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  1. author

    Mass Carnage시간 전

    7:02 is the funniest shit out😂😂😂😂👌

  2. author

    Balan KI시간 전

    You missed a sin when stane was about to remove the arc reactor Tony's t-shirt didn't have the arc reactor but then when he had it

  3. author

    jay wilshaw시간 전

    *it's a great movie, even if you doubled, tripled, or quadrupled it's sins*

  4. author

    Shteno2 시간 전

    Hey man! You DEFINITELY could've come up with better reason why NIKE sneakers aren't appropriate for that scene, than the one like YOU DID?! Like, A leather jacket, and the style which the guy apparently goes with, isn't really going toe to toe with NIKE shoes, but rather with some boots? Don't you think so? 10 SIND for that alone, for you my man! ☺☺☺☺☺☺ P.S. There are numerous other moments and scenes that you've commented, and which, could give you numerous other sins, but hey, what the hell... you're in charge here, and if I "did that", you'd actually think of me as a hardcore Freddy & Nightmare... fan! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  5. author

    creeperlord head10942 시간 전

    Come on that's my childhood (crying)

  6. author

    Stephanie Oni2 시간 전

    @16:54 I busted out laughing with the pause before the perfect Fight Club and Hook references 😂😂.. His name is Robert Polson. Bang-a-rang, Peterrrrrr!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. author

    Arider2 시간 전

    A lot of these sins, were not really sins. It was balogna. Pennywise Scared them because they were tastier filled with fear. Remember that some evil people were actually manipulated by the clown and Henry was one of them. Also eddie mentions the clown because he sees pennywise before he runs away from the house

  8. author

    Kali Prime2 시간 전

    How did you not make mention that this girl looks like Jimmy Fallom as a girl?

  9. author

    killersushi992 시간 전

    *Of course the Asian girl gets attacked by tentacles.*

  10. author

    John Dee Is Me2 시간 전

    It's the 12 apostles not the 12 disciples. HERETIC!!!

  11. author

    Lolimnub 012 시간 전

    This is my childhood thank you very much

  12. author

    Kyle King2 시간 전

    “Jango Fett” 🤣👌🏼💯

  13. author

    Raggdoll Smythe2 시간 전

    Every sin here is why this movie is awesome!

  14. author

    Uxue Chung2 시간 전

    Maybe u r the only sin

  15. author

    killersushi992 시간 전

    *Who gave that kid the Babadook book? Pennywise of course.*

  16. author

    Fight Club Hamster2 시간 전

    One of the worst movies ever

  17. author

    Drego TV2 시간 전

    Start remaking the videos that’s like 5 mins long

  18. author

    QueenBee Buzz2 시간 전

    I actually really liked this movie

  19. author

    scaly raptor 19442 시간 전

    Aah an ecploasion round so every second is a ain gotbit

  20. author

    Scott Wyllie2 시간 전

    In regards to sin 52, ripping up the picture was not totally unnecessary at all. Nathan ripping up the picture sparked anger within Caleb and thus made him sympathetic to Ava’s cause, and therefore more likely to help her escape. Nathan deliberately did this in order to provide Caleb with more of a motivation to try to free Ava, and to see whether Ava would use this to her advantage to get Caleb to help her escape. In my opinion at least.

  21. author

    guess who2 시간 전

    Didnt watch your video because there's NOTHING wrong with PREDATOR.

  22. author

    Jonathan Constant2 시간 전

    How dare you.

  23. author

    zaltmanbleroze2 시간 전

    This movie is not as good as the 1996 masterpiece The Arrival. It fades in comparison, this one is overrated.

  24. author

    Noah Null3 시간 전

    I have seen alot of these and this one is my favorite couldn't stop laughing.

  25. author

    Mr Murphy3 시간 전

    Stanley Tucci is discount Mark Strong.

