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  1. author

    BlackSheep분 전

    8:45 video?

  2. author

    Victor Horcel분 전

    Just some things that people probs forgot...fallen order is set on the H I G H era of the empire also ilum is full ice/rock and has been quoted as not being able to support life unlike the starkiller base(which had trees)

  3. author

    Adan Rayner분 전

    First person VR mode please?

  4. author

    G1232 분 전

    It is an absolute crime to not have Soul Calibur, Jet Grind Radio and Crazy Taxi on this list! Shame on you!

  5. author

    Clit Commander693 분 전

    “Feels like a western rpg, like Witcher or Skyrim”

  6. author

    Isaias Roldan5 분 전

    Thought you would list Skate 2 from Skate 3

  7. author

    Calvin6 분 전

    At 1.05 Jill looks like Ruby Rose lol

  8. author

    Ze Bouncy Cow Theo6 분 전

    That the real question: Are there kaiju?

  9. author

    Jonah Philipchalk9 분 전

    Lol I didn’t parry once but the game was still awesome

  10. author

    D. corpsegrinder179 분 전

    Just got the game try to avoid all game guides went straight to dathomir Get my ass kicked for 3 hours Gave up Drop the difficulty

  11. author

    chaos control11 분 전

    I'll stick to Titanfall 2

  12. author

    pig _cakes1311 분 전

    How was God of War not on this list?

  13. author

    Kyle Woodowens14 분 전

    I bought Okami on the Switch and it is probably in my top 25 favorite games ever

  14. author

    Toffical15 분 전

    #1: Spilled their tea and crumpets while playing Minecraft

  15. author

    Diamond Xv817 분 전

    the most destructive game is red faction: guerrilla ... prove me wrong

  16. author

    xtremebigg 1319 분 전


  17. author

    OMGCannon22 분 전

    Wait for a sale on steam

  18. author

    Cewkaurai Zok'Aerrus23 분 전

    The question is, 999 WHAT power? Gear or overall? Cos if it meant only gear that might explain why nothing happened

  19. author

    JoshuaBuildster24 분 전

    I like using AAA batteries in my Xbox controllers because so I don't need to steal them

  20. author

    Justin Smith24 분 전

    Y'all forgot tht u can link your controller to your Android n play psp emulator lol

  21. author

    wisnu yogapraditya25 분 전

    Resident Evil 3 : Nosemesis

  22. author

    TheInhumanBeatdown26 분 전

    Real Talk, can we stop giving games like No Man's Sky a semi Pass? Yes, it got better but its that same Mentality that people like Todd Howard are trying to push for in Fallout 76, The Idea that it doesn't matter that a game started out as crap as long as it its good eventually. Here's the thing though, it came out and it was garbage. In my opinion, it doesn't matter that the game is now better then when it originally launched, had it started good in the first place it wouldn't have needed those several years to get to being "Good". So as far as I'm concerned you can like No Man's Sky perfectly fine, but it was trash and the fact it took years to be good is more nails in the coffin.

  23. author

    Marques Player27 분 전

    I think I'll just wait for Titanfall 3.

  24. author

    Private X-Fac3 218727 분 전

    The biggest change: Nemesis teeth Get it BIGGEST

  25. author

    zNet27 분 전

    When I first unlocked dathomir, I went to get the double bladed lightsaber straight away. It took me 2 hours fighting this damn nightbrothers.

  26. author

    Nekminute28 분 전

    i look at the hangar and im like wow dude sick graphics, aaand then you go outside yikes what a downgrade

  27. author

    TheRisible28 분 전

    Can’t believe they continued this series deff buying this hell yea mech warrior

  28. author

    goldchris111129 분 전

    Prip-Piaught course :P its pronounced preep then like yatch but with a p at the beginning. odd that you get 2 p sounds from the 2nd p in both syllables of the name but your pronunciation was just head boggling bad

  29. author

    liam wagner29 분 전

    I will memorize every part of the level, but only enough to pass it.

  30. author

    J31 분 전

    Is the game mod friendly? Would love some Armored Core Silent Line era mechs to slide and boost around in

  31. author

    zNet37 분 전

    My only complaint is that the main story is too short...

  32. author


    It saddens me to know that in my life time I won’t get to see the trials Easter egg revealed :(

  33. author

    Erictrix yt40 분 전

    i was so bad at playing gta series i failed even the easiest mission in the gta san the home invasion lol

  34. author

    RyzanMagos42 분 전

    I only found out this game existed through this vid. Thank you.

