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    Jayant Patel일 전

    Microsoft Surface battery

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    OoBuBuLuBuoO일 전

    8:16 that’s what she said

  3. author

    Curtis Jones일 전

    I can only imagine how many lies will come out of this. Nasa in Hebrew means "to deceive."

  4. author

    Caden Churchill일 전

    That older Razr phone does look pretty awesome.

  5. author

    eastern2western일 전

    It will be thick.

  6. author

    jonnyboy8000일 전

    Still use the old Razr when on holiday ,battery time 2 weeks ,no email ,no Snapchat ,only needed for emergencies

  7. author

    Joe The Pro일 전

    I did everything but nothings popping up on my macbook after my phone was plugged in.... HELP!!

  8. author

    MainHander Prime일 전

    "Edge of Tomorrow", anyone ?

  9. author

    TheWolfHowling일 전

    I may just be weird but, if Motorola was going to resurrect the Razr brand, I would have preferred is they ripped off Nokia and made a new Razr feature phone with modern radios running KaiOS or even basic Android.

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    juan perry일 전

    I just received *$5000* in my account with help of *michgrant1 on IG* he will surely help you, he's a Pro

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    She's The One일 전

    Does this update come with wristbands so I don't throw them accidentally?

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    Swapnaja Jadhav일 전

    This is not only about overcoming mental and medical problems..might be start of mind clone or robot clone of that we can control things from remote places in the earth ..may be on other planet ..Being present at one place and work at other place at the same time..

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    rajesh menon일 전

    Can I get the link

  14. author

    Mary Soto일 전

    Samsung pay. I have google pay, my great grandson has Apple pay. We are having an issue trying to somehow get his I phone and my phone (Capitol One to interface).

  15. author

    Brian Carroll일 전

    Google shills

  16. author

    saigonbond일 전

    And I would still take the OG Razr over the new $1500 piece of trash.

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    KP-48일 전

    In 2050 or less we will have phones that fold into 30" TV. Tvs are as thin as paper. Every accessoriey is wireless and get power from touching the wall or surfaces. Technology never stop it keeps improving every year.

  18. author

    bronzekneecap일 전

    How can you just say something is not true if you don’t provide any factual evidence

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    Jay Polo일 전

    To be honest they should of made that old keyboard digitally as your stock phone dialer

  20. author

    Daniel Bonaparte일 전

    Hahaha loved the intro

  21. author

    YouMockMe일 전

    Holy crap....I really did need subtitles

  22. author

    The Skinner일 전

    Ok but what about electrical and plumbing? Are the walls solid? So many questions. Very cool though

  23. author

    dj impulse일 전

    Funny thing is, people in 2020 are putting filters on their pictures to make them look like they’re from 2004 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

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    sujeto delta 101일 전

    Finally i can carry those packages and deliver them with a baby on my chest

  25. author

    Brandon Ayers일 전

    Great video Lexy! You are such a cutie pie.

  26. author

    Jason Aquino일 전

    Gmail in 2004: Exists Mid-2000s Lexy: "Goo-Mail?!"

  27. author

    Remorseless Cuck-Slayer일 전

    Yes it IS a free speech issue, you liberal fascist.

  28. author

    Jason Aquino일 전

    8:25 "What is a Facebook?" Well, it's like MySpace but better. 😂😂😂

  29. author

    Wayde Greer일 전

    If you need human volunteers, I'm in!

  30. author

    u235u235u235일 전

    future in boating is next tech batteries solid state that are 10x charge of lithium ion for same weight and solar panels that charge enough to circumnavigate

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    epicwolf일 전

    I find if amazing how star war fans trying to make sense of the lore. I watch star wars for some stupid space battles and cgi images and even if the story never make sense its dumb fun. Just like the fast and furious franchise. Those FF fans atleast enjoy the movies and not get all butthurt when the story doesnt make sense. Star war fans are the worst. I always think star wars have a stupid plot line even with the original trilogy.

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    NileshR12일 전

    Left looks exactly the same 16 years later! Wow! It looks like she hasn't aged!

  33. author

    Mike Wright일 전

    I feel like the camera on the new RAZR sucks.

  34. author

    The Rookie Gamer 101일 전

    Oh my god I looked it up 3 times where are the settings not stuff I should no or setting it up stupid dis like

  35. author

    Abby Normal일 전

    We're they on when in the water?

  36. author

    Ben Palmer일 전

    I ask Alexa to play a song and it just plays stations

  37. author

    Taha Yaagoubi일 전

    This woman ages like fine wine boi I tell ya Ok update, the ending really screwed with me lmao

  38. author

    ShamelessMan일 전

    Lexy is the reason I subscribed. I'm completely drawn in by her charming wit, dialect, great looks, and humor. Bonus: She also does great reviews!

  39. author

    Eric Unbekannt일 전

    Wow, now Lexy is really growing on me.

  40. author

    drpower1965일 전

    How did you guy do that old school thing? Made her look way younger and different. Am super confused.

  41. author

    Infinity Devil일 전

    Expensive back then, Expensive even today.. _Some things never change_

  42. author

    EurekaRecycler일 전

    Double blind studies are the only way to prove anything. CNET you lost me. Off the top I can tell you Big Telecom don't care about the long term effects. 5G was developed in the military as a weapon and that is why they push it, because it can control people and induce thought via brain wave frequency. Even the previous generations of this technology where hazardous. (We do see shortened life spends and increased related brain diseases and genetic damage. Sure . . . You can mess around for a short time but sooner or later you will feel the effects. Most likely you will start to find it hard to sleep at night ( when you most need it for optimum health ).The scientists that where to prove safety where snuffed out or sold out, that is Big Telecom in action, you bet this stuff will be forced on us. People near these 5g units are getting sick and with such there are vested interests that profit from this kind of control.