  26. author

    Robert3 시간 전

    12:19 Hey watch it m8

  27. author

    Christine Amper3 시간 전

    Stupid commentary

  28. author

    Shteno3 시간 전

    Maaaaan... I really think you went way too soft on this one, with only 144 sins! This shit is soooo fucked up, you could've easily changed that 1 into a 2 or even 3, without too much of an effort! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  29. author

    Deadlokz prod.3 시간 전

    7:02 1976 was the year the portuguese constitution was implemented , not the year of its independence, our independence was in 5 october 1143 . So you shouldn't talk about what you dont know :) Btw how the fuck would we be a colony in 1976 , if in 1974 we made the carnation revolution in april 25 to remove fascism ,implement a democratic republic and give away our colonies (angola, moçambique, guiné, Macau and cabo verde) in other to stop war .

  30. author

    Miya Takamura3 시간 전

    Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron gets killed off by Mizuki & Nana Hayashida and their friends in my take of Need For Speed Payback as payback for what they did in the disappointing Fate Of The Furious, with the desired result of shuttering all Fast and Furious movies, the careers and rep of everyone in that movie destroyed beyond repair. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are forced to go on the run evading every angry F&F fan over the "Justice For Han" controversy F8 made. But the biggest consequence Mizuki, Nana and their friends will have to face is a US$25 million bounty being put on Mizuki and Nana's lives in revenge for killing Vin and Charlize over that movie, which will lead up to the events of Need For Speed HEAT, where Mizuki and Nana will have to defeat everyone by day and destroy their rep and careers by night before leaving them to Lt. Mercer and his rogue task force sent in to shut down all street racers.

  31. author

    jeanferdi3 시간 전

    marvel world is stupid anyway... Don't cheer, DC fans, DC is just as dumb.

  32. author

    D H3 시간 전

    It's a good move I'm blocking this channel they haven't a clue

  33. author

    The ReTaRdEd DoLpHiN3 시간 전

    you should know how mapinful is for making a movie come one, make a movie and then we will know great you are

  34. author

    Chaosvexus3 시간 전

    best parts were the killer cat

  35. author

    Doug Allord3 시간 전

    You must do the Keanu Reeves "Replicas" movie - the sin total would break any previous record

  36. author

    Steven Bartlett3 시간 전

    When I'm half way through a movie I think to myself, has CinemaSins done this one!? Love you guys!

  37. author

    Donald Trump3 시간 전

    A crap ton of the "slow motion clips weren’t in slow motion and who tf cares the scenes are badass

  38. author

    Itz DiLLuZioNz3 시간 전

    Isnt he gonna mention that after Henry and Marv suffered all the worst possible booby traps that Kevin planted they would only get unconscious when they get knocked out by a shovel?!!!

  39. author

    Bytah ツ3 시간 전

    There is no sins in shriek how dare you

  40. author

    Agony3 시간 전

    Pennywise obviously used the blood of kids for printer ink who wouldn’t

  41. author

    Donald Trump3 시간 전

    8:06 you said why did the Persians keep sending cannon fodder well that’s because the massive Persian army of 200,000 was almost entirely slaves sooooooo.......

  42. author

    Mark C M3 시간 전

    Fuck me! You didn't even have the NUMBER ONE thing wrong. Humans ARE apes. One of the "Four Great Apes" (Google it, you thick fuckers) ... so the Earth is ALREADY the "Planet of the Apes". Dumb cunts.

  43. author

    lemensred fuckmyhead3 시간 전

    Sin worth 500 this existests

  44. author

    EpicBoi YT3 시간 전

    This is my favourate movie

  45. author

    Kyle Sims3 시간 전

    11:48 dude you forgot that the person that is watching the Ralph cooking video doesn’t even have a mouse connected to the pc

  46. author

    Daniel Casserly3 시간 전

    Dead Meat: TITLE CARDDDD

  47. author

    BishopJones8433 시간 전

    You’re a dick!!!!

  48. author

    the neon cow- gaming3 시간 전

    fucking bullshit

  49. author

    Dakuta123 시간 전

    He's dead, Jim... wait

  50. author

    Mówiła że ma 184 시간 전

    Ha ha you are wrong on 7:04, THEY LOST THIS CONTEST and Vincent go crazy and take price anyway, you can hear that on radio few scenes later.

  51. author

    Verbal Vertigo4 시간 전

    actually if both guns are pointed at point blank range you wouldnt want to risk him tensing up from severing the brain stem every muscle will for 1-2 second tighten up so the trigger might still be pulled

  52. author

    Dāvis S4 시간 전

    Ok you gone tooooooo far

  53. author

    Darren Neil4 시간 전

    I watched a little over 90 seconds of this and it was enough to call bullshit. So many things wrong with what they’re saying. Not one thing is logical about what is being said.

