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Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. author

    The Dork Knight25 분 전

    Remember folks, every time a Republican makes a stupid poster for one of these hearings, they used your tax dollars to pay for it.

  2. author

    joe Domjan25 분 전

    Kids this is what happens when you get your sister pregnant. Any questions?

  3. author

    Elizabeth Athineu25 분 전

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Trump tried to do this to a country that's defending itself from Russia? You know, the country that Trump adores. I hope he goes down for all the other crimes like Obstruction of Justice that he's already committed after he's out of office so that he can go to jail . . . go straight to jail . . . not passing Go, not collecting $200, and not doing so with dignity!

  4. author

    Dale B25 분 전

    Hey Doug Collins the only reason “We need to heal” is simply because a collective group of Republicans have parked their few remaining brains outside the Capital Building and continue the Trump legacy of “lie whenever possible”.

  5. author

    Jimmy Yang25 분 전

    What a DUMB ASS. STFU Matt! FKING Moron.

  6. author

    gamewiz72025 분 전

    Here before 1k views!

  7. author

    Christian Cullen25 분 전

    Complete waste of time and money. This won't pass through the Senate. These Democrats are getting worse and worse. Defeating Trump SHOULD be very easy. It's not easy because from top to bottom the Democrats and completely toxic.

  8. author

    Cesar Hanson25 분 전

    Republicans sure have been busy this Holiday season manufacturing lies for their Fat man like good little Elf's!

  9. author

    Alice26 분 전

    The republicans are like flat-earthers. No matter how much evidence you show them, even if you take them up to space and point out the window at the round earth, they will not believe the truth.

  10. author

    Stoodmuffin Personal26 분 전

    I tell more coherent stories than that

  11. author

    Erasmus the blasphemous27 분 전

    Congressman Collins sounds exactly like Boomhauer.

  12. author

    B47ANCE 99927 분 전

    If your a republican your a fucking idiot you ppl are not human 😂😂😂

  13. author

    J T27 분 전

    Closer look on Tuesday? Christmas came 15 days early!

  14. author

    dafttool27 분 전

    Some people take a knee to honor their dead; ✊🏽 Other people take a knee to give Trump head. 🍄 *Country over Party. Country over Cult.* 🇺🇸 *NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW* 🗽

  15. author

    Thompter S. Hunson28 분 전

    The movie was meh, Leonardo Di Caprio was average, and Brad Pitt saved the whole damn thing. Oh, I forgot, Margot Robbie pops up some times too. Here's your movie review, spoiler-free.

  16. author

    Get Me Out of Here28 분 전

    Only Russians can understand what Collins and Jordan say-it’s complete horseshit. Russia loves you-they have a place for you in their Duma.

  17. author

    Mary Hirose28 분 전

    They wanted it to sound like a clusterf**k to turn off joe public. It was intentional

  18. author

    Nikolai Nanoski28 분 전

    Trump could poop on his hand and repubs would shake it.

  19. author

    dafttool29 분 전

    *The Emperor With No Clothes* is failing in fabulous fashion, His enabling cultists blind to the naked truth before them. *Country over Party. Country over Cult.* 🇺🇸 *NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW* 🗽

  20. author

    Ij Onuigbo29 분 전

    If he is impeached but not removed from office and gets reelected, to what benefit would all this have been?

  21. author

    New Message29 분 전

    "Incoherent word-puke" sounds like a great name for one of those parody Twitter accounts that retweet Donnie's tweets, translated into actual english.

  22. author

    dafttool29 분 전

    *Benedict Donald* has killed the jingoistic *GOP* as *Patriots,* By turning them into a sycophantic *Cult of Hatriots.* *Country over Party. Country over Cult.* 🇺🇸 *NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW* 🗽

  23. author

    Kelly Kurt29 분 전

    Condensation Atmospheric moisture is happy where it lives Free from muddy riverbanks or being strained in sieves Traveling through the Troposphere from poles to equator Loving the sovereignty of being water vapor When freed from liquid form it’s called evaporation Phase shifting when it’s cold, produces condensation Rising in the midday sun it soon becomes a cloud Cooling off it falls as rain when droplets overcrowd In summer’s heat when the air is thick and starts to cling A coaster ‘neath your iced tea glass foils a water ring

  24. author

    Ryan Neil29 분 전

    Problem: Trump is a Demented Virus Solution: Build the Firewall!

