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  1. author

    Lukas Juszczak4 시간 전

    The moment whe EA game makes me react harder than Star Wars movie. Strange times indeed.

  2. author

    Kim van loocke4 시간 전

    Sound Loss on Kashyyyk wooky planet effects yess but backround sound was gone with latest update on PS4

  3. author

    Jonathan Lauzon5 시간 전

    EA! Respawn Entertainments! I just want to say: Thank you!

  4. author

    Tom Lieber5 시간 전

    Thanks satan

  5. author

    Dark Knight6 시간 전

    EA fooled us with this trailer

  6. author

    thinkabaut now6 시간 전

    Thank you for this wonderfull game ❤

  7. author

    One JinRoh7 시간 전

    Great thanks for this game!!!

  8. author

    Val Azzer7 시간 전

    I gotta admit. I wanted to hate this game, the last time I ordered something from EA was battlefront 2. I never even wanted to touch Battlefield V with a 10 foot pole. But damn... it's just so much fun. Literally everything that I thought of that would make the game boring, the developers took that and smashed my expectations. Ahhh the combats going to be boring. Oh wait... it plays like Sekiro and isn't just mindless button mashing? Oh well I'm pretty sure there's gonna be useless upgrades... oh... the upgrades are actually useful. Well they can't have customization, nobody does that these days, so there will be no reason to explore the levels. Oh wait... you can customize your ship, droid, suit and lightsaber? And parts are hidden throughout the level. Oh.... I don't know that much about the story yet, but the gameplay itself is really fun and enjoyable. And theres more to do than just the story. It's just so damn fun. And also I recommend playing on the harder difficulties.

  9. author

    Tadas Jakubauskas7 시간 전

    This game is about being a heterosexual white male in 2019

  10. author

    Tristen Richardson7 시간 전

    I wish, like, Jedi hoods or armor where an option instead of fighting in a heckin poncho

  11. author

    Alex8 시간 전

    Ian Gallagher

  12. author

    Warvvolf8 시간 전

    Reason for your worker's comp claim? "I was pretending to be a stormtrooper and got force pushed off the dock."

  13. author

    [CAMP]Gameplay4You8 시간 전

    I will never forget seeing maul for the 1st time in this trailer

  14. author

    Jonathan8 시간 전

    Just finished the game... Just wow Respawn and EA! Thank you for creating this masterpiece! I am a huge Star Wars fan and this game is a true masterpiece for me! I really hope you will make a sequel or maybe you guys are working on DLC! This is what I want from EA! These kind of games! Best game ever!

  15. author

    Michael Q9 시간 전

    This game is amazing . I can't put it down . I'm glad it not that woke sjw bs that ruin the movies.

  16. author

    hallvard økland9 시간 전

    EA still not giving me what i want. When can i become a Sith?

  17. author

    Mike Wazowski9 시간 전

    Rouge One update ?

  18. author

    Damian Wayne10 시간 전

    Also none of this was in the game like the cutscenes

  19. author

    Damian Wayne10 시간 전

    Yooo this game was amazing

  20. author

    Kylo Ren Optimus Prime10 시간 전


  21. author

    SPX10 시간 전

    00:34 Damm, those lightsaber hits were so intense!

  22. author

    Rolfathan10 시간 전

    Is it sad that I almost want to play a Star Wars game with the daughter and father in this? It would almost be like Last of Us meets Star Wars father daughter dynamics.

  23. author

    Mr Creepy10 시간 전

    This is different why is dark vader in the ending is there thats impossible his already dead like WTF

  24. author

    Mr. Yonosenada11 시간 전

    Great job silky Sigzag!! Awesome to see someone from team Ashigaru doing some great work!🤩👍🏼

  25. author

    Ƶak Ǥrillຮ11 시간 전

    Why do I get the sense that this game is like Swtfu (Star Wars The Force Unleashed)? Edited: Which game is the best Star Wars the force unleashed or Star wars jedi fallen order?

  26. author

    Deep hug11 시간 전

    And The Best Dad In The World Award goes too: "Construction Dad"

  27. author

    IntensityScale12 시간 전

    Who else is here since Disney+?

  28. author

    xXPro Gamer121Xx12 시간 전

    A ginger jedi with no souls

  29. author

    Joystick James12 시간 전


  30. author

    Solidburn 1312 시간 전

    I love how most of the stuff in this trailer isn’t actually in the game

  31. author

    Logan Ross13 시간 전

    Girls ? Get the fuck out of here

  32. author

    Viktors Puksta13 시간 전

    Hehe, man this is still garbage.

  33. author

    Laugh AnakinZ13 시간 전

    This reminds me of the Lego movie. Pew.. Pewpew

  34. author

    Ouro Boros13 시간 전

    A surprise indeed, but a welcome one. Fallen order is everything the new star wars movies should have been. Let's just hope *somebody* takes note...

