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9 개월 전

  1. author

    Kritevit yt일 전

    My new ringtone c:

  2. author

    Jacquee McKown일 전

    Omg the jigsaw reference was my favorite

  3. author

    AmericanHollowUwU일 전

    You guys are amazing. Thanks for always helping me start out my day with glee!

  4. author

    Elena Montano일 전

    Smosh the one thing i can always count on to make my day better

  5. author

    Kelsey_Robinson일 전

    16:56 I CAN SPELL THAT WORD TOO!! antidisestablishmentarianism!

  6. author

    Sam D123일 전


  7. author

    Villads Neubauer일 전

    4:51 Say it like toat-tow-dow and say it fast

  8. author

    Kerry Hoey일 전

    I’m hungry

  9. author

    Gamers' Section일 전

    Btw why shane has his fist in hand

  10. author

    Annie_The_Hufflepuff일 전

    17:17 "o!" :3

  11. author

    Gamers' Section일 전

    Ashley's on weight

  12. author

    Kritevit yt일 전


  13. author

    Sreeff일 전

    All girls from Smosh, because none of the boys have girlfriends, lol!

  14. author

    Ben Yefet일 전

    Only when I'm high I laugh my ass off and I'm high right now

  15. author

    Eli colton일 전

    shane is very alone

  16. author

    Patrick Balle Carlsson일 전

    “I’m not a betting man, but i do know wikifeet is about to explode” - Michael Caine

  17. author

    Gustavo Yelnik일 전

    Courtney looks like a movie director when she tells them what to do

  18. author

    Evan Day일 전


  19. author

    Sarah Sireci일 전

    Shane is literally God.

  20. author

    ussenterncc1701e일 전

    "Sergeant" is unshaven, boot laces are untucked, and he's wearing his patrol cap incorrectly.

  21. author

    cuz im the supernova일 전

    i love how olivia's wearing like a rAINCOAT lookin thing but doesnt get that wet

  22. author

    Skylar Bradley일 전

    this is really weird. why does this exist? i love it

  23. author

    Bryan Dyn Thomas일 전

    Sam is the ultimate definition of yellow fever

  24. author

    Rosie Mears일 전

    Shayne was born to be British 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  25. author

    Bean Breakers일 전

    Courtney is bad at making people laugh

  26. author

    Sonja Simovic일 전

    for the next every blank ever it should be every reality show ever *if it hadn't been already done*

  27. author

    Ya Boi Tyronne일 전

    shayne is revenge master

  28. author

    RamseyLEL일 전

    I still think about Elyse's Cheecho bit all the time

  29. author

    Villads Neubauer일 전

    Allidap ynohtna

  30. author

    whitecube twozerosix일 전

    shit video, nothing more..

  31. author

    Villads Neubauer일 전

    Siht saw a doog oediv True fans get it😂

  32. author

    Gamers' Section일 전

    Keith did only 70% unfair

  33. author

    Tom McKee일 전

    Don’t most people leave with some weird amount of waxed pubes? Like I’d say most people get at least one wrong but that just means you have like a strip or two of waxed and the rest is just left haha. I feel like you gotta either be perfect or just tank so you’re not stuck in between haha

  34. author

    World Nature Video일 전

    Wonderful video. Amazing place to travel. Great work.

  35. author

    GachaShock!일 전

    Charlie: look at me I’m a long cat

  36. author


    Lol I thought this was gonna be them playing the game Love Letter, not actual love letters

  37. author

    Alexis Kiffer일 전

    10:04 that deadass sounded like Goofy😂

  38. author

    Rasheeda일 전

    When the animated worm came on the screen I died

  39. author

    Jasmine Dahmen일 전

    I ship damien with literally anyone hes just so 🥺

  40. author

    Eliza Mace2 일 전

    How come they haven't done another one haha?

  41. author

    Mariane Antonio2 일 전

    "Keith and courtney holds hand" You..

  42. author

    Боян Караджов2 일 전

    Broooooo when Ian started smiling and Pam started crying i was like "Ook wtf is going on" 🤣🤣🤣

  43. author

    jason knoll2 일 전

    LOVED the ice cream rap.

  44. author

    Mathilda Narup2 일 전

    Life point's fro YU GI OH

  45. author

    The1andonlyDABZ2 일 전

    So he did animate this

  46. author

    All Might2 일 전

    Should have picked David Bowie for the children

  47. author

    Michael Kiefer2 일 전

    :my gf three weeks ago said she would never get a wax but NOW she does. Eat at Wendy's

