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    baba duke시간 전

    Some people need to unplug their computers and throw it out the window. Some people need to never buy from their drug dealers ever again. Yet some others need to not listen to some dilly, crazy eyed woman (like this one) attempting to jedi mind trick you into turning autistic,dyslexic and mentally less than 3 mins.

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    Elton Bade시간 전

    battery life? you did not mention how many hours it lasted ugh.

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    Sam Dubs시간 전

    0:57 iPhone looks shockingly better

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    John Smith시간 전

    The camera is pretty good but the audio from the mic isn't that great but it's a phone

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    Torr HTHC시간 전

    Gd. Finally I see the difference in the three lens of the pro

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    rortiz772 시간 전

    I don't think the iPhone 11 Pro Max Plus is for anyone. At this point, just let the super rich get the new stuff and everyone else get last year's model. That's literally what's happening.

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    Jesse Mulliniks2 시간 전

    Censorship. Man, America is nothing they claim to be how pathetic and sad. I don’t like Alex Jones or agree with him but how can we as Americans be okay with this? We say this country has freedom of speech but what was this? George Orwell’s 1984 couldn’t have predicted it any better.

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    Karma2 시간 전

    When is it launching in New York

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    hack1692 시간 전

    I fine with lighting cable still since I have them all over my house

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    Shane Moore2 시간 전

    It will be an improvement for me. I have the iPhone 7+. I'm most looking forward to Qi charging, an OLED screen, and FaceID. Nowadays with iPhones, you have to wait 3-4 years to make it feel like a change! But that's about how much I like to upgrade anyways, if I was into changing every year I would be a Samsung user...... much more fun hardware!

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    Mohammed Ullah Rasel2 시간 전

    6:03 what is your power??

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    Realest Reviews2 시간 전

    So does Apple just give their phones out early to the press?? Wtf! I want mine now

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    Steven Peacock2 시간 전

    No !!! buy an Android phone 😂😂😂 iturds are crap !!

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    Chill Tech Studio2 시간 전

    Wait did you say the only comparison between the pro and the 11 is whether you want stainless steel or aluminum and an extra camera cuz it's pretty deeper than that like whether or not you want better LTE band radios because the 11 like the 10R dropped service like it's nobody's business the pro has a significantly better display that is very much noticeable and the pros actually come with a fast charger in the box

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    Petar Ceho2 시간 전


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    BECHARA El Hajj2 시간 전

    I am an iPhone user and fan but WTF is that. Its sooo uglyyyy

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    Angus Gray2 시간 전

    Not going to lie when I first saw the renders I thought it was really ugly but now.... I’m kinda starting to like it

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    Jonathan2 시간 전

    2:34 That photo is really nicely framed.

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    Ahmad Rahimi2 시간 전

    I am still love the camera that u record your self

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    Dym Fan2 시간 전

    Damn if you plan on not using one, I’m available 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    Wilfredo Gonzalez2 시간 전

    See I think this is why Apple hasn’t put USBC in its IPhones yet. When the IPhone in 2020 comes, it’ll probably be able to charge at even faster speeds and be able to transfer date from the iPhone way faster. Could be one of the features it brags about in next years iphone

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    Iamsteezze2 시간 전

    Green is the new Gold

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    Tyrenssmith2 시간 전

    If you call a slow mo selfie on the iPhone 11 ‘slowfie’...does that means time lapse on the Pro models is called ‘prolapse’ 🤷‍♂️

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    Jan Matěj Bejček2 시간 전

    I have XS so I think that I'll pass on this one and wait for next year...what 2020 iPhone brings :)

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    CNET2 시간 전

    So... 11 or 11 Pro?

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    鄭漢洋2 시간 전

    >sony is taking on the airpods that is just insulting to the xm3

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    10 Speed Quein2 시간 전

    Apple needs to get ride of that damn notch, all this camera🎥📸 mess, how about a clean face🤔🤔

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    misfit2 시간 전

    Base model still starts at 64 GB. Still No USB C Still No Full HD display (iPhone 11) Still No Fast Charger (iPhone 11) Still No Wireless Charging Still No In Display Finger Print/Unlock Still That BIG UGLY NOTCH Still 3 Year old design Talk Of Arrogance and Greed of a company and irrational loyalty and blind love of customers for a brand who keeps selling them overpriced product and laughing its way to bank...

