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  1. author

    Joshua Chace Balinas44 분 전

    Lol @ this guys spears.

  2. author

    The JuiceBox44 분 전

    I miss Stephen A and skip together Max voice is just annoying to me and Molly just sits there she can go too

  3. author

    WithGodayo oo44 분 전

    Anyone know Cristiano Ronaldo ? Yeah dude is just as competitive. Some athletes just seem to want it more than others

  4. author

    mg19cal44 분 전

    5:35 whrn he said "casting aspersions" you KNOWWWWWW Stephen A. was watching this saying/yelling "why wasn't "I" given this interview? I say that. This is BLASPHEMY!"

  5. author

    Ronald H45 분 전

    If those who serve in our Armed Forces are not worth that kind of money then a baseball player isn't either. Still... welcome to the Yankees. 🙂

  6. author

    HenLee FITNESS46 분 전

    Honestly thought he was still in HS or sum

  7. author

    Mayo Hosko46 분 전

    Sas at number 1, so tru. I love it when sas teases the cowboys fans. I would’ve put Ryan hollins in that list over the knicks. The knickerbockers are depressing not annoying

  8. author

    Jezer Cornejo46 분 전

    Kevin Love on Pistons. Blake Griffin on Cavs.

  9. author

    Sensai Vers47 분 전

    I'll be very shocked if Ben clears 3.5 3s per game.

  10. author

    Victor Palamar48 분 전

    You are cheating the network for you wages MAX!

  11. author

    N. N.48 분 전

    *Nuggets in 6 ! Joker is new champion!*

  12. author

    ledsith48 분 전

    What's with yates ? Wearing his pajamas to the winter meetings ! Too cheap to buy a suit .

  13. author

    OomS4pi49 분 전

    Back then The Lakers need Phil Jackson to teach meditation, now they use an app. Time's changing. LOL

  14. author

    TheDCGuitar1349 분 전

    I’m just gonna point out that it looks like the champs are getting the band back together. Let’s see gerrit be that good two years in a row. I’ll take strasburg, scherzer, Corbin, Soto, Kendrick and turner into any battle and feel good about it. If rendon resigns I’m calling Yankees vs Nationals World Series.

  15. author

    Cody Ping49 분 전

    Them two old people in all fairness do they even have a real honest upfront grasp on technology today i can take a broadcast off my tv stream it to my computer enhance all the sound zoom decrease certain noise levels of certain aspects and find all the times someone farted in a game and that is literally meant for an extreme example not being funny its a low sound that is easily to identify

  16. author

    mr head49 분 전

    who cares .so the Yankees bought Garret Cole. big surprise

  17. author

    AS J49 분 전

    As soon as I saw the title I paused the video, brewed some mocha and tucked myself underneath the covers.

  18. author

    76jskills49 분 전

    He actually didnt win he got a 10 count but the stopped counting at 8

  19. author

    Terrance McLean50 분 전

    People just now realizing that the pats are cheaters and liars i’ve known this since i was like like 10 and i’m 18

  20. author

    Tasty Terps50 분 전

    Pats have been trash for years💯🤢🤮

  21. author

    e51 분 전

    No 2010, no 2011, no kyrie shot, why even make this video

  22. author

    Jerry Phillips51 분 전

    I think Burrows is the obvious choice for most people but Dan has a point, Trevor has never lost a college game and has been looking really good lately. I would be comfortable scheming with either guy to be honest.

  23. author

    King x Q YT51 분 전

    Jacoby nose stay crooked 😂

  24. author

    Artak Zeytuntsyan51 분 전

    I really was a big Baker fan. Style of play the cockiness everything.... but stfu already. When your prolly more annoying than AB, then ur a problem

  25. author

    Tweetc Banks52 분 전

    Max I love him. If we got srry players and Wentz isn't the blame stop playin Wentz.. We was bhind against 3-8. Redskins down 17pts with all our players. So its the same b.s. Stop HPYING this QB. Who he beaten? Im a Eagles fan and we r not goin anywhere as long Wentz as QB. He's a fake McNabb.

  26. author

    Roadrunner52 분 전

    Since that knee injury he's not as mobile and quick.

  27. author

    ava may52 분 전

    fergie doesn’t usually doesn’t sing like this calm down

  28. author

    benzman500sl55 분 전

    This is beyond absurd

  29. author

    Smoove Talk55 분 전

    He spent 3 years at ohio st. How many years has he been in college 🤔

  30. author

    Icecold Glacier56 분 전

    The man took down goliath twice. He made the sport biblical! He is 1st ballot. He deserved the ridicule- he deserves the praise. Eli is what coaches should teach, how to block out the nay sayers and be a manning. Who overcame greater odds? That clutch stat is something that's praised; in all actuallity it's all that matters.