  25. author

    Uthman Baksh29 분 전

    Why does Ted still defend this man? Trump called his wife ugly and said his dad killed JFK. He doesn't give 3 shits about Cruz. I mean I still hate Ted Cruz but it's kinda sad seeing him become a Trump stan after everything Trump did to him in 2016.

  26. author

    Jeremy Toh29 분 전

    Trump is receiving instructions from his Boss through Lavrov.

  27. author

    buchapkns29 분 전

    i expected more from tarantino... this movie was disappointment...

  28. author

    Michael Simmons29 분 전

    Paul Manafort just got probation for recent cooperation!

  29. author

    GET RiCH on YouTube30 분 전

    I’ll give YOU a closer look!!s!

  30. author

    Ryan Neil30 분 전

    Problem: Trump is a Demented Virus 🦠 Solution: Build the Firewall! 🔥

  31. author

    donna Martin30 분 전

    all of that is a diversion away from what is really going on. While he lets Russia take over Syria and Ukraine.

  32. author

    Kyle Stubbs30 분 전

    2:35 Jim Jordan sold his soul to the highest bidder. And it shows.

  33. author

    Bruce Wayne31 분 전

    This ist Just me from Germany watching this , but i have to say, when it comes to scary reality shows you guys realy set the bar high.And we have a show where we sacrifice virgins to farmers. Just sayin'

  34. author

    Emily Moss31 분 전

    0:34 - When I look at that stupid poster, I don't fear the ominous encroachment of totalitarianism, I hear the Tetris theme.

  35. author

    Lefty Me31 분 전

    These Rep idiots just never got rule nr. 1??? Amazing that they can be in politics, as they are factually stupid......noone can use that for anything!

  36. author

    New Message31 분 전

    "They unveiled articles? What are they?" "The parts of the Hustler mag you don't look at, Mr. President."

  37. author

    No Name32 분 전

    Doug Collins speed word salad may have been worse than that of a flat earther! Lol

  38. author

    vancouverpeaches32 분 전


  39. author

    Rob Li32 분 전

    Law and Order requires that no one is above the law and criminals must be prosecuted.

  40. author

    Thomas Horrego32 분 전

    doug collins is an idiot. was that english?

  41. author

    TWSTF 834 분 전

    My 73 year old father still believes that Trump will win again in 2020. He definitely won't be convicted in the Senate for this impeachment, and my father could be right, but it sure would be nice to prove him wrong lol nothing would be more glorious! But, complacency is the worst enemy of anyone hoping Trump will be a one-term President. And, the Democrats have a bad habit of dropping the ball. Especially when it matters the most.

  42. author

    Eddy Views34 분 전

    Hater #13- I hate baby Yoda Random guy- how... DARE YOU? (Force choke) Hater #14- WHOA!!!... why do you do that for?!... I don't see the big deal. In fact, I honestly hate baby Yoda... Random guy: YOU TOO!?!? (pulls out light saber... Kylo Ran Style)

  43. author

    D'accord net free34 분 전

    Please gentleman still they are waiting impeachment in 2019

  44. author

    A Wee Scots Dog34 분 전

    Emperor Trump has no clothes, and what about his lackey Barr? Bill Barr's Criminal Investigation (aka Lock Him Up) Bill Barr, he wants to expose Corruption, that's why he chose Now to investigate And with mastery bait By taking off all his clothes

  45. author

    Kelly Kurt34 분 전

    95% of trump supporters cannot spell bologne. 85% of them need to rely on it for monthly sustinence. (As do I.)

