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Featuring Jake Baldino, Falcon, Andrew "The New Guy" Gebbia, and Tom "cameraman" Johnson.

  1. author

    Cheesy pooo28 분 전

    Thinking that having a game trailer was cool!

  2. author

    Danny Mcdow28 분 전

    Watchdog legit I picked that one

  3. author

    Leandro Lopes Pereira28 분 전

    I laughed out loud when I saw Renata Sorrah in this video. Thanks for that

  4. author

    Apex Mirage :D32 분 전

    Me: mum I have headache Mom: ViDeO gAmEs

  5. author

    Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath32 분 전

    You know I won't pay to play king is here

  6. author

    Redant2332 분 전

    Wait till 2nd release it will probably be waaaaay better

  7. author

    codemiesterbeats32 분 전

    generation zero sounds like a pretty interesting game... I hate how most of those types of games are versing zombies... yeesh at least robots are changing up things. I want a survival open world type game that is co-op/versus against nature/human conflict.

  8. author

    David Maldonado33 분 전

    As long as Lord Gaben has my money, I’m happy

  9. author

    Looney Toonz34 분 전

    It's going to have more than 500 GB .I hope... because my PS4 doesn't have enough memory!!!!💣💥💥💥👎👍

  10. author

    SoCal Trojan35 분 전

    I think we all knew it was going to be named play station 5. Why change the now.

  11. author

    Jason Sparkman36 분 전

    My mom claims valve is at least 9 inches.

  12. author

    Zion S37 분 전


  13. author

    All Time Auto Reviews37 분 전

    or when you put the whole thing together and wire everything and it’s all ready and you power it on BUT YOU FORGOT TO BUY FUCKING WINDOWS

  14. author

    Karl Lundberg Niggol38 분 전

    Didn't really come to an conclusion but ok. Liked the vid anyways. 🙄😁😘

  15. author

    Tree Sparks38 분 전

    Dawg you sound so bored doing this. I was thinking of downloading the game but it straight sounds like you were forced to do this. Either you were sick, or this game blows lol

  16. author

    Es Es38 분 전

    I remember way too many modders,cheaters,hackers on ps3, Like ppl beeing invisible and shooting me or throwing 100 grenades in fps tps games

  17. author

    TafTabTah39 분 전

    Give me new games please

  18. author

    politickz39 분 전

    It wasn’t until I saw this video that I realized mirage is fucking adorable

  19. author

    Weener 6939 분 전

    Valve sounds like the dollars

  20. author

    Ryan Walker41 분 전

    Bully 2 sounds like a bs game

  21. author

    Chris Whiteman44 분 전

    Good video 👍😎

  22. author

    joshuamain 53044 분 전

    Don’t buy the ps5 right away wait like 2years or a year when it comes out so Sony can fix everything that needs to be fixed Bc we all know once it comes out there’s problems so just be patient and wait

  23. author

    Lucifer morningstar46 분 전

    L.A. Noire 2 would be nice

  24. author

    PotterAndMatrixFan46 분 전

    I would love to see a next gen Max Payne. GTA6, ehh sure? Everything is open world now, so the appeal of GTA has worn off to me.

  25. author

    joshuamain 53047 분 전

    Gta 6

  26. author

    Rewind _48 분 전

    Save yourself 12 minutes, there's no new info in this video AT ALL.

  27. author

    DG PRO48 분 전

    I just play cod BECUSE I’m better then pubg

  28. author

    Rushly Tiriboyi Vlogs49 분 전

    Really can't wait for the ps5, since my PS4 (my very first game system) was stolen😭 haven't bought a new system but definitely gonna buy the ps5 plus the VR set probably won't leave my room for a year lol

  29. author

    Dovakin Brown50 분 전

    How big? BIG Thank

  30. author

    Phargrenord Alexis50 분 전

    I want rockstar to come out with a new midnight club not midnight club Los Angeles that game was trash

  31. author

    Brian Johnson51 분 전

    On number four they were to busy. Play GTA 5! So yeah great parents there.

  32. author

    LKNANML52 분 전

    Big enough to push out a HL3 test chapter then go all in with a full release with no MTAs. Honestly Valve. The industry is RIPE for a lets reward our gamers and massive PR win. Doesn't need to be industry changing. A good story and nice graphics would go a long way. Yes. I know. I know but one can always hope...