  54. author

    Roel Camps4 시간 전

    The orginal movie "La habitación de Fermat (2007)" is so much better than this .. thing.

  55. author

    HERO tanium4 시간 전

    Everyone disliked that

  56. author

    winter ramos4 시간 전

    Rose rose rose your boat. Gently down the stream.

  57. author

    MR.Anonymos Memer4 시간 전


  58. author


    That whole movie was so dumb. Especially the ending! And these kids ended up in the hospital at least a couple/ three times BUT never did see the mom or the dad or anybody's parents. Not even when the demon ghost was pretending to be Greg's mom. Greg had the window knocked out of his living room, the girl called his house .. a couple times, never called the cops though .. but she then goes to the house .. finds the demon ghost was knocking and knocking on the bedroom door. She's shouting at Greg the entire time, Don't open the door! But No one's mom is around? Seriously? Whoever made this movie doesn''t know shit about being a parent. before my son was born, I used to sleep like the dead. Which worried me while pregnant because I was scared that the baby might cry and I would miss a feeding or whatever. BUT guess what? Mother Nature has her own way of things. I wake at the drop of a pindrop these days. There was NO excuse for the parents of either house to be so absent. Esp. with windows breaking ..and strange knocking going on inside the house. DUMB MOVIE. Super stupid.

  59. author

    cLiCkBaiT cHaNnEL4 시간 전

    There is nothing wrong Shrek is perfect

  60. author

    Martin Sprung4 시간 전

    cheapest way to watch a movie

  61. author

    Dionis Stratrov4 시간 전

    I`d swear this is Jason Sudeikis talking.

  62. author

    Aden Lopez4 시간 전

    There is no such thing as a sin for this perfect movie

  63. author

    LunaFox 454 시간 전

    2:23 Okay first of all, Mr. Know-nothing about-the-Percy-Jackson-books, camp half-blood itself can’t be seen my regular mortals. Yes, you already said that, but Sally can see it because she’s a mortal with Sight -the ability to be able to see through the Mist like Demi gods and not go completely insane while doing so - which allows her to see everything Percy can. Second: it clearly states in the books that regular mortals can’t see or feel the barrier, and instead just get turned around away from camp without them knowing thanks to the Mist. So no, it wouldn’t be all over he news because they can’t actually find it.

  64. author

    SonicX4v24 시간 전

    Me seeing so many sins happen at once 🤯

  65. author

    tomneo20044 시간 전

    Paranormal Activity 4: Sex tape reveal

  66. author

    Cherophobic Subliminals4 시간 전

    This dude is just looking for things to pick at, the outcome of the movie would be completely different if it were not for these "sins"

  67. author

    Chilled out Gamer4 시간 전

    CinemaSins uploads Th3BirdMan:it's free real estate

  68. author

    Mr Inconsistant5 시간 전

    I’d never want to go see a movie with this guy

  69. author

    hoop dreams5 시간 전

    You’re a genius. I’m a huge fan

  70. author

    RobotStone65 시간 전

    How dare you sin TR-8R

  71. author

    Frost Glader5 시간 전’s blank.

  72. author

    Jono Fancett5 시간 전

    0:40 I get the feeling that you’re a glasses a third empty kind of guy

  73. author

    Pavel Reyes5 시간 전

    Great movie. Smells like a troll video. Sad!

  74. author

    Shura Valentine5 시간 전

    i still don't understand why cross actually effective against demons when it was being made to worship a pagan gods long ago.

  75. author

    Echelon Force5 시간 전

    The Worst video of all.Not fucking Funny.

  76. author

    Fro Bro5 시간 전


  77. author

    SupToadDan-mations5 시간 전

    Pls do 'Everything Wrong With *Ratchet & Clank* ' (2016 movie)

  78. author

    Riley Sassafras5 시간 전

    Okay but what about Bev hitting her dad in the head? No one called the police, he was left there alone to bleed out. Did he die? Was Bev charged with anything? If so was able to prove it was self defense? If he survived and wasn't in a coma or something I doubt he'd let her leave to stay with her aunt. Some mention of anything would've been nice, this really bothers me. And while I'm a it, I know in part two Bev is told as an her father died so many years back so what the fuck happened after she bashed his head in!