  31. author

    William MacCord56 분 전

    Once again Max, not knowing what he is talking about.

  32. author

    Vanessa Crouch56 분 전

    No one would care if Kellerman was robbed. Most would be happy if he went back to boxing.

  33. author

    Jacob Tabon57 분 전

    He did not knock out Fury.

  34. author

    Shawn John57 분 전

    why not just say best Lebron Moments......

  35. author

    john Last57 분 전

    not good enough to play nba

  36. author

    Michael Grant57 분 전

    There are two things people aren't talking about. One, Cole didn't win the cy young award and two the Houston Astros didn't win the world series.

  37. author

    taxid3rmy57 분 전

    Only two logical options if he wants another NBA ring: Celtics or Dallas ...nuff said

  38. author

    Sho Ent58 분 전

    "Tell us the lies, first" should be told to Maxwell, before any debate...

  39. author

    Zenn Labs58 분 전

    Jomboy lurking hard

  40. author

    Mike M 21558 분 전

    T.O. still lookin for a job lol

  41. author

    The Truth59 분 전

    I thought the Yankees would have learned their lesson with arod and Stanton but nope they just keep making the same mistakes sign high price free agents for a lot year and a lot of money get one or two good years out of them and bamn thats it.

  42. author

    William MacCord59 분 전

    That’s rich, Rex Ryan, talking about someone else crying.... what did he think we forgot all about his temper tantrums.

  43. author

    Jewel Cheez시간 전

    Rip Juice Wrld

  44. author

    Oh Yeah Yeah시간 전

    "It was just a little jokey-joke" Bruh what😂

  45. author

    MrJDuro시간 전

    Molly smh

  46. author

    Ronald Regan the man시간 전

    Steven A smith reminds so much of my old boss it’s funny. Was an interesting guy to work with but kinda missed the dude!

  47. author

    Dj Supreme시간 전

    He’s comming to the Lakers.... bet!

  48. author

    Mister B시간 전

    Euro league for KLove

  49. author

    Joshua Maloney시간 전

    Actually Browns give Patriots permission to record the game

  50. author

    Mark Chavez시간 전

    Swear Rex Ryan will be the next browns head coach. I want to see it .

  51. author

    Chuck Storm시간 전

    Pour down rain wind no receiver s yeah max totally valid on coming down on Wentz. Completely blind to the truth sad thing is when and if they make the playoffs and ultimately lose youll feel validated and your flat wrong

  52. author

    The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment시간 전

    9 years too long and overpayed for him so he doesn't go to LA would liked 7 years. no starter should get 8 or 9 years. ridiculous the money in free agency. but yankees needed a ace and need win world series since 2009

  53. author

    myjmd0819시간 전

    These dudes defense can make curry and harden c players in todays game

  54. author

    nbafns시간 전

    A good/decent player: **exists** ESPN: He should join (insert a LeBron James team) and we'll say he's trash every time LeBron loses in the finals

  55. author

    Danny Marshburn시간 전

    U do what’s good for the team!!!

  56. author

    BRBallin1시간 전

    Really hated him after he went to the Heat but he grew on me after the Cavs championship.

  57. author

    The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment시간 전

    9 years too long. would liked 7 years. no starter should get 8 or 9 years. ridiculous the money in free agency. but yankees needed a ace and need win world series since 2009

  58. author

    Dennis Yap시간 전

    Kamukha ni jordan anak ni lebron.

  59. author

    Sebastian Martinez시간 전

    Every NY team sucks except buffalo bills and The Yankees. Thank god for them cause the Knicks make me depressed.

  60. author

    Chino Don시간 전

    Bruh dis dude was a scrub just last year, hes got elite receivers . No doubt hes had a great season but can we pump the brakes this is exactly how franscises like the browns end picking in the top 5 for years and years

  61. author

    Nuke Boy시간 전

    Still getting smashed by the Stros lol.

  62. author

    Festivalous Calpito시간 전

    How come he gets lost.

  63. author

    TIMMY CASH시간 전


  64. author

    Dan Bolka시간 전

    New England made mistake getting rid of Jimmy g. Could have had same as packers favra and rodgers

  65. author


    Kawhi & PG didn’t want to be a Laker after being childhood fans of the organization?! They must’ve been smoking that Clipper Crack aha crazy how out of all people LeBron came and embraced it.

  66. author

    TIMMY CASH시간 전


  67. author

    Erryn Doxey시간 전

    Why is that guy yelling? Does he not realise they have mics for a reason.