  35. author

    Sterling Mallory Archer13 시간 전

    Trust no one. Specially not the company that has been voted the worst company in America numerous times

  36. author

    Ouro Boros13 시간 전

    Came back here after beating the game. I had my doubts about this one but to my surprise it turned out beautifully. Easily one of the best games this year. Yeet

  37. author

    Sterling Mallory Archer13 시간 전

    Fuck you EA... One game aint enough!! How bout a game like this every 6 months you... #SleasyShiftyFuckingBastards

  38. author

    Zachari Sincennes14 시간 전

    Wierd. In this demo, this mission shows force pull, double jump, and lightsaber throw on full display. Now that I'm playing the game, however, those abilities aren't in my grasp now that I'm in this mission. Why?

  39. author

    Delta Ace VII14 시간 전

    They need to make a mandlorian game

  40. author

    Mb One14 시간 전

    shame on you EA..another ruined game bu you incompetent thieves..lmao..every game made by you is shit..lmao..fifa is the worst of them..

  41. author

    JT -117-14 시간 전

    My game is absolutely fucked. It's so broken that I can't continue because the bugs don't allow me to. Help me, EA Star Wars, you're my only hope. koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-0GzSNEAJxK4.html

  42. author

    Bunndog14 시간 전

    It’s actually very cute

  43. author

    Ivan Fridrih15 시간 전

    i think i saw ian gallagher from shameless

  44. author

    Alex Mikaelson15 시간 전

    how the f he trow the lightsaber at the trooper in 23:01

  45. author

    Katze15 시간 전

    I will thus Game but i have mit enought Money my Steam Name is darkdragon_hd2 but i think never people bis me this Game

  46. author

    Cat Herder16 시간 전

    Turns out all you dumbfucks were wrong and it's a pretty damn good game.

  47. author

    Shahin Sateei16 시간 전

    I'm wondering; what we see here at 1:24, where cal encounters a dead clone and sees order 66.. is this something that takes place in the game as well? in a form of easter egg or something similiar?

  48. author

    Little Sunshine16 시간 전

    I relished it. Even though not being a Star Wars series addict, I have played plenty different Star Wars titled games on PC ranging from Jedi Academy, KotoR 2 : The Sith Lords, Star Wars : The Force Unleashed 2, Star Wars tOR MMO game to Star Wars Battlefront 2 MMO. Each game above i mentioned lacked some critical features but as far as i have seen judging by the gameplay videos of this last game which i will not be able to play in the near future as my old fashioned rig will surely not handle it, i fancied the way it allows you to swim which never happened at any Star Wars game(if i am not mistaken) also the lightsaber clashes take place which were one of the excluded features in games such as Star Wars BF 2. While the certain animations such as running, double jumping appears to be whacky and somewhat bizarre, the rest looks pretty fascinating to me. The greatest con could be that this game remains as a single-player game.

  49. author

    CJacko16 시간 전

    Yo just wondering. Where is the trench run in sb2? It was dope in sb1

  50. author

    ADH_DJ16 시간 전

    This trailer almost makes me want to buy another EA game

  51. author

    Joshua Greger16 시간 전

    Imagine if this was the Rise of Skywalker.

  52. author

    Arthur Morgan16 시간 전

    You know what funny is Mark Hamill a Jedi who become Joker in Batman game cameron monaghan a joker who become Jedi in star wars game

  53. author

    Arthur Morgan16 시간 전

    You know what funny is Mark Hamill a Jedi who become Joker in Batman game cameron monaghan a joker who become Jedi in star wars game

  54. author

    djayssy djay17 시간 전

    Depuis quand il y a des PUTAIN D'ARAIGNÉE DANS STAR WARS PUTAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  55. author

    Viral17 시간 전


  56. author

    Donovan Underwood17 시간 전

    0:44 Whooo!!!

  57. author

    Ray Skywalker17 시간 전

    1:20 soresu's position.... Obi wan: that's my girls"

  58. author

    Achilles 131317 시간 전

    EA change your job area, your game sucks

  59. author

    CN-TRUTH18 시간 전

    I like how 80% of these cut scenes aren’t even in the fu***** game

  60. author

    Liz Que18 시간 전

    DEBRAAAAAAAA WILSOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!! She’s the only reason I care about this whatsoever. I heard her voice. I came to worship.

  61. author

    Liz Que18 시간 전

    DEBRAAAAAAAA WILSOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!! She’s the only reason I care about this whatsoever. I heard her voice and I saw her. I came to worship.

