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  1. author

    Akhil Draksharapu7 시간 전

    Omg its the "Next Version" 🙄😒🙄 lmao

  2. author

    chris04197 시간 전

    The permission stuff is already on my pixel 4 xl not sure why that is new

  3. author

    Rob The Bob7 시간 전

    He keeps saying don't but I want too.

  4. author

    ravi chandra7 시간 전

    Ios 11

  5. author

    JHarley177 시간 전

    I want one, but not sure If that will happen

  6. author

    Monish Meher7 시간 전

    One UI literally already has all these features even at Android 9 🤷🤷

  7. author

    Scott Norton7 시간 전

    better title: Google phones get Samsung phone features

  8. author

    Faceless plays7 시간 전

    *1:20** The metal ball was made from nokia*

  9. author

    Kappa7 시간 전

    Meanwhile my A70 still hasn't gotten Android 10

  10. author

    Gaming Only7 시간 전

    Bruh the Note 9 is getting android 10 in a week

  11. author

    Nilesh Narnawre7 시간 전

    I will not receive I’m using Pixel XL

  12. author

    B1indsided7 시간 전

    Google "lets add 3 yr old features to phones now"

  13. author

    Zurg Tech7 시간 전

    Did anyone tried this preview version? Just want to know is it usable for day to day tasks.

  14. author

    sharik sid7 시간 전

    My one plus 7 already has these features haha. Love the oxygen OS

  15. author

    David Ricardo7 시간 전

    The bubble messages have been in androids since kit kat

  16. author

    Kingketo Windsor Royal7 시간 전

    This is why Samsung are slow to release updates. They already have all the features baked in to OneUI

  17. author

    Ajith Kumar7 시간 전

    And samsung one ui has most of the features 😅😅

  18. author

    Kay'Wan Williams8 시간 전

    Can we acknowledge that Samsung One UI has some of these before the pixel?

  19. author

    Tony D'Annunzio8 시간 전

    The thin invisible man is driving

  20. author

    Karma NE18 시간 전

    That bubble feature reminds me of facebook chat heads and/or a jailbreak tweak in iOS (2014). I love this feature an wished it was utilized more before, but glad it is again.

  21. author

    Michael Fox8 시간 전

    What are your suggested names for Q and R then?

  22. author

    Phil PJ Davis8 시간 전

    🤣 I haven't even got 10 yet? Note 9 unlocked Tmobile. Lol

  23. author

    shinigami8 시간 전

    And here i am stuck in android 9

  24. author

    Angry Guy8 시간 전

    Don't listen to him, there are some really big features discussed in this video. If you're an android enthusiast with a spare Pixel lying around, install this!

  25. author

    Chris Kennedy8 시간 전

    Ever used Smartisan OS? ... You'll never go back to any other OS's..

  26. author

    Genesis Ph8 시간 전

    Android 10 is full of bugs!

  27. author

    Khairul Hafiz8 시간 전

    Yeaa android 11 but what the heck android stopped allowing android phones to record internal sound smh 🙄 Glad I be using Samsung finelock and use the native screen recorder app. Such a disgrace cz my siblings use other brands and recording video with internal sound is not an option anymore, unless it was pre-installed. 🙄🙄

  28. author

    Stabbing Squidward8 시간 전

    How did you get the orange live wallpaper

  29. author

    Zain Jamil8 시간 전

    Still waiting for Android 9 but okay...

  30. author

    Damon Yiu8 시간 전

    My phone is still on Pie and 11 just came out?

  31. author

    Mai O' Nerds8 시간 전

    I have the new Android. Man let me tell you a lot of features are missing.

  32. author

    eidetic8 시간 전

    So should install this on my main phone? I don't think you were clear enough.

  33. author

    Quinton Crockett8 시간 전

    Android 11 and the Galaxy fold does not even have Android 10.

  34. author

    Sebu8 시간 전

    Did anyone else notice his little yarmulka?

  35. author

    Mr Beasley8 시간 전

    Screen record? Lol Catch up google

  36. author

    Ben Wili8 시간 전

    So...this is like an early release then?

