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    Windex시간 전

    I wonder if I'll see 1 comment not talking about how they bullied him to death.

  2. author

    Dr.Controversial시간 전

    the actor looks like he's going to drop any moment from exhaustion.

  3. author

    Dimitrije Savkovic2 시간 전

    you just need to be a good pirate and you can see both endings haha

  4. author

    Mystic - Roblox and Fortnite2 시간 전

    EVERCREEK HIGHSCHOOL ............................................. “Home of the catfish” Hint of the photo in Margot and David’s photo.

  5. author

    MINOLA5042 시간 전

    I was just about to watch the movie, literally felt like it might be a complete waste of time, thought about foundflix, and made a decision😎🙏

  6. author

    Climbing Turkey2 시간 전

    0:53 lol DEADication

  7. author

    koolkid.mp42 시간 전

    #1 Home alone

  8. author

    Jennifer Garcia3 시간 전

    Can you review , A Simple Favor.

  9. author

    xxLumian3 시간 전

    Never liked this series, as much as I like Arkin as a protagonist. The magically appearing traps, villain that can't die, questionable at best motivations, a lot of stuff just took me out of it. Kill scenes were nifty and all but I just didn't like the collector, all sadism no substance.

  10. author

    Yasmine3 시간 전

    Anyone else see the Annabelle doll at 10:19 ?

  11. author

    CrazyGirl3 시간 전

    but wait What about the other girl in the corner that was smacked with an iron

  12. author

    Angela Romo3 시간 전

    THIRTEEN GHOSTS! Sorry, I've been waiting for that one.

  13. author

    Jeremy Roman3 시간 전

    I love imagining a sock puppet saying " dook, dook, dook, dook" rapidly as it runs after me.I don't know why, but that seems so funny.

  14. author

    Razor High Flyer3 시간 전

    Bruh just dont knock at all smh

  15. author

    Tia Af3 시간 전

    Can you do all light will end please?

  16. author

    Faeres Lima3 시간 전

    It was the granny. Google cicada3301 proof is the solution.

  17. author

    Travis Bell3 시간 전

    hey foundflix starship troopers series explained video

  18. author

    Jay Jay Adams3 시간 전

    I love how he talks about horror movies, it makes me less scared of them. I LOVE IT🤗♥️

  19. author

    Travis Bell3 시간 전

    hey foundflix starship troopers seires explained video

  20. author

    Travis Bell3 시간 전

    hey foundflix starship troopers series explained video

  21. author

    Evalyn Gamboa3 시간 전

    Hi. Just wondering where you got your shelf?

  22. author

    hay simpsoh3 시간 전

    thats the wendigo

  23. author

    Travis Bell3 시간 전

    hey foundflix starship troopers seires explained video

  24. author

    Travis Bell3 시간 전

    hey foundflix starship troopers series explained video

  25. author

    TonesTheGeek3 시간 전

    I used to theorize that the being who came to Alyssa in her time of anger and suffering was none other than the devil himself. When you have an entire town of souls due to you for their horrendous actions against the innocent, I'd call granting demonic powers to a suffering little girl to exact revenge quite a bargain. It does add an interesting dynamic to the entity behind all this, whether it be the devil or otherwise, it is evil, but it is not without compassion, acknowledging that Alyssa has already endured great suffering at the hands of those awaiting judgement. Without demanding anything in return, it gives her a gift that allows her to seek vengeance and eventually peace.

  26. author

    Travis Bell3 시간 전

    hey FoundFlix starship troopers series explained video

  27. author

    Ian Basil3 시간 전

    Mother be like: Noah? GET THE BOAT

  28. author

    WatiKasi3 시간 전

    8:36 is that Greta Thunberg???

  29. author

    Chris rubio3 시간 전

    Apocalypse is the best. Played nemesis when I was 5 and it was terrifying and the movie was just as good. But after watching all 6 in the last 2 weeks, and my biggest question is where is Chris Redfield? He was an absolute beast. But there’s no word of him since afterlife. Still a good series overall, but if they made “resident evil stories” I wouldn’t be mad at all.

