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  1. author

    Felicia Johnson분 전

    Devyn, Dae, Jazz, Izzy Period!!!

  2. author

    L L4 분 전

    Great performances much love from your sistas in Europe ☺💖👍

  3. author

    Eric Benavides5 분 전

    Does chance the rapper love his wife tho? AaH

  4. author

    Chill One5 분 전

    This was HORRIBLE

  5. author

    south sider5 분 전

    This is illegal

  6. author

    charlita256 분 전

    Maserati are hot. My dream car

  7. author

    Jack Harrison6 분 전

    I laughed at 1:08STILL LOVE PAC THO. RIP PAC👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥

  8. author

    charlita259 분 전

    Man I wish my rent was $800 a month

  9. author

    Kadijah Kamara10 분 전

    IDK on here🤗 Yeah Kash and Iman surprised me, and didn’t expect nothing less from Los, woke af

  10. author

    terry smith10 분 전

    Who is his momma...

  11. author

    H. Richardson10 분 전

    She's the only performer that had the crowd standing up and the audience was wack and boring

  12. author

    ya bitch tossed my salad and you kiss her11 분 전

    T top was better just not camara ready

  13. author

    squirt saso13 분 전

    Real talent!!!!

  14. author

    charlita2514 분 전

    Chile I would have quit too.

  15. author

    terry smith14 분 전

    He may not be a baby but his liver is the size of a ten year old

  16. author

    Desire14 분 전

    Dude n the green need to scoot tf ova

  17. author

    305 miami15 분 전

    Ross the boss killed it best performance in years🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  18. author

    sheldon gilliard15 분 전

    Throw the whole audience away!!! Great performance!

  19. author

    grandmapurple55 Purple20 분 전

    Who are the male dancers

  20. author

    Jumbo 38020 분 전

    Gave his Aunty a 30 to babysit..

  21. author

    Karabo ManneZA22 분 전

    Battle rappers: “Battle rap would get big if it has sponsors” Sponsors: “Lets steal it like we stole skateboarding, arenas, award shows the works n they will be our employees ”

  22. author

    Marcelina Agosto22 분 전

    My hairs is crazy standing up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. author

    AndreNyce Gray22 분 전

    Affion Is So Damn Underrated That Dude Is Pure Comedy

  24. author

    Taylor Dates22 분 전

    That was fucked up when the man came he aint even all that

  25. author

    charlita2523 분 전

    He’s a cool 😎 cat

  26. author

    Victor23 분 전

    Bro!!!..Shut the EFF Up and let her SANG!!..

  27. author

    Leele W.23 분 전

    I always enjoy the dancers more. Lol

  28. author

    Taylor Dates24 분 전

    Quwvo was loving it

  29. author

    Taylor Dates24 분 전

    CROWD LAME ASF I deserve to be there😭😍

  30. author

    Marie J25 분 전

    S'il vous plaît, mon ami, regardez le Saint-Esprit, il est dans le domaine de la guérison, de l'amour, de l'attention et du réconfort! Le Saint-Esprit ne vous laissera jamais seul.:Jésus revient! Serez-vous prêt? "

  31. author

    Darrin Williams28 분 전

    I ain't know that was yung berg until he said those were his lyrics from sexy lady lol

  32. author

    Anthony Garcia28 분 전

    Dam andy milonakus still raps ?

  33. author

    Aaron Clarke31 분 전

    Rounds too short bruh

  34. author

    King Jones31 분 전

    Can we all take time to appreciate how creative YBN Cordae's outfit is? 🔥 🔥 🔥

  35. author

    Jazzmine Davis32 분 전

    I love lil Kim outfit.

  36. author

    Marques Corbitt33 분 전

    Idk what lil Kim dance was but she is dumb thick

  37. author

    Ssetezzy37 분 전


  38. author

    Batman37 분 전

    A living legend!!! No women can ever touch the queen!! 👑

  39. author

    KingCurtisRaye38 분 전

    My favorite part was when Da Baby said “now she done reversed it...” and he kinda joins in the choreo I thought that was genius! He’s a really entertaining performer which is refreshing to see from a rapper 💯🔥

  40. author

    Manic B39 분 전

    Ranking 1*Flawless Real Talk 2*Shawn Smith 3*Phora 4*Reason 5*Casanova

  41. author

    Will SHARP39 분 전


  42. author

    Will SHARP39 분 전

    fire fire fire

  43. author

    exceL9140 분 전

    Nelly was rockin’ the babushka before ASAP rocky

  44. author

    Kia Owens40 분 전

    Megan you did your thing, the crowd was so wack

  45. author

    Luke Matthews41 분 전


  46. author

    Shun Trill41 분 전

    They gave her a better weave

  47. author

    Crystal Roberts41 분 전

    She really gave Junior Mafia that much air time

  48. author

    Desire42 분 전

    No drama is the one song i listen to to uplift my spirit. I cry to this song everytime im fed up and finally decide to let it out... I love you Mary

  49. author

    Panamanian Thing Scene43 분 전

    Yes is is an adult by age,but he acts like a child..

  50. author

    Manic B44 분 전

    Casanova the G

  51. author

    Ebony Smith44 분 전

    No. Just give us the Girlfriends movie Tyler.

