The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
We shoot all of our videos in HD using high-speed cinema cameras and we highly recommend you watch them that way if you can!
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Tidal WaveTidal Wave

Tidal Wave

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Tesla Coil

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  1. author

    I Got Horses In My Back시간 전

    Looks like my wife when she’s on top

  2. author

    I cant think of a name2 시간 전

    I am a demolition/explosion fanatic, so watching this was un-godly amazing

  3. author

    Lorraine Shepherd2 시간 전

    "it's not Italy in the 80's" 🤪🤪🤪

  4. author

    Double U2 시간 전

    Once I found 3 diamonds straight away and on a seed I found 12 diamonds and 9 were on tools and 2 are on enchantment table,I have one diamond left

  5. author

    MyNameInRealLife2 시간 전

    It's the fastest camera in the world but still runs windows 7

  6. author

    Jefferson Luong3 시간 전

    3:54 xD

  7. author

    MrRootbrian RB3 시간 전

    Imagine if that happened to a real bridge and the driver was going far above the speed limit.

  8. author

    marty3 시간 전

    do a part 2 ft. Boogie2988

  9. author

    N83 시간 전

    skip to 4:30 for the good stuff

  10. author

    Chrisss1593 시간 전

    Is that the same "idiot" gavin from achievement hunter?

  11. author

    Dakota Holl4 시간 전

    Why have you dudes not done a whip yet? I think that'd be cool to see

  12. author

    Henry Merrell-Van Sickle5 시간 전

    very epic

  13. author

    chrisy toms5 시간 전

    now you see im here from the will smith one and this is where i started and still here because i had my bell on since then i have one more thing to say I LOVE THESE VIDEOS

  14. author

    chrisy toms5 시간 전

    YES I LOVE WILL SMITH my secret is i still watch the fresh prince and my favorite line is MAMA NOOOOO LOVE IT

  15. author

    Nate Balcerak5 시간 전

    Could've done without the soundtrack; otherwise, brilliant!

  16. author

    Jake Vimont6 시간 전

    I'd say more like drowned by a 6 foot water balloon!

  17. author

    Sloatch6 시간 전

    The part where you break the glass is so ASMR :D

  18. author

    Elargentino GG6 시간 전

    2:33 3:26

  19. author

    Austin Driver6 시간 전


  20. author

    Ana Rodriguez6 시간 전


  21. author

    Austin Driver6 시간 전

    Link over dramatically flinching 5:47

  22. author

    Austin Driver6 시간 전

    At the start I was waiting for them to say, "Let's talk about that"

  23. author

    Slendy_C6 시간 전

    you guys need to do this in slow motion

  24. author

    Colton Vines6 시간 전

    The music makes me want to boot up mass effect.

  25. author

    Rachel Bloom6 시간 전

    i love will smith, i love gavin free,,,, but i didnt realise how much i needed this collab until now <3 they both clearly had such a fun time... im so proud when i see gavin make others laugh so much, but when its WILL SMITH... its a different level of proud and happiness. in a perfect world, i'd love to see more of gavin and will together. they really click with each other. I've always known Will is down to earth and casual, but seeing him with gavin really made that feel even more real <333

  26. author

    N N6 시간 전

    We found gavin !

  27. author

    Austin Driver6 시간 전

    Fruit ninja

  28. author

    Mwahaha806 시간 전

    at 6:15 Pause the video look how Cool that looks that could be A screenshot

  29. author

    Zane Kenney6 시간 전

    I can dodge 7 inches over in 0.02 seconds. I can't die to basic human bullets. Fricking mortals

  30. author

    Mateo Lucero6 시간 전

    You guys should do a video where you have a bullet and glass breaking side by side

  31. author

    LEGO Brick a Brac7 시간 전

    I think the flame thrower in not very affective also this is Fake news. 😀

  32. author

    LEGO Brick a Brac7 시간 전

    The video has not done well in KOreporter compression as I seem to just be getting blocky image when the metle moves and I'm not turning up to 1080p as this one video would use all my Data.

  33. author

    JRohn English7 시간 전


  34. author

    Random Vids7 시간 전

    Why who would post this on KOreporter Guy:who wants to see this Us:why did u post it then

  35. author

    Sod Fish8 시간 전

    What kind of glass? There are a lot. I wanna see this with a smart phone.

  36. author

    att dot8 시간 전

    Is that place the Waterson’s garden from The amazing world of Gumball?

  37. author

    Guillaume Lejeune8 시간 전

    Never underestimate the maltesers

  38. author

    Stephen Volkmann9 시간 전

    I love your program! you guys know how to do it. Can you capture a galloping horse? a running dog.

  39. author

    boeboe51159 시간 전

    first video to test my new 4k monitor, not disappointed

  40. author

    Brandon Kent10 시간 전

    "yawing up and down" k bye

  41. author

    Nic Lehmann10 시간 전

    1:48 hmm whats that 😂

  42. author

    Basil Bengazi11 시간 전

    Why do you have this....... Because America!!

  43. author

    r3tr0_ Sp3ctre11 시간 전

    I counted and there isn’t a thousand there is 876

  44. author

    Tammy Leeder Whitaker11 시간 전


  45. author

    Jake Vimont11 시간 전

    Nice hat Gav!!

  46. author

    A Name11 시간 전


  47. author

    Give me attention11 시간 전

    Watch me channel. I have nice video's about pumps

  48. author

    Mr Omega12 시간 전

    4:40 captions: *beatboxing noises*

  49. author

    Javan VandeSlunt12 시간 전

    I can smell this video.

  50. author

    STOP NWO NOW12 시간 전

    What do they call "LASER very powerful"?. Is an ultraviolent DPSS laser. Twenty watts by Q-switched may be?. What will a powerful LASER be for these people?.