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    Shadow IV일 전

    Hate to be that person... but high refresh rate is a useless upgrade. It will lower your battery and 90-95% of apps don't even support it. It's like having a 4K display on your smartphone... why?

  44. author

    Wow Yman일 전

    iPhone pro Max is 220g, Moto razr is 205g ? Little bit heavy for me...

  45. author

    Alam일 전

    I'd use the old razr theme and flip people off.

  46. author

    josé cespedes soliz일 전

    Felicidades Apple y sus socios pero no me convence en comprar un dispositivo de Cupertino ...

  47. author

    Xyooj Vaaj일 전

    My wish list: get rid of the notch.. use hand to unlock... for example the moment you grab your phone it already unlock because it recognizes your hand.

  48. author

    H2 w0ah일 전

    Copying samsung to the fullest s20 vabzzzzzzzzzz

  49. author

    Imran Kinariwala일 전

    Ens part is so satisfying...

  50. author

    nxfelichan '일 전

    this is wasn't i wanted

  51. author

    Tech With Sean일 전

    Damn I had that thing 😭

  52. author

    Rhaka Baldi Rhaka일 전

    " you can hang up really angrily " " SO SATISFYING "

  53. author

    Mr Tech일 전

    That was nice! ❤️

  54. author

    Eric Young VFX일 전

    The people who think technology should stop because "it's good enough for you" are idiots. Good for you I need 4k VR hentai to replace my some how more expensive girlfriend... mkay?

  55. author

    Terrel Tripp일 전

    So pretty much y’all want a Samsung lol 😂

  56. author

    tabaghdissar일 전

    Any galaxy buds+ review soon?

  57. author

    Tomy K일 전

    Release a cheaper version. Have more available, before sold out.

  58. author

    icon3ras일 전

    Dem Hoopz!!

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    Oluwafemi Peter일 전

    Contact David_fred10_ on Instagram now to unlock their Apple Watch

  60. author

    Oluwafemi Peter일 전

    Contact David_fred10_ on Instagram now to unlock their Apple Watch

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    Thinhhdk일 전

    I have the old Motorola Razr when i was around middle school, i remeber being the coolest asian kid in class😎.

  62. author

    nk mr일 전

    Nice review

  63. author

    matthew isla일 전

    lmao, my mom got instant nostalgia after I sent this to her. It was her first phone haha. She has a Galaxy 10+ now.

  64. author

    Paul Walker일 전

    Do they still have flip phone's

  65. author

    ExtraOrdinary MUSIC일 전

    Got mine for free 😁👍 ofcourse I pay a monthly bill but didn't have to pay for the phone.

  66. author

    mk1212wq일 전

    Maaaaaaan, you guys tricked me with that fake throwback! Awesome!

  67. author

    sfs cool일 전

    What if it hits the other rover

  68. author

    Jeremy Toh일 전

    That’s not a KNeuif, this is a KNeuif!

  69. author

    SunnyD일 전

    2004 Lexy Hair > 2020 Lexy Hair

  70. author

    TechDove일 전

    The flip phone king has returned *Long Live The King*

  71. author

    repairvehicle일 전

    this guy is clueless about cvt?

  72. author

    Von Edward일 전

    Cant wait to have this phone!

  73. author

    SunnyD일 전

    Imagine traveling back in time w/ the 2020 razr. Lexy’s mind would have exploded

  74. author

    Snöw일 전

    hallo I'm russian! Americans you must proud of Moon landing of your hero Armstrong! 5UCK! How u dare it!!!!!!

  75. author

    Your Average Gurl일 전

    I’m done paying $1100 for any phone! They can keep them!

  76. author

    TheMisterCookie일 전

    9/11 was, in fact, an inside job.

  77. author

    Grand Cayman Tech일 전

    New Motorola Razr: "My screen folds flawlessly." Old Motorola Razr: "So, you are gonna bend there and rub it in, huh?" Samsung Galaxy Z Flip:" .....hold my milk!"

  78. author

    James Jamias일 전

    7:28 Sim Card?

  79. author

    Dan Dela Cruz일 전

    I actually thought it was Lexy 16 yrs ago. hahaha

  80. author

    Tommy Newbern일 전

    lol yall are dumb

  81. author

    Don Lew일 전

    Lexy intern 😂

  82. author

    savio dsouza일 전

    Lexy your Hair looks Great

  83. author

    Steve G일 전

    The new Razr should be selling for $400-$500 tops. F-n ripoff at $1,500

  84. author

    P-Impmon일 전

    They were the first to perfect it. Today, they still triumph

  85. author

    Shailendra Kumar일 전

    I like the new one but love the old one.

  86. author


    Brings me back to the memory of dating that female Motorola engineer in Libertyville, IL.

  87. author

    Ronaldo Vera일 전

    Are we going to see the slider phones from TCL?

  88. author

    Webster Kollie일 전

    $1,500 for a 3 year old specs on a prototype device? Lol and yet people give Apple and Samsung a hard time when it comes to pricing their devices

  89. author

    グレープフルーツ일 전

    so the 2000s was hoop earrings and fleece sweaters?

  90. author

    Lexy Savvides일 전

    Thanks for watching! We filmed this before we did our new Razr drop test, but the old Razr V3 was an absolute tank and not much could break it. Is durability in a flip phone important to you?