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    Wayne_160분 전

    Viks reactions are soooo fast boi

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    420 remember분 전

    I had sex with myself in 134 positions today thats a first

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    Savannah Sav The Weirdo분 전

    Yeeeeee boiiiiii 😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🇿🇦🇿🇦

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    Anika E2 분 전

    7:08 look at jj's hair 😂

  5. author

    TheMorganaic2 분 전

    I love how they hop around like Tekken characters 😂

  6. author

    Connor Marlow3 분 전

    3:55 tobi's reaction tho 🤣🤣🤣

  7. author

    LameGaming4 분 전

    Did anyone notice how tobi always wins with a difference of two, I think it's the work of the devil

  8. author

    saba maisuradze4 분 전

    1:05 wtf josh? look at his hands

  9. author

    Hein Rich6 분 전

    Seriously, whats the point of this game?🤔😏

  10. author

    Aden Nasir6 분 전

    Did any of u guys so josh pointing that way at 9:23 and just stands there

  11. author

    X X7 분 전

    TOBI is a MASTER

  12. author

    Blake Darcy7 분 전

    tobi is the best

  13. author

    Yasmina S. Taifi8 분 전

    I love the sidemen with all my heart but like bro

  14. author

    witbyy8 분 전

    tobi is mad

  15. author

    Anika E9 분 전

    I just watched 7 grown men play with fingers

  16. author

    David Malaki9 분 전

    like if youre a Polynesian and know how to play ish

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    tristxn.av19 분 전

    Tobi 5:15

  18. author

    Quentin Rutene9 분 전

    Here in nz we call it chatter box

  19. author

    Hayden Dsouza10 분 전

    This should have been on Simon’s 100th GTA vid. Like bruh

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    Racine Bean11 분 전

    Who’s the guy in the background at 4:20

  21. author

    Leila Bull12 분 전

    3:31 Simon kinda looks like the guy from 13 reasons why...

  22. author

    NeverlandAdventurerz12 분 전

    Song at 2:50??????

  23. author

    Hardcore12 분 전

    Watch this becoming a trend in my school😂

  24. author

    M C13 분 전

    Yo are supposed to play this with that beat

  25. author

    Mason SJ13 분 전

    I can’t believe I just watched grown men point and go “OHHHHH” for 17 minutes...

  26. author

    Fardin Raiyan13 분 전

    JJ is so excited throughout the game xD

  27. author

    XeCuck13 분 전

    Its called ish

  28. author

    bonnie18 분 전


  29. author

    Ghost Snipez18 분 전

    In Australia we call it ish

  30. author

    Ayla18 분 전

    We need longer videosssss

  31. author

    Marcel Halat20 분 전

    15:14 can we just apriciate how synced his hands were ?

  32. author

    DragonClaw Gaming20 분 전

    6:19 probably Vik’s biggest cringe

  33. author

    HPHD Gaming20 분 전

    3:22 vik 😂😂 “ i lagged”

  34. author

    Tarun Shan20 분 전

    The Most intense 17 minutes of my life

  35. author

    Mr Celery Stick22 분 전

    Sidemen doing did just cos they have no more ideas And somehow makes it to 2nd on trending

  36. author

    Raees Kabir22 분 전

    I like when they said OOWowoooOWooOWooWO

  37. author

    Vivian Wong23 분 전

    This game is a Korean game called Cham Cham Cham

  38. author

    Zaid khan25 분 전

    Its too childish famm

  39. author

    Nas Guze25 분 전

    This is the first time seeing ksi excited in a video

  40. author

    Sebastian Josefsson26 분 전

    VIK is so god damn cringe cba

  41. author

    Xbox1ivePro26 분 전

    10:00 That was questionable.

  42. author

    NOID CLICKZ68226 분 전

    Haha shadow boxing*😇

  43. author

    Nick Gersh26 분 전

    Was anyone else playing along at home aswell😂😂😂

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    Rucka Wilzo30 분 전

    Vikk dancing around like one of dem wii characters

  45. author

    Gaurav Goel30 분 전

    is no one gonna talk about how smooth 5:13 is like tobi is a g

  46. author

    David Youkhana30 분 전

    Yeah they got the new iPhones and shit but they don’t got the leapfrog learning pad

  47. author

    Preston Alanotama31 분 전

    Literally what we call shadow boxing in nz but slow af 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. author

    Fijibear12 E31 분 전

    Tonsolitis is not contageous

  49. author

    Saghar Singh32 분 전

    Man we call this shadow boxing in nz and we've been playing this for years

  50. author

    Leone Zeekeh32 분 전

    Girls in the lockers: Guys in the lockers: OUUOOOOUUUOOOOO!!!!

