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    Xian30 분 전

    ew a reupload

  2. author

    JJ the Sauce God38 분 전

    i want the motorized wheelchair vid

  3. author

    William Bell41 분 전

    I wear a 14 and I’m only 14

  4. author

    IG:animetypejimbei42 분 전

    Song at @ 1:51 ?

  5. author

    Big Balla Bean44 분 전

    Nobody: People when they don’t like a shirt on Christmas: 12:50

  6. author

    infamousplrr48 분 전

    Why does he look like if Tjass got a haircut?

  7. author

    Luckyy x248 분 전


  8. author

    Decca The lazar48 분 전

    I don't want Humphrey to die he is so cute

  9. author

    jalon steele48 분 전

    Jesser you should get a penis tattooed on your thigh

  10. author

    Jonny C시간 전

    My grandmas dead she can’t subscribe

  11. author

    FosterHawk 94시간 전

    Who else thinks Jesse is a better Kyle Lowry. Also guess why

  12. author

    UNeedHelp시간 전

    he’s technically cat fishing people with your tinder ...

  13. author

    TheAnonymousDog Gaming시간 전

    nice team

  14. author

    holychrisantz 11시간 전

    You guys are lit 2 hype

  15. author

    Lieryn Jacobs시간 전


  16. author

    Gavin Griffin시간 전

    The patriots suck

  17. author

    Doge Squad시간 전

    Round 8 twice anyone?

  18. author

    NBA Carl21시간 전

    I haven’t watched Jesser in a while but damn you have a beard now

  19. author

    Vishva Ravi시간 전

    Where is Red Robin?🤔😱

  20. author

    Phoenix Shepard시간 전

    If you miss you call it a bad product 💀

  21. author

    Gavin pelligrini시간 전

    you look like a crackhead when you have facial hair

  22. author

    Tye시간 전

    3:41 lmao his mom yeeted him

  23. author

    Zion Williamson2 시간 전

    bro wtf is 4:46

  24. author

    Bass Boost Nation2 시간 전


  25. author

    HyPe🔥2 시간 전

    Cages nba 2k 6:45 Good thumbnail

  26. author

    Neil Armstrong2 시간 전

    Jesser’s beard look like my pubes

  27. author

    MorePresto TV2 시간 전

    Havent watched Jesser in a year and I come back to him having a beard? What the hell..

  28. author

    DANIEL CILMI2 시간 전

    I’m afraid u forgot jack in the box

  29. author

    Miles Elliott2 시간 전

    Anyone here in 2019

  30. author

    Luke Janofski2 시간 전

    Dude this is the most I’ve ever laughed after a KOreporter video

  31. author

    Wes 42 시간 전

    It would be mopi to break the fat head and miss.

  32. author

    Ryan Editzz2 시간 전

    Robin lopez

  33. author

    Izzy Granados2 시간 전

    What's wrong with the audio

  34. author

    Luke Scherbyn2 시간 전

    oh shoot 80k likes jesser getting that tat

  35. author

    Tito Varela2 시간 전

    Lonzo looks annoyed asf in everyone of these vids

  36. author

    Poop Poop3 시간 전

    ChickFILLAY Jellyfam🍇

  37. author

    Baller Life Productions3 시간 전

    But Mopi just got him one.. give me a phone... plz

  38. author

    Only Sayli3 시간 전

    Damn I remover in 2k15 when Jesse had the white headset and was in his room and he looked like a baby

  39. author

    Jayden Hammons3 시간 전

    Was Zack’s dick on her like if that’s what you think to

  40. author

    Gavin Diaz-Williams3 시간 전

    Spam troydan

  41. author

    Ghost Gamer565653 시간 전

    whats going on guys its pubic hair beard

  42. author

    Darren De Sagun3 시간 전

    thas how yk they grew up rich if they dont like big macs

  43. author

    Luke St John3 시간 전

    Get Zack his wheelchair

  44. author

    Luke St John3 시간 전

    Mopi is sus

  45. author

    DG17023 시간 전

    80 k !!!!!!

  46. author

    gaming wit friends 23 시간 전

    Kai where u at

  47. author

    ツFrosty3 시간 전


  48. author

    Keegan Rumak3 시간 전

    80k I’m the first day lol let’s get it to 100k

  49. author

    No Name3 시간 전

    Jesser ur ass

  50. author

    Ray3 시간 전

    Bro shave that shit 😂

  51. author

    BT Parch3 시간 전

    am i the only one who is confused how bing won

  52. author

    Brock Grace3 시간 전

    please follow me

  53. author

    Marcus Wong3 시간 전

    They doing Lonzo dirty.. having a shooting contest with him. Its like having a dunking contest with Kevin Hart

  54. author

    Frogie BOII4 시간 전

    2019 anyone?

