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    Ashley Schlereth36 분 전

    My favorite thing is wheel unfortunate

  2. author

    RaG3 BenZ38 분 전

    Recommended NOW!?

  3. author

    Chrizel France Silverio38 분 전

    Who is panda?

  4. author

    Carly Vaughan39 분 전

    Who doesn't love the rage monster 😂

  5. author

    Cayden Richards40 분 전

    I've been to Utah at the same place they were

  6. author

    Preeti Jain41 분 전


  7. author

    Sonu Limbu41 분 전

    I need ipad please

  8. author

    Panda Playz44 분 전

    21 bounces

  9. author

    Anime World50 분 전

    i mean how hard is it to only knock down 1 pin win a super-fast baseball shooter?

  10. author

    Deadly Alphå51 분 전

    Why Panda was not featured in this video but His rocket was in intro

  11. author

    Elaine Burrell52 분 전

    Sing song 4 is say baby I love

  12. author

    SAHIL DALAL52 분 전

    i think cody

  13. author

    Hunger Gamez52 분 전

    Who eles getting this is there recommendations in dec 2019 10TH

  14. author

    Lesly Gomez53 분 전

    Na ni merga no habló nintendo

  15. author

    Ejhar Production53 분 전

    I recommend dude perfect plays games at festival as tricky game like if you want it too

  16. author

    The Golden Default Scar57 분 전


  17. author

    Y.T channel59 분 전


  18. author

    DÖ PE시간 전

    Why not pair of flip flops why not desame??

  19. author

    Game Upgrade시간 전

    Top in the world))))

  20. author

    Marilyn Blemker시간 전

    You can’t hear anything in space

  21. author

    Dwyane Loque시간 전

    Are you guys real People?

  22. author

    ricky ramos시간 전

    My favorite was on the door

  23. author

    ricky ramos시간 전

    My favorite was on the door

  24. author

    Abhiyut Jindal시간 전


  25. author

    Kamier Kalif Taher시간 전

    Me: *scores a basket* Dude Perfect: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  26. author

    Clay The best시간 전

    Where’s caddy shack

  27. author

    Dhrishit Khandhar시간 전

    Panda face reveal!!!!!

  28. author

    Pranav Vishwakarma시간 전

    Enjoying life now

  29. author

    Papagaio Hiperativo시간 전

    go, part 3

  30. author

    Hawwa Shazuna시간 전

    Now that's what I call trick shots

  31. author

    Matt Kelly시간 전

    how many work records do u guys have

  32. author


    Why tye wins always?

  33. author

    The Golden Default Scar시간 전


  34. author

    The Golden Default Scar시간 전

    23 bounces

  35. author

    Rommel Baylon시간 전


  36. author

    Luke Gaming시간 전


  37. author

    Ashmit Sharma시간 전

    We need more all sports battles

  38. author

    fani's gaming시간 전

    Gila perfect

  39. author


    Give me the RC car. Man please dude

  40. author

    Jocelyne Ludgate시간 전

    that cannon was amazing

  41. author

    Crisp Nation시간 전

    Glass Battle

  42. author

    Tinius arnesen시간 전


  43. author

    Hacker YT시간 전


  44. author

    May Ligon Huff시간 전


  45. author

    smalltownboy 05시간 전

    I hope that place was abandoned

  46. author

    The games ROBLOX prodution시간 전

    1 mario theam song 2 up on the house top 3 twinkle twinkle little star 4 say my name Total 17 bounces

  47. author

    Emmanuel Mambei시간 전

    Dude perfect you are perfect

  48. author

    Yuval Beria시간 전

    No never ever ever OK you adam celadin

  49. author

    Logan Huckins시간 전

    🐼 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼go panda!!

  50. author

    Faical Larfawi시간 전

    You already know

  51. author

    Leah Mackean시간 전

    they asked what record I could break DP:what record can you break:) Me: NONE:(

  52. author

    Gus Johnson시간 전

    Dude perfect you should do a flip edition but you flip a pen "into" the cap.

