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  1. author

    mdooms76시간 전

    Fantasia is farrr too intelligent and in tune with relationship roles from Gods perspective for Envy and Ye's ignorance!

  2. author

    Amelia Hernandez시간 전

    Ain’t nobody buying that tequila. Tooo damn expensive for a starting tequila. Not even Don Julio.

  3. author


    This shoe just makes me feel comfortable of being south African even with the challenges we facing,you'll guys make me rap this country more ..Thanks for the love ,love you guys #SouthAfrica

  4. author

    Tanisha Tanisha시간 전

    Siwzz + DMX = friend goals

  5. author

    Jake Hunter시간 전

    Success comes being Level headed and constant learning. #Jakehunter88 Swizz Beatz earned it and stayed in his bag.

  6. author

    Dylansmommy28시간 전

    I can't wait to hear her on Lip Service!!!

  7. author

    Sheba McQueen시간 전

    She’s a PROFESSIONAL Gold Digger. 😳😳😳😳😳

  8. author

    MacLee909시간 전

    “God told me to pay for everybody’s food” 😂👍

  9. author

    Dana Davis 11:11시간 전

    I use CBD for the pain in my left leg

  10. author

    M M시간 전

    Breakfast club thanks for having people that we want to hear on the show. Some of your videos for the past year I couldn't get through the entire interview.

  11. author

    MakeoLit Slime시간 전

    If You Believe In God You Would Like This!

  12. author

    melvin barnett시간 전

    Alot of simping by DJ Envy just because his cheating ass got caught, on a side note the bars she's dropping gonna piss the feminist off.

  13. author

    Han Solo시간 전

    How can she prove intent? Lol. Man, don't settle shit! Stick to your guns bro. Their goal is for you to not fight and at least get something. For them, easy money. I'll go broke protecting my name.

  14. author

    scroeffie시간 전

    making a deal with the devil ,also opens doors ,but closes the door to heaven ......good luck with the money

  15. author

    Linda Jackson시간 전

    This is what we are always doing we care about people this is what Whit's don't do they don't bring us along but we started it and they take it from us with more money ⚓⚓ yourself a mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯

  16. author

    T Money시간 전

    Drake top 2 and he not 2 that’s why cb be hating

  17. author

    I K시간 전

    damn charlamagne such a douchebag

  18. author

    Jay Ali시간 전

    Show time!!!!

  19. author

    John Redd시간 전

    Who’s here after finding out he’s British

  20. author

    Queen_Of_Domination시간 전

    I don’t believe that anyone should experience bias, as we all are human beings, being equal. I respect transgender people and view them as fellow human beings, as they should not experience any abuse whatsoever. That said, I must comment on the fact that many people don’t like transgender people due to political push and force, limiting their freedom of expression with false labels. There are a number of people that are against transgender reassignment surgeries; granted, I’m one of those people. However, it should be noted that all people that are against transgender reassignment are not “transphobic;” the abuse of the word “transphobic” has been wrongfully abused by people that won’t accept that others have a right to their opinions. In the past, I posted so many links to reputable sources, explaining why I feel how I feel, only to be greeted by argumentative assholes looking for confrontation. I won’t do that this time, as I don’t feel like babysitting any idiots and assholes. This time, I’ll dwell on things that nobody can refute or argue. I believe that a man is a man, and a woman is a woman, regardless of any surgeries, or how they feel emotionally. Regardless of what anyone says, you cannot change your biological sex; if so, there would be no need for hormones and surgeries. No healthy man/woman needs hormone therapy on a regular basis (with the rare exception of those born with certain physical medical conditions) to be a man/woman. If a person has to take hormones to block/prevent developing into their sex of birth, they are living a lie, as these procedures are only cosmetic/aesthetic changes, at best, and do nothing to change their biological makeup (at birth). Because of this, notion of sex vs gender is false, as your gender is your sex, and any “emotional feelings” have nothing to do with ones physical makeup. This notion of sex vs gender is only 60 years old, as dictionaries made no distinction (Do your research on this before bitching at me!). These are true facts, and commenting on this it doesn’t make anyone “transphobic” for recognizing these facts. Another reason that I do not support transgender reassignment surgeries are do to the increased medical risks. Please stop letting the media feed you with their politically correct nonsense and take an unbiased/unprejudiced view of transgender transformation! Visit the CDC and NIH websites, as they published an array of information that associated the correlation between these surgeries and mental illnesses as being very high, although I myself are not asserting such words. Also, the following is CONSISTENTLY higher amongst transgenders: STDs; Mental Illnesses; Various cancers, as a result of excessive hormone usage; Excessive leakage from phallus (FTM); Vaginal canal protrusion (MTF); Higher instances of suicide; Higher instances of regret; Skin conditions; and many more. Some scientists even believe that transgender people will have a shorter lifespan, as a result of using medication to make their body develop in ways contrary to what they were born. It should be noted that the medical community is divided on this issue, and for good reasons. Please check this video out: How can anyone totally disregard the fact that there are real cons associated with this surgery? This is NOT like going to the dentist, or any other surgeries. However, if anyone still supports this, that’s fine, but please don’t start labeling me with the false label of “transphobic,” as my comments are not laced with hatred, or irrational fear. I spoke truth.

