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  1. author

    Sam C17 분 전

    This is so dumb, and yet it gives me life.

  2. author

    Rodrigo Wilson18 분 전

    Smosh used to have spark, attitude to be precise. I don’t really know if it’s because of the script, or everyone is just bland without character

  3. author

    Rodrigo Wilson21 분 전

    I do accept change, but... the smosh that i used to watch was FUN

  4. author

    Cute Gaming :328 분 전


  5. author

    Elvin Slijepcevic Särlaskolan 7B40 분 전

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh '''breaths''' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  6. author

    Shanley Moore46 분 전

    you know what would be really cool, if they put septiplier (mark+jack) on this series.

  7. author

    BubblyGalaxy448 분 전

    Gus Johnson

  8. author

    Shanley Moore49 분 전

    0:06 : uh oh uh oh uh oh uh ohhhhhh..... and im just like damn, its like 7am. 😂

  9. author

    helen le시간 전


  10. author

    w1ldh0rserider시간 전

    Can we just talk about how Shayne got gradually more insane through this whole video

  11. author

    jrvillamor3110시간 전

    4:55 damien's reaction😂❤️

  12. author

    Cute Gaming :3시간 전

    name the series "a podcast thats not a podcast"

  13. author

    Captain4ssassin시간 전

    Does abs Court, damn.

  14. author

    Cute Gaming :3시간 전

    everyone did gr8 except for Olivia LOL

  15. author

    Benjamin Lawrence시간 전

    6:31 Olivia just went back to elementary school for a second Olivia : woooow dude I can see you butt crack haha 😆

  16. author

    lilpablo99시간 전

    That challenger joke was actually one of the best jokes Honestly this episode was great

  17. author

    Windows XP memes and stuff lol2 시간 전

    Credit to Mark Rober.

  18. author

    jullian gabrielle morris2 시간 전

    when the game is using brains its olivia's field...

  19. author

    【Caleb Potato】2 시간 전


  20. author

    Somjyoti Bhattacharya2 시간 전

    Olivia was so wet after this skit

  21. author

    jullian gabrielle morris2 시간 전

    courtney got 6 with eggs lol hahahaha

  22. author

    Majorelle2 시간 전

    3:45 me trying to flirt

  23. author

    Link 20892 시간 전

    What is that thing at 12:14

  24. author

    Clara Baldwin3 시간 전

    The first marsh video I ever watch where the old Pokémon ones LOL

  25. author

    Luxury Tacoz3 시간 전

    I keep watching this over and over and its still thrilling

  26. author

    Knight Sky3 시간 전


  27. author

    Teague Duggan3 시간 전

    he also was in the goldbirgs

  28. author

    Hokage Of The World3 시간 전

    Oooooo That’s goooood

  29. author

    Rob Mullick3 시간 전

    Mari's hair tho

  30. author

    Alex Killer3 시간 전

    Kardashins have left the chat

  31. author

    Leaf Wing3 시간 전

    Courtney and olivia dating for 16 minutes.... best 16 minutes of their lives

  32. author

    יואב כהן שטרן3 시간 전

    I think damien is the funniest member of smosh like actual humor bits not stupidness

  33. author

    kramer9113 시간 전

    I literally get zero matches on bumble. its been months lol

  34. author

    Proton Austin3 시간 전

    4:23 look at shane

  35. author

    Shlokplayz2008 Gurjal3 시간 전

    3 6 9 12 *69*

  36. author

    Adiyat Zuhayer4 시간 전

    6:11 Shayne looks like Tom Holland 😝

  37. author

    Vhalent Gumiran4 시간 전

    It's called PUBERTY!!!!

  38. author

    Lyann H4 시간 전

    Shame on you for partnering with the DEA.

  39. author

    Good Boi4 시간 전

    why did they stop this?

  40. author

    Leaf Wing4 시간 전

    Olivia is the eugene lee yang of this group (not just because she’s Asian she just makes every1 laugh without trying)

  41. author

    FrenchFry Studios4 시간 전

    My favorite episode of Peppa pig is Peppa pig goes to the meat grinder 😁

  42. author

    Leaf Wing4 시간 전

    Thant Keith cousin one tho. I would not have held that in. Obvi the same with liv and Courtney’s 1

  43. author

    Aleeshah Hussain5 시간 전

    Shayne looks a lot like Fred in iCarly.....

  44. author

    Sofia Karjala5 시간 전


  45. author

    Harry’s Art5 시간 전

    I don’t understand why they don’t just date each other.....

  46. author

    Peachy Min Yoongi5 시간 전

    Dude literally in the beginning, Courtney's arms were looking pretty sWoL

  47. author

    Max Finley5 시간 전

    Poor Damien 😂😂😂😂

  48. author

    Blatty265 시간 전

    This shit is so wholesome

  49. author

    Zara CN6 시간 전

    Can we please appreciate that Kim K booty shot from Shayne at 6:33, cos that is genuinely beautiful

  50. author

    Joseph Agan6 시간 전

    Everyone's talking about the way Shayne looks at Courtney, but what about the way Damien looks at Shayne?

  51. author

    trent ashore6 시간 전

    03:54 best bit eva!!!

  52. author

    RhonYT Gamer6 시간 전

    On toxicitea the least booksmart for me is shayne

  53. author

    MidNiteParis7 시간 전

    How come Adam couldn't sing that song? If you can't sing copyrighted songs in KOreporter videos, how do cover artists on KOreporter make money?

