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  1. author

    BigSarge10 시간 전

    one of the best movies ever

  2. author

    Nicholas Christopher10 시간 전

    Wow I get it you like sinning movies for petty mistakes for comedy purpose but can you cool down dude

  3. author

    Hitchslapped10 시간 전

    That girl really carried that movie. This would probably not have worked with most actresses her age

  4. author

    Vipershot2210 시간 전

    Not even going to cover how the oxygen destroying bomb doesn’t turn H2O water into H2 and it’s supposed to destroy oxygen yet it wouldn’t turn water into hydrogen gas and that the ocean is still their.

  5. author

    Aydan Beasley10 시간 전

    When the HECK are they going to make a Mario Bros Movie remake? 🍄

  6. author

    Liberty Heathen10 시간 전

    He becomes president hahaha KAG2020

  7. author

    Aiden Feller10 시간 전

    Don’t fucking sin my boy Devastator for being similar to Voltron.

  8. author

    polloduh10 시간 전

    El boii, ehe!

  9. author

    LaBineBoy210 시간 전

    Cinema sins, if you look closely in the scen where Miles say’s play dumb, he still had the hair on his hand and the green goblins corpse could be seen in the scene where Miles talks to dying Peter Parker

  10. author

    Elena Swan10 시간 전

    I enjoy this movie somehow ironically and unironically at the same time. I watched it on Netflix with my siblings so that may be part of it.

  11. author

    Siggy Blues10 시간 전

    It's ok guys, if we ignore the movie it never never existed...never existed T_T

  12. author

    THE booknerd10 시간 전

    The movie made Tyson annoying...what did they do to him!

  13. author

    arlo987510 시간 전

    9:14 holy shit that abortion joke HAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. author

    Abby Maddox10 시간 전

    Watch #WynonnaEarp

  15. author

    THE booknerd10 시간 전

    Book: children of the big three to pick from Percy, Thalia, or Nico Movie: PERCY Let's have Thalia come back AFTER the titan war And Nico doesn't exist even considering the last movie was a mish mash of the second and fifth

  16. author

    Adriana Ramirez Davila10 시간 전

    A sin for CinemaSins for NOT getting that Peter getting caught for not closing a door is euphemism for teenagers getting caught jerking off

  17. author

    CyborgSlayer 43010 시간 전

    “Based on true events” aight, ima head out

  18. author

    Salvador Miranda10 시간 전

    I’ll save you 16 minutes it’s not real

  19. author

    Cubic Matter10 시간 전


  20. author

    Plank10 시간 전

    Hands down cars 1 great cars 2 is the most wack 2nd movie ever

  21. author

    Kaibigan _10 시간 전

    7:35 Well, he IS Eustice...

  22. author

    Robert Klugh10 시간 전

    bruh the fucking chewing

  23. author

    Max Hauke10 시간 전

    I sense pee behind me

  24. author

    Ruby Gloom10 시간 전


  25. author

    Luisifer10 시간 전

    Couldn’t watch a minute of this pointless video. How dare you commit blasphemy on this film!

  26. author

    Razeen Sudheer10 시간 전

    I am 12 i have abs

  27. author

    Arielle Greer10 시간 전


  28. author

    YouTube news10 시간 전

    Your a joke endgame was awesome everyone in the movies was happy

  29. author

    Trapmaster Will10 시간 전

    Cmon man really?

  30. author

    YouTube news10 시간 전

    Buzz off

  31. author

    jacob drolet10 시간 전

    The only scary thing of the movie is Harold the scarecrow.

  32. author

    YouTube news10 시간 전

    You don't know anything about movies

  33. author

    YouTube news10 시간 전

    You suck I love this movie hater

  34. author

    Taylor Glover10 시간 전

    Yes yes yes you are a dick cinema sins however no everybody sinned the fact that the doll needs a change of clothes because it's fucking stupid lol

  35. author

    LOSER10 시간 전

    I want that bunny phone case so bad. I know it's just a mistake in the movie but I've had texts sent to me and looked at then had gotten the notification a few minutes after. So. Not impossible

  36. author

    _.marriissaa10 시간 전

    the “70s” costumes were a little too modern tbh

  37. author

    GT Godbear10 시간 전

    Very inaccurate movie. If you're going to make a Biblical movie make it accurate.

