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  1. author

    Martin Oskarsson시간 전

    Billy-Boozehead in space Part 1

  2. author

    Just Passing Through시간 전

    Disney totally ruined this franchise...🤮

  3. author

    Lenni Arvonen시간 전

    2019: saga ends 2020: how does Palpatine have a lightsaber in Lego Star Wars the complete saga but not in Return of the jedi: a star wars story

  4. author


    Cant waitt🥰🥰🥰

  5. author

    MGTOW Monk시간 전


  6. author

    Michael Denison시간 전

    You know, my Dad is a die-hard Star Wars fan... (do not insult the Millennium Falcon in front of him) His birthday is December 20th. In a rather sweet way, this looks like HIS movie.

  7. author

    Cody Collins시간 전

    Calling it now. To be trendy darth P has secretly been a woman in a mans body 😂. He wants to take over Rey to fulfill he’s destinyyyy heee.

  8. author

    Oofa T Maloofawitz시간 전

    I'm waiting for the non-Disney, non-Jar Jar Abrams episode 7 thru 9 complete re-write do-overs!

  9. author

    alexis2 시간 전

    he is too short for a stormtrooper :D

  10. author

    Mark Morris2 시간 전

    Catherine Kennedy, if you want star wars fans back on your side make Dave filoni your main show runner,, give him the key to the next trilogy.. Most of us hate the new saga. Not just because the politics but bad story telling, lack of continuity, a role model that was given ultimate power with no hard work.. It had no realism. The Mandalorian is only two episodes old and already feels realer, more entertaing and more star wars.

  11. author

    david allen2 시간 전

    To everything we hold dear, please don’t stuff this up

  12. author

    The Mad Titan2 시간 전

    God, I so miss being 11 and 12.

  13. author

    Ari Fleming2 시간 전

    Okay I wasn't expecting to cry, why is c3po saying goodbye 🙏😢🌎💀

  14. author

    Tyler Phoenix2 시간 전

    This one looks so dumb hopefully it does end

  15. author

    Tyler Phoenix2 시간 전

    Dam I so sick of Star Wars I hate all of them except the third

  16. author

    Darth Patum2 시간 전

    Happy to have conclusion on Skywalker, sad this story line is over. Excited to see what evolves next from Star Wars! 🤗

  17. author

    Natalie Velda3 시간 전

    Make Dave Filoni the lead creative for star wars. PLEASE ! he deserves it and everyone loves what he makes because he understands star wars and respects the fans and knows what people want. DAVE FILONI FOR CREATIVE LEAD

  18. author

    its caffeine3 시간 전

    2019: the saga will end 2020 I dont like sand: a star wars story

  19. author

    Hype Wall3 시간 전

    Rouge one was ok but certainly not my favourite Star Wars movie

  20. author

    Easyview3 시간 전

    2005: The saga is complete. 2019: The saga ends. 2033: The saga halts.

  21. author

    Vincent Boelter3 시간 전

    This is it guys, huh?

  22. author

    Gryffindor 7123 시간 전

    So excited 1:01 is the ghost for Star Wars rebels on the right of the millennium falcon.

  23. author

    Haydn Po3 시간 전

    Poor fellow.. He looks like he wants to cry.. l do too seeing how Disney has totally destroyed Star Wars.

  24. author

    Russian Keyboard Science3 시간 전

    Why are they riding horses in an imperial destroyer. This world is going to hell lads, mind my words.

  25. author

    Johnreel3 시간 전

    It would be cool if Cal Kestis have his own disney plus show

  26. author

    Lord Raffy Graphics3 시간 전

    Is this boba fett?

  27. author

    Asha Katti3 시간 전

    Long have I waited for this to release

  28. author

    Jim Bovens3 시간 전

    Star Woke IX: The Rice of Soywalker

  29. author

    BagelBramble3 시간 전

    0:49 still LOVE this shot that I'm pretty sure is only in the trailer, and when everyone was like "WOAH, CROSSGUARDS!?"

  30. author

    Working Animations3 시간 전

    It’s weird seeing the mask symmetrical

  31. author

    Ermek Ermek3 시간 전

    1:28 Is that Bill Burr?