  46. author

    Bob Loblaw34 분 전

    While Bag-man Barr is out gas-lighting America, Trump is meeting with his Russian cabinet to plan their 2020 election strategy.

  47. author

    John Everson34 분 전

    I'm surprised that you didn't mention that Newt Gingrich said that you can't impeach Trump because it's to close to Christmas

  48. author

    Asa Coe35 분 전

    🤔I wonder, will McDonald's honor redeeming the "30 pieces of silver" Trump SSupporters got for selling out America?

  49. author

    Mary Wow35 분 전

    What you WONT HERE ANYTHING ABOUT.. what happen to QUID PRO? What happen to BRIBERY? Meyers talked about it. Come on Seth.. should be easy to prove. Dem's just DROPPED IT! As if it never happen. HAHA TRUMP 2020...

  50. author

    Brian Cintron35 분 전

    Republicans are clowns

  51. author

    Asa Coe35 분 전

    Umm, Mr. "president." I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be the "will of the people", not the "wheel for the upper-class." You must be, "as dumb as a house full of Trumps."' oops sorry.😘

  52. author

    OA35 분 전

    Is that poster implying that impeachment would’ve been a thing in Soviet Russia. The stupidity is mind-boggling.

  53. author

    Horror HistorIan36 분 전

    One step closer to kicking the Annoying Orange out of the White House

  54. author

    Jose Ramos37 분 전

    Kids, don't be like Doug Collins. Don't do drugs please...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  55. author

    o37 분 전

    Not Jim Jordan again. Ugh.

  56. author

    Super Saiyan 337 분 전

    garbage ending to another show I used to love

  57. author

    Empanadas Fritas37 분 전

    What do they mean when they say words?

  58. author

    Nadia Hassan37 분 전

    What are the Republicans smoking? If they are speaking that fast it may be meth

  59. author

    a37 분 전

    I believe he should get the Nobel prize BECAUSE... he’s the only person to get me not to fall asleep watching politics 😂😂😂

  60. author

    joethehood37 분 전

    once you tell one lie , you have to tell more lies , until all you do is lie , its called Trumpism

  61. author

    Tony Muñoz37 분 전

    Jesus Christ Jim Jordan really made it on Congress 🤦🏽‍♂️🗑

  62. author

    Rising Cookie38 분 전

    The entire republican party is rife with absolutely irredeemable bigoted degenerates.

  63. author

    Rob GTA 5 FBI Crew38 분 전

    Hell ya Seth Meyers!

  64. author

    TheUnknowns38 분 전

    I wish the republicans would take a #closerlook!!!!!!!!!

  65. author

    mike marcus38 분 전

    Think about it Rudy Giuliani was mayor...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  66. author

    D38 분 전

    Just... This is the kind of reporting we need right now Seth. Thanks for thegiggle... And the reality check

  67. author

    Xikondude2339 분 전

    We watch this every morning!

  68. author

    mikefromwa39 분 전

    "But but but her EMAILS!!!"

  69. author

    Nick Stein39 분 전


  70. author

    Brynn Ashcroft39 분 전


  71. author

    Emm Bee Sea39 분 전

    The end is nigh. This is the thing. Let's go Congressional Democrats! Impeach and remove the orange!

  72. author

    Moha Kali Kali39 분 전

    Do our flashed toilet really go to the ocean?

  73. author

    Tony Muñoz40 분 전

    This is what I look toward every week! #closerlook

  74. author

    Swilko Barfington III40 분 전

    ... and then they hand it on to the Senate.

  75. author

    krylesangerbeaver40 분 전

    10th, wow!!

  76. author

    Pete Rondello41 분 전

    Best part of the show! Thanks Seth

  77. author

    Japanthewoman41 분 전

    That Chevy joke is such a dad joke. 😆👌👍

  78. author

    Taylor Lynn42 분 전

    Rain is a code word for ukRAINe

  79. author

    duhmahsnabores44 분 전

    Those Unqualified judge nominees are MORE qualified than the NUT-job in the White House now pretending to know how to be a world leader.

