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My New Car!My New Car!

My New Car!

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  1. author

    Joshua Kung일 전

    Jesser gave AG the Tacko dunk idea?!?

  2. author

    Mr PooEyes2k KB일 전

    we gonna ignore the fact that Flight isn’t wearing his Du rag in this vid but the one he filmed with jesser on his channel he did?👀

  3. author

    Daniels basketball tutorial일 전

    Never knew trae young was that white in the thumbnail

  4. author

    God일 전

    What’s the shoes that Jesser was wearing called

  5. author

    Hidden Desire일 전

    Lol sorry but notice when Lamelo dunked on Jesser someone viciously pushed him. Does anyone know why everyone does this when someone hits a game winner or dunks on someone?

  6. author

    Varun Wanjari일 전

    Jeeser+genius he created one of the best dunks ever, aaron gordon over tacko fall

  7. author

    AdamTheGod일 전

    Nobody: Zach: This Nigga Is 7 Feet

  8. author


    8:35 surprised that kenny didn’t call a foul 😂

  9. author

    2k Beast일 전

    messed made Aaron lose

  10. author

    Joseph King일 전

    JSR did not try rly

  11. author

    Bernard Mccoy일 전

    WTH is that thumbnail lol

  12. author

    Rubiko일 전

    lol that was the worst acting I have ever seen

  13. author

    Lgt_gentie일 전

    next time dont switch camera angles every 2 seconds so we can see whats happening

  14. author


    This nigga kris said nipple juice 😂

  15. author

    Hunter Roebuck일 전

    Did anyone else admire he pulled mo bamba

  16. author

    Lgt_gentie일 전

    why did you put football in the title do you live in the uk oh no wait you live in CALIFORNIA ITS CALLED SOCCER FOR LORD HELL

  17. author

    TWITCH_ Rtv_Kirky일 전

    Its sad hearing froggy fresh music in the clips 😔

  18. author

    Drew Weeks일 전


  19. author

    Jloading일 전

    Jesser made him dunk over tacko

  20. author

    Editzz_Flight일 전


  21. author

    iMetro Gaming일 전

    You could roast me to I’m a sneaker head

  22. author

    Lance Juste일 전

    Who still watching in 2020? Montages of Zach getting posterized

  23. author

    Stefan Tsokov일 전

    Posted on my bday

  24. author

    Connor Williams일 전

    Bring back this jiedel..

  25. author

    ZL - 04GS - Eldorado PS (1505)일 전

    James harsh

  26. author

    10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge일 전

    Jesse literally inspired Aaron Gordon to dunk over taco.

  27. author

    Gino Empeno일 전

    Jesser can you please make your words child friendly coz you got million of kids subscribers. It's not good to say you slept with the coach''s daughter.

  28. author

    Baller Jack일 전

    Westbrook is my favorite player. Comment who yours is

  29. author

    Trevor Goodhart일 전

    who’s watching this in 2020 knowing that zack is still hiding

  30. author

    Coy Jones일 전

    Iman’s face at 6:32 😂😂

  31. author

    ZL - 04GS - Eldorado PS (1505)일 전

    Mope went crazy 😜

  32. author

    Langston Lewis일 전

    Mopi favorite food- Microwaved Dino Nuggets

  33. author

    Lavar Ball suckz일 전

    For no reason every time I watch jesser VIDS the first thing I think of Is "BACKBOARD CHEESE GOD DAMN IT "

  34. author

    XXR Games일 전

    RIP to the mamba

  35. author

    Darth maul일 전

    I love you Zatch, milk, lok and jester

  36. author

    Hitman Ace일 전

    Embiid did him wrong 😂😂😂

  37. author

    Devon Flynn일 전

    Anyone else just watching some old Jesser vids for nostalgia

  38. author

    10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge일 전


  39. author

    svrite x alv일 전

    damn lucky you got russell westbrook

  40. author


    I love ur haircut more than kris love’s pillows 😂

  41. author

    Ian Velasquez일 전

    Little Caesars is the best pizza

  42. author

    Yadira Martinez일 전

    He 🤛 bump lebrown lol

  43. author

    Mason Vlogs일 전

    How y’all sleep’ on the crusty crab

  44. author

    Bashar Abuqweider일 전

    Mopi did not get two chances

  45. author

    Yadira Martinez일 전

    The bull yeeted him LOL

  46. author

    Tanner Campbell일 전

    Curry range

  47. author

    Kendryck일 전

    Is TD still in 2HYPE?

  48. author

    Say Kid일 전

    I wanna be a nba player when I grow up I need more knowledge for what to do

  49. author

    Icon일 전


  50. author

    Hayden Jones일 전

    Y’all... it’s not Dwayne Wade’s fault Aaron Gordon lost... it was Jesser’s fault for inspiring the dunk that cost him the win

  51. author

    Jim Killeen일 전

    Size 10

  52. author

    Hitman Ace일 전

    Pat bev is the cashnasty of the nba

  53. author

    Kade Christensen일 전

    Your awesome

  54. author

    Elaine Finnigan일 전

    Your moms

  55. author

    Camerøn일 전

    This vid was fire but u didn’t green a lot lol...

  56. author

    FaZe Rug일 전


  57. author

    Deon Lee일 전

    Got some fire now

  58. author

    Dominick 258일 전

    Yooo that door knock felt sooo real I jumped out of my chair

  59. author

    Jill Markus일 전

    YWet Kobe!!!!!!

  60. author

    PH_Luhsucc YT일 전

    Dinosaur? No I'm ice twae

  61. author

    Dominick 258일 전

    I can’t leave a hate comment your funny best basket ball player favorite youtuber

  62. author

    JDOG J일 전


  63. author


    Nobody can beat jesse

  64. author

    Kise Ryouta일 전

    If cach was there.... Cash: I'm 100% sure i'm gonna win... Also cash: WHY ARE THERE BIG WAVES??!

  65. author

    James Rodebaugh일 전

    I want you to go against Tristan jass

  66. author

    wyatt etheridge일 전

    RIP Bless you kobe

  67. author

    Jalyn James일 전

    RIP kobe