  62. author

    9yearold Gamer bro19 시간 전

    9year old pewdiepie watchers weapons be like: PEW PEW PEW PEW

  63. author

    Charming nowhere to hide19 시간 전

    Come on who hasn't done this? Everyone has imagined being a jedi. Cant wait for this game

  64. author

    Ragnarok GamingYT19 시간 전

    After battlefront ..mass effect Andromeda.... anthem... finally ..after 3 flops ....EA made super hit AAA ......welcome once again.

  65. author

    Ragnarok GamingYT19 시간 전

    MUJIC gameplay story .....this game win game of the year....EA DO IT AGAIN....

  66. author

    FBI Ole Miss19 시간 전

    What planet is that where cal has his hood on? Was it it bracca?

  67. author

    Тимур Сулейманов20 시간 전

    Пиздато конечно всё выглядит, но теперь Звёздные войны это не интересная сага про вечные сражения между джедаями и ситхами, не про мировые войны, а глупые перестрелки между девочкой и пару мужиков с завода... Мы все проебали)

  68. author

    deusex machine20 시간 전

    How soon can we expect something similar to land on mobile devices (old titles with better games mehanic at least , with posibilities for an mmo open world game).

  69. author

    Afif Yulistian20 시간 전

    That kid is a hardcore gamer she can play star souls

  70. author



  71. author

    George Papadakis20 시간 전

    Honeslty this needs to be more like galactic conquest like in the original bf2

  72. author

    Aquarius Ambassador20 시간 전

    That was awful..

  73. author

    Chase Gregor20 시간 전

    Call this a video game lol its more a movie ffs, next shit game u make put information in it , know wonder u guys suck

  74. author

    Trvp Robe21 시간 전

    i played the game and beat it and i honestly don't remember seeing cutscenes 1:15 , 1:30 , and 1:45 i may just have a shit memory but idk i just don't remember seeing those scenes. were they even added?

  75. author

    Elyem21 시간 전

    Just finished the game. This should be an actual live action movie - that’s how great it was 😅.

  76. author

    ateb321 시간 전

    Titanfall: BT Fallen order: BD

  77. author

    No Idea21 시간 전

    Is no one going to say that the guy from Gotham and Shameless

  78. author

    파도풀22 시간 전

    Stormtrooooopers...aim...oh my eyes

  79. author

    HardcoreCow7302 -Minecraft-Fortnite-More!22 시간 전

    0:11 who saw the probe droid

  80. author

    Sixth Sense22 시간 전

    Turned out pretty good huh

  81. author

    Unalaq22 시간 전


  82. author

    Drew Belanger22 시간 전

    "become a Jedi" takes away all creative control

  83. author

    Kitty cat Cat man23 시간 전

    1:38 I had to

  84. author

    Boba Bola23 시간 전

    who would be down to see a remaster of the original battlefront 2 with better graphics and some more playable characters but same maps?

  85. author

    Rob Brown23 시간 전

    Sure. Let you’re young child engage in mortal combat with a deadly opponent as you stand on the sidelines. Father of the year right there.

  86. author

    Drazziw_CZ23 시간 전

    When you play/watch too much star wars.

  87. author

    EkoJR23 시간 전

    The character modeling in this game is pretty bad.

  88. author

    ne0tic23 시간 전

    This aged well :)

  89. author

    Ailsa Ni일 전

    Nice collection!?

  90. author

    Dogmattized일 전

    I need friends like those adults

  91. author

    Daniel Doomburton일 전

    This trailer was better than Ep. VII and VIII together.

  92. author

    FrozenFire일 전

    Woo great

  93. author

    Dino Arfidif일 전

    hi guys am ready to give my gta online account and black ops 3 steam account vs star wars jedi fallen order pc key origin . in my gta i have all car bunker garage complex and 18 million £ i want to play that game if you are interested contact me in facebook : dino ferrari or in private am verry serious i swear

  94. author

    Dino Arfidif일 전

    hi guys am ready to give my gta online account and black ops 3 steam account vs star wars jedi fallen order pc key origin . in my gta i have all car bunker garage complex and 18 million £ i want to play that game if you are interested contact me in facebook : dino ferrari or in private am verry serious i swear

  95. author

    Pingers Bingers일 전

    I just thought of another amazing one: LITERALLY NOBODY HAHAH! MEMES!

  96. author

    Pingers Bingers일 전

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly I'm a meme spack.

  97. author

    jimmerlewis일 전

    Supervisor-“Gary, why haven’t you finished all your work?” Gary-“I too busy running after a kid making *pew pew pew* noises” Supervisor-“dammit not again Gary!”

  98. author

    Prideluxe일 전

    I played the actual game. Excellent story, graphics ,etc. However. I played 2 days and I already finished it

  99. author

    OutcastSoldier일 전

    while women fight bravely on the battlefield, men are cooking in the kictchen.

  100. author

    Enemy Of Reality일 전

    another AAA braindead entertainment title. great, and it works. people buying it!