  55. author

    Cosmxc T0x1c4 시간 전

    Mopi has worst food but good smoothies

  56. author

    Colq SickO4 시간 전


  57. author

    Nzxt_ Nani4 시간 전

    Do it guys get 30k likes

  58. author

    Ethan Faas4 시간 전

    I’m sorry but mopi is actually pathetic

  59. author

    mg_ SlIk4 시간 전

    Good luck with the tattoo bucko 79k in a day

  60. author

    Jumws4 시간 전


  61. author

    Emilio Gurule4 시간 전

    I think hump on top of the wiener is a great idea

  62. author

    The Duck Goes Quack4 시간 전

    Brllllllldlskksjsvs I don’t know where he is

  63. author

    Corey Brooks4 시간 전

    79K already LETS GOOO PEOPLE

  64. author

    Visxin4 시간 전

    1:41 crack head speed😭😭

  65. author

    Will Smith4 시간 전

    What the sneak that jess wear?

  66. author

    iam antisocial4 시간 전

    Rip 80k already

  67. author

    yannm 124 시간 전

    when white people just want to get tattoos just cuz

  68. author

    Spencer Riffle4 시간 전

    More hide and seek

  69. author

    Paintbully _5 시간 전

    Rip mop i he did this with a iPhone 7 lmao

  70. author

    The real Humphrey5 시간 전

    3:32 how klay hurt his ankle 😂

  71. author

    Gavin Diaz-Williams5 시간 전

    How much for Humphrey

  72. author

    mr.Noobz5 시간 전

    Who has the best chicken nuggets

  73. author

    Caleb Vlogs5 시간 전

    I'm watching with my air pods that are hydro dipped

  74. author

    Da Baller5 시간 전

    Please do a video where you go in public with the tattoo and say “do you wanna see my wiener”.

  75. author

    Brandon5 시간 전

    Mitchell has to public prank he has to go up to ppl and ask wanna see my wiener

  76. author

    Zack Lambeth5 시간 전

    Bri was shook when Mitchell asked if she wanted to see his weiner

  77. author

    Cvf Hmxfyb5 시간 전

    Why does mopi fall in every video

  78. author

    Razor Blade5 시간 전

    Hi jesser. Love your vids.Have an amazing day😀😇

  79. author

    BBAppleCrunch5 시간 전

    Booty face Jesser was already a hunk FACIAL HAIR JESSER IS A SUPER HUNK

  80. author

    Garrett zell5 시간 전

    I’m creating burner accounts like Kevin Durant to get this to 100k likes 💯

  81. author

    PoseidonsTide5 시간 전

    If anyone likes this or checks me out, you are appreciated :'), keep going jesser

  82. author

    Candido Ortiz5 시간 전

    Yikes 77k likes already

  83. author

    Smartys 25 시간 전

    zack was kissing the girl befor u walked in

  84. author

    Jimmy Lor6 시간 전

    2:20 who the fuck did he think he was going to pass lmao

  85. author

    Stooper Cooper6 시간 전

    9:29 Manzz lookin like Quadeca

  86. author

    Austin Jones6 시간 전

    Where jesser dunk go

  87. author

    Ziv harush6 시간 전

    Fat Mopi

  88. author

    Noah Dufresne6 시간 전

    The first shoes are the best.

  89. author

    Trey Taylor6 시간 전

    Tell Mitchell to let me have the red one Tyler gave him

  90. author

    安西先生6 시간 전


  91. author

    Big Git6 시간 전

    Someone should’ve made hot dogs w chips and a drink

  92. author

    Syd Grey6 시간 전

    Where Russ from

  93. author

    Syd Grey6 시간 전

    Where Russ

  94. author

    Azizbek Kabilov6 시간 전

    Ez dub

  95. author

    Mr. Cleveland6 시간 전

    Hey jess...... wanna hook me up with on to?😂

  96. author

    Coby O’Neal6 시간 전

    Bruh u jus spoiled that mopi vid

  97. author

    Austin Mayes6 시간 전

    Jesser should have invited Shaq for a free throw contest and a 3 point contest.

  98. author

    Joel Pettit6 시간 전

    The cheese is cracked😂

  99. author

    Captain Ak6 시간 전

    just rewatched this for this first time in like 2 years and they were stoned as fuck looooooool