  33. author

    ThatOne GuyFTW53 분 전

    Number 2 was real sweet and sad

  34. author

    Terry Bourg54 분 전

    #4 is game changer

  35. author

    Scott K56 분 전

    Sony did not invent the ssd storage drive> you can put one in the PS4. I have 2 of them in my pc and one in my PS4. This is not groundbreaking stuff.

  36. author

    CaiusCassiusLonginus57 분 전

    Item repairs, crafting, and generally just all the tedious bullshit I hate in every game. I'm here for the plot and gwent, dammit.

  37. author

    mdnlr2657 분 전

    street lighting and flying consoles..fkn days. mad catz overhead light and personal tv.. better days

  38. author

    Riot GSXR58 분 전

    I tried this game and I am currently on trial and I am really thinking if buying it and I was happy that they have a free trial

  39. author

    TheAronDark58 분 전

    NO Management is Valves Problem... And the reason Half-Life 3 will NEVER be created.

  40. author

    6ix_Side_Savage시간 전

    XIII would be sick.. not sure rockstar made that game tho

  41. author

    z00mer시간 전

    Gameplay was fun and graphics were amazing. I just couldn't get into the story. I liked Jesse, and yeah it was mysterious, but it just didn't pull me in or maintain my interest. Like once I was done beating it, I was done and I don't see myself coming back to it again anytime soon.

  42. author

    Noata Kun시간 전

    Why the 🤬 can't we get a 3...

  43. author

    Luciano Martinez시간 전

    So basically Valve is a Republic Democracy: Pyramid Republic: Trapizoid

  44. author

    FenexDragonis시간 전

    Valve still creates games.. just cash grabby ones... Artifact is a prime example.. then the fact they won't accept it's a failure

  45. author

    FenexDragonis시간 전

    Valve during the 2000s= great company Valve now = "your stupid so blindly throw money at us like good little idiots" Artifact, tf2, and CS:GO are prime examples of this

  46. author

    Feyad Sahid시간 전

    For their size, they sure don't make games like they used to

  47. author

    Roboslaya78시간 전

    Ngl I loved unity cause of how broken it is and because it was fun with my friends

  48. author

    Mr Name시간 전

    Thought this was a Company Man video.

  49. author

    Asa Brayton시간 전

    dont forget about blackbeards initial release

  50. author

    insert name here시간 전

    So... they're like the companions of skyrim?

  51. author

    Hi_It’s_ Hunter시간 전


  52. author

    SlICkk.시간 전

    Who else hates that when you get on xb1 it just says your banned for nothing

  53. author

    Jboogie91시간 전

    I’ll wait till it’s 20$ I feel like Ubisoft does effort in their just dance games.... I mean it’s different every year

  54. author

    Chris Upton시간 전

    Anyone watching 2019 just do as I do but shark cards for ceo office a vehicle warehouse and grind MAKE FRIENDS THAT IS A HUGE ASSET MORE FRIENDS FASTER MONEY MAKING WORK TOGETHER AND YOU ALL MAKE MONEY FASTER then get mc business and bunker then hanger and nightclub, upgrade over time I got to a point where in 2 years of play from ground zero I got to the point where I can just grind for luxury items and I have every single business and money making ability except for ceo crates in game

  55. author

    Soullesspancake시간 전

    Valve is this big

  56. author

    funnyfunkinmonkey시간 전

    You say “game” strangely.

  57. author

    xSIVELx시간 전

    Stadia said stuff. I'd still rather console have fun opening a stadia controller for Xmas?

  58. author

    Dooms Day시간 전

    I need to buy this game 😀

  59. author

    Penguin Lover 17시간 전

    Don’t you love when your playing metal gear solid 5 and snake can’t walk up a simple 2 inch incline but can climb up a mountain side with a little crack

  60. author

    Penguin Lover 17시간 전

    Don’t you love when your playing metal gear solid 5 and snake can’t walk up a simple 2 inch incline but can climb up a mountain side with a little crack

  61. author

    MeanManMenio시간 전

    Tbh I turn off vibrate on all my games for my controller to expand battery life lol

  62. author

    DOOM GUY시간 전

    Big enough to make half life 3

  63. author

    Disco Dan시간 전

    Steam!?! Hmmpphh! I would've been happier with Half Life 3 😋

  64. author

    IIISixStringIII시간 전

    There's nothing I really hate about Apex, tbh. But Fortnite on the other hand.. LOL, jkjkjk. Both are good games, haha. xD

  65. author

    Mr. Classic시간 전

    Valve is clearly big enough to robbed. Poor guys getting robbed by an A-hole.

