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    FitLife 1204 시간 전

    Hardest shit STILL!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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    Shawn Hass7 시간 전

    2:35 I think i luv er

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    Goods Oofmann7 시간 전

    Yooooo who else think they sound the same lol

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    Cecil Murray9 시간 전

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    Cecil Murray9 시간 전

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    Cecil Murray9 시간 전

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    Cecil Murray9 시간 전

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    Acxito Nine11 시간 전

    Cam never play Young Dolph at a Motive cos every damn song gotta long ass skit

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    BigThunderXT14 시간 전

    Key Glock ill bro! Flame!

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    Daniel Odinma14 시간 전

    0:51 when you just finished getting heavenly head

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    Almighty Tãÿ15 시간 전

    When you and your friends have a car meet on GTA

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    Yung Ceez17 시간 전

    Just saw dolph & glock yesterday on his no rules tour here in denver, it was lit af 🐬 + 🔑🔫 = 🔥

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    Choptimus Prime18 시간 전

    @5:47.Heads up, there is smoke in the basement. Thats when you know the Loud is too loud.

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    Kris Scot20 시간 전 hit dat MF for me thanks Dolph 🔥

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    Okay, I like it.

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    A_a_ron B23 시간 전

    This should never have dislikes period ....his moms kilt dem keys.

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    Mikey Mike일 전

    This is best album of 2019 no question Dolph is the hardest 💯💯

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    King Leo Gaming일 전

    Can't have a song about gettin high without Snoop

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    Armando Vigil일 전

    Instead of drinking caffeine to wake up I just play this track and I get all my shit done in 0.5 seconds of a millisecond

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    Brandon Murphy일 전

    Got goosebumps bless song

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    Angelique Citchen일 전

    Baby daddy mad say i live like a bachelors

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    Big dady Deathseeker일 전


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    Matt Warner일 전

    Dolph real af

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    Robert Carrillo일 전

    I Told Rhianna Let's Go Spend Hafe A Million On Rodeo

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    Darlene Wilson일 전

    Hello @youngdolph @keyglock came outside Today un un mansion party Got dam laughing a hundred Millie I look at the;

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    Lee Miller일 전

    They mad let them madder😂

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    Lee Miller일 전

    He hard asf🔥🔥

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    Lina23 Milano일 전

    Se láctea tu eres loco

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    My Number G일 전

    I felt this one

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    King Anthony일 전

    Awww Dolph letting Gotti ride with him for a day lol 😂

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    anakin vi일 전

    It sounds like he sampled bruce Faulconer “cell returns” theme. Look it up and tell me it doesn’t sound similar!

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    Cee Thomas일 전


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    Am Cok일 전

    Rip Mac Dre origins of Cutthroat Committee !!! Believe dat !!! U Beezzyyyy

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    kudzai mhembere일 전

    How about a dolph,glock,dababy, stunna for vegas feature

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    kudzai mhembere일 전

    How about a dolph,glock,rich the kid, jay critch feature?

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    WdnUlik2no일 전


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    Atwell Ta-Child2 일 전

    Best rapper out no cap

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    Jan Dro2 일 전

    2:48 best part

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    PR Lifestyle2 일 전

    Damn this slapping 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Lennon Groover2 일 전


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    Lennon Groover2 일 전


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    Lennon Groover2 일 전

    It’s shhht like this I tend to take liters

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    Lennon Groover2 일 전

    Ehh kinda boring and a tad sad, since I’m 20 have no gf mainly because my bff/bestie/crush is busy most of the time😞and a senior unlike me who graduated on may 24th of last year and she’ll do the same this year on same date

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    Hufolicious2 일 전

    Bro I delivered a pizza to this fool in abq NM and his bitch ass only tipped me $4 and made me give me change back after making me open the pizzas and asking is they were warm 🤯😂 I couldn’t even remember his name at the time but damn he sucks. Anyway it was feb 15th. He stayed at the Sheraton off menaul by Coronado mall room 323. If you see this young dolph know your a cheap bitch

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    Bruno SM2 일 전


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    Troy Coston Jr2 일 전


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    Jof Ref2 일 전

    Any songs similar to this??

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    Huey Trilla2 일 전

    What buddy with the arm name

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    Danielle Chadwell2 일 전

    He the best

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    Denilson Varela2 일 전

    Grovegero is funny🤣🤣🤣

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    Jimmy Olanipekun2 일 전

    Who rocking this in 2020 ?

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    Eway Music Page2 일 전

    Who is the girl in the beginning she bad ?

