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This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

  1. author

    Clément BT16 분 전

    When ????!!!!

  2. author

    Daniel Martinez3 시간 전

    So season pass for a $20 game? I think I'll "pass" on that

  3. author

    kato guerra3 시간 전

    I want a refund!

  4. author

    CJames274 시간 전

    Dead b6 daylight mobile is trash. Because of laggu server,no graphic choices,

  5. author

    calamardo 2,0 :v5 시간 전

    The mid chapter event withing blight delayed a think a pretty god job so far atte devs

  6. author

    Electrified The new rock musical6 시간 전

    Fix the freaking ranking system I'm sick and tired of going up against freaking rank 11's as a rank 15 it isn't fucking balanced

  7. author

    Lefty Chicken6 시간 전

    What is the map in the beginning it probably the teacher map and killer that never got in the game

  8. author

    American Muscle6 시간 전

    Cant believe this came out last year I dont quite remember it

  9. author

    NewGhostWar 127 시간 전

    Update after update but we still gonna fix that hit box right?

  10. author

    datbiotch 07 시간 전

    Oh if only vigo locked up Michael and injected him with the daddy juice ooooooooooooooOOOOOOHHH

  11. author

    swiffer wet jet8 시간 전

    bruh him crawling and standing up deadass what i look like getting out of bed in the morning

  12. author

    Sade Fade8 시간 전

    Guy:on the floor with a bear trap on his leg The girl: f**k this sh** I’m out

  13. author

    HOODYBOI gaming8 시간 전

    trapper new skin?

  14. author

    PlaysWithHats8 시간 전

    I wonder if the guy in the coat is Benedict Baker.

  15. author

    JP MOZER9 시간 전

    are the prices of the auric cells going to change on xbox?

  16. author

    Speedy Speeder10 시간 전

    I want spirit and jakes outfits and next year I’d like for frank or joe to get a cosmetic or give all four of them cosmetics even better

  17. author

    Its_Not_A_Spoon10 시간 전

    Really they put a battle pass in DBD

  18. author

    Cario -200210 시간 전

    When will the premium content pass END!!!? it’s getting old and I’m getting sick of it.

  19. author

    creepyvids10 시간 전

    so you added a battlepass?...whats next? emotes? i'm sorry i love this game but this doesn't really sound that great and kind of ruins it.

  20. author

    Captain Infinite11 시간 전

    New killer The Plaque Doctor

  21. author

    Keaton Chesnut11 시간 전

    When is out on console

  22. author

    StarSilverInfinity11 시간 전

    The Flood x the Crimson

  23. author

    infamous_8411 시간 전

    Gioco di merda

  24. author

    Eduardo Medina12 시간 전

    Now Everybody hates him >:(

  25. author

    Leserolith12 시간 전


  26. author

    Master Lagger12 시간 전

    Who is that guy, not trapper

  27. author

    Codedad 1812 시간 전

    takes 45 minutes to find a killer match , but hey! Atleast we can pay for more stuff!

  28. author

    moumou Carado12 시간 전

    SCP 049

  29. author

    Magickal13 시간 전

    Lets have the community create custom Moris and let them vote on which should be added. Somewhat like the Warframe community skin voting

  30. author

    EJSVideo13 시간 전

    And of course this useless company has to delay it. Do they ever release things on time anymore? What's the point in PTBs and QA if they still mess things up literally every time.

  31. author

    Colby Barker13 시간 전

    is there no event?

  32. author

    Rokaino 6413 시간 전

    I was just thinking today, And I realized something, Is this narrator the guy who voices the Narrator in the Naughty Bear Games? (If you've even heard of them)

  33. author

    Roy epic35014 시간 전

    I was honestly hoping for something more like a plague doctor but this will work for now

  34. author

    Novocaine14 시간 전

    Can we get sam from trick R treat in this game

  35. author

    Wolf-Vanack14 시간 전

    Of course .-. Could have at least made it free since we have actaully bought the game

  36. author


    When does it come out?

  37. author

    Zenix Is Dark15 시간 전

    This is why some adults are scared of teenagers. XD.

  38. author

    Popcornlover 66615 시간 전

    The demogorgan why u say gorgan

  39. author

    Ricardo Leon16 시간 전

    4:01 hesss campinggggggg

  40. author

    Anton D16 시간 전

    And this big agressive guy will chase some teabager around the car

  41. author

    Mspgirly Awesome16 시간 전

    Release date?

  42. author

    playgamerbox74518 시간 전

    Hi guys, its me nintendo, and we are a company that makes games for children, anyway, checkout this new game for the NINTENDO SWITCH, its a game about killing, placing traps, hooking people, etc, now if you excuse us, we gotta make a zelda game.

  43. author

    Собиратель Джейк19 시간 전

    Шо пасаны Ахой?

  44. author

    The Captain19 시간 전

    But will they change the meta game?

  45. author

    WixaPixa19 시간 전


  46. author

    Chaosstorm527319 시간 전

    *BUFF HER* I miss being viable 😩

  47. author

    potato potato ching chong tomato19 시간 전


  48. author

    Kŋıɠɧɬ Dཞąɠơŋ20 시간 전

    Trapper have a bear sound?