  30. author

    Pierce Thompson3 시간 전

    Can you do an ending explained for "freaks" 2019

  31. author

    Justin Hiryu3 시간 전

    Those who do not live from the past are doomed to repeat it. We have all heard this saying, right? Well, let us delve a bit deeper, shall we? If the guy represents God, but has made the same mistake time after time in spite of trying to do things differently, then what does that say about Him in our religion? God is supposed to be the perfect being, no? Yet, here he seems just as human as the rest of us. I realize that this movie is just one person's interpretation, but how very interesting in showing us that the perfect not so perfect after all.

  32. author

    MrFlipperInvader7923 시간 전

    2:45 I hate to believe that

  33. author

    Homer Castle4 시간 전

    The most insulting aspect about the movie was the removal many of the scens that looked terrifying in the trailer being cut from it making it feel like an incomplete version of what were first sold to.

  34. author

    Gary Jones4 시간 전

    ...... I saw you sparring with the reviews ..

  35. author

    Gary Jones4 시간 전

    You're fine of my reviews aren't ya ? 🤔

  36. author

    S. H.4 시간 전

    How does the Kinderfanger play if he has no lips? 🤔

  37. author

    FPS_Zaporo Gaming4 시간 전

    When you have to get inside the circle, but you dont have medkits left.

  38. author

    MoogyMoo4 시간 전

    Please do Creep (2014). People either love it or hate it but I personally have never felt more unsettled by a horror movie since. The ending was one of those that keeps you paranoid far after the credits roll.

  39. author

    Lekok4 시간 전

    The movie did good with the twist and explanations but everything felt underwhelming. It's an alright movie.

  40. author

    kurtis vollert4 시간 전

    I enjoyed it more than most people the gore and scares i found were executed pretty well despite being quite predictable...i did expect more kayako and cat boy but its a refreshing change i guess i wouldnt give it an F maybe c or c+

  41. author

    Devils Knight4 시간 전

    MMMM I wonder who they trying to rip on. LOL Also with the skit at the end. Whats all the orb looking things flying around and the white something to the left? Mayby ligit haunting???

  42. author

    whats up youtube hd4 시간 전


  43. author

    ua Ua5 시간 전

    What a weird story lololol

  44. author

    Anonymous5 시간 전

    i liked the movie. little kid gets abused and traumatized by the "medical staff" he is supposed to be trusting, for an illness he doesn't have, while being lied to about everything. during which he perceives his parents as ignoring his pain, trauma, and concerns, trusting the ones hurting him instead of their own son. Then, at the end of it all, he is going to be killed by the ones who have medically tortured him, as well as his own father (and very nearly his mother). of course he kills them. you wouldn't? and to top it all off, the only friend he's made in all this time, and the only person he felt he could trust, is his half sister who was looking out for his best interest and trying to help him the whole time. and she says, "yo kid, you wanna escape this horrible place to go on a road trip with me to meet our dad?" and he's free now, so free, to go outside and enjoy his life, so he says, "Yeah." the only thing missing is a sequel where we get to see our fun cross country family road trip.

  45. author


    I've never seen a dumber movie.

  46. author

    Rachel M5 시간 전

    So, I just finished watching this film and the ending deeply disturbed me. There was something about the way his face changed from extreme pleasure to complete terror in a matter of moments that left me feeling creeped out.

  47. author

    manofultimatepotatos5 시간 전

    Last Shift, I saw the movie myself, and while it's not the best, I did like the atmosphere it created and concept

  48. author

    Max Interior5 시간 전

    I respect the exorcist but it's not scary at all

  49. author

    Jk Rte5 시간 전

    The most misleading title. Shame on you

  50. author

    j -5 시간 전

    Huge disappointment of a film, it could've been so much better

  51. author

    Undead Ladybug5 시간 전

    King has to be one of the most egotistical writers out there, as even the smallest deviation from his precious novels seems to piss him off.