  32. author

    314407 WMS3 시간 전

    2019: end of saga 2021: The Old Republic

  33. author

    Thomas Lilley4 시간 전

    2019: The saga will end 2020: Ponda Boba’s missing arm. A Star Wars story

  34. author

    Frozen Flame4 시간 전

    After watching it closely it seems to be Darth maul frozen like if u agree

  35. author


    I just pray we get a black widow trailer 🙏🤯

  36. author

    finchborat4 시간 전

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: Jar-Jar Binks: A Star Wars Story

  37. author

    butt cheeks4 시간 전

    my god Natalie Portman is gorgeous..

  38. author

    Mavin Kun4 시간 전

    I want a Ewan McGregor movie which focuses only on the story of Obi Wan

  39. author

    Fernando Gangone4 시간 전

    Is the Mandalorian related to Costas Mandylor?

  40. author

    Fernando Gangone4 시간 전

    Is the Mandalorian related to Costas Mandylor?

  41. author

    Fernando Gangone4 시간 전

    Does the Mandalorian eat Mandarines?

  42. author

    Fernando Gangone4 시간 전

    Does the Mandalorian eat Mandarines?

  43. author

    Nathaniel Lawson4 시간 전

    rogue one is terrible, it looks like it was designed on iMovie I feel sorry for any of the actors in it.

  44. author

    NOMO FOMO4 시간 전

    Is Werner gonna direct an episode? He's been one of my favorite directors since watching Fitzcarraldo. I've seen all his movies

  45. author

    Shannon Randolph4 시간 전

    I can't wait for this embarrassment to end

  46. author

    Harrison Le Serve4 시간 전

    4:14 love that face XD

  47. author

    Jul4 시간 전

    can i have qui gons lightsaber tho

  48. author


    I really hope this movie is good man

  49. author

    Justin Wilson5 시간 전

    Anybody else tired of false advertising in thumbnails?

  50. author

    Gearswitch8195 시간 전

    The saga will end but this trilogy should've never started

  51. author

    Decimus Azrael lll5 시간 전

    Salacious Crumb: A Star Wars Story

  52. author

    I. Chamberlain5 시간 전

    Gee I wonder who wins

  53. author

    Shang BTW5 시간 전

    why didn’t he surprise the people this was kinda wack

  54. author

    Proud Kiwi5 시간 전

    2019: The saga ends. 2020: No seriously the saga has ended. 2021: Jokes. How Maz acquired Anakins lightsaber: A story for another time Episode 4

  55. author

    Mike Moretz5 시간 전

    Watch him be related to bobo fett

  56. author

    Elwiss Gerena5 시간 전

    Disney ruined this franchise.

  57. author

    E G5 시간 전

    The rice 🍚 of skywalker

  58. author

    E G5 시간 전

    2024: Jawas: A star wars story

  59. author

    nikitich5 시간 전

    They are bringing Palpatine only for rey to kill him, because force is female? Its unbelieveable how they managed to destroy star wars franchise with this trilogy. Ep 9 is a hard pass, save your money people.

  60. author

    Jdkdisjssjs Rd4vfrvrfvfrvfv5 시간 전

    I swear if they beat the Emperor I am going to flip

  61. author

    OxM5 시간 전

    Star Wars John Wick, nice

  62. author

    E G5 시간 전

    Confronting fear(toxic white masculinity) is the destiny of all jedi(independent flawless female characters), yep thanks a lot new age lucas films.

  63. author

    E G5 시간 전

    Confronting fear(toxic white masculinity) is the destiny of all jedi(independent flawless female characters), yep thanks a lot new age lucas films.

  64. author

    ロンソロ6 시간 전


  65. author

    Sean Walton6 시간 전

    2019: The saga ends 2020: Revenge of Jar Jar: izsa star warsz story

  66. author

    Thomas Chaplin6 시간 전

    "Mandalorian, look outside, they're waiting for you." "Yeah? Good."

  67. author

    Esegorr6 시간 전

    Me when i see this video in my youtube recommandation : NOO, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE !!