  48. author

    John Sonia2 일 전

    Olivia has three points

  49. author

    ShinjiIkariFTW2 일 전

    3:57 please do that to me Courtney

  50. author

    June VanLieshout2 일 전

    im in hufflepuff. HUGS! NOW! thank you😊❤

  51. author

    CaityBearSillyA Kormanek2 일 전

    Shayne and Courtney are the cutest couple! <3

  52. author

    Zenith 300 Subs :D2 일 전

    Then i go to school ther a war heads i eat them all and it good

  53. author

    Zenith 300 Subs :D2 일 전

    I love warheads

  54. author

    error2 일 전

    HEY I play trumpet

  55. author

    Strawberry Milky2 일 전

    For some reason this cracked me up “And this happens”-Shane

  56. author

    Five nights at Logan s Play house2 일 전

    You are dum

  57. author

    Theano 19802 일 전

    Oooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee - courtney

  58. author

    Kylah Adams2 일 전

    I think Courtney’s baby died😂😂😂

  59. author

    ᎶᏂᎧᏕᏖ ρερρε૨2 일 전

    i bet if you just aggressively stare at them close in the face, they’d shit their pants. but you’re gonna get blasted with spit

  60. author

    Keno2 일 전

    damn that watch tho

  61. author

    Georgia Aubrey2 일 전

    No One: Keith: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

  62. author

    The_mightymoustache2 일 전


  63. author

    Libra stan2 일 전

    _T'was the last time anyone would ever see olivia in anything but her purple and pink jumsuit._

  64. author

    「Golden Rose」2 일 전


  65. author

    Rebby Berard2 일 전

    Mari is riiiiiiiiiiight! I drink warm water when it's cold out too!

  66. author

    Salve Rejina2 일 전

    Do ProZd next

  67. author

    firegirl 02052 일 전

    I want this guy to read my love life future

  68. author

    Hailey Simpson2 일 전

    Try one item per person trying to make you laugh

  69. author

    erin myers2 일 전

    i would watch goop of the moon any day

  70. author

    sara comerford2 일 전


  71. author

    Safeeya B.2 일 전

    2:36 replay

  72. author


    10:25 that is a jon snow impression I GoT you twice I don’t want it

  73. author

    Jonny D Reeves2 일 전

    And now keith always laughs straight away 😂😂

  74. author

    Mr Yello2 일 전

    Eat your cereal

  75. author

    Maria Libby2 일 전

    2:09 Shaynes turn with Keith made me laugh soo much

  76. author

    Mustafa Raad2 일 전

    There is something weird occurred on 13:06 check it out guys why he pushed away her hand

  77. author

    milky milk2 일 전

    MAKE OUT WITH ME IAN!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💛💛💛💛💛

  78. author

    Teddy Sperber-Doncaster2 일 전

    Oh cool, I'm from the same hometown as Noah!

  79. author

    Georgie Sanderson2 일 전

    why is damien so hot ughhh

  80. author

    Lizzie The Unicorn2 일 전

    9:55 when boze flashes shayne claps more hahhaaa

  81. author

    naruto’s raman2 일 전

    Mari’s husband looks like a mix between Clark Kent and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allan

  82. author

    maddie noveh2 일 전

    this is oversharing but in case any of u guys happen to see this... i was having a serious emotional breakdown because life is haha lowkey not worth living, then i decided to rewatch this video and it was like a massage for my brain. you are all so wonderful and so full of light and good energy and not only are you producing quality comedic content, you’re helping people who are kinda desperate for a laugh. i don’t know any of you guys but i appreciate you a lot. thanks<3

  83. author

    Brandon Hughes2 일 전

    This was hilarious 😂😂

  84. author

    David Franklin2 일 전

    Bring in the dangie bros

  85. author

    nujb ujju2 일 전

    hi :)) im watching y'alls live try not to laught at supanova im so excited :)))

  86. author

    Anime Lover2 일 전

    I love how much I cringe at all of these videos

  87. author

    Rman Nayr2 일 전

    LOL SON OF A BI................................

  88. author

    teddycuthbert2 일 전


  89. author

    13ishop Price2 일 전

    I kinda have an idea for a Try Not To Laugh. It's called: Who Are You? Rules are: The person sitting has to pick 1 character everyone has to be (picking their costumes, wigs, etc.) The performers can do whatever with the character given to them. They can't be other character's unless it's part of the bit. HARD MODE: The performers have to continue the story of the character they've been given. Example: 1 person says this character is a woman, ALL performers after have to continue with that character as a woman. Just keep adding in til the character is ridiculous

  90. author

    WarthogFrank Channel2 일 전

    9:25 the manikin moved

  91. author

    Drama Llama2 일 전

    28:49 all the shartney fans

  92. author

    ronmoser19672 일 전

    is the YEET bucket available on line lol

  93. author

    woody wong2 일 전


  94. author

    Tracy Court2 일 전

    "Why don't you just marry him?" Everyone else "OOOOOHHHHHHHH"

  95. author

    Dio Brando2 일 전

    A big house but no pool

  96. author

    Liam2 일 전

    Its not.. pe-try-core. its pe-trih-core.

  97. author

    sank ll2 일 전

    Kid: Heh these guys are so stupid Lan: HEY SHUT UP Its the same thing from his intro

  98. author

    robert smith2 일 전


  99. author

    Annalecia Westerbeck2 일 전

    Shayne secretly made the quizzes lol

  100. author

    Sir. Doge2 일 전

    My brother: *talks bad about me behind my back* Me: *hears him* Also me: 1:37