  52. author

    S G5 시간 전

    I dont get who was the robot at the end who killled 01 ?

  53. author

    MyNameIs Unknown6 시간 전

    Maybe she is now immortal or what wtff We need a sequel

  54. author

    Undead Ladybug6 시간 전

    Another movie where a guy named Christian is an emotionally abusive ass, look at that.

  55. author

    MyNameIs Unknown6 시간 전

    Do we get a sequel?

  56. author

    Official Ali Al Jundi6 시간 전

    So his parents died in a “fire”

  57. author

    Bryce Ayres6 시간 전

    The vault

  58. author

    techi96 시간 전

    Crazy white folks Josh dumbass should have went to Atlanta

  59. author

    jenna lentz6 시간 전

    why do i just wanna punch charlie in the face like ABNORMALLY BAD

  60. author

    Johnny The Dark6 시간 전

    Rotten tomato is BS. Its much better than 1st and 3rd anabell.

  61. author

    TonesTheGeek6 시간 전

    As someone who is a history buff and read a lot of stuff about Chernobyl even before the HBO series, There has been plenty of activity around the site since the disaster in 1986, it's an ongoing clean up effort. Teams inspecting the containment structure (even before the special new one was built), monitoring the radiation levels, etc. There's no way all this could have gone on without running into someone passing through the area, not saying it would have made a difference but they would have been scooped up by the army or cleanup crews before the end of the first day. The exclusion zone is also not 100% abandoned either, some people still live in the less irradiated areas and have been there since the 80s, the idea that no one is there but these creatures and that they existed the world would somehow not know about them is a weak plot point.

  62. author

    Peterstoric2696 시간 전

    Ghost facers

  63. author

    Leilaaaa6 시간 전

    The last movie reminds me of an incident I had as a kid. My dad died when I was 5 due to his aorta not working properly. It was tough and I missed him a lot. I remember about 2 weeks after his death I woke up one night thirsty for apple juice. I got up, went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and found I couldn’t get the apple juice because it was too heavy. Then out of nowhere I remember seeing a guys hand reach from behind me, grabbing the jug, and pouring me my apple juice. I remember looking at his face and seeing it was my dad. I remember I didn’t feel scared at all and instead I felt an overcome feeling of joy. I remember seeing him wearing all white and for some reason even though it was dark in the kitchen I could see him perfectly like how you do in regular light. I don’t really remember exactly what he told me, but he definitely told me he loved me and he will always be with me. I was beyond happy and excited to see him so the logical thing for me to do at the time was to go to my moms room and tell her dad was in the kitchen so I go to her room, wake her up and bring her to the kitchen and seeing my dad was already gone. I remember him telling me he had to go before I left the kitchen and me telling him to wait and stay for a second. Every now and then after his death I have random dreams where he’d appear and so did my mom. I believe that I saw my dad as an angel that night and that’s what gives me faith in times where I find myself doubtful. Just thought I’d share since that scene of Quinn being told her mom loves her and would always be with her. I doubt anyone will read this or believe this.

  64. author

    SomeMobileGamer6 시간 전

    Foundflix can you do the splinter movie it was one of my favorite horror movies

  65. author

    L G6 시간 전

    when will you release part twoooooo <3

  66. author

    Marcelous Taylor6 시간 전

    Why jump off the cliff feet first? Should've leaped off crow style like the first elder woman

  67. author

    shannon Bright7 시간 전

    It's ok to admit this movie sucks.

  68. author

    South Side127 시간 전

    Bruh I thought that was Matt Ryan in the thumbnail 😂😂

  69. author

    Pandora's Bookshelf7 시간 전

    Gotta love them squichy boards😂

  70. author

    julie hauke7 시간 전

    Thought this movie was gonna be dog shit but it was actually pretty good ngl

  71. author

    TonesTheGeek7 시간 전

    how could this film have made it all the way to release without someone suggesting they cut that last scene as it conflicts with the rest of the ending?

