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  1. author

    Baby Blue시간 전

    lowkey ship perrie and Claud

  2. author

    Blue Jolly Rancher시간 전

    Did I just die!!!!

  3. author

    Nana Kwasi시간 전

    I'm very happy seeing Sam genuinely happy , we need more songs ✌️

  4. author

    ScarlettP시간 전

    I would be scared to do anything if I was Taylor bc she's wearing all white 😂

  5. author

    Barbara Rozzo시간 전


  6. author

    bella pinkney시간 전

    I was in the front row of this acc love aitch🥰

  7. author

    debasree Baral시간 전

    He should have sing with liam 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. author

    Hanisha Toor시간 전

    Wish I wasn’t at school so I’d be early..

  9. author

    Zora Lewiz시간 전

    Harry be like "Imma sing this way deeper so I don't sound like I'm still 16."

  10. author

    Gonzaaa Etchechuri시간 전

    One of the worst performances of Harry, It's not the song, is her signing. He's not comfortable with her voice

  11. author

    millionbucks28시간 전

    Hubba Hubba 👅👅😍😍

  12. author

    You Mee시간 전


  13. author

    Pedro Pierazo시간 전

    Aqui está, o comentário Brasileiro que você procurava! 🇧🇷

  14. author

    Come With Kris시간 전

    The camera work at the end though. Incredible.

  15. author

    Elli시간 전

    This song reminds me so much of that time in summer 2018 lol💙

  16. author

    محمد العمري시간 전

    Song of the year Grammys 2020

  17. author

    Akshita Priyamvada시간 전

    Love you Harry.....

  18. author

    Mahbub Alam시간 전


  19. author

    hello taetae시간 전

    Autotune needs her

  20. author

    Ninfo Hg시간 전

    hahaha OMG

  21. author

    Farissa Hashfa시간 전

    OMG the vocal...makes me wanna cry

  22. author

    Don't let it break your heart시간 전

    "Still know!" How happy he looked! 😭😭😭😭😭

  23. author

    Jahed Miah시간 전

    2:12 He made a mistake lol

  24. author

    Amy Truc시간 전

    Just only say “Love Her” 😍😘🥰

  25. author

    Samsomi Kun시간 전

    2:12 hahahahhahahahahaha

  26. author

    HPFangirl71 卌시간 전

    This is why I'll always love Harry!! He'll never forget & isnt ashamed from whence he came!! 1D lives on!! 💗🔥🎤😎

  27. author

    Deboshree Paul시간 전

    If liam was there it woul be more fun

  28. author

    Tenley Littlejohn시간 전

    Hey Taylor swift I was the one that made a t shert for you in 2018 stant Lois

  29. author

    Ghost God Gaming시간 전

    Their both lucky. Ksi-won a fight Roman- got into I’m a celeb

  30. author

    Natsu777시간 전

    I actually freaking love his version of the songs. How iconic. The revamp is nice. 🙊✨

  31. author

    Shakira시간 전

    When the na na na’s started I swear I thought Liam was coming to sing 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. author

    biji christudas시간 전

    Can't believe Grammy didn't nominate this album😔😔

  33. author

    Rofi시간 전

    This song is officially gonna be played on my wedding in the future ❤️

  34. author

    John Pacano시간 전


  35. author

    dmswo dl시간 전

    Best Christmas song ever... I was so sick of all those love songs

  36. author

    bella pinkney시간 전

    I was thereeee skskskskks

  37. author

    V_RY _o7시간 전

    No estoy llorando 😭😭😭

  38. author

    Valentina Furlan시간 전

    Soul and skin goosebumps. Love Love Love. ((( ❤️ )))

  39. author

    Salman Abdullah시간 전

    Best thing I've seen today.

  40. author

    ScarlettP시간 전

    Taylor looks like an Angel

  41. author

    Casey시간 전

    Let stay younger together . . . .👇

  42. author

    You Mee시간 전


  43. author

    Daria Duma시간 전

    I love him

  44. author

    nazanin m시간 전

    The way she said "my" at 2:39 😭😭💕💕💕💕

  45. author

    Intan Kirana시간 전


  46. author

    Bala Srinija시간 전

    Everytime she says lover.. It's so soothing..💕

  47. author

    louislittleshit시간 전

    locals: *sing original version* harries: *sing harrys version*

  48. author

    Micaela Camila Cuevas시간 전

    Eaeaaaa bien ahí cantando en español

  49. author

    Humera Ashrafali시간 전

    I love how she mentioned Juice Wrld at the end!! We Stan a queen!!