  80. author

    john smith45 분 전

    Crash _ &_ die plz

  81. author

    esotericVideos45 분 전

    The important thing is they know how rain works.

  82. author

    Robert Thompson46 분 전

    Trump is a racist

  83. author

    john smith46 분 전

    Oh fff, do you even know what a $3V3r is// much less what it do es L0l0ol0ol0op go-to 10

  84. author

    Adam Weiss46 분 전

    20k lies later and the GOP is believes in talking points by Trump himself instead of the intelligence community or well common sense. GOOD LORD!

  85. author

    Tanya Chavis46 분 전

    Spot on!

  86. author

    Lebron James46 분 전

    Other elements of bathroom??? Flushing 10-15 times? Is he talking about a third world country or the USA?

  87. author

    funkmastaflexxx46 분 전

    U guys are brainwashed ... Trump 2020 easy win !

  88. author

    Kyle Herman48 분 전

    Using the cloud = using someone else’s infrastructure

  89. author

    Chris P51 분 전

    3:35 that's hilarious, they didn't say anything when Obama said "I can do whatever I want, it's a perk of being the POTUS"

  90. author

    Maddie’s Vlogs51 분 전

    he sang happy birthday???? how dare julliard reject this originality

  91. author

    Joe Blow52 분 전

    Finally, it goes to the Senate so this horsesh!t comes to an abrupt end. Good luck in the election Dems. We're having a drinking game around how many Dems lose their seats.

  92. author

    john smith53 분 전

    2 ff / they don't fly F 14 Tomcats ne more doh 😹

  93. author

    Mary Marsella54 분 전

    More of this. Educate our bright yet unaware masses.

  94. author

    Christine Musselman54 분 전

    Is it required that all Republican presidents be this dumb? I remember thinking how W's IQ went up a few points after he left office. Trump trumps all of them, though.

  95. author

    Scott Edwards54 분 전

    Yes! Climate change is an existential threat to the survival of the planet. Climate change is existential bullshit. You can't get a consensus of agreement between scientist. In the late 70's science evaluated the threat from the blizzard of 77/78 Assessed the polar caps build up if ice and warned America of the inevitable ice age that was threatening our planets humanity. 30 years ago Al Gore was the global warming champion. Racing around the globe in his private jet. Selling global warming as the threat to our civilization. Well Al made a lot of green on that deal didn't he. Savior's of The Earth was written over 30 years ago exposing the business and politics of global warming. There are newer and more up to date books written recently, exposing the lies about climate change. In plain site to challenge the ignorance. Not even to mention the race to space with multiple rocket launches every month to expand new space tech and space vehicles being developed. Launched back and forth into the hemisphere. Private investment groups and privately owned companies racing to space. Not to mention NASA. What's the carbon print of all the rocket fuel being launched in our atmosphere. Is this part of the the carbon tax? The climate change propaganda is for the population masses though. Only it's not Global warming anymore. WHY? It's climate change now because it's no longer a global Champaign. It's a global issue and movementy but it is a regional initiative. It needed to be dumbed down and more personalized for culture. Let's get on board with UN Agenda 21 And UN Agenda 2030 Economics/ Ecology/ Equity Let's take a real look at what is driving politics and social change and the propaganda that influences it.

  96. author

    kandycandy156 분 전

    Thank Heaven for your show! So fun to watch how the republicans ridicule themselves and how incredibly stupid and uneducated Trump is. So delightfully entertaining.

  97. author

    The Original Captain Trips56 분 전

    she is hot, down to earth & whitty...perfect package

  98. author

    Christine Musselman56 분 전

    Don't erroneously tell us how many people voted for Trump. Clinton, by far, received many millions more.

  99. author

    TaraTownsend57 분 전

    Republicans are such filthy, corrupt criminals.

  100. author

    Liberal Larry57 분 전

    This segment is GOLD