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  1. author

    Mad Bro Sheo7 시간 전

    Star Wars needed this.

  2. author

    cool l.a. wi fi man7 시간 전

    cool visual

  3. author

    I Have Anxiety7 시간 전

    These guys are the new cantina band.

  4. author

    Corbin Sayi7 시간 전

    Holy crap. I remember when the Hu went viral. Their progression into western popularity is well earned.

  5. author

    RoninLetsPlay8 시간 전

    Who even dislike this?

  6. author

    Johnny Branscomb8 시간 전

    It’s cool, I liked it first time I played the game, but it’s kind of funny that they’re literally singing gibberish.

  7. author

    DestinationLyra8 시간 전

    English Lyrics: Cumulonimbus cloud circulating in the blue sky The view of the universe into a trance in my eyes Sun and drops of rain twinkling The black thunder of the springing blue sky, black thunder Speeding blade flashing into the dark Crack the light whip on surface of the earth Tempted by the soul of own strain The black thunder of the sky with flaming lightning, black thunder The black thunder of the eternal sky The black thunder of the eternal sky The whole earth rises with howling wind Dry earth is flowing into the sky The joyful Earth is smiling at rainfall and hail The black thunder of the soul of angry thunderstom, black thunder Galdan Boshigt king who rules a golden region Proclamation of the spirit of a hero Sealed the name of Mongol at the sky The black thunder of the springing sky, black thunder The black thunder of the eternal sky The black thunder of the eternal sky Reach the soul The black thunder of the eternal sky Black thunder, black thunder Black thunder, black thunder hu hu hu Black thunder, black thunder hu hu hu

  8. author

    Trump8 시간 전

    Awesome job on this! I really loved that scene on the Haxiom Brood (I think that’s what it’s called) when you’re in the arena & this is playing.

  9. author

    Don Toliver8 시간 전

    The Hu зүгээр л 7минут чихийг минь жаргаачихлаа. Гайхамшигтай! just so COOL!

  10. author

    2thomas k8 시간 전

    Im so glad for the hu ive been listening to them for a couple years and they have really blown up

  11. author

    Soronzon Londiv8 시간 전

    Do you still thinks they created whole new language for this song....nah this is actual language existed among people who practice shamanism in Mongolia ..it’s like lill shaman things going on here

  12. author

    CowboyBebop8 시간 전

    I spent like atleast 20min in the fight pit listening to that tune before moving on , its a good one.

  13. author

    WarPaint 478 시간 전

    Sugaan Essena is Black Thunder? Man, I love these guys so much! I am thrilled to see the whole band in the video. They are gorgeous! 😍😍😍

  14. author

    DreAdedHarrt8 시간 전

    I want genocian hunt with zombie genocians and 212 clones phase 1 surviving in the catacombs I think it would be fun

  15. author

    Portgas D. Ace8 시간 전

    The Force is strong in these ones.

  16. author

    Uuganbaatar Ganbaatar8 시간 전

    as Mongol man, I agree with other people saying that the Hu brothers are inspiring whole the nation 'Mongols' and maybe some other nations to remember back who we are. It's not just about power and proudness. Its all about making our contribution to help saving mother nature and humanity.

  17. author

    jd wii9 시간 전

    I don't know who the hell put this deal together but pay them more money!

  18. author

    Yjoeldin9 시간 전

    I Finally Found it....

  19. author

    Diego Rodriguez9 시간 전

    I knew it from the begining of the game when i heard that song the first that i thought it was that it was The Hu XD

  20. author

    Uyanga Tumen9 시간 전

    Мундаг байнаа. Үнэхээр бахархаж байна. Амжилт хүсье. Хурай, хурай, хурай

  21. author

    Albert Ortega9 시간 전

    I can see a Genghis Khan like figure riding down with his horde all of them Sith Lords!

  22. author

    Crxwny9 시간 전


  23. author

    Montana Rose9 시간 전

    4:33 mark on is just epic. It's all good, but what a finish.

  24. author

    Магнайбаяр Ганзориг9 시간 전

    O.M.G !!!

  25. author

    Montana Rose9 시간 전

    Love this!

  26. author

    Bull Dozer9 시간 전

    I thought this song was called black thunder.

  27. author

    Emile Pro9 시간 전

    Dam ti is so fuking gooooooood!!!!!!!

  28. author

    Beaux Jones10 시간 전

    One of the best bands EVER!!

