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    Drumma Boi시간 전

    takes a musician/artist/ & entertainer. takes a special person to have everybody attention @ they shows plus street cred can do more for an artist i.e. kats like chief keef got mega st cred & blew the phuck up overnite

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    Per Goddess시간 전

    Laughed from my stomach 😂🤣 i love us

  3. author

    Maria Clark시간 전

    After 10 replays I finally figured out where the flute came from 😂🤨

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    Everaldo Vandorpel시간 전

    You Definitely Deserve it

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    Diana Slyvester시간 전

    Kudos to Rihanna, very strong words , well done.

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    Darrel Hicks시간 전

    Fools think they actual speak for the whole race well you dont speak for nobody but yourself period) and this not no we garbage it's every person for theyself period

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    Bertina Williamson시간 전

    She's so dope!!!

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    Mr Nicholas시간 전


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    Charmain's Dream World시간 전

    True facts RiRi❤❤

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    loco official시간 전

    Rihanna always been royalty, spread the light b✌🏾❤️

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    Lashonda Williams시간 전

    Man I love Jamie Fox always will he is hilarious in tears 😭😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Mr Nicholas시간 전


  13. author

    Per Goddess시간 전

    Wtf am i crying

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    Nini Prom시간 전

    “Tell your friends to pull up” 👌🏽🇬🇲

  15. author

    King Motley시간 전

    This is why we ride with her no disrespect to well you know but riri is different and will get out there with us

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    Mz D시간 전

    Love Jill 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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    Jartel hayes시간 전


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    femylafi시간 전


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    mimi R시간 전

    Why cant I show off my forehead so open like this queen🥺♥️

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    Pulsar1984시간 전

    Wait, is Pull Up the next single??

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    coyottitto coetzee시간 전

    I gave her a standing ovation even though I'm watching on tv 😭😭🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    Darrel Hicks시간 전

    He's a puppet he has said he was sorry so that a lie already period

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    tiny jemm시간 전

    This is truly an epic moment congrats riri I am a proud black woman today and also a proud barbadian 🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧

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    water house시간 전

    This mutha fuka spitt'in!

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    I Finn시간 전

    Other than her singing I love that Jill Scott didn't have a breast reduction or get lypo to lose weight. She's the perfect BBW. Lizzo on the other hand.

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    John Morsa시간 전

    Awww. How cute...hahahaha

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    Treyvon Daily시간 전

    What does NAACP stand for?

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    theonetruediamond시간 전

    I just love me some Jill Scott 😍

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    Erykah Deniece시간 전

    I love Rhianna😘

  30. author

    Victor Omoseh시간 전

    RIRI will always be my queen for life 👸 💖🙏

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    Ms. Rozay시간 전

    A sophisticated gangster🤣🤣🤣 “They your friends to Pull Up” !!! my favorite part. What I took from that is people do a lot of talking but when it’s time to show up they are no where to be found.

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    smilley brown시간 전

    Vintage Jill,thank you Universe

  33. author

    Kelvin Quartey시간 전

    Its facts. She doesnt talk much, but when she talks she makes sense

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    CeCe Bonita시간 전

    Say it girl 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  35. author

    Chib David시간 전

    It's too short 🙄🙄

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    Alicia Craig-Ornsby시간 전

    Best speech of the night.✊🏾

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    American Nightmare시간 전

    Life would be alot better for alot of people if we all just learned to work together. Unfortunately, there's always going to be those people (racists of any and all colors) that are destined to hate people. Why does one's race have to determine the type of person they become? Should it have to?

  38. author

    meach TheAmericanPatriot시간 전

    Tell your friend to pull up and vote for Bernie sanders.

  39. author

    gramos시간 전

    I‘m so proud of her. She‘s really been constantly relevant since her debut.

  40. author

    Alpha Charm시간 전

    Another thing. If Blacks really want unity then they better start the work from within the community. Black people have trouble being unified. You can’t really call on another race to help if we as black aren’t willing to unify as a whole.

