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    Jasper Roblox -other games too9 시간 전

    You can’t here sound in space because there’s no atmosphere

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    黃欣儒9 시간 전


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    Red _zier9 시간 전


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    Mr. anonymous9 시간 전

    Tyler us such an irresponsible guy....shame on u.......Garrett u r my man harry potter forever

  5. author

    CRAZYNINJA1239 시간 전


  6. author

    Anmol Tyagi9 시간 전

    Unlucky no. 13 for overtime . Accident happened.😂👍

  7. author

    Ridwan Playz9 시간 전

    Yo I’m watching at 4:40 am oof

  8. author

    Gaming with Supergamergirl9 시간 전

    Love the overtime show keep it up😊😊😊

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    Harrison Beal9 시간 전

    No, dudy is an idiot.

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    Judaii Juntado9 시간 전


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    Josiah Carpenter9 시간 전

    WILL WAS AN ABSOLUTE FREAKING LEGEND 😂😂😂 A much better legend than the other one anyway 😜😁. Can’t wait to see him in more content!!!

  12. author

    Landon Kinder9 시간 전

    How did they record it if the cameras were backwards

  13. author

    umair hasan9 시간 전

    Wheel unfortunate was the most entertaining, thnx alot for making us smile and laugh, we love u

  14. author

    Connor Stnson9 시간 전

    I’m just gonna say what everyone is thinking We haven’t seen panda in a minute😞😞 is ... panda........ dead....😞😭😞😞👀

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    Julian Mascarenhas9 시간 전

    Game time is boring

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    Jesar Carduza9 시간 전

    ***Dude Perfect- Can live a life whatever they wanted*** Me: *Living a life where theres so many math quiz*

  17. author


    My skiing stereotype misses crashed into a tree and broke her foot

  18. author

    Nathaniel Schexnayder9 시간 전

    More Will!!! He could be a Dude!

  19. author

    Aparna Paul9 시간 전

    Spitball launcher from VAT19

  20. author

    Blue Spark9 시간 전

    Me: finally, another Game Time. Dude Perfect: alright today Raid Shadow Ledgends! Me: oh what the fu-

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    Red Pool 04 Mobile9 시간 전

    3:49, I have found my favorite person of Dude Perfect

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    Mauricio Madrid9 시간 전

    15:26 the will cardboard date segment was pure gold, so super cringe and super funny at the same time, one of the best things I have seen on KOreporter!

  23. author

    Marco Chan9 시간 전

    I love Will already please actually make his own segment 😂

  24. author

    B. Franklin9 시간 전

    You guys should have Will in the videos more he’s awesome

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    Darshan Gabani9 시간 전

    carryminati: I've broken the monitor twice. Tyler: Hold my lightsaber @1:42

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    Daniel Dechello9 시간 전

    how many toilet paper rolls can you go through as a record

  27. author

    Joelmark Bauto9 시간 전

    Next challenge.Dart

  28. author

    Nathaniel Biek9 시간 전

    My new favorite DP member is will.

  29. author

    River Frost9 시간 전

    The editors need a raise

  30. author

    Jnana Smout9 시간 전

    I agree with ruling of

  31. author

    M.s. raj9 시간 전

    TT broke the TV😂

  32. author

    Hockey & games9 시간 전

    Oops. Eye in saber

  33. author

    Harley Moore9 시간 전

    At 11:00 was the CaptainSauce Intro

  34. author

    Tucker Merrill9 시간 전

    Rip kobe

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    HOLDMYSOUL9 시간 전

    Subscribe to me

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    ORPHEUS EDM9 시간 전

    such a missed opportunity for ty to get a super cool by buying a new tv

  37. author

    Aly likes gacha9 시간 전

    Where did u get that wand? I WaNt iT

  38. author

    zack son9 시간 전

    I want lightsaber

  39. author

    Zach Rappaport9 시간 전

    Video ruined by game promotion

  40. author

    Red Pool 04 Mobile9 시간 전

    3:32, if it was an Xbox I would have been happier

  41. author

    william andrews9 시간 전

    My name is will and I will do it

  42. author

    William Lambert9 시간 전

    I believe that the viewers have earned another game time segment on the next overtime. Judge Dudy’s ruling.

  43. author

    WindBlaze Anims9 시간 전

    Wheel Unfortunate turned into Impractical Jokers lol

  44. author

    Player Gaming9 시간 전

    This was long

  45. author

    Alex Beaudry9 시간 전

    Try some trick shot whit Valentino Rossi plz

  46. author

    LIL CHEESE9 시간 전

    Plz do hockey stereotypes

  47. author

    Sonia's Way (Weird YouTuber)9 시간 전

    Dude perfect : this video is sponsored by raid shad- Everyone : That’s treason

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    JustKaiツ9 시간 전


  49. author

    ͡ Clxps9 시간 전

    My nickname is TT lol

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    Sam Farnsworth9 시간 전

    100% a Potterhead ( Harry Potter Fan)

  51. author

    Nathan Dias9 시간 전

    I honestly cannot imagine how much they got from this sponsorship

  52. author

    Saad Alam9 시간 전

    Who else skipped after hearing Raid Shadow legends 😂

  53. author

    Joeilyn Labrador9 시간 전

    Can I hava the game box

  54. author

    Ilan Penkower9 시간 전


  55. author

    AFNAN Rizq9 시간 전

    You five looks cool, amazing

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    Kassidy Montgomery9 시간 전

    1.7 MILLION views in 5 HOURS How is that even possible?

  57. author

    gamercat21 99 시간 전

    More Will!