  66. author

    DasDapperPineappel시간 전

    When I was younger my Dad asked which console I wanted and I said I wanted an Xbox 360 because I thought since it had bigger numbers it was the newer model

  67. author


    why when i look at every post coment has meme?

  68. author

    Christopher La시간 전

    Too easy falcon Valve = Willy Wonka Does what it wants, could have kids get lost in the factory and no bullets sweat, oopalopas making that sweet sweet gamer candy we all love. Yumm everlasting game topper

  69. author

    Faded Slyey시간 전

    Says 30 shows 100 Every one else in the room (0_0)

  70. author

    Truth 7시간 전

    Cold Fusion - should do this one on VALVe Sorry Gameranx”

  71. author

    ARKOVZ시간 전

    In all honesty and jokes aside, I don't see them actually focusing in developing games going forward. Yeah, they might make some simple click games or mobile games in the future. But I don't see them making another AAA game.

  72. author

    4040chocolate시간 전

    Looks very basic almost old school console style.

  73. author

    Jcloud15시간 전

    My dad: “we will get the ps5 1 year after launch me: aw ok... my head: that’s normal.

  74. author

    Thomas M시간 전

    Will the new controller finally have pedals at the bottom?

  75. author

    doesAnybodyWonder YT시간 전

    i got my first xbox 360 when i was a kid time flies

  76. author

    Cloud Striker시간 전

    WHERE IS THE PIZZA HOMIE???Been waiting for ages... You have gotta give me an Xbox1X to make up for all those broken pizza promises brotherman!.

  77. author

    ThatGuyCalledRobz시간 전

    What about a gritty futuristic open world game? Not like Cyberpunk, i'm talking about hundreds of years in the future. Think about a game in the year 2300 or something. Or what about a zombie game, or anything open world by Rockstar I will buy.

  78. author

    HUGG BEES시간 전

    Uh Man Hunt 3 plz

  79. author

    Bradlee Kaps시간 전

    VALVe is steam..and steam is a mask for VALVe

  80. author

    Chris s시간 전

    If the control is heavier that means the price just went up

  81. author

    Aki - Lucky시간 전

    Oh my God I love a dark room

  82. author

    ThatGuyCalledRobz시간 전

    this dude never sleeps every single video i watch him in he has the biggest bags under his eyes. give the guy a break jesus christ

  83. author

    V Soul시간 전

    Its nowhere but spreads everywhere.

  84. author

    bestamerica시간 전

    ' what country made this PS5... can work all 4 used PS / PS2 / PS3 / PS4 disc playing with PS5

  85. author

    Ride The Lightning시간 전

    I used to have a ps4 for a bit til it got fucked up, and now I wanna buy one again but now I'm debating with either the ps4 or ps5

  86. author

    Mr. Outlaw시간 전

    FEV from fallout. But the rest are pretty good.

  87. author

    Cloud Striker시간 전


  88. author

    Rotua Frans Manalu시간 전

    what interesting is to see Valve/Steam after Gabe Newell era

  89. author

    demonwares시간 전

    What project do you speak of? They just sit and get 30% of every sale. The only project was that card game that failed so hard I forgot the name of it. I hope they keep failing until they decide to release half life or portal. I don't buy anything from steam and I won't until half life 3 or portal 3 comes out.

  90. author

    Calvin Band시간 전

    Will you ever get to the fucking point?

  91. author

    Lostminersgroup시간 전

    I hate riddler trophies with a passion, but it’s a cool element I’m just terrible at them.

  92. author

    Lycan Thorpe시간 전

    Half-Life 3 ?

  93. author

    enderman 2시간 전

    I don't play any Xbox or computer games cause I don't want to annoy my brother in his Xbox An I need WiFi for a computer

  94. author

    Ham Wamson시간 전

    Big enough to incapacitate the bald guy, yet small enough to fit on the back of his head

  95. author

    Vens Woods시간 전

    I smell a push back year

  96. author

    Maloy시간 전

    Idc what yall say i like this game alot

  97. author

    Blake Carr시간 전

    Does Ultimate Alliance plan to come out on PC?

  98. author

    Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath시간 전

    Fuk san andreas shit is hella old and I haven't played it since 2004

  99. author

    Stoned Gaming Productions시간 전

    Valve we want a portal Portal 2 or Portal 3 for the PS4 portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal portal

  100. author

    Chaos Primordial시간 전

    Well Kanan was a Jedi Padawan so I don't see what's wrong with playing as a Padawan.