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  1. author

    Archana Singh7 시간 전

    Remove this dirt The President of India will help. After every 5 years a change in President along with education. India 🇮🇳 learn something. Prince Salman could have helped us but you people didn't show any interest in him or Muslim. We can learn from anybody. Even from a worker who cleans stool, wash dishes, cleans floor.

  2. author

    Kasper Hauser7 시간 전

    Thatll learn em!

  3. author

    slimydick237 시간 전

    You can tell this video is propoganda from american government when a foreigner is speaking clearer english than any american yet they insist on using subtitles... and not bc americans assume we're deaf.

  4. author

    CJ7 시간 전

    my god isnt she attractive

  5. author

    Sameer Aumeer7 시간 전

    They r partying USA dropped bomb on Japan yet they r friends

  6. author

    Camilo Milfuegos7 시간 전

    Maimi is sanctuary city for lgbtq people and illegals. No English? no problem. No white? no problem. No straight? no problem? We welcome you to Miami Florida

  7. author

    Francisco Rivera7 시간 전

    1 billion times funnier on weed. Trust me. I just read the title and busted out laughing.

  8. author

    Kristina Raggio7 시간 전

    Its Jan 2020 and they still have bodies in the hotel collapse site from Oct 2019.😔😔

  9. author

    Emma von7 시간 전

    America should leave IRAQ

  10. author

    Camilo Milfuegos7 시간 전

    So bad Trump was Impeached! No wall! damn it. Well Welcome to Miami, Florida! Sanctuary city for lgbtq and illegals.

  11. author

    Sophia Eleftheria7 시간 전

    #ENDTIMES!!! lol

  12. author

    christopher phillip skeates7 시간 전

    communist dictatorships are the only way to rule a world of 8 billion people by stagnation .... putan must stay in power for life as with xi in china and kim jong un in north korea or else kaos ...for the next thousand years ...skeatesy the son of man and bubbygoddess the one upon the throne 2020

  13. author

    AMS BEE8 시간 전

    Green peace

  14. author

    Napoleon Blownapart8 시간 전

    Disgusting, what rights do these women not have? Oh the right to murder an unborn child, I see. If you don't want to get pregnant keep your fucking legs closed or use birth control, its not difficult. Time to take personal responsibility, but no many women don't want personal responsibility, they want special treatment. We pamper women waaaaay to much in our society.

  15. author

    Turtle Potato8 시간 전

    There is so much hate in this comment section. Yikes. Tldr:Being gay is not a sin, gay sex is the sin. Gay love is never mentioned as a sin. David and Samuel may be in love but in denial, but I dunno. Firstly, I'm not one to say being gay is a sin. I'm here to say that having gay sex (basically sex just for pleasure) is a sin. Most of the scriptures used to bash gay people, also mention some form of sexual activity. Secondly, the word "Homosexual" wasn't coined until the late 1860's, by, you'd never guess this, a gay man. (here's a link to his wikipedia page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl-Maria_Kertbeny ) So what could the bible have said before then? Well, according to www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+6&version=NIV if you go down to 1 cornithians 6:9-11, it says "men who have sex with men". No "men who are in love and abstain from sex" Also, yes, God told Adam and Eve to reproduce and, more specifically "Fill the earth", and, as a species, we've done just that, now surpassing 8 billion people alive today. Did I mention how some will argue that David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel are in love? Here's why they think that. When you read through these, ask yourselves, have you ever felt this way for another person of the same sex that was a "friend"? 1 Samuel 18:1 "The soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David " (emphasis on the knit, as knit means stitched together/intertwine, some versions say "became one in spirit", but that holds the same meaning) 1 Samuel 18:3 "And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself." (notice how covenant is synonymous with "bond") 1 Samuel 18:4"Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt." This was before David went into battle, and showed that Jonathan deeply cared about him. 1 Samuel 19:1 "Jonathan greatly delighed in david 1 Samuel 20:17 "Jonathan caused David to vow (promise) again because of his love for him" 1 Samuel 20:41 "and David and Jonathan kissed each other and wept together until David exceeded" (have you ever kissed your male friends, even if you knew they might die because of your crazy king father?) 1 Samuel 20:42 "The lord will be between my seed and your seed forever" (take this how you will) 2 Samuel 1:26 "I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan. You were very pleasant to me. Your love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women. (think about that. passing is synonymous with with going beyond, or surpassing. Jonathan's love for him went beyond the love of women.Also, he could be calling Jonathan a brother, as he sees everyone as siblings as we are all children under god. That, or he is in mistaking his love for him as "brotherly love" as I have done once with a girl.) Take this as you will. I, personally, am doubtful of the "Jonathan and David are in love" thing. But you cannot deny that all the verses you use to condemn people for who they love, also mention lust and sex a lot, but never mention love between two men/women. Call me a teacher of false doctrines if you want. I no longer care.

