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David Dobrik Too

Hi! I'm David Dobrik (obviously)! Welcome to my second channel! Here you won't find any vlogs but you'll see videos with my family: Scotty Sire, Liza, Zane and Heath, Toddy Smith, Alex Ernst, Big Nik, and many others! We'll be making you LAUGH and CRY with challenges, reaction videos, PO BOX openings! Subscribe for weekly videos :) Love you.

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    Another AvatarLover3 시간 전

    2:52 _Me and my friends sneaking drinks in during freshman year_

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    JD3 시간 전

    People actually watch this garbage

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    JD3 시간 전


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    JD3 시간 전

    What the fuck is this cringey shit

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    JD3 시간 전

    You're cringey as fuck

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    1516yamilez4 시간 전

    What a dream to have David and Jeff night over you lmao

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    Maxine4 시간 전

    David's Brockhampton hoodie>>>

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    Randomizer300 54 시간 전


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    Merisa Aguilera4 시간 전

    David come to Wisconsin!!!

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    Corol Blue4 시간 전

    3:36 Corina steals a gumball but has to inspect it first.

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    Salty Butter4 시간 전

    David: This video is sponsored by... Me: Sitting in the edge of my seat David: Dollar Shave Club Me: hahaha I used to like you

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    ReaperPlays4 시간 전

    I think David is gay

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    Who Dat4 시간 전

    Ew ur hair!

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    Aziza Ahmed5 시간 전

    Fix ur hair

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    Meechyshel M5 시간 전

    David you should take those alarm clocks and hide them in someone's home to go off in random intervals where they have to wake up and find them.

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    Shayna5 시간 전

    Why is Emma famous, her vlogs suck

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    dip wheat5 시간 전


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    Faze Illcams5 시간 전

    4:25 he sounded like he really needed air lmao

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    Siri Vuppalanchi5 시간 전

    I love how Liza says her relationship with David and Lauren and Alex are both cute when they both broke up😂

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    Kaitlyn Januario5 시간 전

    Did you Break up with Liza

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    Ashley Saenz5 시간 전

    he’s wearing a brockhampton hoodie !!

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    Sinai Murillo5 시간 전

    1:22 awwww 🥺

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    Mhia Hodgson5 시간 전

    When I saw Sam and Colby I was excited

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    Daniel Martinez6 시간 전


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    Keeley-anne Weston6 시간 전

    3 seconds in

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    Milan Vd berg6 시간 전

    What is the outro song

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    lauren johnson6 시간 전

    first off david looking 🔥 per usual also jason’s fingers in bed lmfao

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    Jairo Romani6 시간 전

    Dayum lol sooo his Nickelodeon friend is in his second channel

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    MarcyyD7 시간 전

    Why does this homeledd man have so much subscribers..

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    Abby London7 시간 전

    “What would you guys do if I fell out the window?”

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    Sky Bound7 시간 전

    She is so irritating and fake

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    Rob Skinner8 시간 전

    David: What did you think it was when we first came in ??? Jason: ....alarm clocks

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    grace brooklen8 시간 전


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    Darshan Clark8 시간 전

    Is Trisha still a mother fucking Teletubbie???

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    Alex Fregoso8 시간 전


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    Madison Jean8 시간 전

    Squidward gave David all of his alarm clocks ⏰ 😂

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    tkqd8 시간 전

    I hope they find the mayonnaise

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    Lenny D8 시간 전

    We didn't want you to see this so we uploaded it to my 6,24 million subscribers

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    Tim Deboer9 시간 전

    That’s awesome

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    carl4tw10 시간 전

    What type of dog is that?

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    Step on me Mina10 시간 전

    They talk abt Corinna but don’t show her 😭😭😭

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    Pøtatø Cøach10 시간 전

    Song 3:47??

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    Nathan Tate10 시간 전

    What’s wrong with David’s hair?

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    Renee11 시간 전

    2:33 is David getting married

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    San Fiora11 시간 전

    Who is still crying in 2019

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    Arka12 시간 전

    1:23 my boy zoned out for all the fame now

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    Tahnee Anouk12 시간 전

    someone tell me what song this is in the last seconds of the video

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    P Vlogz13 시간 전

    3:38 well that’s one way to do it

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    Ashton Raethel14 시간 전

    If you didn’t want us to see this why did you post it? Click bait!

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    alexis garcia14 시간 전

    Any one pluse size and want merch but that dont got it ?

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    Hayden Moreno15 시간 전

    just the way he says "is that reggie" had me dying

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    ilyas Odissan15 시간 전

    did you guys see more new which was better i had my channel .