  38. author

    Thomas Byrne10 시간 전

    Forgetting the main sin that everybody except groot can speak English...

  39. author

    Eddie Ricketts10 시간 전

    This is not Dragon ball in the slightest and why is this recommended 5 year later

  40. author

    FraserAllDay10 시간 전

    "why did it fail?" the answer I haven't seen anywhere : Zero men want to watch Oprah...

  41. author

    mercy main, btw10 시간 전

    (Before video) It better be a one second video telling me how it is all bad...

  42. author

    Kyler Dye10 시간 전

    3:00 I know a place it’s called Utah by Salt Lake City

  43. author

    Jack Anthony Official10 시간 전

    The: scary music in the background, "If she's not scared then why tf should I be?" comment is the Realest outside of other continuity-error type sins. There's strange stuff that doesn't make sense in films that might be sinnable, and is on here, but calling out the actual scoring of the film, man, outside of jumpscare crap, I think that's a first, and it's completely legit.

  44. author

    FUZZY PURPLE10 시간 전

    This might as well be a don't smoke ad

  45. author

    Z.P.S Banerfan4710 시간 전

    Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory was better

  46. author

    ssj rosè dark dragon10 시간 전

    You should have added 100 sins for it being a remake of the original karate kid

  47. author

    Kermit Karzon10 시간 전

    Pb and j solves everything

  48. author

    James Scannell10 시간 전

    Will Ferrell is not feral. Haha

  49. author

    Sopi Ang10 시간 전

    LMAO 😂😂😂

  50. author

    Adam Rea10 시간 전

    122 sins. Modesty and pity?

  51. author

    Skadaa Skadeen Get This Off My Screen10 시간 전

    But the brand new trolls movie.

  52. author

    Samantha Smythe10 시간 전

    Sin 34 is wrong. He has metal in him, so by moving he could change it like that.

  53. author

    Isa Danvers_Chase11 시간 전

    I was actually surprised that the video only lasted for 8 minutes. I was expecting that it would last the ENTIRE MOVIE

  54. author

    Phoenix Billion11 시간 전

    You're a feminist!

  55. author

    Samantha Smythe11 시간 전


  56. author

    Kassandra jade11 시간 전

    I love this movie bcuz I secretly hope the reason my dad never contacted me is bcuz he was killed by a bad men who wanted to steal his song. I know hes a piece of shit tough but it's good to dream 🤷‍♀️

  57. author

    Justin Melton11 시간 전

    there were 2 people on the inside. watch the movvie before you start making shit up about it. and q

  58. author

    Samantha Smythe11 시간 전

    It landed on Bilbo's finger the same way. Lol.

  59. author

    Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area11 시간 전

    0:32 Thats seems a bit unfair. Thats like giving a sin because two different characters have two different accents.

  60. author

    Jack Anthony Official11 시간 전

    But this sins video actually makes me want to see the film.

  61. author

    Trevor Murphy11 시간 전

    I wonder how many people actually went on Google and search that I’m not maybe on a friends computer and see what happens😂🤯☎️

  62. author

    Saddxst11 시간 전

    “Tie guy must really like skirts” *doesn’t understand its Japanese culture and uniform for school* ding

  63. author

    tmunawych11 시간 전

    I personally have gone through a cornfield with a 2 wheel drive car and all the f****** tires flat. Check my Instagram been there done that very possible with the Dodge diesel Cummins at 550 horsepower

  64. author

    tmunawych11 시간 전

    That's because it's a f****** dually you idiots. You could carry a full load on that single dual if you had to! What the f*** kind of comment was that

  65. author

    Samantha Smythe11 시간 전

    Sin 44 makes sense.

  66. author

    Marissa Jay11 시간 전

    Did anyone else notice that when the shadows entered to the house at 14:50 they came in through the fireplace which was lit with fire.... wouldn't that have put the shadows out as Mama Odie's fire and Ray's light hurt the shadows...

  67. author

    Madhura Bangtan Army11 시간 전

    When almost everyone I knew in my class liked the movie, I thought I was the only one who found this movie very sadistic, unromantic and creepy... like I did not like it one bit

  68. author

    CROSH11 시간 전

    I think that little Alien suffocated. The neck below him seemed like a metal housing for an air filtration system, which the bug destroyed, causing him to die! Boom!!