  53. author

    Roar시간 전


  54. author

    AmazingCrox시간 전

    1980: Grandmother called 1990: Grandma called 2000: Granny called 2019: boomerang (meme stolen from reddit btw)

  55. author

    Arfaedil Edil시간 전

    It's funny

  56. author

    Gabby Galve시간 전

    I can you do trick shot 4 plz

  57. author

    Rama eka pangestu시간 전

    video laknat gk jelas kontol

  58. author

    Semir Uçucu시간 전

    Twisted Fate

  59. author

    Emily Jones시간 전

    Soccer and Winter stereotypes

  60. author

    Shusan시간 전


  61. author

    Sheryl Lyn Cruz시간 전

    Blooper yesterday doing that trick shots

  62. author

    Hunter x Parodie시간 전

    Its Hisoka !

  63. author

    Rithwik Konduri시간 전

    I like Cody's dad

  64. author

    10k Subs Without A Video Challenge2 시간 전

    I’m just wait for rocket battle 3 when the rockets meet aliens

  65. author

    D.A.M Oliveira2 시간 전

    The front flip flipper was my favourite Like if it was your favourite too

  66. author

    H Bernatsha2 시간 전

    Very mean brother Cory

  67. author

    FaZey Boy2 시간 전

    Tyler: nope not avengers endgame Me: @#!#@#!@#

  68. author

    Drakey Boi2 시간 전

    Dude got left hanging so many times 😂

  69. author

    stacey mountain2 시간 전

    Me:The sweaty Friend:Tbh.......Idk

  70. author

    KING HIMESH2 시간 전

    MrBeast breaked some of his records

  71. author

    EC Blaze2 시간 전

    18 pings

  72. author

    stacey mountain2 시간 전

    3:10,around 10000000000000000$ wasted

  73. author

    Clean that shit up Idiot.2 시간 전

    Everyone’s favourite is The Rage Monster

  74. author

    SAINTS FAN 4 LIFE2 시간 전

    lamar jackson]

  75. author

    Βασίλης Χατζόπουλος2 시간 전

    δο ρε μι φα σολ α σι ντο

  76. author

    Allen Leayr2 시간 전

    Bottle flips

  77. author

    Cupcake17may Edwards2 시간 전

    Your so funny guys!!!

  78. author

    ADAYES ГЕЙ2 시간 전

    Is Kazakhstan SEKA PRO LAIKE 🔥

  79. author

    jc just gaming2 시간 전

    16 bounces

  80. author

    Doggo Supreme2 시간 전

    4:00 Me when my team wins the contest and nobody even noticed me

  81. author

    Dian Yuliana2 시간 전

    Enemy battleship sunk !1!1!1!

  82. author

    ᴄʜëᴡʏ süü2 시간 전

    Almost 2020? ↓

  83. author

    Akbar Ali2 시간 전


  84. author

    Xkirby Channel2 시간 전

    If you guys need tips on fishing Use shrimp bait Use jigs Jigs don’t need bait if necessary

  85. author

    Zack Channel2 시간 전

    You're give me power

  86. author

    oky nielwan2 시간 전

    Ada orang indonesia gak yg nonton?

  87. author

    Alvina Khan2 시간 전

    I am pakistani

  88. author

    Alvina Khan2 시간 전

    Pakistan zendabad

  89. author

    Muhammad nadeem2 시간 전

    6 min video and 2 min intro wowww

  90. author

    bella2 시간 전

    i swear that guy is a ninja in his past life

  91. author

    Levi Marckelbach2 시간 전

    This suddenly popst up

  92. author

    The Coriander2 시간 전

    You guys are master.

  93. author

    Ruma Hossain2 시간 전

    Very existing

  94. author

    Kent Abastillas2 시간 전

    Where's the panda?😂

  95. author

    JMan 45 732 시간 전

    i knew it was checkers but it was so bad

  96. author

    Sunita Acharya2 시간 전

    I'm from Nepal.

  97. author

    Anthony Grist2 시간 전

    15 bounces

  98. author

    D_BLOGGER2 시간 전


  99. author

    Dino PlayRB3 시간 전

    5:13 that guy have no head :/

  100. author

    Crocodile McDocodile3 시간 전

    It doesn’t say shave off all your eyebrows so he could have just shaved a bit