  16. author

    True Gamer8 시간 전

    He loved playing with his chicken that's his favorite part of the job🤣

  17. author

    largraf8 시간 전

    Wow, I could suffer really nicely in that house she's building. Wonder where she got the money.

  18. author

    daniela torres8 시간 전

    She was a sweet daughter for him

  19. author

    Seattle the Great8 시간 전

    Screw gay hating Christians

  20. author

    Leeloo Dallas8 시간 전

    Zionist Traitors.... Chemical Weapons Inspector Gives Rare Testimony On Douma Before UN Security CouncilIan Henderson, member of OPCW team on Douma, spoke today at the UN. He re-stated his belief that no chemical attack occurred & called the final OPCW report a "complete turnaround in the situation from what was understood by the majority of the team and the entire Douma team."www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/opcw-whistleblower-gives-rare-testimony-douma-un-security-council

  21. author

    Aleah8 시간 전

    Fear mongering at it's finest.

  22. author

    Cheryl Roberts8 시간 전

    Harry is so much like Princess Diana she would be so proud

  23. author

    Mien Murad8 시간 전

    Ma Sha ALLAH

  24. author

    Alex Reci8 시간 전

    I hope they hang that Zionist son of a puta!

  25. author

    Milton Benton8 시간 전

    Is there any indication that we moved into a new era after passing 2012?

  26. author

    Dominic Gaudious9 시간 전

    This is how our tax dollars are spent.. I guess

  27. author

    harry9 시간 전

    Subhanallah ..

  28. author

    Jonathan Lankford9 시간 전

    They have the right to reproduce. Why are they still pushing for it? Oh. They mean murder rights.

  29. author

    Loi Nguyen9 시간 전

    if 2A exist in my country, communist dictator has gone away for sure.

  30. author

    hhhd hjo9 시간 전

    colorado is full of racist trump supporters, i’ll leave if i was her

  31. author

    Philip Melton9 시간 전

    Listen to the climatards! making the same claims they made 70 years ago and we are still alive! not one prediction has come true! LMFAO

  32. author

    Orange Man Bad9 시간 전

    None of us can talk we didn't grow up their and experience their perspective of life

  33. author

    Sasuke U9 시간 전

    I would never doze off if she was my teacher never my math grades would excel I would be a math expert

  34. author

    Sasuke U9 시간 전

    She is beautiful we need to import more

  35. author

    Matalinong Tsunggo9 시간 전

    Goodluck sis

  36. author

    Bruce Triggs9 시간 전

    Very moved to find this while seeking recordings of the Cambodian "ploy" free reed instrument, played by only a few surviving musicians. I haven't found out what it sounds like yet, but hope to hear it some day. Thank you for preserving these voices.

  37. author

    Ace Hardy9 시간 전


  38. author

    Laurie Ashley9 시간 전

    He needs to move to Chicago. They have gun control. How’s that working?

  39. author

    rei de copas10 시간 전

    Dangerous countries.

  40. author

    Clark Gable10 시간 전

    too short

  41. author

    rubina bibi10 시간 전

    Great kashmiri muslims

  42. author

    Michael Michael10 시간 전

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  43. author

    Matthew Nichols10 시간 전

    I know for some reason, we don't respect Asian teachers for some reason. It's almost like having a substitute.