  35. author

    pixelman61943 분 전

    Waiting for armored core

  36. author

    appleseedfanatic44 분 전

    I think I beat the orginal RE3 in 2.5hrs on the highest difficulty and no saves. Edge of your seat entertainment...

  37. author

    foshizzlfizzl45 분 전

    What about Tomb Raider? That game blew me away with its environment and , storytelling and atmosphere.. Even ti animation and interaction were on top! And graphics were awesome too, wasn't they?

  38. author

    Whita Cat48 분 전

    all this year dog, cat, rat and still no *racoon*

  39. author

    AussieClashes48 분 전

    Can’t wait for 8bitryan to play this

  40. author

    Toxicc49 분 전

    For Christmas just ask for steam/PS/XBOX gift cards so you don’t have a reason to complain

  41. author

    Team Avengers49 분 전

    There was one Easter egg the WHOLE video 🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. author

    ender bran50 분 전

    i have spent 1000s of hours fixing shit with my computer

  43. author

    Fudroy Smith51 분 전

    Why does he keep calling Shattered Throne a FIRE TEAM? It's a freaking dungeon that you and your fire team enter. I thought game ranx played destiny.

  44. author

    psychshift52 분 전

    called the demo scene.

  45. author

    Anthony G53 분 전


  46. author

    appleseedfanatic53 분 전

    Played RE 2 remake Mr X was "easy" to dodge and avoid. Alien Isolation on the other hand made me shit my self blind ....

  47. author

    Hyena King54 분 전

    I loved the Godzilla game

  48. author

    RK Victor56 분 전

    Can't wait to watch the gameplay.

  49. author

    Janusha59 분 전

    How about Ashen

  50. author

    Rajas A59 분 전

    I got on top of the train in the San Andreas mission. I thought that's the only way you could pass it.

  51. author

    Janusha시간 전

    Outer Worlds.... Fallout in space. Which is great. But play it for the dialogue and journey. Just the shooting and looting is MUCH better in Borderlands 3. However Remnant was AMAZING.

  52. author

    Northern Perspective시간 전

    list of bullshit to "maintain" isn't so much tense, but annoying and overtly pointless. I really don't understand why Kojima gets a pass like some sort of Gaming Royalty.

  53. author

    Northern Perspective시간 전

    If only it wasn't 10 hours long and no dying and repeating the same encounters over & over is not a good way to expand that time. The fluff of no fast travel between rest points is frustrating padding as well. . . . Feels like EA built it this way specifically to shut people up.

  54. author

    Noah A시간 전

    I really want to get a copy! It looks fun!

  55. author

    SpiderRyyy시간 전

    Don’t you dare call Minecraft a child’s game. It’s an everyone game...

  56. author

    Master Wess시간 전

    Better replace that nose like Owen Wilson for added manliness

  57. author

    TheKing시간 전

    "if you like spending your money on tangible goods that you cant take with you when you die." What a way to end the video I related all too well Jake

  58. author

    Mell0시간 전

    That Dishonored clickbait I love it

  59. author

    dakotatyler2시간 전

    Forgot to mention, if the fifa percentages are for regular players, if you're a fifa KOreporterr making a pack opening video, all the top cards are 100 percent chance, as advertising to entice fans to buy packs. Played every fifa since fifa 98 on Sega genisis. Finally boycotting fifa 20.

  60. author

    Zero Large시간 전

    Bonus: Ridiculous tough guy soldier tropes

  61. author

    D Quinn시간 전

    Driver 2 was definitely the first to come to mind for me! Those car chases and timed driving missions were relentlessly unforgiving.

  62. author

    YouraWizurdHarry시간 전

    The only thing I’m not sure about getting a vr set is if I will get nauseous

  63. author

    Sonorous시간 전

    I'll probably be too busy playing Last of Us 2, but this does look good.

  64. author

    GUCCI MYTH시간 전

    So we gonna ignore the fact u can go stealth on shadow of war?

  65. author

    Dark Magician시간 전

    Fun fact, you can actually counter enemies unblockable attacks. You just hit them before they get the chance to hit you

  66. author

    Nightkillian시간 전

    Old school Netmech/Mechwarror 2 player here: I’m looking forward to giving this game a run. It’s been a long time since there has even been a decent enough mech game to play. MW3 just wasn’t that good imo. So, maybe MW5 got it right?

