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    blessed 52 분 전

    You may hate Colby now but You will like him eventually

  2. author

    Goon994 분 전

    Ariel... The sneakers...

  3. author

    MYKOSS5 분 전

    I like this dude

  4. author

    Daniel Sullivan8 분 전

    A boxer and a wrestler talking on an MMA show about WWE... Hmmm...

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    D P12 분 전

    Seems to be scared to fight walker

  6. author

    Unfoldedwarrior17 분 전

    I dont know who Reyes is. His last fight was against a terribly declining weidman.. its tough but marketing wise, 1 more fight for No1 spot will make the situation better coz really what interest will he drum up..

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    Dafatman5519 분 전

    Who'd be scared of this dude??

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    Phuc You31 분 전

    The highest paid mma fighter.

  9. author

    Seus Pesos44 분 전

    why u sayin adesanya like that

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    Google Account55 분 전

    Charlie zelanoff vs Dillion danis

  11. author

    Noel Martinez57 분 전

    What is this. Therapy session with Ariel? Lol. But still interesting facts about Masvidal. Haha

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    Jomontae Comrie58 분 전


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    Spills51시간 전

    Maia had the much more harder path then Royce...When Maia came to the Ufc people were well aware of the power of JuJu…With Royce they didn't even know what it was called. 🤔😮 If you don't have a wrestling base to keep that MOFO off you, then your in for a tortures night. 😛

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    Brad Clemm시간 전

    Jorge is the man....he deserves all his success

  15. author

    the last시간 전

    Love to see you guys giving Maia some spotlight.

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    Broken clock is right twice a day시간 전

    Demian Maia what a phenomenal choke artist.

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    Reznor시간 전

    USADA approved!

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    scumbags시간 전

    Good on him Don’t like Dillon dannis But I like this

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    Clizzod시간 전

    Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show? MMA Show? A Boxer who turns into a WWE "Fighter"? Ariel, it's getting worse and worse. Your Show went from the best Hardcore MMA Show to just an entertainment Show. That transition is sad :-(

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    doods aquino시간 전

    you have no chance to beat khabib.

  21. author

    Ninja Monkey시간 전

    All three rival sports walk into a bar...

  22. author

    The Conqueror Beast시간 전

    Didn’t widemans dad say and that’s still my boy

  23. author

    The Conqueror Beast시간 전

    6 fights in ufc and title fight you fuming kidding me

  24. author

    Marcus Gerard시간 전

    Conor’s capitulated

  25. author

    The Conqueror Beast시간 전

    Be careful Dom Jon will have an easy night with you i there saying get few more fights they’re right Jon has taken out legends you’ve just beat a few losers

  26. author

    Gfunk시간 전

    Jon Jones is gonna regret fucking with my guy Israel Adesanya

  27. author

    Beep Bop시간 전

    Dem Russians!

  28. author

    Mike Hunt시간 전

    What a fucking BEAST

  29. author

    Jordan Roche시간 전

    No wonder they have that mic so close to his left ear, look at that thing. Holy fook

  30. author

    Vince Harding시간 전

    Would be a difficult game of guess who.

  31. author

    Ali Abdurahmakov시간 전

    Who's Jake Paul?

  32. author

    Juvenal Lopez시간 전

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to stare at the sun and cause it to pull its shades out

  33. author

    Bad Santa시간 전

    Everybody wants PVZ's red panties.

  34. author

    Black Peace시간 전

    Dominick Reyes has won me over. I am a fan. I don't see him beating Jon Jones but who knows.

  35. author

    FaZe_ Ghost시간 전

    Rob Van Dam Vs Jack Swagger Vince Book it

  36. author

    Chris Klitou시간 전

    I would pay double if they fought nude

  37. author

    iABLH2 시간 전

    Dillon Danis the type of guy to let Conor bang his wife.

  38. author

    Brian Kinary2 시간 전

    Bald head and beards 😎

  39. author

    Sum Ting Wog2 시간 전

    UFC is the only sport that has its athletes looking for fight outside of UFC with boxers to make more money. These guys put everything on the line to make thousands. They should be millionaires driving Ferraris.

  40. author

    Ali Jayden2 시간 전

    Is he reading from the screen

  41. author

    Mohamad Rizal2 시간 전

    HHH is KRATOS in real life

  42. author

    Ali Jayden2 시간 전

    Nobody can beat jones

  43. author

    TheEnvelope2 시간 전

    What a woman, wow.

  44. author

    Pete Proudlove2 시간 전

    good to see tyson looking sharp..

  45. author

    Antony Jenkins2 시간 전

    Wow do not start a conversation with jj never get a word in.

  46. author

    Rishi Rai3 시간 전

    My favourite GSP!

  47. author

    Michael Glenn3 시간 전

    Ariel's annoying like a rash

  48. author

    Denas V3 시간 전

    I Believe that Holloway will KO volkanovski with knee😁

  49. author

    Jeff Blevins3 시간 전

    Fucking Masvidal is great...Im gonna baptize them.... he says so many funny great things. He's a champ

  50. author

    Corey Isaac3 시간 전

    Florida stand up

  51. author

    Rick Stone3 시간 전

    Danis is actually a nice guy when I have met him..Don't believe what u read

  52. author

    IRON FACE3 시간 전

    Sooo, is the bmf belt going to be defended?