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    MichaelLee AdamsJr2 일 전

    Hot garbage

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    eatdust132 일 전

    Powerfull lyrics

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    fng gang2 일 전

    Sold a 100 lbs and Sent 10 % to the pastor 💸🧱⛪

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    anna love2 일 전

    i love you young dolph

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    Jonathan Zepeda2 일 전

    Lmfao last night in denver free chips! Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa

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    Bartosz Wojda2 일 전


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    Artho 1003 일 전

    #1mill #conge

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    Hey You3 일 전

    imagine linking your own song thru bot accounts

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    Jay Banks3 일 전

    2020 😂😂

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    Joseph Baggett3 일 전

    Someone compared him to moneybagg on moneybagg song so before I said anything I went to listen to dolph cause I never jam him amd I see the comparison, Dolph cool, but sorry, I'm sticking with moneybagg! Keep it up though!

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    Jerdarrious Wright3 일 전

    Hot new song out🔥

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    Jerdarrious Wright3 일 전

    Hot new hip hop video out

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    Fredo Escobar3 일 전

    Damn i knew he was gona hit a million subscribers after that dumb & dumber

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    Brandon Brown3 일 전

    8:57 Does anyone know what shoes these are he’s wearing by any chance??

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    Dj Dream2143 일 전

    Dolph music hit so hard 🔥🔥

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    Quan Martin3 일 전

    It’s 🐬 I’m from da D cuh and all my big booty hoes Juicy Juicy Juicy🤣

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    nehem firesauce3 일 전

    Is it me but why do dolph and money bagg sound the same to me

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    Jae Mezzi3 일 전

    He stepped his bars up

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    Z R3 일 전

    Dolph pulled off that leopard no lie

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    Kelly Thurmond jr3 일 전

    Detroit in the loop 20 20

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    swiischeeseisnasty3 일 전

    Yo fat as shit

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    Dejuan Oneal3 일 전


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    Am Cok3 일 전

    Dolph your videos Have the funniest comedy a real treat to watch -Ayyye silver back turtle 🔥🔥🌇

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    Jinx Jordan3 일 전

    2020... I still believe I can fly 💨💨

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    Imam Mahdi3 일 전

    #MemphisSouthMemphis#P.D.E#Y.M.E#CMG#C.T.E#QC#B.W.A#FBG#OVO#Breadwinner Association#🛩🛩🛩👭👭🎬💯🤐🙏😉😏👭🤤🤔🙃🙃🙃😜😉🤑🤐💯#Paper Route Empire#Aye big bruh Dolph I need some foreign Models, supermodels, Yokohama’s, video vixens, centerfolds, and Instagram Models#🤐🤑👭💯🛩🎬👳🏽🙏🙌🏼😛😜😉🤤👭🙃🛩🎬👭💳💵💰💯#Im paying for all of their flights and Bruh this is my boss/accountant/Migo #615-394-6735#Allah#Breadwinner Association#Im in Monroeville,Alabama 720 Legion Drive posted in my trap with a black durag on with Nike huaraches on my feet#Allah#

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    ex eaux3 일 전

    That one ass it BOTCHED!

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    Jhonr Q21033 일 전

    Soy el único boliviano que escucha esta canción :v ??? 🇧🇴 calidad!❤️

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    Jesse Kaercher3 일 전


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    Shon De'Niro Don4 일 전

    He ain have to cook yah like dat Bruh hahaha 😆💀that nigga grove crazy

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    Kory Linch4 일 전

    Check out superior recordz song ( hustlen)

  83. author

    Kory Linch4 일 전

    Check out superior recordz song (hustlen)

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    Vladimir Donetsky4 일 전

    "Tell yo fatass big sister"

  85. author

    robert kennedy4 일 전

    Awesome sight at 3:48

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    Man Juicy J and Project Pat look about 20 years younger than they are. I guess that money makes you look young or at least the makeup artists, hair designers, editors, and producers.

  87. author

    ImmaScatman4 일 전

    “Went to LA just to ball you can call me Kobe” hit different now! #RIPKOBE

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    SDE Byrd4 일 전

    Dude with the lil arm can hoop like fuck he from Memphis

  89. author

    Oscar Rodriguez4 일 전

    Still bangin this shit 2020💯💪

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    Harrison Jackson4 일 전

    I could never pic a favorite song from this dude too much 🔥🔥🔥 2020 it dolph

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    Jackson Hallman4 일 전

    Dolph got shot in the ass. ^

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    Harrison Jackson4 일 전

    No thank you😂😂😂😂

  93. author

    Harrison Jackson4 일 전

    Trust is everthing.

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    Johnathan Pride4 일 전

    mad i just heard it this shit fire 💨💨💨💨💨💨

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    whatever Whitney wants4 일 전


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    Ghetto baby Jimmie jane4 일 전

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    ATL POOLGUY4 일 전

    Song starts @ 1:57

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    Deidre Green4 일 전

    I can't stand you ignorant whores. The witches made me go off on yall Shanice and JoJo. I wouldn't take my anger out on y'all it's not yall fault. I will fight one of you hating hoes though 💯🤷🏿‍♀️

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    Underground kingz4 일 전

    Some JDM cars

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    Cierra Mosley5 일 전