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  1. author

    Mike Tyler's World5 분 전

    This is my favorite video of yours. It was hilarious, fun but at the end it had a great intention which is to help out a charity. Great idea Chanel. God bless you both for donating! 😊💕

  2. author

    3kids On ice6 분 전

    Dude they have a jell they spread on the stomach

  3. author

    Lukesky6136 분 전

    Yes I have given birth before (I am a male 12 years of age) ;)

  4. author

    Colton Carrasco6 분 전


  5. author


    whan you come to srilanka come to my house i am fortnite defuze team

  6. author

    Joseph Rodrigez8 분 전

    Shut out to all Mom’s

  7. author

    April Signorelli8 분 전

    I have five all natural no drugs

  8. author

    bryfox8 분 전

    Yes I wanna see more vid like this

  9. author

    dragon destroyer8 분 전

    I wouldn’t shave my head

  10. author

    Lexi Paysour8 분 전

    I am eating Mac and cheese

  11. author

    Joe blackwood8 분 전

    god damn anthony was so skinny

  12. author

    YURI9 분 전

    Why do you put a 40 second clip of literally everything im about to see in a short 14 min YT video...homie I clicked cuz i wanna watch it no need for spoilers or trying to make me stay😂

  13. author


    dude i am your big fan i from sri lanka i also playing fortnite i am season 1

  14. author

    Lazy.moodzzz9 분 전

    They should’ve made the moms try it to see compare it to the real birth pain

  15. author

    Quits_ tinyTerro3019 분 전

    How are you still in case Like if you agre

  16. author


    Now the girls have to do the men getting kicked in the balls simulation

  17. author

    Danielle Salaices10 분 전

    Mom of 4!!

  18. author

    tryxl yt10 분 전


  19. author

    Recoilzx11 분 전

    Hmm 2 six grade English teachers 🤔nice

  20. author

    Honey Comb11 분 전

    I think the reason they did not make girls do it because if they did maybe the girls would not wanna give birth anymore

  21. author


    OK I'm going to be Honest this song doesn't sound good

  22. author

    Rayone Evans12 분 전

    How much was it

  23. author

    Quits_ tinyTerro30112 분 전

    It's f'ing creepy it's f up like what the f

  24. author

    aa_ron3838 GOD13 분 전

    At 3:37 close your eyes If you get it then cool a good hint: (inches)

  25. author

    emma yeakel13 분 전

    you should do a video where men try period cramps

  26. author

    Nobody’s Gamer13 분 전

    1 like: 1 prayer for bosely to get better

  27. author

    ExoTic Vibes13 분 전

    This house still bigger than my friends and he claims he is *rich*

  28. author

    Kelli Marie13 분 전

    I’m a mother ☺️ Gave birth to my daughter almost 4 years ago with no pain meds at all and being induced ☺️1-10 my pain level was at most a 4 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. author

    Irma Bolton13 분 전

    I have 3 sons,having them naturally is awsome holding them after all that pain is priceless ❤

  30. author

    Joshua Michael13 분 전


  31. author

    Anthony Ruiz14 분 전

    For me

  32. author

    Emily Frucchione14 분 전

    He doesn’t no how to spell

  33. author

    Shay EH 30 Lachy14 분 전

    Ily rug

  34. author

    Taylor Owens14 분 전

    You're own ads with like 7 other ads?? Lame af

  35. author

    Joshua Michael15 분 전

    Of had this geezer rug

  36. author

    Benny Lozano16 분 전

    My mom had 8 kids I don't know how she did it

  37. author

    KT_72216 분 전

    Ok rug isn’t straight anymore

  38. author

    SUAVE HAT 1116 분 전

    I Love block licorice

  39. author

    Yami Land16 분 전

    I’m a girl and also I don’t suck

  40. author

    Danny Carmona17 분 전

    4:45 lmao when he saw the money he was like “ok”

  41. author

    Desiree Florez17 분 전

    "I think i gotta poop" fuuny shit 😂😂

  42. author

    Aqiel Amsyar17 분 전

    still waiting for the vid

  43. author

    park merrill18 분 전

    I thought constipation was the best way to describe birth pain hell no

  44. author

    Diego Abrajan18 분 전

    didnt even spell guarantee right🤣

  45. author

    iBeserkTyツ18 분 전

    4:40 that shit scared me

  46. author

    Clorox bleach18 분 전

    that bitch would be fun asf to hotbox ahaha

  47. author

    Isai Becerra20 분 전

    I always get the same

  48. author

    Braidxn YT23 분 전

    When Anthony knocked I looked over at my door.