  37. author

    Jay8 시간 전

    Im pretty sure I have that better application permission 3rd option now in Android 10 and the new screen record in Android 10 works great. It was good in Android 9 and much better in Android 10. I have a pretty thick Tempered glass screen protector 0 touch issues. What! What's new again in Android 11? OnePlus 7 Pro 12/256 unlocked international varient. I was hoping for some really new good stuff in Android 11. Good review. Thanks. 😁😁😁

  38. author

    Mr2pint8 시간 전

    So there's nothing that's already been out there on other oems for the past 5 years. I'm so hyped...

  39. author

    Shubhang Kohirkar8 시간 전

    What's on your head??

  40. author

    Skyline8 시간 전


  41. author

    Max Mustermann8 시간 전


  42. author

    Dejenny Pilipovic8 시간 전

    I thought you were Mark

  43. author

    Phone Daft8 시간 전

    1 Word for Pixel. Boring.

  44. author

    mrzazzaable8 시간 전

    Every android has been lame since ice cream sandwich

  45. author

    Naman Patel8 시간 전

    what is that little white stripe at the back of your head in the video? Jut wondering.

  46. author

    Greg Keane8 시간 전

    omg he went to Dagobah.

  47. author

    Arkhemiel8 시간 전

    99 percent of these things are already on One UI 2.0. Ah you said it later. Can't wait to see where android goes. Considering an iPhone next year for literally only updates and resale value.

  48. author

    luvcrim8 시간 전

    What's that white thing on your head?

  49. author

    Peter Bull8 시간 전

    Was this accidentally upload a year late? I swear all of these features have been around for a while...

  50. author

    Rain man8 시간 전

    I have all these features in built on Note 10+ except the smali sensor features. Vanilla android is behind One UI 2?

  51. author

    Odin8 시간 전

    The difference is the purpose. Public surveillance is for control, and it can be used to track actions. Personal surveillance can potentially be used for... nothing. Which makes it creepy. Why would a private person want to own footage of you.

  52. author

    Thibaut Mahringer8 시간 전

    Will probably never get it on my Galaxy Note 9... Still Android 10 is plenty enough but Note 9 is pretty much a perfect no compromises phone. That's why it makes me sad.

  53. author

    mac berry8 시간 전

    Ask Amazon about knockoffs

  54. author

    FatBoy Runs8 시간 전

    This is what I like about Samsung flagships. They seem to always have the features that Google later bake into a new firmware. Android 11 is no different, I have most of these things on my Note 10.

  55. author

    mstiic8 시간 전

    I saw his hat on his head and immediately closed the video!!

  56. author

    King Meed Spin8 시간 전

    still stuck at android 9 lmao. wtf google

  57. author

    D. Dames8 시간 전

    I thought that privacy feature was already on Android 10? Could be that Samsung put that in as a feature for the One UI 2.0 update

  58. author

    Sebastian Rodríguez8 시간 전

    but chatheads aint something new, its been for quite some time and I recall like 5 years ago I believe Facebook was the first to introduce it, then removed it, first from iOS on its own app, then in android.

  59. author

    Hiệp Nguyễn Đăng8 시간 전

    Cry on Android 5.1.1 (Xperia Z1)

  60. author

    Vikas Sharma8 시간 전

    Already using all these features in samsung galaxy note 9

  61. author

    Stefan Genov8 시간 전

    Android is getting bouring.

  62. author

    EddyGraphic8 시간 전

    Android TV 10 is not even out yet and we already have Android 11 😂

  63. author

    LizardGorgeous8 시간 전

    Android is a rip-off.

  64. author

    GLV TECH8 시간 전

    I'm still using Marshmallow

  65. author

    PG 1҉88 시간 전

    seems like they really listened to feedback. good

  66. author

    Chris Dimauro8 시간 전

    Still running 8.1

  67. author

    Reda 2G8 시간 전

    pretty sure most of those features already exist on android 10 lol..