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    Brandon Brends2 시간 전

    In Europe this Iphone 11 Priced at 809 Euro's thats it 892 $ Mawfukaaaz

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    1990 20192 시간 전

    Your production quality for reviews is absolutely destroyed by the Verge and almost everyone else.

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    Lenardz2 시간 전

    This is a very fair review. Agreed completely that they’re good updates but not necessary. I’m waiting for the 2020 iPhones, my X is still doing well.

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    NIKOLAS2 시간 전

    Review after one day wtf

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    Ted2 시간 전

    I think Pixel 4 will take the crown for cameras this year

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    happy together2 시간 전

    pro version is getting heavier...uglier..but still usb-c...better wait for next one...

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    putocheeze2 시간 전

    Cant wait to not buy this fon.

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    Jay Jumpsman2 시간 전


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    Ivan C2 시간 전

    Im an auto mechanic and use my phone daily to take pictures so I know how things go back together.

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    John Carl Solis2 시간 전


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    G! Worldwide3 시간 전

    I was going to take a pass on the 11 but my carrier gave me me a sweet deal and it took me like ten minutes to make the change. Here in Canada our carrier contacts are just two years. So despite what I said a few weeks ago I’ve pre ordered the 11. The Pro versions are just a little out of my budget range.

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    TAY JIA MING_SS3 시간 전

    drop test

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    P T3 시간 전

    Its less of I Phone 11 Review and more of I Phone 11 camera review ! Not everybody use phones just for camera !

  42. author

    Sinon3 시간 전

    They might as well just google their questions lol

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    evs verotian3 시간 전

    Great review

  44. author

    Piyush Parmar3 시간 전

    Ask Apple, how to give a name to anything to nothing.

  45. author

    red m3 시간 전

    Wow. I think this is the first time I ever hear this guy saying this phone is the best while drooling all over it. I guess reality is sinking in huh buddy.

  46. author

    Sun Gang3 시간 전

    It is like the Apple Event but more annoying.

  47. author

    Fox Gabanna3 시간 전

    Let's talk about how flame that camera transition was at the beginning.

  48. author

    Irfan3 시간 전

    what about phone call test ?

  49. author

    PJ ChJ3 시간 전

    Midnight green look stunning😯

  50. author

    Roroh3 시간 전

    Apple must know the green colours won't sell because every reviewer has green iPhones

  51. author

    Piyush Parmar3 시간 전

    They'd name it USBD after USB -Type- C and afterwards just name it US..B..EE...EEE, USBE -E- USB 2022, a year with each iteration and jump in the number game.

  52. author

    Craig St Hill3 시간 전

    Nice video man! Really appreciate the analysis.

  53. author

    Aravind Krishna3 시간 전

    TFW Apple decides to forego USB4 for the sake of thinness

  54. author

    Ed M3 시간 전

    Would love to hear about phone features like reception in City and in not so good reception areas, battery, WiFi and lte speed,etc

  55. author

    Vidit Sonkar3 시간 전

    TBH iPhone 11 Night Mode Sucks. It Converts Night Into Day Instead Of Capturing More Light.

  56. author

    James Fruean3 시간 전

    IPhone pro max sounds like a tampon 🤷‍♂️ just saying

  57. author

    Nehemiah George3 시간 전

    Love this video. Another video comparing the 3 green iPhones missed the opportunity to show what the phones can do. Was more focused on the colors. Thank you for highlighting the Pros and Cons of each device.

  58. author

    Kevin Campbell3 시간 전

    I'm keeping this phone for at least the next 3 years.

  59. author

    Happy Leaf3 시간 전

    The iPhone 11 seems good but... the thick black bezels/borders bother me so much! Do u guys think it is ugly? Or is it just me?

  60. author

    RecordsMiguel3 시간 전

    When he switched to recording from the iPhone it was noticeably worst, worst iPhone to come out since it’s ugly apple just doesn’t know what to do anymore

  61. author

    Seeker J3 시간 전

    That display on the 11 looks dull. I really wish reviewers would stop saying it's okay.

  62. author

    Aria Nugroho3 시간 전

    *d-**_•_**-b* Dirty usb ports.... Btw... Can anyone explain why the other end of the usb data/charging cable still using type A??