  29. author

    JayRaas10 시간 전


  30. author

    Orgil Gankhuyag10 시간 전

    Age of Empire 4 developers should immediately contact The HU!!

  31. author

    Kyran Smith10 시간 전

    What a tune 🔥😂

  32. author

    Ononbayar Boroldoi10 시간 전

    Thumbs up if you think The Hu should collaborate with Blizzard on Warcraft sequels too.

  33. author

    Mike mykey10 시간 전

    It's the empire's last stand

  34. author

    Sukhbat Sukhee10 시간 전

    /In 1206/. ANCESTOR~ When will we conquer the whole world my lord? CHINGGIS KHAAN~ We have already conquered half of the world. I do not want war again. Our sons will continue this but withouth weapon. /In 2020/. Yoda~ You will conquer GALAXY. Cal Kestis ~ Am I alone? Yoda ~ With HU. Cal ~ Who??? Yoda ~ THE HU.

  35. author

    Victor Raul Santivañez Rosriguez10 시간 전


  36. author

    Goutfang10 시간 전


  37. author

    Victor Raul Santivañez Rosriguez10 시간 전


  38. author

    Luck10 시간 전

    I knew I heard the Hu in this game at the arena

  39. author

    Gavin Scorcese10 시간 전

    Very unique master piece great work from part of the team! Amazing game as well P.D: can we get a DLC ?

  40. author

    Victor Raul Santivañez Rosriguez10 시간 전


  41. author

    David Graham11 시간 전

    This shit gives me chills. Awesome

  42. author

    Rogelio Sosa11 시간 전

    Powerful song... I love it

  43. author

    Thomas Daywalt11 시간 전

    were from the eastern and her to conquer and rock you

  44. author

    VladTheImpaler11 시간 전

    Music of GALACTIC LEVEL.

  45. author

    cerberus11 시간 전

    The HU for the President of the USA. Hu HU HU HU.Those who support just click LIKE.:)

  46. author

    Snick11 시간 전

    Holy crap I never knew that they made a song for Star Wars! Been following this band for almost a year now and somehow never saw that they did this. I never imagined how well this could fit in Star Wars holy.

  47. author

    Gareth Chaumont12 시간 전

    Would love if they did a song for one of the movies as well

  48. author

    Jesse V12 시간 전

    I want on Spotify

  49. author

    Carmine Crincoli12 시간 전

    This is so cool! An awesome original song written for a STAR WARS video game and an original song that fits well with the STAR WARS universe because of its alien sounding vocals! I’d like to see some pretty cool STAR WARS video games with original songs like this to add to some pretty awesome soundtracks for the games and could have potential for some compilation albums with original songs inspired by the STAR WARS saga and some original songs written for STAR WARS video games like some that sound pretty alien!

  50. author

    Alpha Ronnie12 시간 전

    This is what happen when you love doing your work, you put all your entusiasm on it and the result can be wonderful!...Even this song by itself, is way better than all the three new sequels movies from disney!..Nice work from Respawn, they have no dissapointed since Titanfall!

  51. author

    Son Goku12 시간 전

    Please tell me we can get this on iTunes sometime this year.

  52. author

    Nyatic12 시간 전

    Long have I waited...

  53. author

    Kevin Archer12 시간 전

    It is just a music of ANOTHER LEVEL., like a 5G mobile in a 4G world.

  54. author

    Bayanmunkh Boldbaatar12 시간 전

    Black thunder of eternal sky

  55. author

    Gordon Promish12 시간 전

    oh HELL yes

  56. author

    Bayanmunkh Boldbaatar12 시간 전

    Har ayanga, har ayanga..., har ayanga, har ayanga..., munh tengeriin har ayanga

  57. author

    Tay Vader12 시간 전

    For those wondering this was the music in the background of the arena that cal got taken to by some of those bounty hunter droids or regular bounty hunters

  58. author

    MetalMagic13 시간 전


  59. author

    Jason Craig13 시간 전

    Sounds like music from the jukeboxes in swtor as well

  60. author

    Darth Maul13 시간 전

    How much crack y'all on to add bb-8 instead of mace windu?

  61. author

    GalacticEquestria2113 시간 전

    The best is yet to come... I believe you know our next challegers... The Haxion Brood is gunning for ya.