  41. author

    donz tagle시간 전

    Ang galing bosses niya

  42. author

    Refilwe Pule시간 전

    I hope your Arab bae(of the Arabs who were the first enslavers of blacks) pulls up for black people Rihanna. Hope he doesnt just enjoy your koochie and bounces. Practice what you preach. I am fed up of lecturing celebrities.

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    Smooth Queue시간 전

    We can do it without Oprah, Gayle and rice.

  44. author

    DemBoyzRunnin DBR시간 전

    Jarule dresser rapping like Tupac lol

  45. author

    Fe Fe시간 전

    Yup..WHITE FOLKS claiming u not racist pull up and let's hear what the hell u talking about. SPEAK UP on the injustice. Tell em sis! PS Angela Bassett is one of the most gorgeous women...omG.

  46. author

    Sean Felder시간 전

    Rhianna is a icon

  47. author

    Lonnie Jolly시간 전

    Boule members.

  48. author

    Jermaine Lightfoot시간 전

    Jilly from Philly❤️ I courted my wife to this C.D.

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    citrus hall시간 전


  50. author

    Michelangelo Gesualdo시간 전


  51. author

    Crystal Morrison시간 전

    Nigga= street version Nigger= suburb version Negro= country version Of the word. Same meaning at the end of the day.

  52. author

    KOKAiNE JANE시간 전


  53. author

    3rdflo4life Greg시간 전

    Dope 🔥

  54. author

    Lauren Doherty시간 전

    Poor thing was just trying to get out her speech and they kept clapping lol❤️

  55. author

    3rdflo4life Greg시간 전

    Dope 🔥

  56. author

    jacqueline THE BEST시간 전


  57. author

    Tamon Davis시간 전

    A lot people missed the whole concept of what this young lady is saying.

  58. author

    yass nnej시간 전

    Yaaaaaaassss, yeeeeeeeaaaahhhh ,ooooommmmggggggg, Jiiiiiiillllllllllllllll from Philllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy. Jiiiiiiillllllllllllllll💚💜🖤💙🧡💛🔥🔥🔥🔥🎵🎶👏🏿👏🏾👏🏼👏🏽

  59. author

    Tamon Davis시간 전

    Yes Rihanna so very intelligent , wise and bold.

  60. author

    Tiana's Creations33시간 전

    Love you, Angela

  61. author

    Terrell Massey시간 전

    She's basically saying look at who your friends really are and when you really see like she did then you can see yourself to pull up and do what makes a difference

  62. author

    Cece Giles시간 전

    please go to a Jill Scott concert... you won't regret it

  63. author

    Jeferson Santos시간 전

    this gal is Whitney's offspring

  64. author

    LaNisha Penn시간 전

    I got chills

  65. author

    Keepin It Real시간 전

    How about they just earn it instead of yelling racist all the time and pressuring bosses to higher based on skin color.Theres a reason you need to qualify for jobs and being a certain race or skin color shouldn't automatically qualify you.

  66. author

    Twan G DuBose시간 전

    A tour with Jill, Eryka, Angie Stone, Musiq, Balil and Maxwell would be dope.

  67. author

    Kenneth Love시간 전

    My president 😭👏🏽

  68. author

    Brittany Brinks시간 전

    I’m 25, and I grew up on Jill Scott. Played my mama cd out to the point where it wouldn’t go past track 20 something bc she had the deluxe album but the classics like these 2 songs would still play so I didn’t care. Love from N.C. 💓 that’s why I’m so feminine and in tune with myself. I was listening to gold at such a young age. This made me cry. So nostalgic.

  69. author

    3rdflo4life Greg시간 전

    Dope 🔥

  70. author

    Damon Robinson시간 전

    My queen 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  71. author

    Chalky White시간 전

    This thing bends over in public, showing its rear end to the world, puts a mock fellatio video on tick-tock. (Kids use that) It's loud for no reason, dresses as whorish as possible...and it wins an NAACP image award? The Black Community is DONE. Lizzo is a litmus test of "Black" Morality. Or the lack thereof.