  54. author

    wassupBGHS7 시간 전

    What happened to try not to laugh #1?

  55. author

    SherBear7 시간 전

    i love Shayne i would swipe right

  56. author

    — NotCrossedLikeSrslyNot —7 시간 전

    Everyone here that is Brazilian or Portuguese, please, chill out. This is just a old joke video from Smosh when they were good. Not saying they aren't good now, just saying that nothing beats old times. Portuguese: relaxar. Este é apenas um vídeo antigo de piada de Smosh quando eles eram bons. Não estou dizendo que não é bom agora, apenas dizendo que nada supera os velhos tempos.

  57. author

    M'Kayla7 시간 전

    "I do not over act!" Haha you guys are so good

  58. author

    Phoebe7 시간 전

    Keith: 'I don't know a single Pokemon' Also Keith: *draws every detail of Geodude perfectly*

  59. author

    jérémy bossé8 시간 전

    The onion fact is wrong even the common folk would have coins if only the rich had coins it wouldn’t have value though goods trading was common it would still be quantified in coins

  60. author

    SOKA Stuff8 시간 전

    that was so funny when kieth yelled the n word

  61. author

    Irv E 90238 시간 전

    If you have gingerl problems, i feel breAD for ya' son! I got 99 problems but a gingerl ain't one! Shayne wants enough money to put ginger Bread on the table Sorry for the silly jokes.

  62. author

    Wandering & Wondering8 시간 전

    Virgo is the best sign

  63. author

    Crystal Clear9 시간 전

    Where those were soggy turds These look like petrified turds

  64. author

    Noah Smith9 시간 전

    So since this game was originally Sarah's idea, she should definitely compete next time right?

  65. author

    Jeong won Yang9 시간 전

    Shayne is genius...

  66. author

    Rees Rourke9 시간 전

    I knew Adam had Elyse with the skeleton humour. If he had a rotating chair he would have definitely smashed.

  67. author

    MrJamhamm9 시간 전

    Elyse is too good for this

  68. author

    Rain Bow9 시간 전

    Helloween? Its Halloween lol

  69. author

    Cosmic MrBacon9 시간 전


  70. author

    felix stanbridge9 시간 전

    i was gonna cry about this 😞🥺

  71. author

    Betsonic 8509 시간 전

    anybody else thought that Shayne had a massive erection

  72. author

    Xavier Martinez9 시간 전

    Noah 🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  73. author

    Estefan Martinez10 시간 전

    I cant believe Damien lost, I think we need a rematch

  74. author

    ajay wagh10 시간 전

    Noah look like was looking like shayebn

  75. author

    HARDtruth10 시간 전

    Ian needs to take Bernie Burns approach to running this company he is way too old. Dad vibes just dont belong with all that energy and it feels wrong and desperate.

  76. author

    CrazyComedyKid10 시간 전

    Luckily when Link started stripping at 1:47 my WiFi instantly knew and turned the video to 144p.

  77. author

    Erkin Gaming10 시간 전

    Courtry spit water on shayne

  78. author

    Makenzi McCoy10 시간 전

    We live in Texas and my papa eats a peanut butter and mayo sandwhich all the time

  79. author

    Ella Brown10 시간 전

    I love Smosh!! Woo

  80. author

    Large Soda10 시간 전

    Shanye should up his game: THREE PHANY PACKS WITH DIAMOND ARMOR and he's virgo

  81. author

    Stephen Dexter10 시간 전

    Courtney was legit uncomfortable during Ian's first waxing

  82. author

    weeb trash10 시간 전

    Your not supporting his neck! *proceeds to grab shane by the neck*

  83. author

    the_plantnextdoor10 시간 전

    8:42 yo Rhett’s wiener must smell pretty fishy

  84. author

    Will Vee10 시간 전

    best part 9:24

  85. author

    Ian Cole10 시간 전

    I'm totally feeling the Shayne-bumble exec ship

  86. author

    Catalina Facio Mussano10 시간 전

    Ok shayne looked so mad at ian when he sprayed the water bro omfg

  87. author

    xXAndrea_GachaXx10 시간 전

    The gamer girl bathwater got me XD

  88. author

    kellie leos11 시간 전

    As a kid, I lowkey found this scary

  89. author

    Ruben Falcon11 시간 전

    I would never drink shaynes gamer girl bathwater

  90. author

    Dragontastic TV11 시간 전

    We-we should hang out some ti-*beh*

  91. author

    Bathor11 시간 전


  92. author

    NaTeesha8511 시간 전

    I have the same PB&J socks as Olivia lol.

  93. author

    Grey Hurst11 시간 전


  94. author

    Lexi Levey11 시간 전


  95. author

    david obrien11 시간 전

    What dose Shane call the old guy act

  96. author

    Mysteryperson11 시간 전

    ive never seen shayne freak out like he did with the smoothie

  97. author

    No Name11 시간 전

    I didn't click away courtney

  98. author

    VivieHQ200011 시간 전

    Is no one going to talk about how hot Courteny looks in that uniform

  99. author

    CurlyK11 시간 전

    Imagine if they did a family guy reference saying cool hwip like stewie

  100. author

    PickleHammer929 ._.11 시간 전

    Don't ask why but when ever I see cards against humanity I get flashbacks to “loving you's easy because your... sock.”