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Double, double toil and trouble!
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  1. author

    Tanaya Treadwell2 시간 전

    I like to mauve it mauve it.

  2. author

    Bailey Snider2 시간 전

    It’s the LED light that’s doing the light thing

  3. author

    Bailey Snider2 시간 전

    Black was supposed to be such a thin layer

  4. author

    Cupcake Kittenz2 시간 전

    I'd calling it Jonathan

  5. author

    sophie cusack2 시간 전

    Mauve over

  6. author

    Chloe corbett2 시간 전

    I would call it frankenorly

  7. author

    Ciara Mckenna3 시간 전


  8. author

    Gumpie Gump3 시간 전

    You know it's true love when he helps shave ur lady-stache ❤

  9. author

    Potterhead Nerd3 시간 전

    I came here right after a roleplay ASMR and my ears are confused on why this person is talking normally.

  10. author

    [ S ø r a ]3 시간 전

    Is it normal that Japan sells these soap art in DAISO?

  11. author

    jara van zeijst3 시간 전 you have to try these furry mittens

  12. author

    Spicy Panda2033 시간 전

    11:04 what’s up with the nail on her middle finger

  13. author

    Hfggb Hyyggh3 시간 전

    When you searched up alien I saw that there was an alien jumper that had come from stein because I have that jumper and I think Romwe is copying and stealing sheins clothes ( sorry for the spelling mistakes)

  14. author

    nur asyiqin3 시간 전

    gosh,u are so beautiful without make up

  15. author

    ShethTora3 시간 전

    Part of the reason the pictures look so good is that pretty much every single one is stolen from professionals and reproduced based on the picture alone with no underlayers or things. It's also made with cheaper materials and lower standards.

  16. author

    Jaymee K4 시간 전

    I think it should be ‘Franken nail’

  17. author

    Zarah Veith4 시간 전

    Where die she get Trysha's pants from they're SO CUTE!!!!😍😍

  18. author

    The weeb In the back4 시간 전

    For some reason a lot people in the 2000s looked 30 when they were 16 and had bad skin

  19. author

    Tonina Galea4 시간 전

    Shimmer berries

  20. author

    Damage Girl4 시간 전

    I think Blue will suit You the Most *(I haven't watched the whole video,Just started)*

  21. author

    •Gacha UNICORN•4 시간 전

    9:16 -Thought it was a pride flag.

  22. author

    Katora Jonas4 시간 전


  23. author

    Ashley Marie4 시간 전

    9:49 you look like a model.

  24. author

    Mohd Suhaimi Mat Napi4 시간 전

    Woa!! Its really amazing.. So biggggg

  25. author

    Xebastian5 시간 전

    This vid. Is 13:31 long and is Japan related video/content o_0 jk

  26. author

    Camie Yuan5 시간 전

    She’s very determined

  27. author

    TAZtalks5 시간 전

    Fraken Mauve it

  28. author

    Rahma Wahid5 시간 전

    The focallure palettes are actually really good I used them and I love them

  29. author

    Queenie_ IMVU6 시간 전

    Me and Sofia have there periods for 7 days😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. author

    Cass DoesCrafts&Art6 시간 전

    Why'd you use a pot so large? I feel like a smaller pot would have worked better.

  31. author

    KitKat Walker6 시간 전

    Franken Mauve?

  32. author

    Frikka36 시간 전

    I mixed up the Before and After eyelash pics at first 😆

  33. author

    GM6 시간 전

    Saf is so humble you can definitely tell that she uses the money from KOreporter to continue creating amazing content and keep coming up with bigger and better bad sciences LOL

  34. author

    Lovefrom Evax6 시간 전

    Name . I don't know what i am doing

  35. author

    Aislin Kageno6 시간 전

    Three things, Saf: One, the teal is gorgeous and my personal favorite of the three. Two, I suggest "Bride of Frankenphora" for the mauve. Three, CONGRATS on the impending wedding, I can't believe it's already happening!!!

  36. author

    Julia Elisha6 시간 전

    I love ťhe pants

  37. author

    Meggeroni Pepperoni6 시간 전

    When i saw 18 yr old yoongs i was laughing so hard

  38. author

    Nikini defonseka6 시간 전

    'a DOLLA?!?'

  39. author

    tom marvolo riddle6 시간 전

    I need this so much to just hide from people

  40. author

    giulia Italy7 시간 전

    Come to Italy,

  41. author

    giulia Italy7 시간 전

    Please came to Italy and test and eat real food, and cook...

  42. author

    syd the squid7 시간 전

    Pfft imagine having more than two bras to even wear ‘,:/

  43. author

    Charli King7 시간 전

    Berry kisses

  44. author

    Cherry Mochi7 시간 전

    Just to let anyone know, ive been to japan for about 15 days, and if your phone is foreign there, you can't download videos for offline or just get a free trial premium to do so. Yes, they do have free wifi( joyfull restaurant! ). Also there are plenty of vending machines in there! I lived in Shizuoka by the way so there is a bit of a difference there!

  45. author

    Yep It’s Jeremy7 시간 전

    Seeing the fact that she used a Dollightful video as reference makes me so proud

  46. author

    Little Luna7 시간 전

    Frankenstein MAUVE over

  47. author

    EMILY LOPEZ7 시간 전

    make a bathbomb

  48. author

    Jaslene Petersen7 시간 전

    The number of your like is who you are 1. Saf 2. Tyler 3. Crusty 4. Cristine (SimplyNailogical) 5. Beyyyn 6. Menchie 7. Zyler 8. A normal fan of Saf

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    giulia Italy7 시간 전

  50. author

    giulia Italy7 시간 전

  51. author

    giulia Italy7 시간 전

    You look as Italian girl, hi dear, could you try some Italian product, I suggest to you some comsmetics

  52. author

    Sup Productions7 시간 전

    Our neighbor is a lipsence distributor my mom bought some but she was not as impressed as she thought she'd be

  53. author

    Dave Strider7 시간 전

    A F L A C

  54. author

    Laura Larsson Djupedal7 시간 전

    Mixning time!