  44. author

    William Solia10 시간 전

    Lmao i feel sorry for these impoverished countries i mean look at the cop guarding these Muslims and compare it to the New Zealand cops guarding the Muslims that got attacked and that people is why New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world lmao

  45. author

    AsiA I.10 시간 전

    turkey is a desertshitholE'''

  46. author

    Sibusiso Sikhosana10 시간 전

    I wonder if that santuary will also us them for some circus like function...

  47. author

    Joe H10 시간 전

    Imagine seeing only good looking people in the Hollywood movies before coming to America and then seeing these people. Fat, old and depressed looking.

  48. author

    John Baldwin10 시간 전

    Fact one that most gun owners are not well trained nor spends the critical time of every year to maintain proficiency... training does not mean knowing how their firearm operates and to firing it there is much more than that?!? There is a breakdown of skilled set individuals vs the non-skilled set of individuals... the federal government had already done it preliminary assessment back during the late 1980s and mid 1990s in this regards that still holds its water... based on hunters, competition shooters, active service military, military veterans, local and federal law enforcement, armed militia members or other armed organizations that varies, armed gangs/ armed individuals that commits gun related crimes/violence/murder, gun enthusiasts, private armed security firms, survivalists/ preppers, and the common gun owner that purchases a firearm for home defense and/or conceal carry... Yes, there are plenty of idiots with guns that should not have them or least be properly trained and be proficient?!? The above was a collected effort to determine the various groups and also to determine the assessment level of threat to national security and to the general public?

  49. author

    باقر قاسم10 시간 전

    زربة علي وعليكم

  50. author

    Galaxy10 시간 전

    That poor thing I wish I could do more then just donate I want to be there to help

  51. author

    GAMER PRO LOL10 시간 전

    Al negrito del minuto 1:49 se rió sin haberle tocado a él, ya después hizo sus planchas xd.

  52. author

    J P10 시간 전

    Respect for others should be taught at home, period.

  53. author

    Mr Cool10 시간 전

    I condemn him, but I stand by his rhetoric.

  54. author

    Mr Cool10 시간 전

    And yet they are still islamic

  55. author

    The Hammer And Tickle10 시간 전

    Im looking at what everyone's carrying. LoL I wish i was there.

  56. author

    Cybr Friends10 시간 전


  57. author

    Kleopatra Yeboah10 시간 전

    Excuse me but "kids social workers" doing this for kids in Europe and lying againts parents. Atleast Africa is blessed with freedomn, one Estonian child social worker married Nigerian but take other peoples kids away, she is mad and psyckopath 🔥

  58. author

    President Camacho 46th POTUS 202010 시간 전

    impeach, remove and prosecute the criminal trump syndicate

  59. author

    Fortis11 시간 전

    This is one of the only honest videos that actually states that there were TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PROTESTORS

  60. author

    Dark Jager11 시간 전

    Islam never teach to force people to islam. You can ask those non muslim in all muslim countries.. Muslims will only tells you the truth based on Al-Quran. Its up to you to believe it or not..

  61. author

    Patty Robinson11 시간 전

    To speculate is to guess. Schiff is a great speculator. Hey Schiff for brains, guess what I got between my legs.

  62. author

    Total T11 시간 전

    I hope during the 2020 elections, the 2nd or 3rd impeachment trial is well under way. Ef the orange traitor, in cell block f u.

  63. author

    Pratibha Sahu11 시간 전

    I wish Mr. Obama could return. Edit: sorry for bad english

  64. author

    Johan ousback11 시간 전

    They are such amazing animals ❤

  65. author

    hung nguyen11 시간 전


  66. author

    michael bennet11 시간 전

    A shake of hands is a beautiful thing.

  67. author

    Drvk mode11 시간 전

    Bro thank god that harry left the Royal family. Mf was getting grey hairs 😋

  68. author

    Dustin Poche11 시간 전

    Cheapest way possible again...

  69. author


    Where were they doing slavery ?

  70. author


    They are tryna come to the US so they can show us how smart they are and how hard they work.

  71. author

    Star Turtle11 시간 전

    I can't help but think that this whole thing between the US and Venezuela is going to end very badly.