  49. author

    Paris Iin20 시간 전

    I love the LEGION!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. author

    RIN HAYAKAWA20 시간 전

    タノシミニシテマス❗️ タノシミマショウネ❗️

  51. author

    B A21 시간 전

    Who will be the new killer

  52. author

    21 시간 전

    Werewolf killer!!

  53. author

    Gennaro De Marco21 시간 전

    Isnt it getting Released today?

  54. author

    Darko Bakula21 시간 전

    They should add skins to Leatherface where he is wearing one of the survivors faces. Then try to blend in with the group . See if they can spot the spy. XDD

  55. author

    MyLifeIsALie YT21 시간 전

    The only reason i came here is because i heard they gonna add new badass chase themes for Trapper Wraith And Hillbilly oh yea also the Spirit

  56. author

    PingPong TingTong21 시간 전

    Apply to nintendo switch players as well?

  57. author

    Nikopol 9322 시간 전


  58. author

    핫콜23 시간 전


  59. author

    Hellcat Animation23 시간 전

    Add pennywise

  60. author

    PunchCounter일 전

    Is that Vigo collecting the juice?

  61. author

    Kottciak일 전

    Oh Nea.. What have you done?! Crazy girl..

  62. author

    DW41N 3RNA일 전

    I think is doctorplague

  63. author

    Lama Boi일 전

    fix blood point loss please

  64. author

    I eat kids일 전

    Why thumbnail look like merusmus

  65. author

    TheFancyTopHat일 전

    If you spend 10 dollars on the pass you can actually keep it going forever if you completely finish it

  66. author

    Goobacca일 전

    While battle passes suck, at least DBD is a good game that wasn't built to sell them in the first place.

  67. author


    I misread it as the hallow bitch.

  68. author

    Kraiffa Razzirior일 전

    Fuck. I hate holes

  69. author

    mimikyu C일 전

    Hi, I m being ddos multiple times and I have video prove, how can I report this issue? It’s been days, whenever I almost 4kill a group of 4 swf , I got ddos, or when I was playing as survivor and the killer couldn’t manage to guard the gens, I got ddos. I’m on PS4 btw

  70. author

    Dominik Jachaś일 전


  71. author

    LexEd일 전

    We all know nea is the entity

  72. author

    Lucille Monks일 전

    I want this many killers Jason from Friday the 13th Pinhead from hell riser Pennywise from it

  73. author

    Subwoofer Vertex일 전

    Does that guy even need a weapon, you can just punch someone and they'll be dead

  74. author

    TheWafflezMan일 전

    If the new hallowed blight doesnt have a story we gon have issues

  75. author


    Is it just me or or do i think id be cool if supernatural made a crossover with dead by daylight

  76. author

    bobby Pearson일 전

    2018 wow amazing

  77. author

    medschool2626일 전

    3 days ago "HYPEEEE ARCHIVES ARE COMING" TODAY: "yeah, no withering blight, mid chapter or archives until further notice"....cruel jokes

  78. author

    medschool2626일 전

    60 fps on PS4/XBOX please. How about a stable 20 for Switch?

  79. author

    Brandon McC일 전

    They need a mimic killer. Like someone who can act like a survivor and then unsheath to kill 🤷‍♂️

  80. author

    Schmeckls일 전

    So basically bane

  81. author

    Dead Fortune일 전

    make it for vr

  82. author

    Deersquad 3일 전

    Creepy my friend

  83. author

    J Thundel일 전

    Delayed btw

  84. author

    Channel07일 전

    For his sacrifice, he unfortunately went to hell...

  85. author

    yellow chicken일 전

    Who is vigo??

  86. author

    Basic Hollywood Jerk일 전

    So I’ve been trying to figure out...did vigo somehow overcome that sense of fear that the killers present and managed to wander into the fog? That would explain a lot...

  87. author

    Nookular Bomb일 전

    If I see someone that needs to do a challenge and I'm killer, I'll have mercy. I'm usually pretty brutal, but I've got a soft spot for people just trying to complete a challenge.

  88. author

    Mans Not hot일 전

    We all know that the guy in the hooded cape is vigo

  89. author

    franny millan일 전

    Mr.jackle and hyde Killer and survivor??

  90. author

    seven life일 전

    Pos ok:v

  91. author

    Numinex Fox일 전

    I miss halloween 2017

  92. author

    JkushenGD일 전

    And no one realized that it says 2018 not 2019

  93. author

    Clayton Smith일 전

    RIP being the last survivor and the hatch closed. Might as well sit in the corner and wait for the timer to kill you now

  94. author

    Brandon Nadeau일 전

    New Mori’s ?

  95. author

    KayvK일 전

    So *that's* why the updates since July have been really rushed! I guess that makes sense now. That was all worth it for this chapter, though.

  96. author

    Bombee일 전


  97. author

    NukaKushRB24일 전

    If we don't get the hallowed blight music imma be sad.

  98. author

    Voitan일 전

    I just want a new game mode, Haunted Mansion, and survivors can hide under beds, closets, etc... goal being to escape the mansion, or unlock something, complete a ritual, whatever.

  99. author

    Name. EXE일 전

    Unhook your friends Unhook your enemies

  100. author

    Michael Hayden일 전

    ((Insert tired generic racist Claudette joke))