  69. author

    OhYouKnow11 시간 전

    Yo you need a fact-checker sooooo bad. Stop sinning things that are real and make sense because you don’t have the knowledge on heart monitors or how mentally ill people behave. It’d be so much more interesting if you stuck to sins like why the fuck they spending so much money on tech that just came out when they’re clearly broke??? That shits funny. Not ewww that pole is diiiiiirrrty. I think it’d seriously benefit your channel to fact check and put more thought/effort into the things you sin.

  70. author

    rEaR vIeW11 시간 전

    This should’ve been a movie series

  71. author

    Han Park11 시간 전

    Parasite pls

  72. author

    Nobu Wraith11 시간 전

    The rock gets paid to play himself in every movie. He's living the dream

  73. author

    Cameron Marriott11 시간 전

    i cant rememeber if u added a sin for the cloths stretching like hell but it would be a ver different type off movie if they uhhh u know if it didnt stretch :/

  74. author

    Juliana Koziol11 시간 전

    Great prediction of the Music Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. author

    JoNatHan K11 시간 전

    Did not Abraham Lincoln have Gards ?

  76. author

    xxLoveBittenxx11 시간 전

    This movie really sucked. It was all over the place and sort of confusing? But then again so was the first Annabelle movie. Here's to hoping the next one is better than this

  77. author

    Squeakyfir11 시간 전


  78. author

    Harrison Lichtenberg11 시간 전

    "The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye." Ok, but Cap isn't a mutant alien super cat.

  79. author

    Andrew Potter11 시간 전

    The first thing I thought was ken from street fighter

  80. author

    Pundit KING11 시간 전

    This movie shows that , they had no love or respect for the source material.

  81. author


    No one is talking about how he thinks the ot happens 30 years after rots

  82. author

    Tre P11 시간 전

    Idk if its just me but the Adjudicator can get it 💯😍

  83. author

    Reed R11 시간 전

    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "ES-SHEW/ES-CHOO" not "ES-KUE" Ding! "Just like the Endor speeder chase, except not good" Phenomenal!

  84. author

    Nic Zito11 시간 전

    This scared me as a child. And still does

  85. author

    Mike Lewis11 시간 전

    I'm died when he gave 1million sins for Trump

  86. author

    Sean Bordenkircher11 시간 전

    Doorknob? Man you must be smoking some good weed, that was an eyeball friend.

  87. author

    you’re right11 시간 전

    If you pause at 6:07 her dads name is William Williams.....wtaf

  88. author

    Michael Conrad11 시간 전

    The is a sin?

  89. author

    Reed R11 시간 전

    "You can't half it both ways." "What do you have to anachrontagonize me?" Genius

  90. author

    atticus frost11 시간 전

    god, everyone is shitting on this movie. i read the books, and even though it's not like the books at all, it is still good

  91. author

    Jancarlos Alfaro11 시간 전

    U get 100 sins for not watching the old movies of toho

  92. author

    Philip Mangiovillano11 시간 전

    Offensive language

  93. author

    DEAD-Ops Extreme11 시간 전

    I give CinemaSins a sin for saying monkeys and not apes.

  94. author

    Aendi11 시간 전

    Anakin has a *thique* neck

  95. author

    Nikki Phillips11 시간 전


  96. author

    MorgDragon11 시간 전

    HAHAHA! you guys have great jokes, but the "Holy shit. i just realized this doll looks like Jared Kushner." might be your best!

  97. author

    [Plasma]Eclipse11 시간 전

    Damn you must be the most annoying person to sit next to at a movie.

  98. author

    Rob Funkhouser11 시간 전

    Um according to quantum physics, once something as simple as two electrons have become "entangled" they will be so regardless of the distance shared between them; including the distance between the "macro" - realm and quantum realm. I thought Disney actually conferred this science shit with actual physicists?

  99. author

    Category5Hurricane11 시간 전

    They should've just cast KOreporterr Chris Ramsay in the movie; he actually has an entire channel dedicated to solving complicated puzzles, so, he can actually design logical puzzles that would work with the movie.

  100. author

    Crimson Halo11 시간 전

    Some parts remind me of a shark movie where a 25-30 year old woman lit a flare for no reason and then later blows up the raft the whole group was on, with a flare. Then proceeding to say 'I didn't know it would do that!' this scene also where the 'becky' character was killed.