  53. author

    YoungZoro Gaming3 시간 전

    Man you hear what this clown just said he said he 6 and 0 wooooow vs jons 20 pluse wins no losses gtfo man. 😂😂😂😂

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    Jape H3 시간 전

    Don't drink when you're pregnant ladies... You'll have maycee barber

  55. author

    California Girl 2093 시간 전

    🌻Love you Joe, sooo happy to see you back7🌻

  56. author

    Jimmy Jay3 시간 전

    Usman gone beat him

  57. author

    Hurricanefly4 시간 전

    Tyson didn't tell old fish eye's. Just shows he really has fck all to do with him

  58. author

    Dighiño B4 시간 전

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to get nose surgery to match Ariels nose

  59. author

    Khoa Bert4 시간 전

    Triple, what We do, H 😂

  60. author

    DUNDOM54 시간 전

    Stipe is fighter of the year

  61. author

    Chad Mulligan4 시간 전

    Tyson is in fantastic shape

  62. author

    Jamal Measara4 시간 전


  63. author

    Julius Caesar4 시간 전

    Amerika makes you great but Stipe Miocic makes you Small!!

  64. author

    Ismael Hernandez4 시간 전

    Ariel ask conor mcgregor about sexual assault allegation ( Conor is sexual predator this is not first time being accused of sexual asault allegation.(REJECTED! Conor McGregor Alleged Victim REFUSED ONE MILLION PLUS PAYOUT!

  65. author

    Brander4 시간 전

    Genuinely love the concept of him having to kill himself to be reborn as someone better. This is so powerful.

  66. author

    Craig Anczelowitz4 시간 전

    f$%@$ing joke

  67. author

    Jason Saxton4 시간 전

    Can't wait to watch a big leaguer rock her soon

  68. author

    David Sos4 시간 전

    Jones, never fought a Mexican before. So yeah I'm going for Reyes on this one

  69. author

    MotherLoveBone4 시간 전

    Had Kurt and Brock gone into MMA instead of WWE...

  70. author

    Jett4 시간 전

    I don’t know about Chael losing, Ariel ; it seems like he was slapping Maia on the arm ; the ref probably mistook it for a tap 💯🤷‍♂️

  71. author

    prichard Hawkins4 시간 전


  72. author

    E Logan5 시간 전

    Word has it Ariel and Triple H will also be competing in a battle of the noses. gonna be a good show

  73. author

    Dennis Reynolds5 시간 전

    720p. Yikes

  74. author

    Trouser Troll5 시간 전

    I wonder if Chael has a private plane, a small uber plane or has to do the whole airport fiasco to come to ESPN MMA studios to deal with Ariel. I mean West Linn to Connecticut?

  75. author

    Ferno.X5 시간 전

    Jake Paul is weird

  76. author

    Ishmael C5 시간 전

    Paige Van Zant is scared shitless

  77. author

    Joel Bowen5 시간 전

    4 of the 5 were team quest guys

  78. author

    Mort Business5 시간 전

    😳 Gee. I feel like I have a new-found respect for Dillon Danis. In public, he can behave like an arrogant douche... but, as it always seems, humans are more complicated than their most obvious faults, I suppose. Nevertheless... I like this Dillon. Keep being this guy. 👍 edited; misspelled Dillon's name

  79. author

    Mustseenow!!!5 시간 전

    Damien will open with a flying knee to Askren and get 500k more followers on Twitter after that

  80. author

    David Duarte5 시간 전

    Wait did Ariel just say Maia signed a new deal? I love it! Demian Maia one of my favorite fighters to watch! Looking forward to more in 2020!

  81. author

    Jeff Jaybird5 시간 전

    The belt automatically goes to Benson Henderson whoever wins.

  82. author

    VI P5 시간 전

    Only his face was charged after the max holloway fight.

  83. author

    Marvin Bennett5 시간 전

    I forgot chael let that lil dude choke him out.

  84. author

    trolololmfao5 시간 전

    hes right, dominic is up. if fucking anthony smith can get a title fight, dominic deserves one

  85. author

    Gus Gang5 시간 전

    Askren is gonna get gutted out, he’ll get reckless and get subbed by either a Guillotine/Triangle or he’ll get knocked out

  86. author

    arizona tea5 시간 전

    PROPS to ed Herman for "not tapping"??? Are you serious Ariel???

  87. author

    Matt Dillon5 시간 전

    Triple H’s head is like 3 times bigger than Tyson’s haha

  88. author

    Simply Era6 시간 전

    Ariel be throwing Chael under the bus every time he can it happens from time to time kinda shady media work here lol smh

  89. author

    Birt Dag6 시간 전

    Can anyone guess what choke Maia will go for against Ben? 🤔

  90. author

    Cameron Machado6 시간 전


  91. author


    🍔 I'm like a smart person I know the biggest words believe me I'm a very stable genius I'm the chosen one

  92. author

    Poseable Dumbs6 시간 전

    Nicco"Florida man"Price him and Tony got that retard strength bro.

  93. author

    Yu shot hu6 시간 전

    Nikos dad was hilarious and loudest guy after Nikos debut at 207, saw it live.

  94. author

    Zaim Abbasi6 시간 전

    Nobody wants to see a rematch Conor

  95. author

    adviceman526 시간 전

    So far, I like her !! I don't find her objectionable, just confidant !!! I remember Ronda, who also didn't mind being the "heel" !!! She should be careful about what she wish's for, however !!! She needs more fights !!! We'll see what happens !!!

  96. author

    REPTILIANMAN 6266 시간 전

    Hope askren gets choked out or knocked out

  97. author

    Jesus Christ Saves6 시간 전

    Ariel Helwani pre ESPN= Anakin Skywalker Ariel Helwani post ESPN= Darth Vader

  98. author

    Chris Lopez6 시간 전

    It only takes one round to get caught

  99. author

    Kerekil 19986 시간 전

    8:18 this is how you know this dudes a badass mf haha

  100. author

    @whitelotus.na6 시간 전

    Paige wants the spotlight she doesn't want to fight maycee