  67. author

    Flame Retro시간 전

    People should make that #1 Bluetooth adapter but it connects to your phone so you can have the app and talk to your friends and play other than that other thing you use

  68. author

    XORRE시간 전

    where the fuck is my goddamn mechwarriors 3 remake/remaster can't handle how much I ahte the way forward bending knees and robot hands look on these, I need my bushwacker and timber wolf

  69. author

    Tyson Peters시간 전

    You really made my day about that "geting the game at launch/release" in one of those people with less money than others and other people tese me about how I dont have the new xbox but the price just droped like 130$ so I laughed at them.

  70. author

    MR.Galaxy 264시간 전

    oh my STARS.

  71. author

    That Guy From Walgreens시간 전

    I’m wondering if they’ll give gun parts & other goods if you keep putting him down like the original.

  72. author

    Caetano Junior시간 전

    Gosh i remember playing so much Mech Warrior crysis mod...

  73. author

    Mcd Free시간 전

    the problem is u the control a lot more usefull than the rest of the resident evil game

  74. author

    T6STheDC 194시간 전

    So does this mean resident evil 4 remake will be next maybe????

  75. author

    Neng Eleazar시간 전

    too violent..

  76. author

    ThornsOfOurTime시간 전

    hmmm it looks like you are shooting flares instead of rockets... unsatisfying visually

  77. author

    masterpreenz시간 전

    They should put Shadowcat MK. II here now =3. man I miss that monster

  78. author

    I Am시간 전

    Pac man... You can feel your heart palpitate with terror.

  79. author

    Benjamin Nelson시간 전

    Finally!!! Many moons ago feels like such an understatement.

  80. author

    Michael loves yesterday Guillory시간 전

    Why does this even exist when titan fall one and two set the standard

  81. author

    Ben W시간 전

    It's the weakest installment in the series.

  82. author

    The Exotic Guardian시간 전

    The lore book "Truth to power" should be taken with a grain of salt, for it's believed that Savathun is the one writing it and she is known as the hive goddess of cunning and trickery. The lore book may have a sliver of truth to it but don't take as fact knowing that trickster goddess is behind it.

  83. author

    alisa231시간 전

    "MechWarrior 5 - After You Buy" title. is. fixed.

  84. author

    DeMoN시간 전

    It Needs To Be On Steam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. author

    Mark D시간 전

    Can't wait to see the pathetic lard ass Dario in the remake.

  86. author

    Damien Holland시간 전

    I'd try Mordhau but when I saw gameplay the fighting sounds were too repetitious for my taste. Not enough variation regarding the shouting.

  87. author

    Michael loves yesterday Guillory시간 전

    Where is Michaels bay Michael’s real bay like me I am Michael and I need my baby

  88. author

    Kiing Quincy시간 전

    Can multiple players play this game offline like the old forza motorsports 4 ?

  89. author

    Raimondas Cebyla시간 전

    Listening, I started to wait, but seeing what you made of the game, I no longer had to wait, because these are the same things that everyone creates and you ruined RE3 !!!!! Old engine hears RE3 name up emotions and here it just makes you frustrated !!!!

  90. author

    LP Flowers시간 전

    Hold up I HAD NO IDEA. I used to play the second one all the time! The Mech assault games on the OG Xbox were great too!

  91. author

    Thor's Aquatics시간 전

    No damage challenges

  92. author

    Kal H시간 전

    i agree. hl2 was one of the greatest games ever made

  93. author

    Irishman checkin in시간 전

    Bungie probably didn't think it would be possible to solo at 999 when they wrote it, is my guess.

  94. author

    Bobzillaaaful시간 전

    im several hours in and getting co pilots,even the AI ones are a godsend for the higher difficulty missions.

  95. author

    Phantex시간 전

    Carlos looks nothing the same, wtf? He looks like a hobo now lmao. As long as they keep Nemesis dropping weapon parts like he did on Hard, i'm sold.

  96. author

    jalen saunders시간 전

    but they wanna keep giving us shitty gta 5 updates with a bunch of shit we never ask for

  97. author

    War Inc.시간 전

    Fjell = Fyell like Fjord = Fyord

  98. author

    Wilasta Kurniawan시간 전

    Mechanic/gameplay : feels good Graphics : decent/flat/outdated at some parts

  99. author

    Bl4ck Ph03n1x시간 전

    This game is 5 bucks on Xbox right now so I'm gonna buy it

  100. author

    Gmanunit13vers2시간 전

    BD-1 did the star wars theme a lot while hacking droids Well not a lot but it happened to me on zeffo