    smooth "B" smooth. congrates

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    Rick Singh17 시간 전

    B is for broke.... always happens after marriage

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    Congratulations bro wish you the best!

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    Cor Mol18 시간 전

    Congratulations on your intended marriage. Have fun

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    Nattawut Limcharoen18 시간 전

    How much?

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    Zouhair Nedjraoui18 시간 전

    congratulations guys I hope you have many many many many many years of happiness. this is only the beginning of even more great things

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    Ranshika Hettiarachchi18 시간 전

    congratulations man!!

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    Sonixx #118 시간 전

    I was watched the whole video without looking at comments😍CONGRATULATIONS

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    congrats guys

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    ok gratz

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    Congratulations 🥳

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    Stephen Waterman19 시간 전

    Lets hope he does not rush and fumble this like he did the recent car. That car was ready for the Thursday night car show at the local hotdog joint, not Sema Show.