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Toy Story 4 EverToy Story 4 Ever

Toy Story 4 Ever

4 개월 전

A Pixar FireplaceA Pixar Fireplace

A Pixar Fireplace

11 개월 전

  1. author

    Mega Mochi5 시간 전

    give Berleezy his body back

  2. author

    #ADOS 101 EXPERIENCE5 시간 전

    It's Pixar the movie will be way more in depth

  3. author

    Happier Heart5 시간 전


  4. author

    Romeo Muffin5 시간 전

    The overture

  5. author

    Kirath5 시간 전

    0:47 Did the guy on the motorbike drive over the manhole?!

  6. author

    Happier Heart5 시간 전

    When I heard that piano In the beginning, I FREAKED OUT AND I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE A GOOD MOVIE BECAUSE OF AJR

  7. author

    TheOnlyIgg5 시간 전

    This would be a lot better if it started out live action, and then it switched to animated after he falls into the hole. Then the afterlife thing could also have more detailed background with actual things in it, since it already has the contrast between the live-action part and the animated part to make the afterlife thing seem more different and whimsical than the real world.

  8. author

    Makayla5 시간 전

    If this is how the afterlife looks like I’ll never die.

  9. author

    Juliana N-R5 시간 전

    That's AJR in the background!!!

  10. author

    jose barba5 시간 전


  11. author

    RobSHANK Prod.5 시간 전

    The world is so sleep

  12. author

    Ooga Booga5 시간 전

    the princess and the frog: black character is a frog for majority of movie Soul: black character is a booger for majority of the movie

  13. author

    Tp322 tp2235 시간 전

    I like overture

  14. author

    bob 16 시간 전


  15. author

    Dude Man6 시간 전

    Great, more generic dookie art style from Pixar 👍🏼

  16. author

    ORIGAMI ARMY6 시간 전

    Yes, yes, yes, no

  17. author

    Agenterix6 시간 전

    Bruh movie looked so fire till mans turned into blob😔

  18. author

    Iann6 시간 전

    Ok boomer

  19. author

    Louie6 시간 전

    When the black community watched Coco and decided they wanted one for their own.

  20. author

    CLEVON the LOONEY BOY6 시간 전

    this movie look boring until he fall down the man hole.

  21. author

    cherry blossom6 시간 전

    Is the ball of wool representing a woman in a world of men? FINALLY

  22. author

    Onyx Crystalz The Lambling6 시간 전

    Pixar swears My outside self: YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! My inner kid: **hidding in a corner scared**

  23. author

    TouchThat RHINO6 시간 전

    I love the fact that they are using an AJR song.

  24. author

    Danielle Jackson6 시간 전

    LoOk eVeRyoNe iT's OnWaRd ItS LiKe tHe oLdEn TiMeS

  25. author

    kiX mind6 시간 전

  26. author

    Forza Girl 0416 시간 전

    Wall-e 2!

  27. author

    Dansari6 시간 전

    The music will be strong with this one 🎶

  28. author

    PåšťGHÖSTěŘ6 시간 전


  29. author

    Andrea Di Giandomenico6 시간 전

    When you listen the first chord... And you know what is going to happen... COME HANG OUT

  30. author

    OakleyHasAFoot 7876 시간 전

    This is one of those movies where you think the story will revolve around characters trying to do something, but the trailer will show them doing that thing but kinda failing

  31. author

    Black OffTheSplat6 시간 전

    Can’t wait to watch inside out 2. Oops I mean soul

  32. author

    TheDertyBrothers6 시간 전

    the man fell into a MAN hole to become a what exactly?

  33. author

    Aymen Haq6 시간 전

    That's my dream job

  34. author

    Portable Pybro6 시간 전

    This is what death stranding was like when it was first announced

  35. author

    Ooga Booga6 시간 전

    I though this would show the history of soul music but ok boomer

  36. author

    Alejandro Loza6 시간 전

    I love the animation. It is good that they get away.

  37. author

    micky meza6 시간 전

    I wish they'd just make a little slice of life kind of movie for once without any fantasy.

  38. author

    Lorenzo Manca di Nissa7 시간 전

    Toy Story 4 is the best movie of franchise

  39. author

    Josh Forsythe7 시간 전

    AJR just made so much money

  40. author

    Not Funny Didn't Laugh.7 시간 전

    I forgot that this was a Pixar production until after the 50 second mark

  41. author

    Sterling Mount7 시간 전

    First half the trailer: I really like this! Second half of the trailer: I really dont like this? I'm so conflicted with this one

  42. author

    Ethan7 시간 전

    Ahhhh, so it is confirmed, Russel is Asian

  43. author

    Ace 1o77 시간 전

    This trailer confirmed my worst fear....manholes!

  44. author

    Joshua Eadie7 시간 전

    My dream job

  45. author

    Jesus Rojas7 시간 전

    Black people have feelings: The movie.

  46. author

    MainStream7 시간 전

    It's like a mall

  47. author

    Kim Tatarka7 시간 전

    I think the reason why the “soul” version of these characters look the way they do is because there really isn’t a known form when it comes to the soul. Sure, it would’ve been nicer if it weren’t as similar to what has been shown in Inside Out, but it does make sense for the form to not exactly by “human”.

  48. author

    LevDevi7 시간 전

    I will be honest and say, this movie would be AMAZING.... Except Pixar turned a potentially amazing role model of a character (that isn't white FOR ONCE) into a blue booger looking thing. I hate to say it but this is probably going to fall short of inside out's fame and end slightly higher than the emoji movie. Why? Movies don't need to be Meta. That and let's be honest, two blue blobs in an expansive black room are not interesting. The first half of the trailer was immersive and wonderfully realistic. The second half looked like a bad 3D version of a kids MS paint idea for a 'funny' video that parents and peers cringe at. Seriously, the blobs do not scream "great film".