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    Amber Rivers15 시간 전

    I was thinking about going outside and getting subway - Vardan 2019

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    Julianne Deena15 시간 전

    Can I have one of those clocks?

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    Is she really That weird?16 시간 전

    Josh is just a pure soul

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    Kaydon16 시간 전


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    chloe16 시간 전

    somebody make a playlist of every song that has played at the end of his vlogs

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    Annastasia Marchio16 시간 전

    my heart aches still

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    Sammy Wohl16 시간 전

    Wait Carly is single??? There's hope!

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    Deanna Ramirez17 시간 전

    Why did the scene with the clocks remind me of the one episode in sponge bob where squidward has all those alarm clocks

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    Harharnar17 시간 전

    My names Hannah and my best friends name Is Montana hahahaha

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    dwayneandteri howatt18 시간 전

    OMG im finally in heven david hey guys brought the camera

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    Lennoz 137918 시간 전

    I’m like a crying fountain 😭

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    Dream18 시간 전

    This should’ve went on the David Dobrik vlog

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    Pink queen18 시간 전

    I know how to do stitch as well

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    Kora Kimball18 시간 전

    I feel so bad for David Just look at the back of his phone case every like equals one prayer

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    Cinnamom19 시간 전

    “What did you think it was when we first walked in?” “Alarm clocks.” Why did I laugh so hard at that haha

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    Isabella Leno19 시간 전

    Natalie deserves the puppy

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    Im Okay19 시간 전


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    McKay20 시간 전

    Lol who goes to a Hoodie Allen concert anymore?! 🤣

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    R P20 시간 전

    This guys like 40 right?

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    MJ20 시간 전

    the dog looks likes my dog no joke

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    Potato ごのひ Chips20 시간 전

    This guy is just Jimmy Olsen

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    laura nuñez20 시간 전

    For a sec I thought this was an old vlog THAT HAIR!!!!

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    Sonita Huerta20 시간 전

    I just love how David was asking Josh if he’ll tell his wife he’d kiss Corinna for a role. And Corinna walks near them to look for a gum ball, like nothing matters 💀💀💀

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    Caffeine free diet coke20 시간 전

    Do you drink orange juice with your schrooms?

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    Avin Deol21 시간 전

    Bruh I thought Jesus was heath I'm fuckin dead

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    Chichi Yanthan21 시간 전

    Jason doesn't seems to be having fun in this video😂 He looks more irritated by David and his jokes. David:Go subscriber to Zane's channel, he's the best. Jason:That was not funny at all and he means it.. Hard times for Jason 😂😂

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    Nicolas Kueneman22 시간 전

    Why did this video say it was posted 2 hours ago but I seen this video about 3 days ago

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    Harper Clancy22 시간 전


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    Music Cloud 10122 시간 전

    You should try the pure sensation pepper

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    Vicodyn22 시간 전

    So we all just fuckin' fall asleep to JRE or something?

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    TheyCallMeZay _22 시간 전

    I love how Corrina jus casually gets a gum ball

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    Ijdijsbnmls22 시간 전

    Awww David looks like his lil brother in the intro

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    Yara Awadat22 시간 전

    This brings me back when they were together

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    Annalisa Blake22 시간 전

    David got finally got some ads

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    Isabelle gaming22 시간 전

    David: *Pranks someone* Person being pranked: "DaVIid!"

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    Emily Becky23 시간 전

    Love the new haircut 😀

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    Jacob Rich23 시간 전

    david looks like he just got electrocuted

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    Jacob Rich23 시간 전

    any woman who rides a harley davidson .

  91. author

    Jacob Rich23 시간 전

    or the "I only date black guys" comb-over.

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    Konner Honius23 시간 전

    David hasn’t even taken a bite of food yet* “This is delicious”

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    Just a Commenter23 시간 전

    david is lowkey hot in this video

  94. author

    Just a Commenter23 시간 전

    I feel like David laughs more in the bloopers

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    Lee M23 시간 전

    I rewatched the part with Suzie and Jeff so many times 😂 I just imagined it being me he was willing to fight for 😭😭😂

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    mrb9023 시간 전

    It concerns me that I was so turned on by Jeff getting out of the car like that.

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    way w33zy일 전

    Hella close to tha sceen n shit😂

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    Taylor Vigil일 전

    Omg 😂😂😂😂

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    @ 55thgņ

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    the olivers family vlog일 전

    it is what it is now and forever more all ways