  79. author

    Aden Lopez5 시간 전

    So no offense at all but if you love criticizing movies make your own movie like legit I want to see what you come up with

  80. author

    Livinginlimbo725 시간 전

    "Why couldn't you just put the bunny back in the box?"

  81. author

    Rio LeDerp5 시간 전

    Theres nothing wrong with me :(

  82. author

    c j5 시간 전

    Wtf This nit-picking not counting sins So what if Trinity log in to see Neo while in the Matrix, she love him doesn't she?

  83. author

    Aracne805 시간 전

    2:20 Haha, I can google my name and my books pop up first. And I'm a freetime fantasy author that has sold just about 20 books all together during the past 3 years. But your point is interesting - how did he find her? Damnit, was I the only one that actually enjoyed this movie? I was a fan of the old movies, and this was to me a nostalgia re-make for some fun and gags.

  84. author

    kos kok6 시간 전

    So nobody is gonna talk about how this ginormous catastrophe rivaled only by the meteor impact which wiped out the dinasaurs is supposedly caused by the lamest and least reactive mathafakin particles in existance? We've been making cathedral sized detectors to catch a handful of them yet they're more than capable of ending the world michael bay style. Legit.

  85. author

    Mr Smith6 시간 전

    nobody: me after watching watching caroline: jeez that was scary for a kids movie me after watching monster house: *hears a the house creak* AHHHHHH!!!!!

  86. author

    Michael Piekarz6 시간 전

    Does anyone else remember it as “Shrek: The final chapter”?

  87. author

    Rodney Nash6 시간 전

    Many if U watched a movie with out judging it U would enjoy it for onces

  88. author

    Kindiah6 시간 전

    You missed the most important ding! This movie was only created to appease the Asian market.

  89. author

    Tyler Pike6 시간 전

    Do you seriously think that a shovel to the face has some incredibly high fatality rate? Come to think of it, you presume a lot of death and serious injury in situations that really aren't that bad. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the guy who spends this much time making sin tallies for movies is actually a giant p***y. (I wrote all of this in the CinemaSins narrator's voice.)

  90. author

    DocNintendo6 시간 전

    You missed the only thing us doctor notice. Doctor puts his mask on after putting on sterile gloves 11:42

  91. author

    Mr Smith6 시간 전

    nobody: me when i was six watching this movie: eh nothin scary me when i'm 26 watching this movie: ahhhhhh!!!!

  92. author

    normal person6 시간 전

    3:35 he can't really make things dissapear in That sense it' just an illusion in the kids mind as far as I understood

  93. author

    Mr Smith6 시간 전

    this movie still scares the hell outta me.

  94. author

    Harish Mehta6 시간 전

    Some of the movie may of made sense if you read the book idoit

  95. author

    Falcon6 시간 전

    Bill pretended to be sick

  96. author

    Peely Playz6 시간 전

    Cmon cyclops is the best and I am gonna torture u by giving a list why . He is the leader of the x men .he is the best and if u think otherwise u were dropped on the head as a baby . He can kill anyone and everyone in an instant . Cuz he is played by James marsden and the Sheridan which happen to be the coolest actors EVER . And cuz he’s the best

  97. author

    VICIUS GAMER6 시간 전

    10:42 It's acctualy true. The Bower has Fuel System below them which helps the vehicle to throttle. It energizes the Engine to give it a Big amount of Boost for a short time.

  98. author

    Mr. Clean6 시간 전

    I wonder if this guy really watches the movie or just clips and talks over them. Like the lip reading japanese part they actually say it loudly after the movie is over. Its like he didnt watch the movie.

  99. author

    Ryan Skelton6 시간 전

    Batman suck

  100. author

    Rob Dobson6 시간 전

    1. -10 sins for Ricardo Montalban's chest. 2. The opening sequence was added because GENE FUCKING RODDENBERRY leaked that Spock dies in the movie because Roddenberry was pissed at being removed from power. He was removed because STTMP was so bad and over budget. They added that to the beginning as misdirection.