  62. author

    Mr. Fishcake13 시간 전

    Dude I had no idea that these fellas did a song for this game. Found this completely by accident. But to anyone who hasn’t listened to their other stuff: go do so! It’s just as badass. Really cool and original band

  63. author

    My Haunted Home13 시간 전

    Darth Khan

  64. author

    Agente Jack The Werehog14 시간 전

    Become A Jedi Or Become An Inquisitor

  65. author

    little shorty14 시간 전

    there speaking the words of java the hut

  66. author

    BadBoy13 6414 시간 전

    Just got done dirty by a car dealership. (Wasted money going up there only to find out it’s already been sold) Now I find myself listening to this imaging I’m chanting it toward them as if it were some kind of curse. Feels good man. 😌

  67. author

    Another Fat Gamer14 시간 전

    When is this being put on spotify? I need this for my gym playlist.

  68. author

    Yvonne B14 시간 전

    How cool is this! THE HU/ Starwars. They keep getting better and better ❤😎😎😎

  69. author

    Esteban Gallo14 시간 전


  70. author

    Esteban Gallo14 시간 전


  71. author

    Luka Brizic14 시간 전

    whats the name of the song played at the end 2:01? sounds like the force theme or a mash up from binary sunset but its different.

  72. author

    General kenobi14 시간 전

    I’ve been playing this game since day 1 on Xbox and I’ve just moved to PS4 if I buy it for PS4 can I transfer my account with all my star cards and levelled up hero’s to the PS4 version? As I really don’t want to start from the beginning

  73. author

    Justin Cabanting14 시간 전

    If they ever play this in Oga's Cantina, I will flip - literally!!

  74. author

    Jake Loves Gamezz14 시간 전

    Can anyone tell me what the lyrics actually are

  75. author

    Scott Fernandez14 시간 전

    I have that I can only mash the like button once!

  76. author

    Wreck Wrack14 시간 전

    I think me and Cal said in unison "Hey, I recognise this band!"

  77. author

    John-David Brophy14 시간 전

    Everyone: "Mouth harps will never be cool..." The HU: "Hold my Airag..."

  78. author

    Commander Maverick14 시간 전

    What language are they speaking

  79. author

    Commander Neyo14 시간 전

    Idea: do a star wars themed album but it's this band and its songs you would hear in the galaxy.

  80. author

    Robbe14 시간 전

    Dope...pure dope

  81. author

    Punkweb15 시간 전

    I'd love for this to be on spotify.

  82. author

    johntheechidna115 시간 전

    This absolutely rocks. ^^

  83. author

    Tanika Davis15 시간 전

    I approve of this

  84. author

    Anna Luvsan15 시간 전

    Тэнгэрийн элч нар шиг санагдаж байна Баяр хүргэе маааш сайхан байна Good luck to guys

  85. author

    Comrade Clyde15 시간 전

    I love how my favorite band is now connected to my favorite franchise

  86. author

    South Shore Saber Services15 시간 전

    Uhmmm please make this available on itunes. thanks lol

  87. author

    Cherry Stone15 시간 전

    My Nipples go hard watching this lol

  88. author

    TB_MikeB15 시간 전

    The Hu should’ve been the band performing in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi

  89. author

    Tomasz O15 시간 전

    Finally we could know something from "normal life" in Star Wars universe. This song is really good.

  90. author

    Mister Moon15 시간 전

    Absolutely perfect The Hu

  91. author

    TheHyminator15 시간 전


  92. author

    Miguel Gavrot15 시간 전

    Bon ben !! Manque plus qu'un caméo du groupe déguisé en aliens face à une centaine de twi'leck enragées ^^

  93. author

    Luka Rippen15 시간 전


  94. author

    TXRager16 시간 전

    The hu like The Who ha ha classic.

  95. author

    Johan16 시간 전


  96. author

    Nick Davis16 시간 전

    Dose anyone know the lyrics and what the lyrics mean? It would be cool to learn how to sing and know what the words mean.

  97. author

    TYGL2016 시간 전

    I recognize this band

  98. author

    Alice Borealis16 시간 전

    In the sequel i'd love to see not only their band to compose another song for Cal to jam out to, but maybe a cameo? Doesn't have to be big just maybe cal goes to a cantina and they're playing. Either way, I think giving Cal a rock anthem instead of something more fantastical really fits with his character and i'm so glad this got to happen.

  99. author

    Tracey Muy16 시간 전

    Ive passed the game and heard the soundtrack many times but this trailer still gives me chills .

  100. author

    Local B.16 시간 전

    Wow 😯