  72. author

    john7 시간 전


  73. author

    john7 시간 전

    so who made humanity ? some aliens sent a seed with life.

  74. author

    synnovia penza7 시간 전

    Thought he said thot Felix

  75. author

    Whiterun Guard8 시간 전

    Punch it.

  76. author

    jdsim91738 시간 전

    David broke Shaws neck, planet 4 is just a settlement.

  77. author

    Chad Thundercock8 시간 전

    First plothole; you can walk into a HfH and volunteer that day. There's no "sign up list" source: someone who actually volunteers.

  78. author

    Free Jedi8 시간 전

    My question since I first watched this is: What is that large human like thing sitting in the woods @ 5:53?

  79. author

    Nekoto Nyanchan8 시간 전

    thanks waste of time i didn't need a summary of the movie again, i saw it. next time don't say "explained" say "summerized"

  80. author

    Random_Rowe8 시간 전

    Ryan accidentally killed his friends.

  81. author

    John Fate8 시간 전

    Here's the real question... How the fuck have they defeated the army? Just watch trough this entire movie what they do, act and the feats they have. The army would obliterate this monsters. Its like something as big as a bear with some armor/scales going against tanks, miniguns, choppers, jets and so on. They sure seem to be mindless beats... Even if not mindless they sure only use claws to attack... CLAWS! Not only that is so easy to set up ambushes and to lure them somewhere in mass... Just make some noise... Take notice of how long it took for the alien to get into that CAR, now imagine a tank... Yeah.. No... How about a bunker?

  82. author

    Nazeef Ghazali8 시간 전

    poor Bilbo baggins

  83. author

    Weeb Hoonty8 시간 전

    Oh my I remember seeing this as a child..... Edit: I saw the second ending as a kid But I like the first one you showed us better, so I also like the first one better

  84. author

    Lorienzo De Garcia8 시간 전

    I need a sequel. We all are so over sequels but this one actually deserves it and I would actually be very interested into knowing more of the Void... if the creators even know wtf it is. Cuz something tells me even the creators don't really know what it is.

  85. author

    Smg45 Waluigi9 시간 전

    Literaly just explaining the ending

  86. author

    NextWorldVR9 시간 전

    This isn't a real movie! What the heck? That is Devil Wears Prada footage...

  87. author

    K C9 시간 전

    SCP 701

  88. author

    IamREVENGE9 시간 전

    Did anyone else picture Thomas yell minho

  89. author

    Candy_532 -9 시간 전


  90. author

    Eli Nazario9 시간 전

    This sounds like hellhouse

  91. author

    Symone Rachele9 시간 전

    Damn u ruined my entire childhood w your intro 😂

  92. author

    FlameTheWolf 7779 시간 전

    I hate that they're trying to upgrade the predators, that's bull shit, they are already perfect killers, Alien Resurrection did the same thing and it killed the franchise for about 15 years.

  93. author

    Luis Ruiz9 시간 전

    When that bitch fell off I fucking laughed my ass off lol

  94. author

    Espeon10 시간 전

    Babadook: I really want this dog to die, but if I kill it, John wick will kill me... Babadook: Wait, if I possesed someone and have THEM kill the dog, John wick will go after that person and not me! *Babadook does a victory t pose & dance while John wick killed an innocent person*

  95. author

    yannezaragoza10 시간 전

    i watch this cause i'm too chicken to watch the actual movie

  96. author

    Kent Lane11 시간 전

    I liked it! What if Superman was a maladjusted kid.

  97. author

    Paige Jones11 시간 전

    I have never watch the end so watching this so I can the 2one

  98. author

    Call & Response Records11 시간 전

    The cause is the incoming Nibiru system.... ;-)

  99. author

    Treyfrank 0511 시간 전

    this is some next level type of intellect

  100. author

    Moo Moo11 시간 전

    fuck you,fuck all of you