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Android Q hands-onAndroid Q hands-on

Android Q hands-on

6 개월 전

  1. author

    Harry Sanjaya2 시간 전


  2. author

    Azim Alif2 시간 전

    Such "innovation" much "new".

  3. author

    Philip Dow2 시간 전

    Note 10 was superior in all photos

  4. author

    Jonn Marvy Santamaria2 시간 전


  5. author

    Julio Castro2 시간 전

    Maybe next year iPhone wins ti pixel 🥺

  6. author

    Lewis Brazier2 시간 전

    Apple: "we have the best iPhone cameras" Google: "hold my pixel"

  7. author

    Rtg Oxlv2 시간 전

    It has 5G?

  8. author

    C B2 시간 전

    Man, The Verge has the BEST videos, hands down. The production team always nails it.

  9. author

    Hrisheekesh R2 시간 전

    But..Pixel 4 isn't released yet!

  10. author

    Ihsan Aditama2 시간 전

    still using the 6s...

  11. author

    Shikk hhi2 시간 전

    Wait for Pixel 4, and I think Note 10 and 11 Pro tied.

  12. author

    Rexx Reviews2 시간 전

    If your talking about the IPhone 11 why would you show photo samples from the 11 Pro? Doesn't the pro have some different processing than the standard 11 on photos?

  13. author

    Zach2 시간 전

    USB-C to Lightning? SMH

  14. author

    Kushen De Silva2 시간 전

    Apple finally beats Android cameras.. oh wait pixel 4 is about to come... Sike 😂

  15. author

    DG Prasath2 시간 전

    Pixel 4 is coming

  16. author

    raveed Israel2 시간 전

    How can you say iPhone is the better camera you don't have a phone,and did you do a comparison.

  17. author

    Forbidden Knowledge2 시간 전

    for some reasons I think note 10 camera is better.

  18. author

    cleantones2 시간 전

    Shout out to The Nth Power at 06:45!

  19. author

    capN2 시간 전

    iPhone 11 Pro but kids use it. 🤔🤔🤔

  20. author

    kevin lacey2 시간 전

    I swear these folks spend so much time talking about the camera 📷 nowadays is that because there’s no other difference between the phones? I’m using an iPhone 7 and it’s still going strong 💪

  21. author

    kazuya142 시간 전

    one sentence on face ID. why? improved how? the angles.. can you show? with this phone, it's all about the cameras...

  22. author

    Omar R2 시간 전

    The best camera on a Phone ! 😱

  23. author

    Paulus Hangula2 시간 전

    Maan, I am not so sure about the details on the photo comparison with the Note 10. To me the Note 10 look better. I don't know, perhaps my lack of expertise in the photo department.

  24. author

    Doctor Brain2 시간 전

    It seems the note 10+ is really the camera to beat. I expected more from the iPhone 11 pro max camera

  25. author

    Ruman Ansari2 시간 전

    How much money apple gave you

  26. author

    Azim Alif2 시간 전

    Add "for apple" after every, "it's great"

  27. author

    Rtg Oxlv2 시간 전

    Is not a cellphone, it's a camara that sometimes you can use as a cellphone.

  28. author

    Gee Roo2 시간 전

    Nice video, but let's be serious. Not the best cam at all

  29. author

    livfree studios2 시간 전

    Becca is an amazing presenter.

  30. author

    Moran Monovich2 시간 전

    The note 10 has a funny way for smoothing the faces

  31. author

    Moo Sakda2 시간 전

    This VDO is sponsored by Apple Inc. 🤣🤣🤣

  32. author

    Adrian Daliva2 시간 전

    still can't get over the fact that apple is getting away with selling phones having 720p displays in 2019

  33. author

    Sandi Hermana2 시간 전

    This phone is not best camera phone👎

  34. author

    Joe2 시간 전

    Anyone have the ball/circle background thats on the Max for most of the video?

  35. author

    Keegan Goerz2 시간 전

    Becca is the best

  36. author

    mohammed zuhair fadhil2 시간 전

    Big like 👍🙌

  37. author

    Renante Casas2 시간 전

    Wait till Pixel 4 comes out..

  38. author


    Note 10 camera = LOL, worst camera on the market

  39. author

    Suchendra Nandamuri2 시간 전

    Great iPhone "PR"O review.

  40. author

    Manish Shroff2 시간 전

    Let's wait for the Pixel 4 to make a fair review for 2019 phones!

  41. author

    Ale _2 시간 전

    Song name at 0:53??? It’s amazing!

  42. author

    loyalfan992 시간 전

    What, no Huawei P30 Pro?

  43. author

    lewis Woodward2 시간 전

    Wait how can u get the phone if it’s not out till next week ???

  44. author

    Xavier Robinson2 시간 전


  45. author

    benjamín saravia2 시간 전

    Beautiful! I’m waiting for iPhone 2020 though

  46. author

    beatboxerjonasz22 시간 전

    This review is a joke, although its recorded well.

  47. author

    Brian Carter2 시간 전

    You again???? Why are you reviewing both phones this year chub?

  48. author

    XJLCA2 시간 전

    Yeah, best camera for Apple, but still not as good as Huawei's phone camera.

  49. author

    Sander Alphen2 시간 전

    And now do it again and do it objectively. Or tell why you favore iPhone everytime. Is it money or is it just your preperation (and why).

  50. author

    Azriq Haikal2 시간 전

    smartphone camera to beat. For 1 month before new pixel come out.

  51. author

    Azriq Haikal2 시간 전

    smartphone camera to beat. For 1 month before new pixel come out.