  68. author

    Artur시간 전

    Man her nose is jus a lil too big

  69. author

    Jonel C.Barrozo시간 전

    Iggy to Lakers are so very good

  70. author

    Jay Els시간 전

    Thought Brady always did it alone. The great Brady didn’t need receivers. He made the receivers look good. Now he needs help.

  71. author

    The Truth시간 전

    Ok let’s say midway thru the 2020 season he messes up his arm and he’s not the same pitcher ever again can the Yankees break the contract or are they still liable to pay this dude all that money for 9 years?

  72. author

    Equitable Apple시간 전

    The Yankees Payroll is higher than Oakland’s Revenues 😆 What a Farce

  73. author

    Zee Scott시간 전

    Come to the yay area Love.. leggo

  74. author

    david bruh시간 전

    Rachel gotta apologize to drose, we didn’t forget

  75. author

    Ronald Regan the man시간 전

    Is it just me or have you actually started to like steven.A alot more lately!

  76. author

    angelo de leon시간 전

    El Diablo..

  77. author

    Quentin Mallard시간 전

    Ima say this one time as respectfully and humble as possible... (clears throat) PUT RG3 IN *REGULAR* ROTATION WITH LAMAR JACKSON!!! USE RG3 HOW THE SAINTS USE HILL!!

  78. author

    littlesame시간 전

    LSU vs Clemson

  79. author

    Jaleel Dean시간 전

    Oregon helmets this game my goodness..

  80. author

    Seikou Sawaneh시간 전

    Let’s go Yankees haters big mad

  81. author

    Chicken Bubblegum시간 전

    The big market teams act like the smaller ones are just there to serve them.

  82. author

    Donomecci Porter시간 전

    Go bucks

  83. author

    Steve Lambert시간 전

    Gerrit Cole is a great pitcher but that's a lot of money but hopefully he plays great for the Yankees and he was a beast last year

  84. author

    Jerry Phillips시간 전

    I said a long time ago I was surprised that Harbaugh would design an offense that is predicated around the QB running the ball. I wondered, how long before he gets hurt? The guy is wiry strong but he's not the size of Steve Young or Dante Culpepper, he weighs about 200lbs if that so even though he is electrifying like Michael Vick and all, running needs to be opportunistic I believe. If the Defense starts keying on him when he's running, which they are, it is just a matter of time before he ends up like Robert Griffith Jr., the third or whatever his name is. He was on his way to being a promising starter but ran once too often and big Ngata knocked his knee out of place.....end of career. I hope this is a warning for the young when you absolutely cannot throw the ball, you don't have to convert every down.

  85. author

    Reggie Calhoun시간 전

    Stephen A Smith is the worst! I can’t stand this guy... his record is that good because he’s cheating

  86. author

    Frank Dick시간 전

    They don’t need Odell trade him for good linemen 💯💯

  87. author

    Tahseen Abushaaban시간 전

    Still relevant today

  88. author

    Adrian Gamos시간 전

    skip be like: my old partner did me a disservice

  89. author

    Darius Moore시간 전

    Why hasn't anyone signed Jamal Crawford real talk

  90. author

    Reggie Calhoun시간 전

    They’re clearly cheating! And I guarantee nothing happens which “ what you allow, you encourage”

  91. author

    MnCAlapati415시간 전

    Stuart Scott didn't use big words to get his point across. He spoke with slang, and that was something that got me interested with ESPN coz I can relate to the language he was speaking. Thank you Stuart Scott. (R.I.P.)

  92. author

    Seikou Sawaneh시간 전

    Let’s go Yankees ⚾️

  93. author

    Gordon시간 전

    Of all people, Dave McMenamin to interview LeBron? Smh.

  94. author

    Greenfield121시간 전

    Oh come on Dodgers!

  95. author

    Megan Johnson시간 전

    Soon as Max starts to talk, it looks like Stephen A always checks out lol

  96. author

    Just Another Username시간 전

    It was most likely a Patriot hater that disguised themselves as having involvement with the organization.

  97. author

    12시간 전

    Lebron is the Obama of basketball. Think about it. Hated for trying to live his best life and succeed. Puts his family and the community/people first. Always humble. FUCKING GOAT. DONT @ ME

  98. author

    Tweetc Banks시간 전

    Y we was behind 17pts against a 2 win team. Wentz's garbage Y my Eagles fans get all hype up over one game. Any QB would have a good day out 17 games. Lets see Wentz lost against. Miami, Cowboys,Seattle,Patroits,lions Atlanta and Vikings. Giant beat themselves they stop throwing to 86. period

  99. author

    Jaron Romer시간 전

    No dirk but got Aldridge 😂😂😂

  100. author

    Greenfield121시간 전

    A 7 year deal would of been better for the Yankees