  72. author

    howzit300011 시간 전

    Don’t worry kid, you can move to the city of your choice later. You are lucky that you got your foot in america now and didn’t have to go through the border. Enjoy your life in the US, it will only get better after this!

  73. author

    OGdank1311 시간 전

    After seeing this guy jumping the fense I started thinking he is awesome

  74. author

    baseballboy11 시간 전

    hmm, if i think about it, relations did improved slightly.

  75. author

    Isee U11 시간 전

    I would take this over my Black Momma ass beating any day 😥😂 but Hey I have never been to jail so I guess them ass beating worked 😂😂😂😂

  76. author

    Abdul Azeem12 시간 전


  77. author

    Steve12 시간 전

    Walking in Obama’s shoes. 10 1/2 year boom. Thanks President Obama. You created an economy that even trump Couldn’t screw up. 1.3 million MORE new jobs created in last 3 years of Obama’s term than 1st 3 years of trumps. After his 1st year - when he steered the economy out of recession and away from a likely depression real gdp growth averaged 2.1%. Right where it is now. Obama brought the unemployment rate down from 10% to 4.8%. It has fallen a whopping 1.3% since trump took office. Rising wages are offset by larger inflation. Stock market is up 47% under trump. At this point in Obama’s first term it was up 57.9%. Trump has been a con man and a liar all his life. He has been banned from having anything to do w charities. Who The fuck cheats charities?

  78. author

    John Marksman12 시간 전

    The Crucifixion House "Crucifixion" (the execution of a person by nailing or binding them to a cross)

  79. author

    Street fighter12 시간 전

    It is much easier to be teacher in asia then to be one in US or europe.

  80. author

    Joshua Phillips12 시간 전

    Trump is a dumb pile of shit.

  81. author

    watane - watani12 시간 전

    الله الوطن الملك تم أمريكا

  82. author

    John Henderson12 시간 전

    It’s sad that people made fun of the daughter, she’s pretty! I think Ameriasians are beautiful.

  83. author

    watane - watani12 시간 전

    الله الوطن الملك تم أمريكا

  84. author

    Kimberly Mulhall12 시간 전

    What was the protest about?

  85. author

    donald fee12 시간 전


  86. author

    here to annoy you ya so easily triggered12 시간 전

    Is that the electric car loaded up with single use plastic? FRAUD. The Nazi left use this child because of the serious mental problems gretas damaged brain is there shield - "How dare you disagree with a child with a deformed brain" they will scream at you. Poor wee lass has no idea she is a loon.

  87. author

    King Xerxes12 시간 전

    Why did the French and German leaders kiss "Persian" style? You will never guess the answer. This right there shows how much cultural impact Iran has left the world still even today and big Iranian footprint is still evident in world cultures from the very basic etiquettes to the very taken for granted urban lifestyles.

  88. author

    Kleopatra Yeboah12 시간 전

    EURO IS IS Better Thingz

  89. author

    Tyler12 시간 전


  90. author

    Tmarie PI12 시간 전

    President Trump rocks! Trump 2020!

  91. author

    Jonny KingBlood Reese12 시간 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Qf2foRAYDGY.html Dear Iran Leave the Hood out this shit. Half of us ain’t even Vote for the mf trump

  92. author

    Jeff Daniels12 시간 전

    Man, that thing looked like it was made out of sticks.

  93. author

    Jeff Daniels12 시간 전

    Seriously, God help this nation if ANY of these democrats who are running for president win in 2020!!!

  94. author

    Santiago Garcia12 시간 전


  95. author

    T B12 시간 전

    Trump 2020

  96. author

    Rita Larch12 시간 전

    Good example. I see the reasoning behind the test. Now when I go to the barn to check on the eggs I will see that 🐔 in a different perspective.

  97. author

    FearFac_1712 시간 전

    Move to Australia. It's way better there.

  98. author

    nick9912 시간 전

    Iran did 9/11 against Ukraine

  99. author

    Peters Right but,13 시간 전

    Gloria? Didn't the U.S. have a hurricane by that name in '72?

  100. author


    tan bonita se ve la bandera de venezuela en el lado democrático