  52. author

    Harry Sanjaya2 시간 전

    Sorry android fan!! 1phone 11 max pro camera beast 😈😈

  53. author

    Daniel Pan2 시간 전

    That three camera video sample made the telephoto camera look rubbish

  54. author

    Let's Watch2 시간 전

    I am one plus 5 user and I want to experience ios so should I buy iPhone 11. What about it's bezel. Confused between op7t or iPhone

  55. author

    Mahbub Alam2 시간 전

    hats of production team of verge

  56. author

    malini mv2 시간 전

    Your video is the best but the thumbnail is not pleasing or attractive. I hope you change your thumbnail

  57. author

    Amogh S2 시간 전

    Liked this video even before watching it cuz ik Nilay always does a good job.

  58. author

    Itz_Da_Muttz ៚2 시간 전

    Imma buy 11 pro

  59. author

    EZAF_ M1ND53T2 시간 전

    The people that keep saying that I should get the iPhone 11, keep me from getting one because I like to be unoriginal and out of the ordinary. So I might side with the midnight green 11 pro.

  60. author

    basile Gituranya2 시간 전

    Jesus that's alot of home pages

  61. author

    Monda0072 시간 전

    This camera shouldn’t be on par pixel 3..

  62. author

    Tech Ferdi2 시간 전

    A damn 18 min video just because of apple really nice

  63. author

    Ragnar Lotbruk2 시간 전

    In other countries the price is two times bigger.

  64. author

    Gerald Monton2 시간 전

    Honestly i love the camera result. Iphone shots are always the best photos to edit. Especially for a content creator.

  65. author

    Chad Moore2 시간 전

    Excellent video but can you please tell me where you got that Camo Milanese Apple Watch???

  66. author

    komalkushwaha dj song2 시간 전

    Good 👍👍👍✔✔✔🌹🌹🌹🌹🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

  67. author

    Pedro Alves2 시간 전

    It’s about the same ... no need to upgrade people

  68. author

    Ahsan Ahmed2 시간 전

    Verge is literally kissing Apple's back!

  69. author

    Yassir Rossel2 시간 전

    a 700$ "fine" phone.

  70. author

    SoW_Scout's Gaming Hub2 시간 전

    Phones these days are all pretty good in terms of camera and gets the job done for most. I've reached a point where the asthestics are more important to me, and the Iphone11 just doesn't look appealing. Many probably won't notice the difference between the 11 and 10 unless you look behind it.

  71. author

    Ritz Blitz2 시간 전

    For the first time i think note beats iphone in videos

  72. author

    John W2 시간 전

    price in australia has gone up from xr.

  73. author

    Abhinav Diwan2 시간 전

    Wait for google pixel 4, the whole camera story is gonna change.

  74. author

    Yassir Rossel2 시간 전

    the same phone. A new camera. Apple: give us your monahh!!!

  75. author

    THE102 시간 전

    1:00 I think this IPhone doesn't follow Gravity Rules.. Ohh.! thats pro actually

  76. author

    al capone2 시간 전

    I have had iphone 6 since release day and im upgrading to the 11.,

  77. author

    Mohammad Aslam2 시간 전

    Patel sir note 10 plus is really 👊💥beast phone n the beautiful😍💓phone📱

  78. author

    Philip Reaves2 시간 전

    I see that titanium watch... Looking forward to tomorrow!

  79. author

    Fei Han2 시간 전

    No 5 x zoom. I am disappointed

  80. author

    Kysen102 시간 전

    6s will last me one more year.

  81. author

    Aswin A2 시간 전

    Until the pixel 4 comes out next month

  82. author

    Jabir Al2 시간 전

    The verge: you can see how iPhone 11 pro camera is better than iPhone Xs Me: bruh they look the same

  83. author

    DairyTech2 시간 전

    Why did you compare it to the pixel 3? It's nearly a year old...

  84. author

    Bradlee Mejia2 시간 전

    Lmao they really put a wide camera as if zoom in and zoom out don’t exist

  85. author

    Aswin A2 시간 전

    Until the pixel 4 comes out next month

  86. author

    Akmal Aziman2 시간 전

    In this comparison. Note 10 stomps the iPhone 11 Pro.

  87. author

    Miguel Afonso2 시간 전

    Comparing with the S-line is cool, even though some remarks were a bit off IMO. However, comparing it to the Pixel line should only be done after the 4 comes out no?

  88. author

    ThatGuyKwe2 시간 전

    The iPhone 11 Pro: it’s a good camera

  89. author

    O.P GAMING2 시간 전

    iPhone 11: Power!!!! The Verge: Hold My Editing

  90. author

    Khanh Le2 시간 전

    Great review , thank you :)

  91. author

    Julian Rafael Hassan Roden2 시간 전

    Waiting for the Pixel 4

  92. author

    LenonW Q2 시간 전

    iPhone is always the best phone ever to Verge lol

  93. author

    karri karthik2 시간 전

    compare iphone 11 with Xr please. If Xr and 11 are not much different then I will get Xr.

  94. author

    Jatin Jaiswal2 시간 전

    7692 mails😲

  95. author

    Meave Larson2 시간 전

    I'll rather buy note 10+

  96. author

    Grimdark Yarrick2 시간 전

    Paid opinion. Super obvious..

  97. author

    Vikrant Thakur2 시간 전

    Also the ugliest camera on a phone LMFAO

  98. author

    CallMe Zingo2 시간 전

    Sponsored video

  99. author

    southpawlibra nine2 시간 전

    This guy's a tool

  100. author

    NIKOLAS2 시간 전

    Review after one day?