  21. author

    M M시간 전

    I wonder is he part Native American. Many of my people have these features. I classify as African American because I have no choice. But we know our people. Its evident. His nose alone.

  22. author

    Urban Business Reviews시간 전

    Dam brah tht mansion def look like Tony Stark crib from the movie.. I think the lab/basement is where the actually shot movie sooo 🔥🤝.. I kno Swiss probably gona put a Audi or 2 in the garage

  23. author

    Almond Nut시간 전

    Get ya BAG, Sabag 💰 girL!! Lol

  24. author

    Michael Gagne시간 전

    Swiss is super dope!!

  25. author

    Han Solo시간 전

    "These hoessssss they for everybody. Pass em all around." Yal should have listen to Juicy J lol

  26. author

    Alpha Wolf시간 전

    That's called a pocket listing

  27. author

    James시간 전

    kind of annoying how Charlamagne be real af but then praise dumb shit like the making of a Beyonce Lion King album and be like "that shoulda been a big event" like bro, shut up... it's not a big deal

  28. author

    Alpha Wolf시간 전

    Swizzle is a dope producer but he sounds ridiculous on ppls tracks. "Snoop Dawwwwg" bruh gtfoh

  29. author

    Ryan James시간 전

    This interview is a snoozer.

  30. author

    Hiphop101 studio 17 Worldtalk시간 전

    How many artist drop trash songs 🤔are they called out 🤔🎥 the word slave triggered him just like Dave said you can’t do shit

  31. author

    Paige White시간 전

    💡!!!😯AYE!!?🌪 THAT 🌪#KATTPOCALPYSE wasn't BULL_SHITING dude!!!! 🌪 ...I THINK that's #officially Everybody that TRIED to hoe him. 😳

  32. author


    LOVE Fantasia she is real I can feel her spirit.

  33. author

    Tikoya Floyd시간 전

    If a women dry you don’t turn her on. My homeboy was talking to a friend of mine and she realized she was attracted just not sexually. Mostly it’s because they over talk their sex game. Or they ruin the sex with stupid ass comments.

  34. author

    Cee Voice시간 전

    This was an extremely informative interview. Swizz is a real one!✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌😏😏😏😏😏😏

  35. author

    Brian Sikhira시간 전

    Swizz and Juelz might actually be the same person🤔🤔🤔🤔

  36. author

    L's Down시간 전

    His Power character is amazing. He's a sociopathic politician.

  37. author


    Dmx best music isn't with swizz it's with dame grease

  38. author

    Lydia Renee시간 전

    Hate when CThaGod not there it give Dj Envy more room to ask stupid ass questions 🤦🏾‍♀️ but I love Fantasia she dropped a lot of gems

  39. author

    ariel sanchez시간 전

    You have a choice. If you eat more because of what others say then you have to put on your big boy pants and get over it and either accept it or change it. Ive been fat too and i also had people making fun of me and then I looked in the mirror and saw why so I made the change. Stop looking for excuses to not better yourself

  40. author

    527 N.Y.C.시간 전

    I've always wanted to stick my Dick🍆in Fantasia mouth 😲 while shes talking dirty to me with that sexy little voice

  41. author

    Oscar Gonzalez시간 전

    my inspiration as well #showtime

  42. author

    Terry Smith시간 전


  43. author

    Brandon Whitner시간 전

    I remember this dude djing at club flavors in Atlanta back in the 90s

  44. author

    TheOffical Nice시간 전

    I need to know when he gonna drop that joint "Escobar season" ? I been thinking about that shit since I heard it

  45. author

    james johnson시간 전


  46. author

    KeLanna Spiller시간 전

    "Black men don't look." Yee.... lmao

  47. author

    torrobaby시간 전

    Bravo CTG for the Hov question✌🏾

  48. author

    Shin-Blade시간 전

    Go ahead and kick the (little) man while he's down. The name sounds suspect anyway. "Bag..."

  49. author

    BWR Rock시간 전

    🗣 Zone, Zone, Zone

  50. author

    Butch Yenner시간 전

    Wow, OMG, I'm seven minutes into this video and it's good!!!!!

  51. author

    Ricky Wicz시간 전

    Angela Lee looks like a cumslut with that hair cut

  52. author

    Logan시간 전

    Dmx 21:12

  53. author

    SUnnYY13시간 전

    Give me a sub!😁👋

  54. author

    Mohmood Al Hafiz시간 전

    "You don't have to ask Hollywood for anything." They definitely don't like that. LOL!

  55. author

    Linda Jackson시간 전

    This is what the government is watching want we are doing pay attention to yourself and be yourself and God bless you ☮️🙏 changes things Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯

  56. author

    uknow who시간 전

    Kevin Hart is horrible. Y'all can Stan him if y'all want to. I'm good.