  55. author

    Amber Adams7 시간 전

    Tyler: Can you breathe Safiya: No Me: Now I can't breathe

  56. author

    Clairebear Eats7 시간 전

    i hate when someone says "oh, that's not your role" "oh, that's not in your job description" . like wow

  57. author

    Spookay T'is Me7 시간 전


  58. author

    Rhea Mariam7 시간 전


  59. author

    Maocmii7 시간 전

    I'm in a musical production called 'West Side Story' and this video really helped me get my costume and look together! Ye s

  60. author

    Lucy Marline8 시간 전

    Saf is a child. Or a crow. Okay im ona mission i can do this i- *OMYGODNESS💖🎆🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇SHINY*

  61. author

    Shalissa Gamer girl8 시간 전

    Safiya can be on Masterchef

  62. author

    Raptor and T-Rex 1018 시간 전

    I have an idea for the next video. YOU. HAVE. TO. *NOT.* WEAR. BLACK. For 2 weeks, you also have to use more colors!!!!!

  63. author

    infires. maan8 시간 전

    Romwe: Black Turtleneck T-SHIRT Pictures: shows a longsleeve

  64. author

    Artistic Prince8 시간 전

    “Franken-mauve” is the name of the Franken polish

  65. author

    MidnightPlayz8 시간 전

    There so akward but a cute engaged comple

  66. author

    Randy Chavez8 시간 전

    Mauvin on Up Frankenbeans Berry Quiet

  67. author

    Bella Bone8 시간 전

    Lol I’m on the cusp of cancer but I’m a Gemini

  68. author

    Lillian TheWitch8 시간 전

    Frankenmauve XD

  69. author

    DottyLuv4Life8 시간 전

    "This is skirt... this is boobs" lol immediately subscribed. I love your voice and personality.

  70. author

    Mago Cibernético8 시간 전

    What the music of the part of the jacuzzi? You know the classical one

  71. author

    Emily Plummer8 시간 전

    Laurdiy recently did another d.i.y. ing yt merch featuring your merch!

  72. author

    sh0w m3 dEbUsSy8 시간 전

    Hi I'm new here and I just want to ask, is that a tattoo on saf's shoulder?

  73. author

    Phoebe Rofail8 시간 전


  74. author

    joydarling3148 시간 전

    You should had offered to buy her her own soup can. Be more generous next time. This girl went with you every where.

  75. author

    Soren !8 시간 전

    The one with the long sleeves reminds me of some sort of space empress thing going on.

  76. author

    Taylor Clark8 시간 전

    Crusty hair is the only acceptable hair in eyeshadow, or lipstick for that matter.

  77. author

    Riley8 시간 전

    Wait, the psychics said that November and December would be good, and that's when she got engaged. Wow

  78. author

    Madhu8 시간 전

    8:21 long women problems

  79. author

    Lauren Sharp8 시간 전

    I love it

  80. author

    Hannah H8 시간 전

    Why do all the franken makeup turn the exact same color? 😂😬

  81. author

    Jade Tester8 시간 전

    The items that are free are free but they’ve added what the price of postage is so technically it’s not free xxx

  82. author

    Amy Smith9 시간 전

    Is anyone else just really impressed how Tyler and Sophia can just reference so many movie and tv shoes off the top of their head? It's literally it all of their videos?!!?!?!

  83. author

    Vivian9 시간 전

    I think something like “MAUVE BISH! GET OUT THE WAY” and yes I’m all caps😂 or “a mauve in the right direction”

  84. author

    ᴀ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴡɪᴛʜ ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ ᴀᴄᴄᴇss9 시간 전

    Frankenz-Shadow Lol

  85. author

    una uno9 시간 전

    Huhuhuh I wish I could at least get one palette I enjoy watching beauty guru but I never have the talent to copy any eye make up. I always feel I’m too ugly....but thanks for the video it made me feel that I can wear them all in one application..

  86. author

    Julia and the unibrow gurl9 시간 전

    14:51 I’m dead😂😂😂

  87. author

    Mak Lafreniere9 시간 전

    Mauve she wrote

  88. author

    Y / N9 시간 전

    I look a tiny Asian and I'm not so I got make over to like jennie kim I looked even more korean

  89. author

    Grayce Sowell9 시간 전

    You look great Safiya! Keep it your amazing work! Also did you say "Ridikulous" as in Harry Potter spell ' Ridikulous' at some point?

  90. author

    Sandra Dewi9 시간 전

    10:47 "now that we are DEWING it ...."

  91. author

    Ana Thomas9 시간 전

    Thos dresses are just knock offs so they are supposed to suck that's the whole point of wish they knock off popular designs

  92. author

    Nuriz Zatul9 시간 전

    This video was like summarizing the kpop thing to new beginner

  93. author

    Cassie9 시간 전

    I like the way you Mauve

  94. author

    Blackblaze animation9 시간 전

    ThX for help me choose what I shall wear on Monday

  95. author

    Kathryn9 시간 전

    You’re the reason I use Clue!! I love clue! It’s been such a great app!!

  96. author

    potatohead 1239 시간 전

    From the front it looked like Shane’s had a double chin

  97. author

    Peyton Ong9 시간 전


  98. author

    Lyss Welk9 시간 전

    This video is just the definition of my migraines. I would like actually pass out.

  99. author

    Lissy London9 시간 전

    So now Saf needs to mix all of Tati's new eyeshadows together!!!

  100. author

    Madhu9 시간 전

    4:04 there are lot of condoms i can tell