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Joana Ceddia

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I went to promI went to prom

I went to prom

4 개월 전

It is exam season.It is exam season.

It is exam season.

7 개월 전



년 전

  1. author

    Lucy S시간 전

    I'm sorry, but did you say....... "Woody" the pooh????!

  2. author

    Lol Kio2 시간 전

    Meanwhile people in Asian Universities be like :😏😏

  3. author

    A B2 시간 전

    I despise avocados

  4. author

    Good Morning2 시간 전

    An object will not move unless one yeets it😂😂😂

  5. author

    Lil Otaku2 시간 전

    holy shait this gave me anxiety

  6. author

    Tendo LK2 시간 전

    Am i the only one who got the video translated in German? 🤔

  7. author

    Enkhtuya Batmunkh2 시간 전

    Why do u have a habit of eating and smelling everything

  8. author

    Angel Maltez2 시간 전

    Get ready to make cookies again

  9. author

    Saire B.2 시간 전

    OMG The amount of salt being thrown here is absolutely hilarious! I love your sense of humor KEEP SHINING BRIGHT BABEZZZZZZ

  10. author

    Adeena,meeral2 시간 전

    Uhhh 7 monthths late .?

  11. author

    Nick Gurr2 시간 전

    “Calm ya meatless tittes”

  12. author

    Shamima Akther2 시간 전

    Almost at 3 mil! Keep up the good work my fave John Cena

  13. author

    genuis Lab2 시간 전

    Don't cook again

  14. author

    Chris Riddell2 시간 전

    You are a genius! From Gaga moaning to calculus, orange tinted maniac to an almost CCTV baby monitor. You’re freaking hilarious

  15. author

    Lillacemy Cat2 시간 전

    I was just like... PILLARR UPPP

  16. author

    Sanuki De soysa3 시간 전

    can i buy it?

  17. author

    ash b3 시간 전

    Your parents are so cute oml it’s incredible

  18. author

    Molly's life3 시간 전

    My reaction was EWW

  19. author

    Bhavin Shukla3 시간 전

    Being Organized.Thats only thing which is impossible to atain......

  20. author

    Benjamin _3 시간 전

    felt like i just listen to girl expressing her mental breakdown over a 10 min video

  21. author

    No Name3 시간 전

    I thought she is making 100 cookies for her 100k subscribers

  22. author

    Cker3 시간 전

    You are a very interesting person.

  23. author

    CinderK Vlogz3 시간 전

    why can’t you get a pitbull?

  24. author

    spanz d0cter3 시간 전

    Kim stop taking pictures *I'm going to jail*

  25. author

    Liza Solomonova3 시간 전

    Tip: add ice and/or sugar to ur tea. it really makes a difference.

  26. author

    Iraa rhmn3 시간 전

    after the makeover she kinda look like jenna marbles or is it jst me?😂

  27. author

    Jodi Lee3 시간 전

    Wait why did Joana do an extra lap

  28. author

    Laura Victória4 시간 전

    Aaaaaah ela fala português tão bem, e tão bonitinho 😍

  29. author

    Bhavya sharma4 시간 전

    Do people earn from videos ? Em just asking !

  30. author

    Laura Zapater4 시간 전

    As a spaniard I have more than five types of cheese in my fridge and it's ok btw not every Spanish person has that much cheese but we make excellent cheese and I love it. does it make sense lol

  31. author

    Laura Zapater4 시간 전

    As a spaniard I have more than five types of cheese in my fridge and it's ok btw not every Spanish person has that much cheese but we make excellent cheese and I love it. does it make sense lol

  32. author

    mallory Dannemiller4 시간 전


  33. author

    Macy Moonlight4 시간 전

    I swear this is me and my friend where in Florida but I was not🥑🥑🥑

  34. author

    Alicia4 시간 전

    I thought the mountain was in the clouds

  35. author

    Aria ._.thebee4 시간 전

    ur vids are so cool and funny 😂😂

  36. author

    N Kar4 시간 전

    ohhhh, you're a kumon tutor. I would recognize that blue anywhere

  37. author

    iii_CloudyPxxts4 시간 전

    yaya I’m here before 3 Million

  38. author

    Rosy Love4 시간 전

    I love tomatoes 😢

  39. author

    Prince Kapoor4 시간 전

    You have almost 3 million subs in a year that's crazy

  40. author

    Şeymanur Demir4 시간 전

    No you are beautiful 😍❤️❤️❤️

  41. author

    Honey Bun5 시간 전

    Happy birthday

  42. author

    twitchy mist5 시간 전

    Finally someone agrees with me a bout riverdale

  43. author

    Melina k5 시간 전

    Do I see some simply music

  44. author

    Cherry Bloosom msp Cherry Bloosom5 시간 전


  45. author

    Liza Solomonova5 시간 전

    Why don't u call yourself Jim carrey?

  46. author

    alexandra5 시간 전

    okay katniss everdeen, we see you

  47. author

    Naina Jain5 시간 전

    I like eating potatoes under a fan

  48. author

    marsmallowsliime5 시간 전

    Can anyone count how times did she zoom in this video😂

  49. author

    Nidharshana Purushothaman5 시간 전

    190? In India there are 231 days!!!

  50. author

    kglrtheroche5 시간 전

    Stop buying textbooks people! Does your school not have them on loan or in the reserve section?