  49. author

    decade X revolt sims7 시간 전

    Forget it just remind what important to you

  50. author

    IceSmash7 시간 전

    I can tell the Tina Fey character will be super annoying.

  51. author

    one dead spy7 시간 전

    Oh god the cosplayers

  52. author

    Dennis Ngugi7 시간 전

    Do we have to be all mucisians or such? I want to stay behind screens like the ones he had

  53. author

    Jay Lane7 시간 전

    Overture by AJP? Upvote from me

  54. author

    ElijahG 1057 시간 전

    Y’all need to stop doubting a movie by a 1:30 teaser

  55. author

    KyGuy7 시간 전

    So, uh, plot? Characters? Setting? All I got was one of those motivational high school videos followed by a ghostbusters reject.

  56. author

    JaySean Delos Santos7 시간 전

    this put tears on my eyes. I love watching Disney pixar short films, they're amazing.

  57. author

    Bruhcakes7 시간 전

    Me: Hears AJR music “YES!” Sees diverse characters “YES!” Thinks the movie is going to be about music “YESSSS!” Falls into a hole... “No......”

  58. author

    MerkTheDerk 357 시간 전

    She said the a word

  59. author

    iWafflez7 시간 전


  60. author

    soda bottle _7 시간 전

    0:20 man's gotta pay for those computers

  61. author

    Bailon Family7 시간 전

    2:18 why does he run like that?

  62. author

    Herzen7 시간 전

    What i learned: people love to judge movies before even seeing it

  63. author

    Bertis7 시간 전

    A time-lapse? Ok

  64. author

    Bertis7 시간 전

    A time-lapse? Ok

  65. author

    BlancaVasquez157 시간 전

    Not gunna lie, they had me on the first half.

  66. author

    The Random Critic7 시간 전

    disney and pixar presents coco plus inside out

  67. author

    sacmienboi9167 시간 전

    I wish I can work here. I have great ideas for Monsters Inc 2.

  68. author

    Daniel17 studio7 시간 전

    1:12 *_epic denc_*

  69. author

    Amateur Menace7 시간 전

    I liked this movie until AJR started playing.

  70. author

    Shaula _8 시간 전

    Me:oh god it looks good The guy in the trailer: falls in the pit and turns into a blue thing Me: oh...

  71. author

    Eric Hart8 시간 전

    That's not fair guys you know bing bong is a soft spot for me

  72. author

    T h i n g8 시간 전

    Every time I watch this I cry. It is so sad. WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THAT?! I just really like animals😢

  73. author

    dinosaur productions with charlie8 시간 전

    I ht when chris said when I lived in avan I thought he ment in Jurassic world for a second

  74. author

    noteworthinessxx8 시간 전

    Clips from toy story ratatoulie up inside out monsters incorporated and finding nemo

  75. author

    Caleb Shepherd8 시간 전

    Did this man just fall in a hole and die?

  76. author

    Magic Melody8 시간 전


  77. author

    Nickson Agustin8 시간 전

    Its a dream place!

  78. author

    benï8 시간 전

    Why can they never stay black?😐

  79. author

    lena8 시간 전

    Why did he turn into a speck of dust

  80. author

    christian Budolfsen8 시간 전

    Is it duke Ellington

  81. author

    Rodolfo Suarez8 시간 전

    I need to work at their Taco Bar and then I can tell people I work at Pixar

  82. author

    Faiza8 시간 전

    I do not like the ending. I'm sorry, Woody did not just leave Buzz. You don't leave yo homie like that

  83. author

    ꧁ᏋᎢᏋᖇႶᏆᎢᎩ꧂8 시간 전

    My heart is literally melting ❤❤❤😍

  84. author

    no8 시간 전

    0:23 When you accidentally delete Minecraft from your desktop.

  85. author

    Iron Maniac8 시간 전

    anyone else excited for AJR?

  86. author

    Scoops Troop8 시간 전

    Why do I have a weird feeling Will Byers would love this film 🤔

  87. author

    Sudipta Paul8 시간 전

    What the song at 00:30 ?

  88. author

    IsakThaBro8 시간 전

    Overture by AJR in a Pixar movie? 6 Year old me and current me are Jammin' out together now.

  89. author

    Roberto Mochi8 시간 전

    This trailer felt very good until that stupid joke at the end ruined the mood

  90. author

    Joshua Horn8 시간 전

    I don’t get the hate over him being a ghost. It’s a Pixar film they’ve done things like this since the beginning of time. I for one am sold just from the music and message alone

  91. author

    Joey K8 시간 전

    maybe him turning into the soul would be okay if he still looked like his human self

  92. author

    Ajw20!8 시간 전

    God I hope that blue thing is just a dream

  93. author

    Sara Klingenborg8 시간 전

    Pixar: shows an very promising character that could be great Fans: Yay! Pixar: proceeds to turn that character into a booger with a fedora Fans: Yay....?

  94. author

    Mind Corp.8 시간 전

    my man big smoke

  95. author

    Michael Christopher8 시간 전

    I take it that that blue blob he turned into is his literal Soul.

  96. author

    Navoii Gamer9 시간 전

    1:15 WOOOOOH!!!!!

  97. author

    Giacomo Ricci9 시간 전

    Did that scooter guy just passed over a hole without falling into it

  98. author

    Samuel Roy9 시간 전


  99. author

    Wholio's Studio9 시간 전

    I'm srsly confused

  100. author

    Ehren carrera1239 시간 전

    0:54 oof