  50. author

    Sam Gubat시간 전


  51. author

    Chanel 123시간 전

    I really don't know why i think of Shane Dawson when i look at Sam Smith

  52. author

    Memeumarriolennyelmslie Bitch시간 전

    3:28 oh we know...😍😍

  53. author

    siv hagen시간 전

    Low key this version is way better, I sad it...

  54. author

    Hannah Mcquinn시간 전


  55. author

    Bala Srinija시간 전

    That guitar omg!😍

  56. author

    gguilhermest시간 전

    Sringspteen vibes

  57. author

    Mia시간 전

    Hid voice😍😍

  58. author

    Elif Koç시간 전

    This song means a lot, love u Sam

  59. author

    Sadone西洋圈시간 전

    I am here waiting for the film “Miss Americana“ on Netflix ❤️❤️

  60. author

    Yanfo Yakey시간 전

    I miss them.... When they were team...

  61. author

    Tom Bourne시간 전

    No one Cares if you are 1st second or last FFS its not a challenge or a game fgs

  62. author

    Gayatri Jadhav시간 전

    His stage presence is so calming.

  63. author

    Miami1Flor시간 전

    Am I the only one who expected Harry and Liam to take some pictures together? Or something...I don’t know but they were like they don’t even know each other:((

  64. author

    Shaden Kamel시간 전

    Please bring 1D back I am crying from happiness

  65. author

    Ayman Faizal시간 전


  66. author

    Reiska Ananda시간 전


  67. author

    Petra Tóth시간 전


  68. author

    Aval Singh시간 전

    Capital Fm on fire 🔥 🔥

  69. author

    Innafan .tr_시간 전

    Taylor, if you will see this, please come to Turkey. There is no war or sonething like that.

  70. author

    Valerie Stone시간 전

    Her vocals have gotten so much better and she's really doing better than she ever was!

  71. author

    Shaira Mae Loreto시간 전

    Love this ❤

  72. author

    Aval Singh시간 전

    Who is here before 100k views

  73. author

    Lassa 247시간 전


  74. author

    Manao Lukram시간 전

    Me when I see toxic people : kheeerrr...

  75. author

    Baby Shark시간 전

    9 view 4 comment

  76. author

    nazanin m시간 전

    Will I ever get tired of listening to this song? NO

  77. author

    Iris Sophia Silva시간 전

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 meu amooooor 😿😍❤ Melhor de todos

  78. author

    Lord Sophia시간 전

    Why was the crowd dead af

  79. author

    j purple1시간 전

    the singer's name should be in the title of the video. love the song though :)

  80. author

    Ria R시간 전

    OMG,imagine from reputation to this beautiful song, the magical of taylor swift😍

  81. author

    Andy DV시간 전

    I only put this vídeo because in the title doesn't say Hrvy and i was mad... But i pick and see that he's actually singing, YEEEESSSS!!! Put his name in the title, peopleeee

  82. author

    Laura시간 전

    perfect!!! please post all the songs soon!!!

  83. author

    Anshika시간 전

    I wanted to hear OK live

  84. author

    hailee selena시간 전

    this song reminds me of this summer. fu*kin mood🥰

  85. author

    Bianca Malinda시간 전


  86. author

    Cokedude BESTMATE시간 전


  87. author

    Robert Reid시간 전

    Barbie got nothing on this girl..sick and still bopping ..girls golden haters beat it..hugs bobby

  88. author

    Baby Shark시간 전

    Still can't believe she's almost 30

  89. author

    Jennifer Dong시간 전

    sorrY WHATTTTT

  90. author

    khushi styles시간 전

    Loved it, but kinda missing the 1d vibes...

  91. author

    Kinga Xd시간 전

    2:10 When you sang the song for 7 years and you still don’t know it

  92. author

    Chanel 123시간 전

    2:11 and i oop

  93. author

    Giorgina Lalopua시간 전


  94. author

    Laldinthari Ralte시간 전

    My heart hurts 😭🧡

  95. author

    Bermonica Satuito시간 전

    1st view. 1st comment.

  96. author

    y a n e l l a시간 전


  97. author

    aqmar jalini시간 전

    I wish that they come back 😊

  98. author

    Walk3r Hunt3r시간 전

    Lol the fans had no idea this is coming 😂😂😂

  99. author

    Bala Srinija시간 전

    He trying hard not to smile is so adorable!❤

  100. author

    Saadman Saif시간 전

    That's a nice guitar she has