  68. author

    ninjanicksensei6 시간 전

    The ‘saga’ should’ve ended at episode 6, and these movies should’ve been a new saga, but that’s what you get for rushing in to making these movies without a plan. I still actually like these movies, but it’s hard to think of what could’ve been.

  69. author

    Harshit Soni7 시간 전

    Ordering the trailer scenes by the level of Beskar armor he is wearing. Great to see he will have it full one day.

  70. author

    RPK 3177 시간 전

    Too many saga end memes Jesus christ😂

  71. author

    ypf_dajordanman 1237 시간 전

    Not gone cap doe the movie looks good in dis trailer

  72. author

    Akash Chandrashekar7 시간 전

    2019: Rise of Skywalker 2020:Fall of Trump

  73. author

    DecaMav7 시간 전

    It’s be awesome if Keanu reeves played him.

  74. author

    Dxreks7 시간 전

    2019: The saga will end 2020: The saga will end - Part 2

  75. author

    1Willum17 시간 전

    As a casual fan, the last movie was so bad I barely remember any of it. No point in paying to see this... The Mandalorian is awesome though!

  76. author

    Marc Charbonneau7 시간 전

    Rey will end Palpatine.

  77. author

    jim L8 시간 전

    "It's stylistically designed to be that way but you cant undo that but we can diminish the effects of it"

  78. author

    BLAWESOME578 시간 전

    I get chills Everytime the knights of ren scene comes on. Anyone else?

  79. author

    another weasley8 시간 전

    so luke is rey's father, didn't see that one coming...der

  80. author

    Pääkkis8 시간 전

    2019:Saga ends* 2021: Cal Kestis: A Star Wars story

  81. author

    Al-Moshey Tidal8 시간 전

    1:28 is that Bill Burr?!

  82. author

    Vedant Ojha8 시간 전

    Me to my gf: "Judge me by my size, do you?"

  83. author

    Noah 4 Real8 시간 전

    Did anyone notice the ghost from Star Wars rebels

  84. author

    Haylee Nicole8 시간 전

    Regardless what anyone says about this trilogy, I love it! I understand if you don't, but don't take away from other people's excitement. P.S. I feel like I'm one of the few people who really likes this trilogy.

  85. author

    Angus Wiebe8 시간 전

    Thanks for ruining my favourite childhood franchise.

  86. author

    Sneakyslycooper's Adventures8 시간 전

    Star Wars was low budgeted actually. But, it doesn't make any sense why George Lucas edit the films for the DVD releases. Can he just leave it the way that they are?

  87. author

    Frank Cesario8 시간 전

    Your killing it just stop

  88. author

    Andhika Setiolaksono8 시간 전

    I thought this story about bobba/jango fett

  89. author

    Gutic8 시간 전

    Dediquense a hacer spin off nomas!

  90. author

    Abuse for Views9 시간 전

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: Jar Jar Binks: A Star Wars Story

  91. author

    Johngoldone9 시간 전

    2019: the saga ends 2020: StUdYiNg HiGhGrOuNd

  92. author

    RedDynamite109 시간 전

    2019: The saga ends. 2020: ANOTHA ONE

  93. author

    High Velocity9 시간 전

    The Rey character was so developed I can’t let go. Said no one.

  94. author

    Victor Morales9 시간 전

    This looks bad .

  95. author

    Brandon Adams9 시간 전

    Plot Twist: Mace Windu was too dangerous to be kept alive

  96. author

    Jeff Sanchez9 시간 전

    Just saw both episodes available and I love ❤️ it!!! Wooo so dope

  97. author

    Evan Gradick9 시간 전

    1:09 Fall of the first order? Was that the finalizer that blew up?

  98. author

    Tago9 시간 전

    1:26 That music... Really I loved it. I know many people hate the sequel saga but I really love it because I thought I would never be able to see a Star Wars Movie in theatres... Born too late for originals and still too young for prequels, good or not, I will love it till the end. Believe or not, this will be my first Star Wars movie I will see in theatres...

  99. author

    mindfuless9 시간 전

    May it die in peace (~_~;)

  100. author

    Nathan Nolan9 시간 전

    Bro that’s anikan