  49. author

    Interstellar Dog23 분 전

    The intro said no one was hurt during the video. are you sure about that?

  50. author

    Anime Freak23 분 전

    Wow is this what women!... go through pain birth I feel man can take this much better females suffered more not thier fault we all take pain less or more the lower hip belly is more painful I'm learning something

  51. author

    bowen voowy23 분 전

    The beat jus sounds like a rip off of Loyal by chris brown

  52. author

    Jay Ozuna24 분 전

    Step mom just gave birth

  53. author

    Agile Beet25 분 전

    That knock tripped me out

  54. author

    ash peroja25 분 전

    do another food video pls

  55. author

    Eric cano25 분 전

    Special title plant that only leaves

  56. author

    Kayci Elizabeth25 분 전

    I been through labor I had my baby at 16 he’s 4 months now my labor was painful but fast Btw I love all ur videos they make my day better if I’m having a bad day

  57. author

    iPanda27 분 전

    when i was a kid and went to mexican parties they never aloud us to hold the chairs

  58. author


    Really good boy I like that dude

  59. author


    Really good boy I like that dude

  60. author

    Halca28 분 전


  61. author

    Kristtany Mercado28 분 전

    I’m a mom of 2

  62. author

    10k like 100k sub28 분 전

    that is the easiest challenge ever😂

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    JSab 2228 분 전

    I’m going to McDonald’s what soda should I get Dirt? or Pimple Pop?

  64. author

    Yeethub Yeethub29 분 전

    No one was harm but us men in the video 😭

  65. author

    Nick Arabsky29 분 전

    I would give anything to meet faze rug

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    Manny Doey29 분 전

    Faze rug that sh*t is funny 😆 as hell

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    Joshua Michael30 분 전

    Broke out of shame or pendry

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    Manuel Magallanes31 분 전

    U shouldve put it on someone that actually has given birth to see if its worse or better

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    Diane Harold32 분 전


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    Kirsty Thomson32 분 전


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    Yamila De Leon32 분 전

    Post on Faze Rug Games .

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    Ebrahim Shah32 분 전

    Yo rug please do a car collection video of all of your cars and your family’s guys please like so he sees this

  74. author

    Itz JuXn33 분 전

    i knew it felt like the gorilla game @ chuck-e-cheeses 😂

  75. author

    Gabe Herrera33 분 전

    first 9 comments: 2019?

  76. author

    GAMING BABA33 분 전

    Watching this video My stomach is paining 😩

  77. author

    Saczn33 분 전

    That’s a fucking massage machine i have one that looks just like that

  78. author

    Vxilez34 분 전

    U should’ve held it level by level for a couple seconds each

  79. author

    Japanese Don34 분 전

    What are you feeding Anthony

  80. author

    I was possessed by a brain True story34 분 전

    Actually stupider isn’t a word so there stupid

  81. author

    thephonegamingguy34 분 전

    I would. Then I’d run Bosley on it😂

  82. author

    Nobody’s Gamer35 분 전

    I’m just posting a random comment to see how many people are stupid enough to like this comment 🤣🤣🤣 So I guess just 👇🏻if you don’t care

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    Cohenforbes 11335 분 전

    Rug can you go out in public and do if you don't laugh you win $100 love your videos

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    C7 Zen35 분 전

    Do last to leave car wins

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    Fvckmehemmo36 분 전

    He did it too quick for papa rug bro you gotta make them suffer a little bit longer than that

  86. author

    Jakob Messer38 분 전

    I've seen houses smaller

  87. author

    Kuntry&Ashley King38 분 전

    Someone yelled ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    ツOw3nBaby38 분 전

    literally rugged

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    Cristina Rico38 분 전

    I gave birth to the youngest rugrat ! ❤️

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    Syed Raza39 분 전

    Like me i like _your video

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    Wolf Snipz40 분 전

    When Rug said its more painful than like what the machine dose I dont wanna give berth... Or are boys just weak..... No offense

  92. author

    Brenda40 분 전

    I'm a mom watching lmao men are weenies 😂😂😂

  93. author

    Jeremy Castillo40 분 전

    Omg rug said my name

  94. author

    Melissa Borror40 분 전

    🤣 You’re super adorable, Brian. Also, I think you’re an incredible human-being and you deserve to be treated as such for being mindful of others. Especially mothers! And, that rhymed.🤣 💖💖💖

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    Jeremy Castillo40 분 전

    Bro Jeremy is my name

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