  63. author

    ML K3 시간 전

    night mode? you mean slightly longer exposure that existed forever on cameras?

  64. author

    Xperia1 the reference 4k OLED3 시간 전

    Night photos = warm photos

  65. author

    tusing3 시간 전

    Really high quality review! The narration, music, etc all come together really well. CNET is really stepping it up!

  66. author

    Levi Guyan3 시간 전

    @CNET how do you take a burst if you press and hold for quick-take video at 4:22?

  67. author

    Nguyen Hudson3 시간 전

    I always ready for this

  68. author

    MeshaL M3 시간 전

    this night mode is useless !

  69. author

    Kein Name3 시간 전

    Not so ugly anymore😄 all those hating before it was even released

  70. author

    Eloi3 시간 전

    Can't wait to keep waiting forever for a smaller iPhone

  71. author

    Sharlis maw3 시간 전

    I hate iphone

  72. author

    Stephen Wells3 시간 전

    Ram size and battery sizes please

  73. author

    pokemon lover3 시간 전

    really didn't think night mode had so many problems, don't know if they exist on the pixel as well but night mode on the iphone at least feels like a very last minute decision, and the portrait mode in real time at least looks weird (after the processing though it looks fantastic). i have the ipad pro 2018 and the portrait mode has the same problem i.e. looks weird in real time but looks fantastic after the processing.

  74. author

    Marko Žigo3 시간 전

    I'm in love 😍

  75. author

    appleamerica13 시간 전

    Thank you for honest review. I’m convinced that I don’t need to upgrade my Current phone

  76. author

    M'Kunta Ba3 시간 전

    That lcd display is awful smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ how can you tell that its fine ? 🤮

  77. author

    Buhle Ngxande3 시간 전

    These are really beautiful and amazing phones. I'm from South Africa and these are really expensive, but, I'm in the market for a new phone since my Huawei tablet stopped charging two weeks back and I'd love the 11 pro in the beautiful gold colorway. As my first ever iPhone.🔥

  78. author

    Jon M3 시간 전

    it is for me if you pay for it ;D

  79. author

    Thatone Guy3 시간 전

    6s gang?

  80. author

    bodyandsoul243 시간 전

    I was hoping to see the night mode on the 11 though

  81. author

    Gustavo Duran3 시간 전

    Apple won and I have a note 9

  82. author

    Karl Karly3 시간 전


  83. author

    GOJI MLG3 시간 전

    Nice more 1000 dollar iPhones

  84. author

    GOJI MLG3 시간 전

    IPhone stop with the numbers

  85. author

    Valentino GG3 시간 전

    The best review, simple and right to the point. Great job 👍🏻👍🏻

  86. author

    Donny Smith !4 시간 전

    Buying phones for cameras is stupid, just buy a camera, it no competition

  87. author

    Gustavo Duran4 시간 전

    I have enough of that ugly. Notch get rid of it apple

  88. author

    Ryan Ho4 시간 전

    just wondering ..what do u think the night mode and wide angle compare to note10+ ? i’m an iphone7 plus user 😄

  89. author

    AkoTo Marjon4 시간 전

    Videos of iphone is second to none

  90. author

    Muhammad Sufian4 시간 전

    Can you confirm the RAM? is it still 4gb?

  91. author

    asrar ahmed4 시간 전


  92. author

    Nassim Dirany4 시간 전

    nobody is able to answer what’s the ram capacity?

  93. author

    unkwn4 시간 전

    if a small company can build this imagine what the huge governments around the world can make.

  94. author

    Nassim Dirany4 시간 전

    What is the ram capacity ?

  95. author

    Nassim Dirany4 시간 전

    Ram capacity plzzzzz?????

  96. author

    Cheesy Twat4 시간 전

    My god the audio on the pro is awful

  97. author

    strawberryyogurt sublimnals4 시간 전

    Introducing iphone 21 pro-more camreas, thinner device, very breakable, expensive cases

  98. author

    Ibrahim Akunge4 시간 전

    Me watching in my iPhone 8 plus😥

  99. author

    Dinu Prajapati4 시간 전

    Any body can gift the i phone 11 to me

  100. author

    Basvra4 시간 전

    Preordered the iphone 11 with added accessories for nearly $1k 😬 oof.