  58. author

    LazPlaysgames laz9 시간 전

    I’m so upset, I got caught off guard by the raid shadow legends

  59. author

    BTS ARMY 2.09 시간 전

    Was that the future?

  60. author

    Djbomber9 시간 전

    CaptainSauce intro much?

  61. author

    Nathaniel Colish9 시간 전

    RIP Kobe Lost But Not Forgotten.

  62. author

    xXdaveYTXx9 시간 전

    13:00 you think as an editor youre save huh? Well there you go XD

  63. author

    Joe Haag9 시간 전

    Like for Kobe.

  64. author

    facttechz fan club9 시간 전

    I watching from Assam, india

  65. author

    Killua Zoldyck9 시간 전

    Im switching from Team Coby to Team Will

  66. author

    Mason Prockup9 시간 전

    It was like a rip off Impractical Jokers, but Will actaully went through with all the orders without lookin super embarrassed

  67. author

    Ivanderz 239 시간 전

    Spitball Canon Buy at Vat19

  68. author

    Keith Sherman9 시간 전

    well that date gave me depression

  69. author

    Watermellon Potato Pants9 시간 전

    They really found a way to put an entire segment in to a sponsorship

  70. author

    Everett Brooke9 시간 전

    10:55 is when raid shadow ends your welcome

  71. author

    Storm Grewe9 시간 전

    Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox

  72. author

    Drew Gallant9 시간 전

    Where’s the Kobe Bryant tribute?

  73. author

    charzardisnotonfire9 시간 전

    Rip kobe

  74. author

    Luke Miller9 시간 전

    u know what would be absolutely hilarious if they start posting on another account and we don't find out until 2030 when there drafted in WW3

  75. author

    MCham089 시간 전

    I legit watch overtime in hopes one of them has to own a cat

  76. author

    William Corbett9 시간 전

    Wow shadow legions is really trying lol

  77. author

    Brody Lee9 시간 전

    Cool piano hands that could help you learning piano: 2 not cools BOWL: 1 not cool

  78. author

    D.O.A.9 시간 전

    Wheel Unfortunate was just an episode of Impractical Jokers.

  79. author

    Nishi Rai9 시간 전

    Bring Panda

  80. author

    Agnes W.9 시간 전

    Will needs more credit for doing the cardboard date thing, he pulled that off amazingly!!! I would have died of embarrassment long ago but he look like he genuinely enjoyed it😂

  81. author

    TheMasterJedii -9 시간 전

    Their reactions are so pained while playing

  82. author

    Celery Stick9 시간 전

    Anyone just waiting for VAT19 to sponsor Cool Not Cool?

  83. author

    Lj's Many styles Gamers Ml9 시간 전

    Hey slandose whats up men

  84. author

    CandyPumps9 시간 전

    Ned forester is so funny😂😂

  85. author

    Teo Shae-Nern9 시간 전

    RIP Kobe😭

  86. author

    Cooper Strahorn9 시간 전

    Wills task reminds me way too much of impractical jokers

  87. author

    AlenAndTyler9 시간 전

    Tyler seemed upset after he broke the tv

  88. author

    Romir Swar9 시간 전

    Not more than 3 times a week lol

  89. author

    ROGI ROBLES9 시간 전


  90. author

    Jake Dunavin9 시간 전

    I thought the vid was over when captain sauces intro music played...

  91. author

    Fahd Aldosari9 시간 전

    “911 what’s ur emergency” “Raid shadow legends is taking over sponsors ads

  92. author

    Marvin Rangel9 시간 전

    14:30 he said dog cause hes asian

  93. author

    The Mouse9 시간 전

    The staff at that place is amazing

  94. author

    Jesse Ontiveros-F9 시간 전

    They left coby hangin in 9:31 😂

  95. author

    Jajar Binks9 시간 전

    Who else was triggered when ty through away endgame

  96. author

    Driftui9 시간 전

    Yesss we want a will series

  97. author

    Kevin Parker9 시간 전

    What about the tv

  98. author

    Spitfire 789 시간 전

    Dude perfect: And a word from our sponsor Me: no no no don’t do it Dude perfect: raid Me:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dude perfect:shadow Me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dude perfect: legends Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  99. author

    Rajandeep Singh9 시간 전

    9:30 Awkward Handshake.........