  68. author

    Marvin Ji8 시간 전

    What's the point. Had anybody even bothered to update their android phones?

  69. author

    Confusing Paragraph8 시간 전

    I am still on Oreo 8.0

  70. author

    Rahul Jain8 시간 전

    Some old Samsung Phone features from android 10

  71. author

    OnlineCitizenTV8 시간 전

    Non is a MAJOR update.

  72. author

    Umair Aziz8 시간 전

    Still using my Lumia Windows Phone <3

  73. author

    BVBZ WENT WILD8 시간 전

    I'm waiting to get android 10

  74. author

    tarun joshan8 시간 전

    is that jason schwartzman

  75. author

    Nonth Suriyan8 시간 전

    Why google think bubble chat head is a good idea? I hate it.

  76. author

    Darrell Green8 시간 전

    I was on seven until this year and finally got 10. I'm not going to lie but I cussed when I saw the title of the video. Google you have to do better...

  77. author

    Mohsin Shahzad8 시간 전

    This happens when you handover a flagship to a confused person who doesn't know what that thing is. Come on, you are making a video to conclude something for your viewers, not to confuse them.

  78. author

    Marko Blažević8 시간 전

    So a bunch of options Samsung already has.

  79. author

    Shay Uzan8 시간 전

    It's always funny to me that in every version of Android, they're actually trying to close gaps from Samsung's software two years ago. Even more funny to me is that although Samsung users have 90% of the features before it goes out through Google, everyone gets annoyed that Samsung doesn't release updates right away and that everyone complains that clean Android is better and after two years the clean Android is similar to Samsung's version

  80. author

    Edison Cevallos-Veliz8 시간 전

    I love how you said "nuke your phone." I tell my customers they have to do that when they trade them in for new ones and everyone just looks at me weird.

  81. author

    Taj Callender8 시간 전

    Why is it so early??!!

  82. author

    Games Galore8 시간 전

    Everybody is talking about still have android 9, screw them, i have android *7.*

  83. author

    Jonathan Gil Santillan8 시간 전

    We want Dieter

  84. author

    Ratul Deoun8 시간 전

    2:40 Samsung's One UI 2.0 already has this feature. :)

  85. author

    sheldon collymore9 시간 전

    LOL For A pure Android Experience the pixel sure gets Features late theare all on one ui

  86. author

    dion smith9 시간 전

    Shoot I haven't even gotten android 10 on my fold yet

  87. author

    Babatunde9 시간 전

    Bubbles can be enabled in the android 10 developer settings

  88. author

    Sidharth Thapar9 시간 전

    Samsung’s one ui already has that bubbly thing for almost every messaging app :)

  89. author

    King OfthEaSs9 시간 전

    Ah, One UI features coming to Android lol...

  90. author

    The Good Guy9 시간 전

    Lol awful os

  91. author

    Eugene Ong9 시간 전

    He own PirBright which created the corona virus ( US patent #10,130,701 ) to depopulate the world.

  92. author

    Oren Gee9 시간 전

    Theres screen recording on Android 10 tho

  93. author

    Mohamed _9 시간 전

    Pretty much all of these things are already available on my Galaxy S10+

  94. author

    Soham Desai9 시간 전

    Most of all these features are already out on OnePlus devices

  95. author

    pinkheart919 시간 전

    Copies the design of iPhone and then also the interface. But all people do is hate on apple 😂😂

  96. author

    Martina Martins9 시간 전

    I miss the dessert name.. 😭😭

  97. author

    Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman9 시간 전

    Most features that are already on oem android versions, and other that are so under the hood most users won't notice.

  98. author

    Mitchell Morgan9 시간 전

    I'm glad the dessert names are gone! We would be on Android 11 but the 18th letter of the alphabet. That bugged me irrationally for so long. (sidenote: I opened a new tab to type "what letter of the alphabet is" and it auto completed "r", get out of my head google! 🧐)

  99. author

    Yassir Rossel9 시간 전

    I don't get it. Why they are calling it Android 11. It's Android 10 with a few updates.