  72. author

    clark clarke시간 전

    WOW!!! Beautiful .. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Angela! Always lovely to see her ...💖

  73. author

    Alpha Charm시간 전

    Go Rihanna Go!!!!!💜

  74. author

    Green Eyes2 시간 전

    We can do it together and together we shall get there... thank you Rihanna, 😘

  75. author

    Nat Turner2 시간 전

    Look at all of those beautiful Black women in the audience...

  76. author

    Musty Bryce2 시간 전

    Riri turns up for us

  77. author

    Mo Fo2 시간 전

    Talentless rappers....

  78. author

    Island Gal2 시간 전

    Black 🙌🏾 ... Brains 👍🏾... Beauty 🔥... Talented 👏🏾 ... “We all have to make the change TOGETHER “ 💜🙏🏾 ... Purple ALWAYS a winning color 🏆😉

  79. author

    Knowledge is Food For The Mind2 시간 전

    Is she pregnant?

  80. author

    Raven R2 시간 전

    Rih is so cool man. I love Rih. She’s so unapologetically black. She’s that real cool auntie! ❤️

  81. author

    Cornelius White2 시간 전

    I love when my people sing together. 😍

  82. author

    Tanetta johnson2 시간 전

    Love it

  83. author

    R T2 시간 전

    Rihanna is preggers y'all

  84. author

    Tee Walk2 시간 전

    Man look cool speech but Nobody white pulling up....Everybody wanna be or act Black until its time to deal with Black Issues. At the end of the day its OUR PROBLEM AND WE have to solve it and not look to any other race to do it.....BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BECOME SELF SUFFICIENT AGAIN...Integration was out biggest downfall. SMH

  85. author

    Joeki11a2 시간 전

    she an Island gal

  86. author

    Angel Eyes332 시간 전

    Queen 👸🏾Salutations

  87. author

    Shadi2 시간 전

    Evil stares 1:20 ... don’t know who she is but I love her earrings tho👀

  88. author

    Demetria Calvin2 시간 전

    "We can't let being desensitized sink in. Imagine what we could do together!"..Rih gave a real and humble message!! 🖤

  89. author

    Fernando benitez2 시간 전

    I love this women she's is the realest

  90. author

    Jayne Skye2 시간 전

    the wrap it up music pisses me off

  91. author

    S D2 시간 전


  92. author

    Fatimah Kareem2 시간 전


  93. author

    Jasmine Aliyah2 시간 전

    So thankful my mom raised me listening to this beautiful, glorious woman!

  94. author

    Dolores Green2 시간 전

    Rihanna! Rihanna! Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. author

    Vanessa Dickens-Boyd2 시간 전

    Well said 🤗🤗👏👏👏👏👏👏💜

  96. author

    Jayne Skye2 시간 전

    why they show micheal b jordan ??? when she said those things 😂😂 yall know ppl say he dont like black girls.

  97. author

    Angel Eyes332 시간 전

    Jill Scott is the ultimate in my book. My Soul Sister!!

  98. author

    Kiwi Fruit2 시간 전

    Rhianna speech was so powerful yet poignant n relevant to today's causes. Told them to PULL UP. She look pregnant. But we been assuming this for so long. I hope its by the billionaire BC he would be a GREAT dad. N her an AWESOME mom..

  99. author

    Celebrity Truck Driver2 시간 전

    FOR ALL THE BLACK WOMEN WHO THINK THEIR WHITE MEN REALLY LOVE THEM, Tell your White Man to help your Black Brother, Black Son, or Black Father get the same opportunities he had.

  100. author

    KenRobert12 시간 전

    Respect to smart, strong woman like Rihanna. To my understanding you rich and you’re friends with other races, they brake bread with you, then tell that friend to pull-up too when you fighting for your peoples rights and equality. It’s not a black peoples problem, it is all our problem.