  51. author

    Kendrich Badando6 시간 전

    Breaking news: My wig was found in russia

  52. author

    Kendrich Badando6 시간 전

    What she is: 5% Avocado tortilla 10% Water 30% Organization 50% John Cena 100% ARITZIA

  53. author

    colors of nature6 시간 전

    Eye of a tiger Dreams by fleetwood mac Holding out for a hero by bonnie tyler Another brick in the wall by pink floyd She is a maniac Why dont you cry willow smith Bury a friend

  54. author

    Hafsah Sattar6 시간 전


  55. author

    less kiss6 시간 전

    Lots of try hard hipsters cook in leather jackets 🤔

  56. author

    Shmink ee6 시간 전

    Haha, that’s funny because me and my friends were saying if you could live in any shop what would it be Everyone: IKEA! It’s actually logical tho... there’s beds to sleep in there food & water from the cafe and who wouldn’t want to spend there whole life in IKEA!

  57. author

    gucci mane6 시간 전

    Why you talk a lot lmao

  58. author

    meme dot_du_skrattar_du_förlorar6 시간 전

    Joana, 30 BC invented makeup. Whow...Google is smart.

  59. author

    Emily Lynch6 시간 전

    I love how you did your hair

  60. author

    beautybekky6 시간 전

    Did she just call a tuna salad a sandwich

  61. author

    Kadaka Kirstin6 시간 전

    You are a very cute

  62. author

    Caitlin Newbold7 시간 전


  63. author

    XxWolfie PlayzzxX7 시간 전

    Her: it's 4 am Me: *AND MY LOVER WON'T ANSWER😩* if you know this song I *fucking love you*

  64. author

    GãçhåQùëéñ Ly117 시간 전

    *welcome to my world*

  65. author

    ging3rdragon7 시간 전

    Shorty awards for short plp ☺️👍

  66. author

    Katie Fox7 시간 전

    Y ou need to add a splash of milk to your bootleg mac and cheese to really crank up that creamyness

  67. author

    ging3rdragon7 시간 전

    Omg mother goose needs to make a how to video when going places! Im horrible! 😂👍

  68. author

    Just Your Average Retard7 시간 전

    6:12 I would laugh so hard if some druggo was following the cookie tutorial and put actual cocaine lol

  69. author

    ging3rdragon7 시간 전

    I didn’t go to prom and I don’t regret it. 😋👍

  70. author

    Liza Solomonova7 시간 전

    I love garlic pizza but the kind that we have in Australia. it's like a regular cheese pizza but with no sauce (sometimes garlic oil) and it has minced garlic on top.

  71. author

    ging3rdragon8 시간 전

    If i ever go back to school i will follow your teachings 👍

  72. author

    The Bohemian Killer Queen8 시간 전

    Let’s exchange Freddie Mercury for Lil Pump!!!!!

  73. author

    Jenson Blight8 시간 전

    Try and find a Joana ceddia video that doesn’t have the work “ravenous” in it. I dare you.

  74. author

    Nadine L8 시간 전

    why am i watching this.. im a grade 8 highschooler who has no probably plan for her future

  75. author

    Jqn Bautista8 시간 전


  76. author

    National Pornographic8 시간 전

    Your mom is a MILFBURGER. Without the lettuce.

  77. author

    TheBloxGamer8 시간 전

    Joana: "Who's ready to spend all their money..." Me: "What money? 😕"

  78. author

    National Pornographic8 시간 전

    This is the full girlfriend experience.

  79. author

    Nazli Xoxoxo9 시간 전

    Joana ur actually the mothers daughter, yall r like twins. BTW ALMOST 3M❤️😍

  80. author

    gkeira099 시간 전


  81. author

    AlannaPLT 1239 시간 전

    Omg u look so different when u put on makeup :oo

  82. author

    National Pornographic9 시간 전

    Ariana Grandad at 5:04

  83. author

    Sophia draws stuff9 시간 전

    "Calm your meatless titties, its sustainable" 😂😂😂😂

  84. author

    queenie bird10 시간 전

    6:50 my life

  85. author

    National Pornographic10 시간 전

    I will marry you, just seyin'.

  86. author

    22 4110 시간 전

    Hi Joana, thank you

  87. author

    arwen b10 시간 전

    you should try painting without scaling

  88. author

    MillowWillowand방탄 소년단10 시간 전

    Those are all us those beautiful cookies thank you for making us john cena

  89. author

    Athena Dolling10 시간 전

    *throws out Nike Air Force Ones*....

  90. author

    tabassum khan10 시간 전

    When billie talked about losing her avacados, she was talking about joana

  91. author

    SM-T200610 시간 전

    Watching this one month before exams 😂😂

  92. author

    National Pornographic10 시간 전

    Whey protien is actually disgusting on every level.

  93. author

    scott montgomery10 시간 전

    1:27 when the actual filming video starts

  94. author

    National Pornographic10 시간 전

    You do a harder workout than me, and I'm a grown adult..

  95. author

    Stella O'Brien10 시간 전

    8:24 she kind of looks like a mexican wrestler

  96. author

    Stella O'Brien11 시간 전

    Joana : This is the face that is hoing to be greeting you at 2pm in the morning!!!! Wait what? Me: dying

  97. author

    National Pornographic11 시간 전

    Those 2:35 height feels.. so many feels..

  98. author

    Stella O'Brien11 시간 전

    I looks like a kid was left alone with only glue and cotten candy and... Well you can probably see where im hoing with this

  99. author

    National Pornographic11 시간 전

    Entertaining vid young lady. You're a dilf too!

  100. author

    GSXR 75011 시간 전

    you're making a good choice going the stem route, don't give up, it'll pay you back later on.