  51. author

    Chi Sewell32 분 전

    Tobi won and they didn't even give him top link. F in the chat for out fallen soldier

  52. author

    Victor Daniels33 분 전

    Should’ve played this game with music 🤦🏾‍♂️

  53. author

    Baar34 분 전

    The hype between Vik and JJs go reminded me of as Racka Racka vlog 😂

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    ThatGuy34 분 전


  55. author


    No tobi murdered josh

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    HDbeastgamer 1036 분 전


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    ThatGuy37 분 전


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    LION KING38 분 전

    The Josh and Vic lines were fucking hilarious. “Someone get a nurse, you’ll have to do a carpool karaoke in a hearse. Vic likes kids”.

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    faiz arogundade40 분 전


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    Jack Howarth41 분 전

    yeah this wasnt entertaining

  61. author

    Dink_Meoww42 분 전

    This is a stinker but I enjoyed it so much

  62. author

    Anway Bansod42 분 전

    Ethan trying to be funny...

  63. author

    Kahukura Tehaate43 분 전

    Y'all are trash and its called shadow boxing

  64. author

    Matthew Elliott44 분 전

    Ethan guessed right for everyone else

  65. author

    Hussein Tehfe44 분 전

    Toni the mind reader

  66. author

    Potatoism45 분 전

    I'm guessing miniminter was the one who did the video, since he was top link.

  67. author

    man.oza1145 분 전

    It’s trending! Plus Tobi killed it

  68. author

    Dregonoid45 분 전

    5:16 Sharingan awakened

  69. author

    Vsco girls vs E-Girls45 분 전

    I think it’s called black box

  70. author

    Sam Buchanan45 분 전

    this is an insult to all sytles of music

  71. author

    connor sellers45 분 전

    the nose knows

  72. author

    Kevin Nagahawatta46 분 전

    Tobi the absolute GOD

  73. author

    Oliver Clowes46 분 전

    Will Simon ever put some fucking socks on man 😂😂

  74. author

    Harry McDermott47 분 전

    I knew Tobi was gonna win it from the start 😅😅😅

  75. author

    The Great Kanish50 분 전

    Simon and vik were like dio and jotaro in my eyes

  76. author

    HYPNOTIC GUY50 분 전

    Simon cheated when he versed Vik he spun and vik choose 1st then he did it is easy to copy

  77. author

    Krystal Killer51 분 전

    I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND VIKK HAS BEEN IN THE SIDEMEN FOR YEARS why does it look like he’s still tryna make friends

  78. author

    Grace Bazneh53 분 전

    just look at JJ during vik and simon’s game😭

  79. author

    ThatGuy54 분 전


  80. author

    curlywoman55 분 전

    This is like a very shit version of street fighter

  81. author

    Harry Clark57 분 전

    You look like a troll ksi

  82. author

    FBI58 분 전

    They have to change the Channel name to moo sidemen

  83. author

    Omarahmed Thabet58 분 전

    Play ceriative in fortnite

  84. author

    Ishaq Munir58 분 전

    Where’s side craft lol?

  85. author

    Michael Williams59 분 전

    ethan needs to shut the fuck up

  86. author

    Mhmed Ali시간 전

    I can’t imagine how much is Logan and jack are jealous from them coz they hit 2M V in day on there 2nd channel ❌❌❌❌

  87. author

    Neeson Naidoo시간 전

    Why they all bobbing around like a starting stance in Mortal Kombat?

  88. author

    Dhruv Kewalramani시간 전

    I think ksi was high during this😭

  89. author

    Berwyn Wanta시간 전

    anyonew feeling ethans laugh is like elmo's?

  90. author

    Royal Rusydi시간 전

    Bruh this game went viral in 2019 when the game was invented in 2011

  91. author

    Uzair Syed시간 전

    Yooo these little games you lot play are sick. We need more of these babies

  92. author

    BFF Gaming시간 전

    I like how dis is number two on trending

  93. author

    Merry Mary시간 전

    This is an example of y you should never compete with God, bc Tobi 100% cheated by praying before going in & was def praying during the game

  94. author

    Cartman시간 전

    Shouldn't ksi be training?

  95. author

    ButterChicken시간 전

    Harry is scared of being awkward in public but runs naked through a street

  96. author

    Unluhkyy시간 전

    games called shadowboxing😂

  97. author

    TheGamingMonkey128시간 전

    Lmfao they basically just earned the same amount of money some people do in months or hard work just by pointing

  98. author

    The Leader시간 전

    10:10 360 no scope!

  99. author

    Manawa Davidson시간 전

    Thumbnail of all sidemen: exists Ethan: am I a jok- Fat jokes:

  100. author

    DinRloF시간 전

    Is it just me or does this remind u of old school rap battles?