  51. author

    Salman EKILLER12 시간 전

    Who watched the fresh prince of bell-air on one of the episodes there is one guy called ice tray in the it look like ice tray

  52. author

    Đàrk么 SkuLL13 시간 전


  53. author

    Rick B13 시간 전

    Backdraft, sounds like a movie title.😳🤔🤭

  54. author

    ياسين الساعدي13 시간 전


  55. author

    gamefreak1014 시간 전

    Where's subtitles? :(

  56. author

    Some Irish Weeb14 시간 전

    Will Smith with flamethrower: Awww that’s hot *this comment was made before seeing the video*

  57. author

    Nigel Taylor15 시간 전

    *" Carefull lads ... grey squirrels are watching ... ( also what happened to the water cooled barrel jacket conversion ... Sub Uzi ?) "*

  58. author

    DeineMamiWird15 시간 전

    Where can i get one of these

  59. author

    Gustavo Lobo15 시간 전


  60. author

    Kawa1315 시간 전

    5:19 "Daz hot !"

  61. author

    COLZ16 시간 전

    What happened to his arm?>>??

  62. author

    star bust16 시간 전

    Here is some nightmare fuel What of the lighting strike them?

  63. author

    Jan M17 시간 전

    And this, my children, is how you destroy armored vehicles

  64. author

    Kamoflauge17 시간 전

    The only thing that Deadshot can't shoot, a potato cannon

  65. author

    mekka Palastain17 시간 전

    🍯 miel

  66. author

    Ronald Laslo17 시간 전

    4:37 good job buddy. Alcohol/wine is bad for you

  67. author

    Thomas Barrett18 시간 전

    9:21 will must be going mad in his old age

  68. author

    stephen mutke18 시간 전

    I guess making silly faces runs in the family?

  69. author

    ASMoney1318 시간 전

    5:56 Dan's o face

  70. author

    priyanshu jadhav18 시간 전

    So will will be change of Dave

  71. author

    Adrian Soares19 시간 전

    Ainda sim é mais lento que o SR-71 - Blackbiird

  72. author

    MrNickelbrille20 시간 전

    Still,wrecking ball by Ron Jeremy is my No. 1 ;-)

  73. author

    Vicky Kaushik22 시간 전

    3.7k people had fun tapping the dislike button !😅

  74. author

    ali Smith23 시간 전

    And that’s how Michael Jackson did his famous lean in the Smooth Criminal video.......Hee! Hee!

  75. author

    The Inspiring Engineer23 시간 전

    I hope you had permission to blow those up! :D :D :D

  76. author

    raider limabelas23 시간 전

    what airgun they used??

  77. author

    Pin23 시간 전

    Its funny, this is the first video I've ever seen on KOreporter, at least the one I remember

  78. author

    Tupulua Sekai일 전

    love your video slow mo guys

  79. author

    Will Timms일 전

    The phenomena that causes the flow to break up into little spheres is called Rayleigh Instability. The surface tension causes it to want to minimize its surface area. It's pretty cool and looks amazing in molten copper!

  80. author

    Raven45일 전

    Only 37 degrees!!! Our temperature in dagupan is 50 my guy

  81. author

    Seth Stillmen일 전

    Gav's part in the balloon when Dan is stuffing it, made me think of Ace venture, when he was in the rhinoceros.

  82. author

    Saygou Qusaii일 전

    What!! This is so cute and awesome ❤️❤️❤️ I love it it's too small I want to have one! How do I buy 1 any website?

  83. author

    Invictus XOXO일 전

    Can you make a video collaborating with me I'll show you amazing water droplet phenomenon

  84. author

    Tweety Song일 전

    A major part of why Dan lost, other than being untrained, was momentum. He was nowhere near as heavy or as fast as either of these lovely men.

  85. author

    Marwin C Santos일 전

    Pause right here 6:37 - now you know how people "corel draw it" things

  86. author

    Silver Hunter일 전

    Should have filled the hamster ball full of water (with breathing room of course) with him in it that would have been cool to see

  87. author

    미노Cc일 전

    컴퓨터가 처음 나왔을 때 크기가 어마무시했지.. 지금은 내 손바닥 안에서 놀고 있으니, 나중엔 저 영상에 나오는 카메라가 얼마나 작아질까..

  88. author

    Steve Reagon일 전

    thank god for the folks who deals with these conditions every day

  89. author

    Zack Attack777일 전

    There is a big difference between an adult measure of how you get the belts and a kid, if u are a kid it’s like almost given to you. So a black belt in a age about 3-9 it’s about a orange belt or a rank higher with an adult measure

  90. author

    Babu Babu일 전

    I'm getting (shudders)... Sonic 06 flashbacks...

  91. author

    Sabir Khan일 전

    Imagine they were at war Germans: panzer marsch! Gav: I would like to order a cheese pizza

  92. author

    Quinn Hamilton일 전

    News: plane crash reported after plane crash

  93. author

    habbidasher일 전

    This is the most fascinating thing I've ever seen

  94. author

    Marwin C Santos일 전

    Did that safe penetrate only with sheer explosion? Not a projectile?

  95. author

    NFS9111일 전

    You guys should record with zombie go boom, it would be cool!

  96. author

    Jenny Pai일 전

    That was an interpreter you worked with. someone who conveys the meaning/words of spoken language from one language to another is called an interpreter, whereas when done through text, the person is called a translator.

  97. author

    Christopher Brown일 전

    These guys done killed the neighbors pets or at least a random squirrel with those pellets going through the fence.

  98. author

    Jenny Pai일 전

    You two can totally collab with the History Channel's Forged in Fire

  99. author

    Jenny Pai일 전

    why does it look like CGI? that's so weird