  57. author

    Courtney Davis시간 전

    I just love a beautiful black intelligent woman my goodness Judge Faith you got it goin on

  58. author

    Unique Hunter시간 전

    That song is absolutely horrible

  59. author

    MrTeeRedd시간 전

    Swizz energy always on point glad he sticking by his guy DMX. And his IG is daily inspiration

  60. author

    Honey301 Komb시간 전

    Swizz Beatz is a beast out here. Intelligent and gifted, a great guy.

  61. author

    ANTON Komaroov시간 전


  62. author

    withArielle시간 전

    I love everything about Fantastia. Patiently waiting for this album.

  63. author

    Tommybrown187시간 전

    6ixnine starting hes test my snitch tour

  64. author

    SeedOfIsrael NL시간 전

    That track with Giggs is straight fire. People buggin.

  65. author

    rachad718시간 전

    Damn kev getting Antonio Brown’ed. Lol. These chicks gotta stop.

  66. author

    The softest part of a woman's breast is?시간 전

    *Is he still Alicia Keys beard?* 😆

  67. author

    IVIU-T-3D시간 전

    Following someone heavily on social media can not be viewed the same as stalking, that's a dangerous analogy to make. Every, EVERY, celebrity on social media is only putting out what they want you to see anyways, so if you are just following them heavy online then there is no stalker danger. Stalkers hide in bushes, jerking it while you walking your kids, fans online just have more access, but they don't cross the line into what they aren't supposed to see by their own hand, most of us see behind the scenes from TMZ, not social media.

  68. author

    Pearl Rodgers시간 전

    Love her she's right

  69. author

    Tone Stretch시간 전

    That track with Giggs is my favorite on the album! That jawn go hard and Giggs is a legend! 🔥 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🎤 🔥

  70. author

    Journal Wright시간 전

    Floyd Mayweather is broke.

  71. author

    bippity boppity boo시간 전

    My girl!! Got my tickets, come on November!!!❤️❤️ When you know you know, 20 years ago I knew my husband was my husband before we even spoke words, just exchanged glances.

  72. author

    mdooms76시간 전

    I hate when Charlamagne is absent. These other two ask the dumbest closed ended questions, make unnecessary comments and jokes and lack good interviewing skills!!!

  73. author

    UP k500시간 전

    Damn the gays really hate Kevin hart

  74. author

    James Valt시간 전

    He tired as hell

  75. author

    Latoya Dutchess시간 전

    We love Fantasia!

  76. author

    Averon Destiny시간 전


  77. author

    DFROMPG시간 전

    Yep they bout to kill him

  78. author

    Mr Knfrr시간 전

    He's a joke and his name is spelled almost right (liar)

  79. author

    Kevin Lacy시간 전

    I can't believe this person is giving away this free credit repair kits.

  80. author

    Sean Gray시간 전

    Spending that Alicia Keys money.

  81. author

    Mohmood Al Hafiz시간 전


  82. author

    crownrees시간 전


  83. author

    Ian Arroyo시간 전

    Angela shut yo fat ass up

  84. author

    Mitch Fuller시간 전

    Yee looking like Rick James this mornin....

  85. author

    Journal Wright시간 전

    Jordan is the WBOOAT: Worst Basketball Owner Of All Time. 6 Rings doesn't translate into a great executive.

  86. author

    ManifestPlus시간 전


  87. author

    EK Mixed That시간 전

    Beyoncé’s tone is crazy 😳

  88. author

    PPWLUDE시간 전


  89. author

    Courney Hallcy시간 전

    That WW3 joint is still classic

  90. author

    Jay Sain69시간 전

    What kind of headphones do Charlemagne got on, them mfs shining like new money

  91. author

    The Real Infinite Barz시간 전

    Tupac’s acting was A+ my guy.....

  92. author

    Player 1시간 전

    Looks are very important to the culture. Check the comments 👇..... 😐

  93. author

    T Trill시간 전

    My dolphins going all the way #FloridaBoy

  94. author


    Wud up good morning fam!!! I would really be greatful if you guys come by my channel and check out my new beat i uploaded last night and give some feedback or subscribe lol thanks and stay blessed!!🙏👊🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. author

    Bacocobear시간 전

    When Joe Budden transforms into real estate

  96. author

    Yanadamean시간 전

    Drake is coney

  97. author

    Kendrick Newman-Murrell시간 전

    Kevin Hart has either did something or "didn't do something" someone wanted him to do. Mysterious car crash didn't kill him, now they're after his character and career.

  98. author

    Seyi Osinowo시간 전

    "I think this is your best work"...totally agree

  99. author

    lord luvs me시간 전

    Method man a pieses!!! Lol probably the best artist out of the clan. Well maybe Rae.

  100. author

    DCDirtBag시간 전

    This nigga Swizz was walkin round wit the sawed off shotgun under the trench back in the day. Love this niggaz progression....Blessings....