  52. author

    Panamanian Thing Scene45 분 전

    Pio didn’t understand sh*t he was saying lol 😂

  53. author

    Sharon Yvette Warner46 분 전

    I'm she and lil cease squashed their beef.

  54. author

    drea Roses46 분 전

    I totally luv her. She reminds me of myself. And my sister. As kids living in Florida we’d go down the block and get excited about eating white sand with Sharee and Krissy ......don’t ask don’t tell

  55. author

    Ajourney Musix48 분 전

    Damn king Los u went crazy

  56. author

    Deezy Cov51 분 전

    MOTHA ALWAYS 🐝👸🏾🐝👸🏾🐝👸🏾💛

  57. author

    Derrick Terry51 분 전

    That was the rap battle equivalent to Errol vs Porter... that marshmallow line was his knock down victory!

  58. author

    Omgsky Love52 분 전

    I love when kim do the deep voice

  59. author

    Naturalistic Being52 분 전

    Come on music soul child!! ❤️😎

  60. author

    R Nottelling53 분 전

    Those G rap bars are beyond ... but Pun the king!

  61. author

    tyrone williams55 분 전

    And once again I say..."WE WONDER WHY WE (blk ppl) ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF CIVILIZATION"...We are great ppl with great potential, & all we choose to offer & display is "RATCHETNESS"....Sad!!!

  62. author

    R8C STVR55 분 전

    Not gone lie a lot of ttop Shxtt went ova my head

  63. author

    The Finest Girl55 분 전

    So fly! This is definitely wat we needed! Wooo! Fun! Bring us back to life. I'm so feelin this. BET hip hop awards 2019

  64. author

    FuzzyAppleBong57 분 전

    Whad she say about bodies?

  65. author

    Chrissy Stewart59 분 전

    Congratulations Lil Kim

  66. author

    Samson Jones시간 전

    Why she lip syncing?

  67. author

    Ck Keidis시간 전


  68. author

    Tribe of Juda시간 전

    This is how they keep us destroyed as a nation making our young one's believe that these paid agents really living tht life... We will always be on the bottom of society if we don't improve as a nation..

  69. author

    Tracey Holland시간 전

    Legendary, period!

  70. author

    H.I.M Liveth시간 전

    DNA tuff long time. Da man deh well serious. Big up K Shine mi General. Dun know Enuh!

  71. author

    James Lone시간 전

    Everybody trash Cept the GOAT King Los

  72. author

    Telaney Williams시간 전

    I paid 25$ to see a lil kim concert at the fine line cafe in Minneapolis Minnesota a few years ago, worst concert ive ever seen no joke

  73. author

    Maggie K시간 전

    Lizzo has actually helped me have more confidence

  74. author

    tasha myles시간 전

    Da BABY and MEGAN my favorite love them

  75. author

    AllaboutYAH시간 전

    Oprah shucho problematic, mammy as up!

  76. author

    DEE J시간 전


  77. author

    R8C STVR시간 전

    Who the fat white bul he showed up.

  78. author

    quam adediran시간 전

    No diddy there to support kim.. smh all she did for him..

  79. author

    BLACK JACK시간 전

    Fear the beard cuz its weird... 🤚I'm gona stop. . 😁👍

  80. author

    abbie4949시간 전

    DJ Khalid is like the world's angriest cheerleader!!! BTW: CORN MEAL hilarious

  81. author


    Rick Ross check out this florida rapper you tube timc kreeper that boy gonna blow 🔥

  82. author

    Eric Nana시간 전

    Very impressive!

  83. author

    R8C STVR시간 전

    Karlous murdered that Shxtt!!!!!...

  84. author

    R8C STVR시간 전

    Here for 85%ers n Affion.

  85. author

    Régis EKUE시간 전

    Sarkodie ne l'a pas raté. technique flow, attitude, meme charisme. la prochaine fois kalash prend toi au sérieux.

  86. author

    David Don시간 전

    I Love Davido, congratulations

  87. author

    Gwen Renee시간 전

    I need for him to shout up and let her sing,

  88. author

    KINGS OF GH시간 전

    Once again King dark never forget to deliver 🇬🇭👑🔥🚒

  89. author

    station4hiphop시간 전

    Damn lol kim look bad! Loved the dark skinned kim most.

  90. author

    Michael Chiem시간 전

    anybody know the name of the person playing guitar?

  91. author

    Z Baby시간 전

    Girlfriends 2019.....

  92. author

    Nina Simone시간 전


  93. author

    Blake Vernon시간 전

    I feel like her outfit is a reference to Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain

  94. author

    Arthur The King시간 전

    Respect everybody who was a part of this💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  95. author

    Janiah Jones시간 전

    Instagram gon be gone ? HUHH

  96. author

    Yvonne Jenn시간 전

    I keep coming back to this video like they did her dirty 😂😂😂 I wanted to see at least 1person get hype

  97. author

    G Rated시간 전

    Truly the Walk of Fame..Its Truly a whole new world you just made the world of Entertainment a better place. looking forward all the greatness coming out of this next adventure.

  98. author

    cedslife05시간 전

    Izzy wack. Girls went harder than him😂😩

  99. author

    Kidfuse 5x시간 전

    Mann Y'all Should have Had Let DC YOUNG FLY Kill It 😂💯

  100. author

    agoodgurl2k시간 전

    I like dat purse with da gun in it!